The Free Energy Tinkerer and the Scientist

"The universe runs on a system that does not move a volt meter and is everywhere inside it."
[August 2020 - Dave L]

The Internet of today has been flooded with deception around "free energy" devices. This is a discredit to the ones who have experienced these for real.

When the scientist looks at working devices that some "tweaker" hits on, they simply cannot explain what is happening, then go into a state of ignorant denial.
Neither can the "tinkerer" explain how or why it is working. Without a science that can identify the source of the power, all are powerless to bring it into mainstream consciousness.
It is like believing in ghosts, or aliens, so far outside our level of science, we have no foundation at all to being able to build a scientific model to explain it.
It is very rare to find a serious scientist willing to seek out the answers, and face the tinkerer who has been successful. This totally messes with the logic mind that has no real foundation to reach a state of comprehension.

A feel felt tweaker hits something that works, and thinks he will be rich, not realizing the paradox in that, if you cannot fully explain where the source of the energy comes from to a level of engineering it, it will be totally rejected by all current establishments of education.

Our history of the study of unknown phenomena has been kept in the dark over this past century, while it is common knowledge that men from the 50's had already ciphered this, and many knew how to make it work. Few had a knowledge of Isotope science, or the atom, as we all have access to today. Yet they got it to work consistently and could even duplicate it and teach others how to build it. Men like Hendershot, who could even teach others to build his unit, and it would then work consistently for them.

Today there is no understanding for how all these men in the 50's could succeed consistently, and there were a lot of them who did.
As the understanding of nuclear Isotope physics came into view in the realms of education, men like Walter Russell and David Hamel built working system. One used to power the boilers of a college campus. Walter Russell wrote the President of the United States and was told not to share this with anyone, to basically suppress it. 
Walter Russell then did not share it with the public, or the Academic community. His writings lead up to it, then they stopped dead, just short of giving us all the answers.
From his work we get a lot of the clues, but no accurate data on the exact solutions or how they were arrived at.

Wilbert Smith, living in Canada at the time, had a lot more freedom from his government to study these seemingly paranormal devices, based on what the "boys topside" were trying to offer mankind. Smith tested his channelers for accuracy, and came to the realization they were in fact in contact with the boys topside, and on one occasion they even told him to put up a safety shield because his new test platform was going to fly apart when turned up. Someone might be hurt without the protection shield in place. The device did fly apart and no one was hurt.

In the sincere seeking of comprehension, we have a lot of help out there, if working for the betterment of mankind, rather then towards new forms of weapons.
Our record with nuclear energy is a disaster as seen from the outside looking in at earths peoples. The first use was not useful energy production, it was the worst weapon ever constructed and used. A disgrace to mankind as a species.

With governments that are bent on power over other governments, we have no chance of moving into the light of truth over the darkness of deception.
We are trapped in a mentality of "compete and fight to survive," where the worth of a human is gaged only on how they can be used by the power structure to make itself better then all other powers on the planet. The more destructive a government can be, the greater it's influence over other governments.

When the president of the US tells a college professor to suppress a new free energy device, and this man can explain where the energy is coming from for science to have comprehension of it, this is the lowest place mankind has ever come to. Every sincere scientist out there has a strong desire to find the truth of these answers, and it is a total travesty to have them blocked from sharing that truth openly.

Russell based his work on nuclear physics, and he also had access to a type of calculation that today has been lost. That of "the geometric expansion and contraction of octaves of the field forces."  Wilbert Smith, in Canada, was free enough to have shared this knowledge with mankind, and while it may be hidden to a light reading of "The New Science" he published in the 50's, he was able to get this message out. One must make an effort to understand his terminology a bit but the meaning of this message is there.
In August of 2020 I was able to apply it and finally reach comprehension of how it can be applied once again. See the Electron Proton Ratio document below.

Our current entropy science today ignores many things of atomic physics, in order to maintain this concept of entropy, in a solar system with atoms, planets, and a sun, that are all self powering from within them selves. For the pure scientist seeking truth, this is "self evident."

The "mental blocks" of current science need to be removed, but this must be done in a way that is accurate, repeatable, and responsible.
We first need to reach a comprehension of how and why it all works, from the creation of atoms upwards.
How does an atom self power, and constantly recover it's internal frequency and form, no matter what we throw at it short of the nuclear destruction of it's strong force layer?
This is the pinnacle of the true free energy device. This comprehension of how it actually operates in truth.

In our current state of world consciousness, of dark secrets, and deceptions, for the purpose of shielding us from solving the real problems of everyone not having a high standard of living, we struggle to fight just to survive as animals. This is the normal progression of a civilization that came from a world of animal consciousness having a food chain system of living.
Our governments do not hide this, the US the Eagle, Russia the Bear, we are still in the process of dividing ourselves under the mental models of animal level consciousness.
No animal can be responsible for it's actions, they are all based on instinct that has allowed them to survive in a world of competition for resources.
Until mankind can begin to see all men through the same eyes, it may not ever end.

Amidst all this suppression, it was conjectured that if someone could share the plans of a working device, along with the actual operating parameters for engineering it using calculation, this knowledge could be shared world wide, before any of the devices were shown to the public. What we first need is an advanced textbook of scientific parameters that work.
They must be able to share the "comprehension" of how they work and where the energy comes from, that any true scientist can then understand.
At the critical point where comprehension is reached, then no one could succeed at a suppression scheme to hide it.

From this text book level, anyone could then design their own devices, and they would actually work. This is similar to electronics engineering textbooks of today.
Short of this understanding, the tweaker's would continue to hit and miss, and no one able to duplicate their work.

We are now about 100 years past the point of some having comprehension, and being suppressed to maintain a world of animal consciousness in control.
This is 2020, and by 1920 we had free energy devices starting to appear in the community of the men who discovered the phenomena that worked.
They were only allowed to share openly what was entropic with electricity.
By 1951 we had men with a science to explain it. This has already been done, and suppressed by the governments who seek power in secret to stay on top of the animal realm of humankind. So why has it been suppressed so successfully?

The education has been controlled, by design, that the common man would not be able to control the power of free energy devices, because he would begin to misuse them for destruction.
With a monetary system, men can be limited in resources and personal power. And with emotionally unstable men present in a society, this would create widespread destruction.
I did not used to believe this, I do now. After finding the power of these devices first hand, and realizing the responsibility of having that power, I now agree. I never thought I would say this, we are not ready to handle such powers personally, or socially.

Simply ciphering a free energy device, is not the solution to mankind's current state.
This is the goal of people who want to disappear into the forest and get away from our current society which has not worked for them at all.

The kids today are looking at a future with no retirement possible. No wonder they are doing protests in the streets!
There is no 401K one can live on for more then a couple years at best, and the social security system is well below poverty level.
Social Security has moved the age of retirement up to 66, and soon to become 67, as most people begin to die off in this range. All they have paid into it is stolen from them.
Work till you die while the politicians are all rich, and have no worries at all with different medical and retirement packages to make the normal man look poor.
The two class society is out of balance again.

The young people of today have much incentive to regain the free energy devices of the last century, to empower them to brake free of the current strangle hold on them, to have normal lives.

The Internet has totally failed them in this regard, allowing so many fraudulent videos to be posted that are out right nonsense. They are easy to debunk in most cases, and the ones that barely work do not have enough power to change anything at all. We are in a state of imposed mental blocks as to the reality of power from the background field. Looking for EM first, which is just not there. The universe runs on a system that does not move a volt meter and is everywhere inside it. EM is a secondary effect of matter. It is mostly entropic by nature.
Vibration is the method used by the universe, it can move straight though anything, and self sustaining fields are it's number one purpose.

What did they all know back then?

What did these men of the 1950's know and use, that we no longer observe?
How did it allow them to consistently build working free energy devices?
These actual methods have been very hard to uncover, but they are there, and for those with desire to have comprehension, it can be found.
The laws of expansion and contraction of octaves in the three field forces. See references below.

The 4th density of this world has laws that mankind must submit to

This is a personal mental process. The mental awakening.
Built into nature is the path upwards to becoming a civilized world.

It is the nature of man to judge and separate into polarities, then polarize to one side over the other. This creates a blindness to see all sides of all issues with comprehension of why they exist. This judging is usually related to emotional polarities that often cycle and are not stable.

To deem one thing good and another bad. To separate men out into us/them groups and proceed to fight over who is right and who is wrong based on what no one actually knows for sure, but desires for it to be true. This is a misapplication of nature, where we see it takes both a Proton and an Electron to form the first atom of our world, and if either is missing we have no world. If the two are accepted as necessary, we can come to a state of balance, and in this state we can then proceed to become a creative society, rather then a destructive society.

An education system, based on seeing all sides of all issues in balance, and not taking either side emotionally, is essential to ending conflict between humans.
However from the top down there must be a place for every individual present at the bottom, the worker bee level must be fully supported as well as the top where leaders function for the greatest good of the people. This is how nature functions to balance energy that is to become self sustaining, that will continue to work forever.
This is put before emotional gratifications of the few. The emotions need to be healed, that all citizens have access to a well balanced control over their emotions.
If even one person has a desire to destroy the current form of organization of the structure, it cannot succeed to offer free limitless energy to the people.
The system must then be fair for all present within it. The well being of each and every individual must be front and center, that they can then be trusted to have the power that never ceases to produce, and will not be used for destructive purpose. 

The current Religions are dividing mankind into a false choice between the two forces that create this world.
The Electron God of radiant light, and the Proton God of power and control in the darkness. The strong force of nature has become the enemy of the masses.
This is the power to organize, and control the Electron shell, and force it into a working system we call the atom.

You must choose between a God of light and a God of darkness. Making this choice and then aligning yourself with it and making the other God evil, is the basic fallacy of mankind.

The Christian God of love and the Muslim God of control will never be the same God, as one is balanced in freedom using Love and light radiance [Electron structure] and one is balanced in control without mercy, the dark contraction [Proton structure]. All governments chose a different balance between these two, and none are having great success at self sustaining.

There is a mathematics from science to show us this balance can be achieved that we do not have to destroy either side, to have peace within a system if both sides are recognized as necessary.

Both sides must be tempered to recognize, without the other they cannot maintain harmony of a society as a civilized world.
As long as we hold to values of good and evil, and remain judgmental of that which we loath emotionally as control from others, the conflicts will continue.
No population can become balanced with such choices of division present based on emotional desires or "magical thinking." [Radiant God / Controlling God]
This is not how the universe operates.

When we learn to hold both sides of every issue inside us, and find the true balance between them, then we can stop acting out these strong polarities outside us between people.
All of the wars become dances, with no end. The good God of radiance and the bad God of control become one in the acceleration of the perfect joining of both in a state of harmonic balance. Our vibration frequency soars, and we find ourselves seeing into the higher realms quite naturally.

When mankind discovers the parameters of the atom, and actually "sees" how it works, this will become self evident, neither radiance or centralized control is evil.
If neither becomes abusive of the other, there will be a constant balance that will self sustain forever.

The first attunement into the nature of creation is the electron proton ratio. See reference below.
This is far more then a cold science, for the two are the conscious foundation of all the worlds in the universe.
We can each one learn to commune with them consciously, and feel the balance between them.


Nature has already solved this problem of containment of mankind to one local area of space until we can learn from nature how to master creation. Gravity.
I think it was Tesla that stated no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness where it was created.
Mankind cannot survive in the physical body without the field force of gravity to confine us to this world.
In order to have comprehension of how gravity works, we must first understand how atoms are created and sustained.
In these discoveries of how nature works, we can then begin to model our societies in ways that are compatible with nature, and learn to control Gravity to the point of escaping our world confinement.

Gravity forces every single human being on earth to one central point in space at the center of mass of our world. No one is exempt.
We can all, point directly at this location in space and feel the direction of it's pull. This is the Evil God we have all come to loath, down there. The one with relentless control over us that never stops pulling us down. We do not recognize this God is necessary, and it should be given recognition for what it has given us as a civilization.
Why is hell considered to be down there? This one power of control over our lives is resented and hated, and yet without it we could never exist in physical bodies on this world.
Gravity has organized matter with structure that works every time, and no matter how many times we blow things up, gravity will always re-organize them eventually.

As with all nature we have fought with gravity, created stairs, elevators, air planes, rockets, and finally orbits, etc.. but we do not have mastery or comprehension of it.
When one experiences not having gravity, and their body begins to degenerate, then there is understanding of it's necessity.
Going into space for months, without gravity, will result in many problems already identified by our ISS platform.
When they get to Mars the first time will they even be able to stand up on it's surface?
Will their eyes work, faces swollen with blood, brains under pressure as the blood raced to the head and the feet are void of it.
Without the solution to Gravity control, this will always be very stressful to the human form body not designed to live out in space.

The sciences are all about the "occult" explorations, forces we cannot see, but can study the result of and surmise or even calculate their presence.
As we come to understand these invisible forces, the veil of fear comes down, and Religion has to adjust over time to remain compatible with current understanding of science.
People making compasses that always point North, and women connecting with nature spiritually, then getting burned at the stake for witchcraft , we would hope this mentality has been purged from our civilization. Now scientists ignoring the fact that atoms do not run on batteries or gasoline, is just as primitive a belief system.

4th density tests us without bias, and judges us as worthy or not worthy as a civilization. Are we animals, are we civilized beings?
Do we have control over what we create, or do we seek only power to destroy others with no responsibility.

Will the higher density give us continued Gods of Good and Evil to polarize and align with, or will we wake up to realize nature itself is sustaining by the never ending dance of the atom operating somewhere in between both. The first creation of matter. The ATOM [Adam].

Gravity is the dark force that pulls us down, and works both day and night to create a stable world we can live on. It is not evil!
What's more it always wins. It is stronger in what it does, then the radiance of light.
For gravity has the power to bend the light. There is no way to argue with it and win.
It is the greatest power and control system over mankind we have to face.

The Light gives us visibility, and awareness of what we find ourselves inside of.
The Pineal area of the brain, at the center of mass of the brain reveals the system of vibration that sustains our world.
The strong force of the atom is 137 times more powerful then the electron shell can become.
Without this powerful inflow field our world would simply fall apart.
The inflow field force is not evil or toxic if the balance is present with the radiance that sets outside it.
It is only unknown at present to most people and they would react with fear on first feeling it. I certainly did.

In order to consciously slide our frequency up into lower 4th density, we have to face the inflow field, as to increase the brains frequency, it must have stronger tension on it.
Exactly like a guitar string, to vibrate up at higher frequency, one must tighten the string.
An accurate perception into the 4th density is quite painful to endure, and I have had that a few times.
After those experiences I had to destroy the devices as they were just too unbalanced to work around in our 3rd density reality.
They distort our field of vision and bend light changing our perceptions of height and size.
There are special location on this world where we can study these effects and feel them first hand.

Until we can create space of spherical density pressure and fully equalize the field around the body, they are very hard to work around.
Stepping through the outer corona of a field, is very disorienting. Time and frequency are at different parameters on both sides of the corona of the field.
Our conscious brain synchronizes to the loudest vibration hitting it, and with two present it becomes very confused and takes some getting used to.
One can adjust to being inside fully or outside fully, but in the crossing through the boundary it can be painful where half the brain is on one side and not the other half.
The torsion field headache is the result, of the brain trying to fix this warped perception experience, and not being able to relax into it.

When one masters a communication with the 4th density reality, they may begin to get a clarity of how the field forces work.
To be allowed into that vibration realm, one must be tested and pass this test.
Removing that veil will allow comprehension of the forces of nature that hold a world together and power it.
This operation will remove all the desire for "magical thinking" and emotional gratification of believing in mysteries and deceptions.
When the veil into 4th density comes down, the game of deception is ended.


"As we achieve the correct relationship with the universe, we will then take giant leaps forwards."

Resolve conflict at every level of your consciousness.
Seek comprehension over producing one "tweaked" success through "magical thinking."
Everyone sincerely seeking is allowed one or two successful tweaks, tinkering to see what is possible.
Phenomena that gives personal proof of what can be achieved.
They may never again be able to fully duplicate this, but they will have incentive to try.
No more faith is required, and belief that self powering devices are possible is now taken without a doubt.

One cannot reach into 4th density if they are still playing with polarity experience on the emotional levels.
The balance of the mind will be split and one cannot achieve a coherent field across the entire head and brain.
Left and Right hemispheres will be exchanging control , but at no time will both "feel felt senses" and logic mind be present simultaneously.
This is the art of meditation and self observation, for without a united mind, one can never comprehend all sides of all conflicts.

The Grey ones will intervene to test a person attempting to access this knowledge base that operates our world.
They will attempt to get you to polarize to one side, good or evil, repeatedly. It does not matter which you choose, as either one will divide the mind.
Only when you can see both sides simultaneously will the mind accelerate to clock rates high enough to gain a full comprehension.
To feel something, while your logic mind is still present to observe it and record, is the first multilevel consciousness that must be faced.

Working with the invisible vibration field, and using palms to detect it, while at the same time being able to follow a curiosity through a logic path, requires both hemispheres of the mind to be present and functional, or magical thinking is the result. If there is fear present, we keep the mind working also simultaneously with the higher ethic to benefit all mankind.

The meditators of today working on ascension, start with the one half taking it into the light, and if they live long enough to realize that is also a deception, they come back down with the light into the darkness and start to bring it back to earth, as real functional powers. For the light without the darkness has no contrast, and no real form.
On the ascension the imagination is used to create form, at the dream level, and no real comprehension is present at the level of logic or mental awakening. It is "magical thinking."
The higher self will come in any form the human body can accept. In the form of any God that is chosen. The higher self has no bias in this way, it can come as the light or as the darkness in all it's purity. The personal Grey one will continue to deceive, until the balance is realized, and confirmed. Creation is the main goal and destruction is no longer present in the mind of the seeker. The Grey treat all in the same way without bias. You control an animal using fear, pain, or submission, but a civilized being will chose sanity over insanity every time of it's own power.

There is then a period of self development required to begin to love the creation and mankind over the self, from the perspective of the creator.
The Love for mankind, as God loved mankind, is the example of one who lives the creation experience, and this loyalty will begin to far outweigh the desire to kill or Mame any living creature. Life itself is found to be a self sustaining form of energy in the balance between the light and the darkness, and respected at all levels.

This is much deeper then what we think of as human love. The closest words I have "Love and Respect of the Creation Experience."
The adult with children is a very close level of bond, as creator and creation interact. Exploration of life in the physical is a wondrous experience.
The universe is much too busy doing all this for us, to worry about what we do with it, or if we choose to emulate it to the point of a self sustaining civilization.

Right now we are an Electron society, and the Proton is seen on the other side of the turntable as our enemy. Thus we will be controlled by gravity and not be able to ever make peace with it, until we embrace both sides of the turntable and start to see both yin and yang combining into the one.

In our haste to get off this world we left gravity behind.
Gravity is my friend, and when we venture into space we need to take it with us!

In my sincere desire to communicate what I have experienced, I have been both the feel felt tinkerer and the scientist.
This reflects what is inside me, and my wish to bring both sides together as one, to reach a full comprehension of creation.
I have seen things which worked, and many more that did not work.
Most that did work were when I was in a state of full sensitivity, and also able to observe and record as a scientist would record, with an opened mind that does not assume it already knows everything. This is a very humble state of being, when approaching the universe in truth. The reward of personal comprehension is then greatly valued.

We may never know why the universes intelligent background field continues to power our world without bias, but in learning to emulate it, we may be able to construct a society of civilized beings, whom all work for the greatest good of our species. In the ongoing merging of science with our spiritual perception, we end up at one truth which encompasses all that is.
Designing with the perspective of a creator. We must strive to bring our higher moral ethic into our science, that it be guided in the correct direction for mankind.
As we achieve the correct relationship with the universe, we will then take giant leaps forwards.

Dave L  2020

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