Torsion Field Lock

8 - 24 - 2020  Dave L

What did they know, that we do not know today? What happens when a tinkerer plays with frequencies and voltages on 90 degree coils systems?
What can we now observe from systems we have seen that work, which we could not understand when we started this investigation?
Coils at 90 degrees with E/P ratio resonance coupling.

The Floyd Sweet VTA

This is the circuit diagram of Floyd Sweets working free energy system as recorded by Tom Bearden. Work from 2007.
Lets now look only at the turns ratios and compare with the Electron Proton Fractals found in the E/P document.
Electron / Proton Ratio

Sweet Citcuit Diagram

FB1      48 Turns
EX1 2000 Turns
P1      240 Turns
T1      250  Turns

2000 / 48 = 41.666...
240 / 48 = 5
2000 / 240 = 8.333...
2000 / 250 = 8

Compare to E/P ratio fractals
658.20222 Ratio  V Electron  / V Proton
/4  =  164.550555  E/P
/4 =     41.137638  E/P
/4 =     10.284409  E/P

Notice we have a very close match between 41.66  and 41.137 , the difference in ratio is  0.296
Very often vibration resonance will couple within a range that peaks at one point but drops off to each side slowly.

Expanded Print

Now we also see that the 240 turn coil is 5 times the 48 turn coil setting up a 5x prime fractal coupling on that coil.

Lastly we note that EX1 / T1 is an 8x Ratio, also a three dimensional expansion octave coupling.
All of Floyd's ratios seem to be far too perfect for a "tweak." They all match fractal coupling methods for vibration fields.

Note also, fractal calculations are far more simple then the calculus equations Tom Bearden is applying to what he sees as the operating concept.
A "Scalar Potential," is in fact simply a tensor vibration, a vibration field. This can be detected as such by a sensitive person.

Torsion Field Locking

One of my past tinkerer experiments from 4/14/2007, shows how tweaking frequencies on 90 degree coil systems, can cause a phase locking that will create a voltage gain of one fractal step or 4 times the voltage. This is a different effect then adding two voltages together which is a 2x step. From this document   Natural Relativity

90 deg coil photo

Based on the wiring diagrams of Floyd Sweets central 90 degree coil system, I did not observe the turns ratios he used, but put together a geometric equivalent platform to see what it would do.
You can see that both coils went into a phase locking effect causing output voltage to multiply by 4x between the frequencies of 1.8 to 2 Mhz.
This locking effect then continued to operate down to 1.6 Mhz before it dropped out again. This shows that hitting a range of 0.2 Mhz difference was close enough to get this effect.

This gives some insight as to what is happening in Floyd's system. On the canceling coils inside the two outer magnetic field coils that should have no voltage on them at all by current electronics theory, we find 2 volts present, and when we hit phase lock at specific frequency range it jumps up an electrical energy octave to 8 volts, a 4x step. This is a geometric octave for voltage structure as shown from the work of Wilbert Smith and Walter Russell. This exposes the vibration ratio effect which can come up in these kind of circuits with 90 degree orientation of coils, and how it can effect the presence of a voltage operating in them. This effect has never been noted in current Electrical Engineering Texts.

Note: There was no voltage applied to the inside coils, and yet we read voltage on them. That voltage then quadruples when the two come into a phase locked state. This is most obvious using a dual trace O-Scope to see the two coils come into a phase lock from what was a 90 degree separation in real time.

While current textbooks acknowledge the 90 degree phase shift through an inductive coil, they have never shown coils at 90 degrees interacting. In old transmitters from the 50's they had tunning coil systems with an adjustable angle between primary and secondary to change the loading of the final stage into the antenna. These have disappeared in modern equipment, possibly due to tweaker's discovering the phenomena. Imagine shutting down the power on your transmitter and still have an RF carrier going out the antenna. It would be treated as a spurious oscillation effect, they would then do everything possible to eliminate it.


Discovery of the E/P ratio, may now lead us to a level of comprehension we did not have previously as to circuit designs that will route vibration energy through them directly and can be calculated.

When two EM fields are aligned at 90 degrees we discover the Electric field of each aligns with the Protons Isotope vibration vector of the other and the Tempic field then operates on the Electric field across two dimensions causing a geometric increase. As an Electric field is the result of two Tempic fields operating at 90 degrees to one another as a collective area type field, this begins to make sense. If we examine the quadrature field, as Wilbert Smith defines it , it should look something like this. Tempic, Electric, and Magnetic are all at 90 degrees to each other.

90 Degree Phase Lock Diagram

This creates a cross coupling of the Electrons Electric field with the Isotopes Tempic vibration field. They both come into alignment at two different angles between the two coils.

We know that the Electron field has more power in the Electric and Magnetic fields, and the Proton field has more power in the Tempic vibration field, so as these cross and couple in resonance at the E/P ratio, both come into the high energy state in two dimensions when joined. All the copper in the circuit goes into a state of becoming an energy source.

It is possible that having both the Voltage and Current come into phase like this, creates an EM resonance effect with power factor correction, and also a stronger torsion field behind the electrical current? This would have to be tested and measured to prove.

Note: This may not likely work the same with dissimilar metals at 90 degrees. Copper is the only metal present in this circuit, and it is the E and P layers in copper that are interacting at 90 degrees to produce this amplification effect because the E and P layers are the same frequencies in both of the 90 degree coils.

Circuits of High Strangeness

Phenomena in coil systems is not new. Many of the men who worked in secret development labs have seen things they cannot explain.
I was given one of these stories by a friend I worked with for a time. He knew people who had worked in the high security labs in complexes of research.
There was a field radio operator in one of the wars. His radio was shot with a bullet and the power supply was destroyed. They were pinned down under fire.
This man under duress took some wire, intuitively made a coil that powered that radio directly, and got a message out for rescue.

This coil today is setting in a lab still working, and not one scientist who has studied it can explain how or why it works. Our current Engineering level of Electronics, is missing some important information on self powering devices. These fields can be felt intuitively by people with senses amplified as in a war, or a meditation induced state.

My own personal explanation of this would not be accepted if we did not now have examples that it works.
The person in a state of heightened fear was able to maintain his logic mind presence, both sides of the brain went into a harmony state, and his conscious vibration state went up into the lower 4th density, where the intelligence is freely available to have comprehension of these fields, as they are used in creation. This connection is both intuitive and telepathic and works at a very  high frequency to deliver a "knowing sense" instantly. Vibration frequency is the basis of all psi phenomena.


Electron / Proton Ratio

The Law of Geometric Expansion and Contraction

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