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David Lowrance  6 / 16 / 2023

Magnetic Field Comprehension
Set down with a magnet, a paper clip, and start to move it around and chart where the power is located. Draw this on a piece of paper, and also feel it for yourself as you do this. Where is the attraction located and where is it absent? Get a true feel of what a magnetic field actually is, and make every observation you can about it. This is about you coming to a level of comprehension with this field force called magnetism. It is the same at every level of dimension. So take your time and do not miss any of its' qualities. We can move on later to how it interacts with an electric arc, but first you need this "feel" for what it is, and where the power of it is located.

Electric Field Interaction

The next step is to set up a HV arc and study what happens when you connect the positive to the magnet, and the negative to a tungsten thin rod and slowly bring them together. What will the arc do? It will make a circular motion as it approaches the polar end of the magnet and it will strike the outer edge every time, it will never hit the center of the pole.

Electron Deflection approaching a magnet

As the Electron beam moves from left to right across the scope screen, it is deflected sideways and does not hit the polar end of the magnet.

End view

If the pole of the neo magnet is pointed directly at the electron beam, it is forced into a curving pattern of spin.

This is likely how they ciphered to then make a copper wire coil and send the arc through it, to then generate the magnetic field.

The Tempic Field

The last problem is to eliminate the strike that damages the magnet. We set the magnet down in water which is diamagnetic, connect the positive HV to the magnet, and bring the negative wire down towards the water, and we get all those electron patterns starting to dance over that diamagnetic field, and they cannot hit the magnet. Flowers that spin, circles, violet glows, blue glows. Now observe the three different sorts of fields that are necessary to achieve this inside an atom, and you will start to have a feel for this personally.

Electron Patterns on Water

Photos from Marcus Wagoner's High Voltage Plasma Video

[Fair use for educational purposes and scientific analysis]

The water is the strong force. 

The technique originally used the HV output of a TV set and jumper cables with lineman rubber gloves to bring the Negative wire down until it begins to feed the surface of the water an electron arc. The spherical magnet is under the water with one pole pointing up, and the positive HV clamped to it.

Exposing the Tempic Field

If however you reverse the voltage charge with the negative on the magnet, and the positive on the wire you bring down over the water, then it will start to punch holes into the water with violent blasts of wider energy, and shoot water all over the place. This shoots energy straight inwards at the magnet penetrating the water layer.

We now can observe directly and personally the harmony state of the atom, then what happens when we reverse the Electron and Proton charges.

Joe Cell Polarity Reversal

In the Joe Cell we reverse the charges negative to the center and positive to the outer can, and the energy moves into the inwards shock wave, converging from all sides and begins to modify the vibration on the nuclear mass. A hex form of platonic vibration usually comes up on the rim of all the tubes. You can feel these and map them around each tube.

The adjustment of the voltage changes the frequency of these straight moving tempic field shock waves that converge towards the center tube of the cell creating a distortion of the "space / time" structure. The tension in the water will increase pulling away from the tubes surfaces. A meniscus reversal.

Joe Cell Polarity

These vibrations are then recognized as effecting the emotions. They can be adjusted to emulate what we feel as chi in the body and we will recognize them. Convergent shock waves that penetrate all the way to the atoms mass, and if they get too strong they will cause our nerves to go numb for a time.

From what has now been presented we can begin to understand the atom much better. The Nuclear mass can penetrate outwards of the Strong Force layer and control the electron motions. The electrons cannot penetrate the nuclear strong force to move inwards and manipulate the nuclear mass. The energy that powers the atom and can recover it's frequency and form, comes from the inside. Basically the Quantum Field Fabric, that Wilbert Smith and Max Planck had previously identified for us. The nuclear mass then organizes the Electron orbital patterns and maintains them at specific distances outwards. This is the correct understanding of the flow of energy into our level of dimension. Only generation of the longitudinal wave can effect the mass of the atom, which is a property of the positive voltage potential.

The Blue Glow

In bismuth this diamagnetic field reaches outside the physical dimensions of the atom. In copper and aluminum that field comes up only when we set up an EM field around it that is in motion, as with AC EM fields.

You need to grasp the TEM fields and the operation of the strong force to see the whole picture, and this can be done using some rather simple methods we arrived at over many years of experimentation already.

The blue glow can be generated at relatively low voltages, when the diamagnetic field is present. Starting up a Joe cell may be done between 5 and 12 vdc, and when the nuclear spin gets strong, the blue glow can appear, and many have witnessed this blue glow and it scared them, they believed it was a nuclear release, yet no one could measure it using a Geiger counter.

The blue glow can also appear when we use the ring of Neo's, around the ferrite base of the RM1 unit, and set a crystal sphere on top of it, with the scalar bismuth coil inside it at the center. That blue glow jumped from the crystal into my hand once and everyone in the car saw the blue glow inside their head. The unit shown below was set in the passenger floor of the car, and I tuned it to vibrate up the engine by positioning it correctly. This was a Joe Cell technique.

RM1 Unit

Those electron shells with all those extremely beautiful organized patterns, can never get to the nuclear mass where the protons are bundled, and they will set out there and spin up forever.

AC EM Power and Coherent Strong Force layering

AC power is shifting from the nuclear positive side into the electron shell negative side 60 times a second, across the strong force layer. It is oscillating inwards then back outwards. 

If you touched the 35,000 positive DC voltage on the back of a color TV, you were thrown across the room in a straight line path away from the charge and not get burned. If you hit a HV power line when it went negative you got a severe burn and did not get any extreme motion sent into your body, no inertial effect to speak of, just a burn. This is the difference between the two levels inside the atom, and how they will manifest power outwards. The key is that we can also raise up the nuclear strong force diamagnetic layer as a larger coherent field at device dimensions. It responds to resonance vibrations.

Thus the blue glow from an electron plasma is nothing like the blue glow from a mass vibration field bubble, which a sensitive would describe as an angelic experience. It will not burn you.

The Slip Stream Effect

In the RAV experiments, in my car, we use a small scalar canceling Bismuth core coil to set up vibrations that couple to the Engine parts in such a way that we begin to reduce the inertial resistance of all the moving parts. As this field begins to propagate into the outer skin of the car, we experience a disconnect of the air friction, and things really smooth out at high speeds. This is what we have come to term a mass vibration field bubble, and is likely very similar to the diamagnetic field making a small gap between the Positive and Negative charges inside the atoms. If we set up a very specific ratio of vibration in this field, we discover Gravity starts to feel as if we are disconnecting from the center of the earth and it moves to the center of the engine.

RAV Equipment

This effect was first described by a man named Robert Hull on a long past Yahoo Group, which ran for some years. He used a method of charging up the oil, and also at some point the radiator. Then he also did various mods on the engine vacuum system. He installed a lamp dimmer as well to modulate the vibration going into the oil pan.

Historic View

Tesla discovered this linear force shock wave also , or the longitudinal wave. However he also used the lightening strike arcing method in the beginning, but later he began to study this wave that could sting his body all the way through a thick glass panel. It could penetrate any insulator. The A field.

Tom Bearden calculated this force, calling it scalar potential, but thought it was coming from outside the device. It was actually coming from the nuclear center of the copper atoms in the coils. He called it scalar energy because it can be stimulated using EM canceling pressure waves that converge to the center of the mass.

He spent the rest of his life trying to wave shape the outer EM side and use these waves to boost the energy of the power of the EM field. This was too complex a challenge to engineer before his passing.

Wilbert Smiths vocabulary was much more simple, and he exposed it as the Tempic field, in his presentation of the Quadrature Concept. That motional part that effects inertia and moves in a straight line. The fabric of Gravity and the Strong force inside all atoms.

TEM The Quadrature Field Forces.

T => Tempic Field         Line     Straight

E => Electric Field         Area     Spin

M => Magnetic Field     Volume     Spin and Curl

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