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The New Science

"The New Science" is an exploration through physics, from the creators perspective.
From the point of "nothing at all," down through what must be present at each step to finally reach a universe as we see around us today.
The Quadrature Concept and it's 12 levels of application.

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Smith Coils Brief

A gift from "The Boys Topside" some of Wilbert's non conventional coils.
[A spherical coil system, to cancel back EMF and pass all frequencies]

Smith02 Coils and Circuits 1951 pdf

From the circuit diagrams Wilbert Smith was working with in 1951,
we can see he was investigating both 90 degree coils, and scalar canceling coils on a toroidal core.
He noted phenomena that did not agree with current electronics engineering practices.
This was the beginning of noting the two different layers in the atom interacting in electronics.
While NMR had been discovered between 1938 to 1945 it has never been applied to engineering powering circuits,
or correcting power factor, as can be achieved using 90 degree coils on a spherical transformer.

Quadrature Model Diagram
Note also that "tempic field vibration" can be created and measured using the scalar canceling coils designed by David Lowrance in 2006, from Wilberts work in 1951.
This study combined the current NMR methods and applied directly to Fractal Vibration [Tempic Field] rather then EM
Only vibration ratios can become self powering and self correcting, EM by it's very nature is entropic.
This reveals the source of the power in self powering circuits.

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