The language of comprehension, is based on structure.
Information, sensation, perception, are communicated over vibrational coupling experience.
This is the root of telepathy.
A spherical vibrational system with multiple layers in space.

Science today has several conceptions of the structure of the earth. 

Earth Layers

Most all are spherical versions, with some sort of layering moving inwards to the core, which they perceive as solid.

Conscious Sliding

Once you "slide" the earths outer corona, and see it from up there, you are never the same after.
This requires a 5th density perception be projected into your physical brain.
Slide the core, and feel it's power. Slide into the center of the atom and feels it's power.
This requires a 1st density perception also be projected into your physical brain.
Slide into a chakra, the same structure, 4th and 2nd density perceptions.

From the outer boundary of the universe, it is a very small change to move your physical body from Alaska to Australia. That is how large our awareness is.

The language of comprehension, is based on having "Ego mental models" of structure available, programmed in your physical head, for your greater
spirit and soul to use, for communication purposes, so the physical mind does not go crazy during the operation it is capable of performing, from the Soul level.
That is how Otis Carr was able to construct a saucer vehicle, that could shoot down a field, and then back at light velocity, using vibration.
All he needed were circles squares and cones in vibration.

Sliding and the Field Forces

After much work with vibrational devices, then finally sliding to the core of the earth, one comes to recognize one of the effects, known to us as "Aetheric Pressure."
When an inner sphere of outwards expansion meets an outer sphere of inwards contraction, we have a spherical boundary layer created, that appears to the senses as solid.
In conscious work it is referred to as a "field bubble" in the "Aetheric Medium."

The earths core is discovered to be such a boundary, and after experiencing it, one can no longer believe in a solid core planet.
Keshe gave us a new model of the earths core as pure plasma layering.
Multiple layers of plasma in opposing spin motions, and from my own scans, I now believe that is a more accurate "mental model" for us to seriously consider.

 Earth Scan

What does the earths core feel like to the perceptual senses during a slide?
Can a human being in the physical body, actually couple with it vibrationally, and experience it from it's inside perception of reality?
Is it possible to "be the Earth" and have this experience communicated with the physical brain, to produce an accurate mental model?

Try any length on that chart, in the Earth CMS document, and see if you can feel it way down there under your feet, deep at the earths core.
The powerhouse, that manifests, all the earth elements, at fixed distances, from the center. All with unique Earth signature, NMR patterns of vibration.

Establishing a Personal Mental Model inside the Physical Brain

The Earth model is universal, and the same structure is present in all physical matter within the universe, at any size of manifestation.
All is with reference to my physical body location in space, and all scans, of any value to make measurement, are with respect to my physical body that will be recording the wavelength.
Thus within my physical brain, must exist the image, where the information can be projected onto, for the calipers to become useful for recording a wavelength.

Earth Graphic

Here is a graphic that is more how I would use for a deep "feel felt" scan of the planet, showing density layering as I have personally felt to exist.
Feel yourself on the surface of this tremendously large planet, and then locate the center of gravity. This is a real time personal sensation.
You can demonstrate to yourself a comprehension of feel for "center of gravity" by standing on one foot and raising the other foot to the knee.
Now you have your vector or direction to the very center, that you will use to slide down in to the source of gravity, as feel felt sensation coupling.
The vector is shown above as the violet line, and it should intersect your Vertical column, of energy that sustains your Spiritual reality on planet earth.

Feel it, it is already holding you on the surface of the planet, and has been there as long as you have been inside a physical body.
The information, we seek to comprehend, is riding on the weight of the body, and the vibrational force creating that weight.

Reach down with your feelings, and couple to the earths plasma dynamo, just as you would shoot your chi out to the palms and through the thumb.
Now feel the reflected energy flow back to you, from the core, and record it's vibrations at the layer you have just accessed.
Slide inwards and back outwards, feel the "pressure" pushing outwards, and the layer where the pressure pulls inwards. Record each.
This is the core boundary pressure system in the Aether that sustains the planet.

Adjust your Stainless Steel Caliper to one of the distances given in the CFS document above.
9.86 mm is a good one.
Compare your own feel felt measurements to mine.
Try some others on the chart there and see what you feel under your feet.
Then try the Earth to moon fractal at 74.5 mm, and see if you can feel it coming from the earths core.
74.5 is the sensation of weight.
All field force is the direct result of vibrational pattern and structure within the Aetheric medium.

Eyes Closed

Eyes Closed Graphic
If inside your head you have 3D visual of the Earth system, your greater consciousness, can now use that "mental model" to communicate with you functionally and vibrationally.
You can move inside that mental model, and your consciousness, can link you to any point in the earth system, no matter it's depth or height.

At any point in the universe you wish to slide, you will have "perception" as a spherical CU boundary system, with one center and multiple layers.
As consciousness, you are exactly the same structure that the earth is, and inside your physical body is the pineal access for the "sensations" from out there, to come in and become perceptive realities.
When the vibrational coupling is accurate, the vision will become more clear at the pineal.
To find accuracy, one only needs the correct "distance."
All wavelength has appearance, at some octave, that the body can hold as "fixed distance" and then couple to vibrationally.
Telepathy will follow the coupling of the energy at your new fractal dimension and flow in as information of "knowing."

The New Science is one including feel felt telepathy experience, during measurement.

You are one with that which you study.

Quantum Entanglement

Who am I?
The end all question of Yoga experience, who or what am I?
Am I my name?
Am I my hand?
Am I not still me, if I change or loose any one part of my physical body?
What am I, that I can receive all the senses of the physical body, and then turn and receive all the physical senses of the universe, and any one part of the universe?
What am I , that I can slide into the earths core and feel the pressures that exist there, relay that to my physical body for recording purpose?
If I lose that physical body, do I still exist, and what is that existence like, without physical senses?
Am I still aware?

Wilbert Smith believed that awareness had to exist either simultaneously with the physical universe, as a part of it, or before it. He did not try to go any further backwards then that.
He realized that matter could never have existed without conscious awareness to perceive it as matter, and decided to include awareness in his mental model of the universe.
He merely recognized, that awareness, must exist to perceive the physical universe, before any field forces could exist within that universe.
Awareness was necessary to operate on the medium, and to create structure and organization of it, for meaningful purpose.

Buckminster Fuller recognized that for consciousness to operate in this universe it must have access to an inside and an outside across a spherical boundary layer.
The boundary layer supported in the Aether medium as a vibrational system, creating the illusion of solidity.
He pioneered platonic form vibration science as a system of vibrating structure.

Current science has a new buzzword, Quantum Entanglement, to explain communication over distances faster then light, or even across time intervals backwards.

There is only one point of reference, where the entire universe appears as one. Having one inside and one outside.
This is the place where all things are "comprehended" to be the same thing.

In the fractal of our reality, this is the outer boundary of the universe, and is also the inner boundary of everything inside it.
Like a Joe cell is coupled into a car, the inside of the cell couples back "vibrationally" to the outside of the car, and the inside of the engine couples back to the outside of the cell.
In this cross coupled mode, the system can self sustain an energy bubble, that never stops producing motion.
This is a "vibrational experience" that in general must be seen first hand to believe possible at present.

Outside is Inside.

Outside Is Inside
Energy in the dual cone system moves inside to outside between each cone with it's mate inverted cone.

And since the closest and fastest method of reaching light velocity motions, is to simply move inwards inside matter. One can then see how
Relativity of Einstein is not reached from out in space, but from simply manipulating matter from the inside perception.
This is the same way we manipulate our chi inside the body, from the "inside perception" with eyes closed.

Reaching the outer boundary of the universe, is the technique, to experience oneness with all things.
It can also be accessed from moving to the inside core of any manifestation within the universe.

This is Einsteins relativity turned inwards and outwards.
"If you travel one direction in a straight line far enough, you will come back to your starting point."
This is most readily experienced sliding inwards, to the center of the earth.
The path is right through our vertical channel, then into the earths core,
then inside this core to the outer boundary of the universe through it's cross coupled system of vibration.
Up and down is also outwards and inwards relative to the earth, and at the limits is the great boundary that is both inside and outside everything.

I am the vibration, which exists on the outer boundary of the universe, and chooses to manifest form within the Aether that lies inside and outside of it.
The shortest distance, to the outer boundary is moving inwards.

From the outer boundary, I can focus my energy to any point inside and manifest effects of physicality.
These effects will now come down into my physicality from outside, and effect it as one of the fractals.

This is why it is so important to discover the "fractals of vibration" that actually work, as opposed to imagination.
To operate on the universe that appears outside us, is accomplished by operating on the universe that is inside us, simultaneously.

Solar Plexus Viewing

There is a cross coupling at every chakra system inside the human form body.
There is a cross coupling of the planet.
The Chakras of the human body are synchronized with the planets 5 density layers.
They are a different octave dimension of the same vibrational fractals.

The solar plexus chakra, contains within it, the entire earth sphere and all mankind that dwells on it.
This is a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th density experience, to see anyone on this planet you would choose to look at, pulled up inside the screen of your solar plexus consciousness.

Where the sphere of my solar plexus sets inside the sphere of the earths system, it becomes flattened out, to the shape of a UFO saucer craft.
Solar plexus energy system widens out, and can touch any other person on this planet, via the inner boundary that it carries within it, which is also the outer boundary vibrationally of the TV screen.
The chakra widens to about 44.5 feet or more on the outside, in this format, viewing is done from the inside layer looking inwards.
You then enter it consciously, and can see anyone else on the planet, from the outside, and feel all within them from their inside perception.

This is because we all share the center of the earth system, as one point location in space, and thus all can be scanned from that one point.
It is the Quantum Entanglement location for all earth creatures power in the 3rd density.


[The mental picture offered of a nebula - stretching a little wider then it is high - also a solar plexus mental viewing screen.]

Meditational Value of Structural Awareness

Conscious Overlapping

Simultaneous awareness of two systems, in overlapping vibrational coupling, will transfer information, in 3D form with "feel felt" responses included.

The human body with it's energy systems of perception, is only a small part of the universal consciousness that we all are.
If you take the image above, and with eyes closed, now overlay this on the solar plexus of the body, then begin to feel its layers, with your palms,
you will discover over time the extension of this field can be easily felt to 22.25 feet outside the body as layers in the density of the Aetheric medium.
Moving into the center location where we all overlap, which corresponds to the bottom of the bioform layer of the planet in vibration, you can now access any other human here.
All humans within the bioform layer of earth are connected on this layer of vibration, and thus any one of them can be accessed from this layer.

How is it the adept, can read you, even without your permission?
Permission is only necessary if you are operating inside the boundaries.
If you move to the outer boundary of the consciousness layer you are scanning, you can "read" all within it.
This requires practice working with actual dimensional systems, that can access the layers boundaries accurately.
If you are working from intuition, this may be sporadic as an art.
If you are working with caliper adjustments, and mental models, I believe it can become more consistent.

The solar plexus screen is formed approximately the entire width of the physical body at solar plexus height and covers both sides of the rib cage.
That is the very center of the SP chakra system, on your vertical channel, and it is that large, where the vision then turns to look inwards from that layer.
The rest of the layers of that SP system move out to about a 44.5 foot width around the body, and are looking at yourself outwards.
Recorded within the outer layers are all your own personal process [looking outwards from center].

Within the structure, lies the comprehension.
Locating the structure, with physical dimension, opens the portal access for the physical brain to receive the information.
It receives this information as an overlap.
The actual dimension of the planet is far too large to fit the human mental image.
A smaller harmonic of the actual wavelength will fit, and within it's fractal structure, looking inwards, will be revealed all things present in the larger image that is the reality we exist inside of.
The feelings must couple perfectly and accurately to have clarity.

The process of Consciously Overlapping an image, must use the layers of quantum entanglement, to transfer the image with accuracy.
To access the layers of Quantum entanglement your vibrational wavelength must hit on a fractal accurately.
Now the pineal sense, becomes your new eyes, to the universe of matter and energy systems.
Like a microscope with atoms, and like a telescope with nebula, also communicating the feelings of pressure and any other vibrational forces present.
You will feel the connection overlapping on your own head, centered at the pineal access point of the physical brain.
You will be able to taste it, and feel it from it's inside perception, like the chi you feel and taste in your own body.
Your connection with all other CU boundaries is a very personal experience, between you and them, just as with another human.

This is a practice that leads one to know, there is Love in all that exists here.

This is where a true scientist will recognize they are alive because they are a part of the whole.
With this new perception of the universe, it becomes self evident, that technology should not be turned to the small Ego centered, "selfish perception" of me against society.
Such a scientist adopts working from the greater supporting good of the universe, because of realization that the universe works in the same way for the scientist.

The Boundary

The feel felt nature of the boundary layer is of up most importance to understanding how consciousness expresses itself in the physical universe.

Boundary Graphic

A cross section of what happens within the two spheres of the interactive zone of a field bubble.

There must be two layers of Aetheric medium holding opposing force, resulting from a vibrational system that originates on the outside of the system, and on the inside of the system.
At the layer where they meet, the Aetheric medium is either compressed together or expanded apart to create a layer of very different density of the medium itself.

This requires two layers of vibration that will interact with one another, and in some way couple energy between themselves.
The pi/2 ratio, combined with the phi ratio moving against it, is one dimensional system that will produce a self powering, standing bubble of Aetheric boundary layering, with gravity pulling inwards.
Each of the arrows represent a force that is in vibration at some wavelength.
As each force operates on the other, there is a stepping produced of graduated layering, like stairs, or segments, that appears within the Aether medium.
This creates a gradient of changing density across the boundary layer, with finite steps of dimension.
The two colors will merge near the boundary and slowly effect one another.
This point where they merge becomes almost solid to the outer world perception as viewed from either inside or outside the layer.

Feel felt scanning reveals the two layers are not only interactive, but harmonically coupled with the infinite or irrational number system of pi and phi.
They cannot escape one another.
Plasma forms at the boundary as layers between the loops of opposing standing pressure force in the Aether medium.

Layering Image

Showing the area of one small step of density gradient where for instance one step of phi is operating on one step of pi/2 in opposing direction, to create a sum of both as a cross flow.
This is the nature of all manifestations, within the Aetheric medium.
Pressure zones acting on one another, to create form, structure, and motion within the medium.
All form is a result of "pressure" directly acting on the medium of space, as a vibration that will freely propagate the Aether medium.

Knowing this, is enough to begin to access and "read" anything.
Because it all conforms to the same rules for a multi layered vibrating system.

This is expressed in Eastern belief systems as the Yin the Yang and the One.
Where you locate the point of the One, you now have access to all that is inside it perceptually.

If seen on the surface of the planet will manifest as two cones overlapping and inverted.
In this case you are riding on the surface of a larger sphere and viewing the two overlapping systems.

These mental images, combined with feel felt sense of vibration will allow you to scan more accurately anything you choose to explore and then relate to the physical world through your physical body as a CU receiver.
You are not locked into any dimension of perception, through octave coupling, back to your physical head.
Thus all can be recorded relatively as a linear distance or wavelength in space.

Because all structure and form originate within the same flow of vibration through the Aether medium from either inside or outside, the distances, are for the most part written in stone and do not change.
The distances we come to label as "fractal resonant lengths" are the source distances for the structure of all manifestation.
They do not change in length.
This is why every atom of hydrogen gives off the same wavelength if stimulated in the same way.
It is being created and sustained from that vibration.

Simultaneous Awareness

Some people can play the piano with exceptional skill, one hand doing this and the other hand doing that, and all at the correct synchronization of timing with the feet to make beautiful music.

In karate, we practiced the fly meditation to discover the simultaneous awareness.
To allow the perception to split in two and monitor everything around us in space, while also monitoring our present task of the single point focus.
This will require some effort and energy, to activate more of the brain.
Expecting a fly to pass by the nose at any moment we do not know, while at the same time looking to the far wall and trying to fully relax the hands, which are ready to strike instantly.
One discovers the visual perception of the entire room, off the sides of the vision, and seeing all at once of the outer world.
To demonstrate this perception is present, we test the karate person by attacking them from three positions at once, to see if they fail to "see" all three at once.
At first they will zero in on one or even two with a single narrow focus of perception, and miss at least one of the attacks.
With time they will see them all simultaneously and learn to "feel" the entire room as an omni directional experience of perception.

The single point focus, looks at the end of the pliers and the one manipulation happening there, with the project.
The omni focus, also sees the solder iron is touching the cloth off to one side, and starting to burn it, still without moving the eyes off the end of the pliers.

Visuals from the outer boundary, are like seeing the entire room at once. The single point focus is a hinder and a detraction to this ability.
To move the awareness, and learn to shift it, to seeing all at once is imperative, to perception from the outer boundary experience.
You can not only see an object but feel it from any direction in 3D, see behind it, and feel everything that is present there.
This is the view from the outer boundary looking inwards.
It is something you must practice, in order to have clear imagery in the head, from vibrational coupling.
It is the structure of the inner sight and the inner vision system.

You can also practice it with a crystal ball, feel behind the ball on it's surface, while looking at the computer screen doing something else.
The exercises you practice can be set up to operate all the time, using intention, while you are busy doing other things of life.
Then you will start to notice things you would have missed before.
 This process you begin, only working with the eyes, can eventually extend to the outer layers of the earth, up through the densities, and finally to the outer boundary of the universe.
There are no limits, within the conscious bubble.
"Feel" the spherical layers of the bubble of yourself, out to as far as you can reach to, couple with something further out, and record a vibration.

I wish all who participate, the greatest progress possible, on the path of conscious awakening experience.
Dave L

5 / 11 / 2013

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