Theoretical Formula For Geometric Expansion of Atomic Weight Fractals

2019 - 4 - 9  Dave L

1 - Up to this point we have been experimenting with base 10 or 10x octaves off the NVR vibration set , with relative success using area calculations to make coupling links of energy.
As this is an electric field construct the base 10 math seems to work well.
As a shortcut we also used 10x octaves for the frequency of mass or AW [Atomic Weights] with some limited success, although it distorts the purity of the mass fractal it gave a preview of things to come.
It showed us we can couple to the energy of the mass field and establish larger coherent field bubbles powered off it, but they were not self sustaining in themselves at this point of experiment.
We always had to add the NVR to get them to self sustain. Thus we had to use two frequencies to set up the first field bubble around a particular material and were limited to the known NMR charts,
which do not have all the elements present on them.

2 - It is now time to get serious with the mass calculations and cipher the 8x geometric expansion of the mass fractals to see what we can do with accurate ones.
The main advantage is that we have access to all the elements on the table of elements for data on these field. A new system of identification of what elements are present is possible from this work.
Atomic mass is measured in science today as AMU, Atomic Mass Units, and this is related to Max Planks constant, for the tiny [quantum energy] bundles. [1.6605402 E -24]
It is assumed that mass will be a 3D quantum and thus to set up a larger fractal we have to double all 3 of it's dimensions simultaneously leading to an 8x gain in quantum energy levels.
In vibration resonance rod work we also note that octaves form at 8x lengths of segments of vibration between the evenly spaced light nodes we can observe.
As well we see diagrams of geometric expansion used by Walter Russell in his explanations, and now have some concept of why they are present there.

3 - While atoms manifest as spheres for the most part as do planets, our "calculations" must all be done with squares and cubes, to come up with real numbers that have meaning to us as pressures or currents, etc.
Our measuring systems are linear for the most part. The metric system based on water, is the best system to use, and the one chosen by science.

1 gram = 1 centimeter cubed

While this may seem to be the weakest point of "theory" for the conversion of quantum weight into quantum frequency or distance, it appears to be one that works to produce direct results,
although it is based on water rather then the material of our targeting which will have a different density then water.

4 -The calculation model for geometric expansion of the atoms mass quantum fractal.

AW * Planks constant truncated = grams ^-24  =  cm ^3 = mm ^3 * 1000

Expansion will be done using 8 ^ 26 power to get the field dimension to our experimental models size in mm using fractal octave multiplication.

Planks constant truncated = [1.6605402] results will be to the minus 24 power which can be applied at time of fractal expansion of 8 to the 26 power to avoid leading zeros in the spreadsheets.

A list of available lengths, can then be generated on multiples of 8, so we can choose a field size we want to manifest around our sample element in mm dimensions.
This dimension can range from a few cm out from the capacitor to the plate thickness, or the gap distance between the plates, giving us now control of the size of our self sustaining fields.

For experimental purposes with scalar coils we note the estimated quantum field effect observed:
1 mm = 1 khz

5 - We drive the scalar coils feeding the Aluminum capacitor plates with vibration generated from accurate function generators to 6 digit accuracy, and in general we use electrical sine waves and low voltages around 5 vdc.
The result is vibration fields that rise from the capacitor and then self sustain when the function generators are removed.
It was noted when the F gens are shut down, the vibration field tends to double in size drawing some of it's energy from the background field when the F gen is no longer feeding it.
This is only observed to happen with the mass expansion field 3D calculation, and has not been observed with the base 10 expansions of AW or NVR.


What do we mean by expansion of Atomic dimensioned fractal resonance?
The atom is a form of self sustaining, and self correcting vibration fields that always restores itself from any outside interferences, powering itself from the background field.
When we discover it's properties and apply them correctly at larger dimensions, we can create atoms at the size of the workbench, approximately 1E+24 to 1E+26 power larger.
These fields we creates will also then self sustain and self correct, using the power of the background fields resonance.

This process of expansion of a field bubble, from atomic dimension to bench sizes, is done using three different methods simultaneously.

Line - Tempic Linear - 2 x octaves
Area - Voltage - 4 x octaves - 2 x in 2 dimensions
Volume - Magnetic or Mass - 8 x octaves - 2 x in 3 dimensions

Each type of energy uses a different energy coupling mathematics, and the three types are shown above.
When we double the frequency we jump one octave up, and the new field will come into synchronization with the smaller one.
Volumetric fields must have an 8 x expansion of the frequency.

Vibration energy will flow towards the smaller fractal , and electrical energy will flow towards the larger one for a quadrature system.

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