Go Box Quick Sheet

4/2/2023  AL5X

Front Pannel Photo

Rear Pannel Photo


The go-box requires an HF antenna to operate on the Antenna 2 port on the rear panel, and either a 12 vdc car battery or 120 vac wall power, or both.
Recommend a 130 foot or 117 foot End Fed Antenna for all band transmission with a counterpoise wire hanging down from the ground lug.
The MFJ antenna tuner however is very flexible and can load into many different make shift antennas in an emergency situation.
Here is one example:

End Fed Antenna Photo

Antenna Tuner Operation

The Tuner must be cycled whenever changing bands, and just before transmitting. This will increase the radio receive sensitivity also.
The top photo above shows the Tune button on the front panel of the IC-7300, it is on the left upper side of the radio, 3rd button down.
It is pressed and held down until the tuning tone stops, indicating the tuning cycle is finished.

The frequency on the face of the Tuner window should now match the radio dial frequency and the SWR should read as close to 1.0 as possible.

The forwards and reflected power are also shown. FWD= 10 watts and REF= 0.0 watts.
If the Tuner fails to match to the antenna then do not transmit.
An SWR of 3.0 or greater can damage the radio.

If you are using one of the antennas recommended above, you may not need the Tuner at all,
The Tuner can be bypassed by turning off it's power, the red button.

SWR should then be read on the IC-7300 to ensure the radio will not be damaged.