The Structure of Creation

2022 - 11 - 15  Dave L

Flow Chart

The Vibration Went Out and Created all the Worlds

We must first respect our current science for the power it has handed us to change our civilization for the betterment of mankind.
From this science we can obtain much useful data, and if we ask the right questions, and prove each step with small experiments,
we can take this progress into The New Science of Wilbert Smith's vision for mankind.
A civilized society whom is worthy to approach our brothers in the stars.

We must also respect our highest moral ethic to test truth, and to accept it when it is found.
To rebuild our mental models where it is practical and necessary to meet this goal.

Our spiritual ones of society have told us, the energy of this universe is all around us, it is powerful,
and it is aware, as we are conscious and aware.

The Quantum Field Fabric

The field that is all around us has alluded the scientific community, whom have given us the study of material science.
This phase was very necessary, to develop the science all the way from the atom to the solar system and collect useful data of "what is."
Now it is time to identify and demonstrate what lies underneath, and how it can be accessed, the force that powers atoms and galaxies.
This force does not move an EM meter or show up on an O-Scope.
We are presently an EM society with no understanding of the power of the Vibration system of creation.
We have had no grasp on how Gravity or Inertia operate because they cannot be measured as EM manifestations.
However to date, there have been devices that can effect both Gravity and Inertia, discovered within the last 3 decades, although not explained from the scientific model.
Thus no school will teach what cannot be understood or comprehended, and no science will accept a new form of power without this comprehension provided along with it.

In order to rectify this in our society, we are going to have to revive what the first men of science knew, there is a Quantum Field Fabric
and it is operating using a form of Vibration energy which does not move EM meters at our dimension of perception.
Max Planck handed us calculations that worked, and yet even though his photon energy calculations worked based on that model, it has been discarded.

The above chart was prepared to give a mental model of each of the various dimensional levels of this hierarchy of creation, we have been able to verify are real using vibration measuring techniques.
We have been able to resonate all of them up finally this year 2022, and prove they are real, and the data of the past science offered is correct.


This hierarchy spans through various dimensions or levels of size, and we must identify where each of the Field Forces Originate and operate through.
First we have the Planck dimensions that are the smallest size we could possibly have an interest in working with forming a Fabric that fills all space,
and is being stretched very tightly as it can propagate the most powerful cosmic rays.
Next we have the Atoms, which are an entirely different dimensional layer much larger in size and at this level we discover mass.

We have gravity operating between mass, which is a function of the Proton, and atoms Nucleon Mass which sets inside the strong force layer.
This force makes atoms hold together and recover both form and frequency no matter how we distort them, short of a nuclear explosion.

Then we have the Electron level which is the outer world attachment we experience most often, that our civilization has made much use of to date.


From outside the atoms we see a world where things seem to wind down and stop, and from the EM layering level, this is also the case.
A resonant EM circuit will eventually lose energy and die if it does not receive outside power to stimulate it.   
However the reason for this is that the atoms Nucleon is constantly attempting to correct its form and frequency, and that part never stops working.
So with EM technology we are fighting the atoms center of mass to use its outer electron shells, and it is a losing battle for the most part.
The strong force always wins. Just as Gravity always wins. If this were not the case our outer world would not be stable.

The Wheel work of Nature

Here is where we find the Source of the Power the runs atoms, and it is not what many are expecting to find. It is not EM.
While we are used to seeing EM run electric motors and out of the shaft comes mechanical energy with no EM attached to it anymore,
we are not used to reversing this mental model to examine what powers EM, that this model can be reversed inside the atom and powered by Vibration.

The Isotope of the atom taps into the Quantum field fabric and then converts vibration frequency of motion to longer wavelength frequencies it runs on,
after which it begins to radiate these new frequencies at larger dimension back out into the Field Around them.
We have record of most all the atoms today and the frequencies of resonance of the Isotopes that is output from them.

These frequencies mix with all the other atoms, creating a Fibonacci system of 12 x stratified levels, and this creates the Gravity fractal vibration operating between the Earth and the Moon.

This is a higher level then the Quantum Field Fabric, as these vibrations have much longer wavelength, so the Gravity layer is created by the atoms self powering system.
As these new waves mix between objects with mass that generate them, they form a center of gravity between the object that both objects are pulled towards and both will spin around as one mass.

The Inertia and Gravity vibration system is not the Quantum field level of dimension, it is the Isotope level of dimension.
This is the level we call Mass Vibration, and it is the source of power of the entire operating system of matter.
It does not wind down and it recovers itself repeatedly, and it is also holding the electron shells in their orbital positions.

Vibration Fields like EM Fields are invisible, but as we use EM meters to measure EM, we use Vibration resonance to measure Vibration energy.
As humans we can feel this system of Vibration directly, as everyone has the correct equipment internal to the head for this sensing ability.

Vibration Energy Measurements

We can compare a laser. If we set up a crystal with the two ends perfectly flat and the length equal to some multiple of the wavelength of the light we want to make into a coherent field, we can create a laser beam.

The light will bounce back and forth through that specific length until the waves are strong enough to shoot out one end, all of the photons will now be in a resonant synchronization in space and time.

With Vibration energy from Gravity,the Quantum Field Fabric, the atoms mass, or it's Isotope frequency, we can also use two flat surfaces at correct distance apart to resonate up in the air [ space ] between them enough power to vibrate up our Pineal system inside the brain for detection
. We can cut off wires to exact and specific lengths and accomplish the same phenomena. And lastly, there is a specific kind of coil system that can be used to produce these waves with a Frequency Generator to set the wavelengths. In this coil system we use a diamagnetic metal and Bismuth has been found to be the best one on this world with the greatest mass, so smaller sizes can be used.
We should also mention that water can also be conditioned to be an active resonator of vibrate energy if it is in the inflow mode, with excess H1 atoms locked into it.
Water height in a graduated tube can actually be used as a resonator, although this may be a bit more subtle to feel then using Bismuth.
As we get better at doing this detection function with our brains structure, we can move to using a Stainless Steel Caliper, as it can be opened and slid around very fast to locate a vibration frequency we want to measure.
We have then achieved Quantification of the Vibration system that runs our world at various levels of dimensional layering.

NVR Measurements

As we then realize Gravity and Inertia as well as Isotope Frequencies can now be measured by feel felt means using resonant distances to detect them,
we can then take a blind sample of any element or combinations of elements in an alloy and begin to scan it to see what atoms are present inside it.

The Nuclear Vibration Resonance NVR charts can be set up for detection, and one can use a SS caliper to detect the atoms in a blind sample.
There are many such charts that have been used tapping into various levels of power at the Isotope level,
and there is a safe one for detection that will not result in self sustaining cones being created. After the calipers are closed the fields will vanish.

There are also dangerous ones that have been created in order to emulate dual cone systems that will continue to self power after they are
established in a coherent resonant form. These ones must have a TDF take down frequency applied to shut them back off,
as the
Nuclear level of all atoms, are self correcting and do not ever wind down or stop working.

Fractal Octaves and Dimensions

So how can we detect something from the Quantum Field Fabric that is so small we can barely even comprehend that it is real?

We can expand it in dimension using a Geometric Octave. We use the quadrature model of space to do this as cubes.
If we double the lengths of a resonance in space, that is one octave higher in frequency.

If this is a square we can calculate the area of an octave doubling both sides we get a 4x octave.
If we are accessing a volume, the next octave up will be 8 times the volume or 8x.
Thus we can take the PL [ Planck Length ] and begin expanding it to bench or caliper levels of dimension and since the field fabric is everywhere we should be able
 to resonate up something we can feel at the Pineal area of the brain to confirm our calculations are accurate, and that Quantum Field is real.

This technique can also be reversed to measure things that are much larger as the distance form the Earth to the Moon where we derived the Gravity fractal from.
Now we can begin to incorporate these resonant fields that will self power into our experiments, to see what is possible.

The remainder of this site is dedicated to the comprehension and use of these techniques, to begin to engineer devices of self powering capability.