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About The Author and the Grey Protocols

100 Watt Light Bulb - Self Sustaining AC Field

100 Watt Self Powering Circuit

[This is an advanced, feel felt tunning project]

Scope of Project


Successful Conversions


[Shows some successful results with capacitor charging techniques]

V2EM Diode Source Field Extraction

[Example of some possible mediator frequency models]

Experimental Platform 1a

Platform 1a

[Adds scalar bismuth coils for general experiment of mediator frequency combination testing]

Atomic Weight Fractals

[Theoretical Formula For Geometric Expansion of Atomic Weight Fractals]

Other References

Nuclear Vibration Fractals

[NVR is extracted from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance calculators]
[Mass Vibration is an Energy Source, wavelength is calculated differently then with a load]

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