Aetheric Tube Device

Earth Grid Design
Wavelength = 3.375 cm = 1x
Earth Grid Segment

Aetheric Tube Device Photos

Copper over Iron in 4 layers.
Inside Magnetic - Outside Diamagnetic

Core Tube Detail

Core Tube Layout

The heart of the Aetheric Tube Device is the 1/2" copper center tube, and what goes inside it.
The two bismuth rods are dimensioned such that when they are joined at the center, they form a 7x polarized Earth Grid resonance.
When they are separated, they release the field. Each is 3.5 x segments.
The core tube is a 36 x down shift harmonic and breaks into 3 large 12x waves.
The magnet strings used on both sides of the Bismuth central core, are each the same length.
The more magnets you use, the stronger the device will become up to the ends of the core tube, if desired.

Insertion of the Magnets and Bismuth Cores

Bismuth rods are fragile. Care must be taken not to drop them, or they may shatter. Neo magnets can also fracture if mistreated.
The Bismuth and Neo magnets must be inserted into the core tube, before the core tube is placed inside the larger iron tube.
This prevents magnets from jumping onto the iron tube. Keep all magnetic metals away from these while you are loading them into the core.

Insertion Tool Picture

Shown above the Aluminum or wooden insertion tools [on the right] are used to push the fragile elements into the core tube and to extract them gently, without dropping them.
To the left is shown the other end of the tube where the magnets are being pushed back out for removal.
In operation, the bismuth ends up at the center of the core tube. If it is pushed off center, the device will add torsion to the side closer to the bismuth.
This will skew the field, so tunning of the field bubble is possible.

Insertion of the Core Tube into the Outer Tubes

Insertion Photo

Once loaded, carefully guide the core tube into the iron tube and watch the ends, they want to grab the iron so keep them centered.
There will be a little resistance as you push this tube inside the large iron tube, as the magnets grab onto it across the 1/4" gap.
The spacing tape on the ends, will keep the tube centered in it's final position.


End View Picture

One end of all the tubes must be aligned evenly, as the two larger pipes were not cut to resonate on the Earth Grid.
You can use the wooden dowel to push the inner tubes in place from the other end if necessary.

When the inner core tube is lined up on one end with the outer two tubes, they will both then follow it's vibration.

Now the aligned end of the tube system is set over an earth grid nodal point.
The tube is then pointed in the direction of the prevailing winds, and adjusted as necessary.
It is not recommended to leave the system unattended for the first several days.

Tube Device Drawing

Original Design showed all the long tubes cut to an Earth Grid Harmonic of 36x.
It was decided, having all that mass vibrating with no way to shut it off, would not be wise.
The two larger tubes were then left at 49" and 48 - 3/4"
The smaller inner tube was cut exactly to resonance at 121.5 cm. It is the only one you cannot shut down.

Bismuth Cores

Bismuth centers

Shown here inside the protective copper storage sleeves. The two halves of the element are set together, and the field then resonates up.
Place fingers on the bismuth ends as they come together, and see if you can feel it create an energy bubble.
When handling these, be extremely careful not to let them slide out of the tubes and fall to the floor.
You can tape the ends to keep the bismuth cores inside, when not in use.
Store them where they will not roll off a table.
I broke two during the testing.


As built  "Aetheric Tube Device"  5 / 19 / 2013

Neo Magnets -
2  - long strings ~ 19 - 1/4" long  [38 - 1/2" total length] 1/2" diameter.
38 ea  1/2" dia x 1"      Neo Magnets [center area]   N50        $103.36 Applied Magnetics
2 ea    1/2" dia x 1/4"  Neo Magnets  [end pieces]   N50            $2.30 Applied Magnetics
Total weight 2.5 lbs

Pipes -
1 ea   1 - 1/2" ID copper pipe, type L - 49" long [pipe is not tunned, reactive element]  $47.56
1 ea   1" ID Iron pipe  48-3/4" long   [pipe is not tunned, reactive element]   Scrap
1 ea  1/2" ID copper pipe  47.834"  [121.5 cm][Pipe is cut accurately, tunned to Earth Grid]Scrap
Total weight 12 lbs.

Bismuth Solid Rod -
2 ea  1/2" OD Bismuth rod   4.65"  [11.8125 cm]  [Accurate length, tunned to earth grid 3.5x]
[Bismuth is fragile - be careful not to drop these tunned rods.]
Total weight 1.25 lbs    /with copper safety containers

Electrical Tape - as needed spacer wrap, to keep the concentric tubes evenly centered.
1 ea Aluminum rod,  1 ea Wooden dowel, for pushing tubes and magnets out,

Total cost  $153.22
Total weight 15.75 lbs


5 / 18 / 2013

On testing I was able to perceive the field bubble across a 3 mile area.
Vibrational range, approximately 1.5 miles in all directions.
Experiment was performed for 4 hours.
4 PM to 8PM AST

Weather Photo 1

The sky became dark overhead, the air heavy with the feel of rain.

Weather Photo 2

From 1 mile to the East, looking back at my house, the heavy dark clouds are drawn down, center of the sky line.

Weather 3

2 miles West, looking back towards my house, in the center of the photo. Over head the blue sky popping through.
Cloud in the center of the photo is very high and very low, in comparison to overhead.


The heavy rain and hail is really the perception that matters.
One hour into the testing, and lasted one hour past the tear down.


9 PM
5 / 18 / 2013


Tube device was dissassembled.
Spherical RainMaker set up with North poles of all magnets pointing outwards.
Outflow energy bubble is created around the crystal and the magnetic base.
Intention is to clear the skies.

Day 2

5 / 19 / 2013
10 AM


What a Joy to see the sunshine again!
Clouds all around on the horizon.
Blue Sky overhead.
Hope it lasts.

I make no claims, this was an Aetheric inflow experiment, and a recorded perception, of a rain event, that happened simultaneously.

Dave L

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