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David  Merle Lowrance    [Dave L]

Born 1954 October 11, David grew up in Sitka Alaska, received a mathematics award in 1972 when he graduated high school excelling in math and Geometry. David  worked for the City of Sitka power utility, eventually moved into communications at a local Telephone Company for 39 years. Trained at Cleavland Institute in Electronics Technology and has worked on many systems from power transmission, to Radio Telephone systems including analog, digital, and microwave. As well, 3 generations of Telephone switching systems, transmission engineering, cell phone services, hydro dam power systems, large battery banks, and many kinds of computers and computer programming languages. After a long career in many of the challenges of communications, and extensive travel across the state of Alaska, he is now retired, working with Amateur Radio, and his one other love, the energy problems we are now faced with as a human collective.

David also has experience in the martial arts, meditation, and alternate healing arts. 18 years of Uechi Ryu Karate, 2 years of Acupressure, three attunement's in Reiki techniques, auric field development, and past life regression.

Referring to himself and others like him as "sensitives" David uses the term "sliding" to describe how the pineal area of the brain and the brain tissue can change vibration tension and "slide" up the frequency spectrum of conscious focus, even breaking through the veils and seeing clearly into higher frequency realms. His first techniques were discovered using machine devices powered with scalar canceling Aluminum Bismuth filled coils and function generators, described by Wilbert Smith. He developed a way to measure vibration frequencies using Stainless Steel Calipers, and then applying a science to manipulate pure vibration energy fields within the background field.

David coined the term NVR [ Nuclear Vibration Resonance ] as opposed to [ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ] and created a chart of millimeter gap lengths to detect and identify the specific atoms in any material using only SS calipers or scalar coils and the charts. In his 89/50 documents we find ways to modify inertial effects, and successful trials effecting the acceleration of cars.
He designed a "bone scanner" to detect bones at distance and even through objects or underground, as an example of the power offered in the sciences that were developed, available to "sensitives."

David claims he has seen into the 4th density and has communication with the Grey protectors of the lower 4th where the technologies that power the solar system and the universe are well understood. He refers to the "laws of nature" as the "Grey Protocols" and often claims to represent or even defend the "Grey ones" as a necessary functional part of our civilizations development, whom should be respected as such.

His love has become centered around "comprehension" of how the atom operates to provide seemingly infinite self sustaining fields of energy, the way that nature designed them.
In this endeavor he stated, you must study current sciences in order to then move beyond them. A "feel felt" understanding of the atom and the field forces is essential. David considers the work of Wilbert Smith's "The New Science" required reading, and "hands on" experiment for all personal proof.

This document details David's first experience with a self powering energy system which he built and got working, stimulating his curiosity to continue this pursuit for more then 2 decades, combining both "spiritual vibration senses" with "scientific methods." He now believes there is a "green light" to share this experience with the public, as the "Grey ones" have given permission, it is time.

100_Watt_Light_bulb - Self_Powering_Circuit

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