Awaken Your Over Soul


The Omni Perceptual Experience

Who am I?

In the last document I described a conscious state of having  "omni perceptual experience" turned on around you, and the "single point focus" greatly reduced.
This is where you can feel everything around you simultaneously, as strongly as you can look at a single object with focused eyes.
The eyes are not looking directly at an object that the mind is scanning, they are looking through it, or past it, or even at something else.
The mind however is scanning the object for information to feel it directly, as it is, related to your position in space.
You feel the distance between you and it, you can see it in your head reflecting your own vibration back at you.
You can practice this, while doing other things.

For me it is done by keeping the "feeling" sense of the outer sphere of my space turned on, all the time.

Have an object like a crystal off to the left of your work and keep feeling it, simultaneously as you continue to work on something else.
Develop the Za Zen split focus state, and become aware of yourself as the center of a vibrational sphere, seeing all within the spheres reach simultaneously from your center position.
This is truly a 3D "feel felt" perception, and you are at the very center of it, because you are creating it.

Aikido Graphic

This book pictured can be purchased on I post the graphic here however to show what they are practicing.
Note the circle around the person and all motion is happening around the center of the hara chakra.
The practitioner, feels, this circle in every motion they generate with the body.
Every motion is a sphere or a circle, and each one is then also a conscious reality with tremendous power of spin.
Each motion has been programmed into the head, as an image, that overlaps the space around the body.
The practitioner "feels" every other person that moves within his circle of awareness, and he feels them all simultaneously, without looking directly at them.
The third eye is opened, and sending out a field of vibration that is very large.
A circle of protection for the martial artist.

If the practitioner can also now feel the "center of gravity" of the opponent, he can easily spin them around their own center.
A spin, on release, can literally end up hurling them through the air, or to the floor.
In JuJitSu, this is used to damage the opponents body, or even kill them.
In Aikido it is used to release the attackers anger, without damaging their body.

Over Soul Position

Now we will take the next step and simply turn off the single point focus for a time, in a static setting posture, so you do not have to operate in the physical for a time.
Slide to the outer boundary of the universe by getting larger and larger as a field bubble, until you locate the layer, where all things converge and are powered from.
When you locate this layer with your feelings, some of the effects are described as, "everything feels, it is as it should be."
"I can see any thing I would choose to look for, anywhere in the universe."

Eastern meditators called this God  Awareness, or waking to your God Consciousness, however in Western cultures this seems rather egotistical as vocabulary.
This is because in western cultures our God is an authority figure that is supposed to be ruling us.
However on touching this field of energy one discovers the opposite, in that it will do whatever you would like it to.
In eastern cultures God is the vibration that sustains all of us, and is not viewed as Egotistical.
The surprise is that you may discover it is already doing what we have asked of it, and this is why it feels that all is "as it should be" from this position.

The thing I would offer is that it is a real dimension in physical space we are going to be accessing, it is not imagination, and using the calipers will show you the difference.
Because the Quantum entanglement layer, can be measured as a finite fractal distance, it can be felt and tunned in as absolutely real to the senses.
This is something, you must access on your own, but I will attempt to express how I found it, for comparison.

Za_Zen Meditation

Practitioners of Za Zen seeking the higher conscious states of awareness.

The geometry taught, is the sphere of perception with your body at the center position.
You can control the diameter of this sphere with your own chi or feeling sense.
Once this sphere is developed in the physical mind, now the Over soul can couple it to anything else, and overlay a perception of another existence on top.

All conscious life in the universe lies between the two boundaries, that are the One.
What this translates to in perception, is that where you accurately couple your physical head energy with the outer boundary dimension,
You can now download sensation and perception of any object within the universe to overlay your physical perception experience.
All with eyes one half way shut. The focus of the single point from the eyes is released for the perception of the sphere of perception, and "all at once" feel felt connection.

This is the technique I use for "sliding" because when I do the overlap, I get sensation of motion through the universe also.
RainMaker is accessible on my left hand, and I can use the tunning of the F gens to synchronize to any wavelength of any sphere out there, on the scalar canceling coils,
which are used to generate vibration, as a marker. A caliper can also be used as a marker wavelength to set the head, to vibration on the correct "sphere of perception."

Science and the Soul

In Yoga, it is taught not to believe anything about your reality until you see for yourself what is real to you.
After this there is no more need for any proof, there is then only a new access to practice and work with.
The inner perceptions can only be proven to the person having them, they cannot be proven to anyone else not having them.
So why do so many channelers come up with so many contradictions between one another?

This is because, when you first begin to "see" looking inwards from one boundary layer of perception, the perception at that layer is different, then from the next layer larger looking in.
Most channelers have opened only to the three layers of the earth sphere, and are seeing, local projections and events of other humans.

There is an outer boundary of the Earth system, on the upper side of the 5th density, where from here you look out and see the stars, with clarity.
Looking inwards from that layer, you see all that mankind is doing, and from then down wards what all animals and plants insects minerals, etc....
Within these human layers is programmed images of many things which are not real to the universe.
That is they are merely creations of the Earth sphere humans and not powered from the outer boundary.
They are phantoms, to be feared, and to be loved, that feed off our energy systems, but they are not alive of themselves, and have no self sustaining form.
From the outer boundary, all can be cyphered as to Source of energy which sustains it.
We each create many demons, and feed them with our own fears, but these demons are not real and not drawing "self sustaining" energy from the universe.
When we abandon our belief in them, they dissolve and loose all power over us.

A test, is to compare many channelers, and then try to get them to record wavelengths, to pinpoint real vibrational spheres, that can be verified by others, using overlay techniques.
Then with this wavelength one can tap in and slide the vertical channel of that which is scanned to see for them self it's true nature.
Humans have created many things in their own image, and given them power over them, using the fear vibration.
Moving down from clear space, and into the earths layers of heaviness, to me is like being pushed down into a heavy fluid or crystalline muck.

Our earth space is not very clean, clear, or harmonious at present.
Few Extraterrestrials, would choose to visit.

Viewing a Planet

[Saucer Navigational Awareness]

From the outer boundary position, one can look inwards, and maybe the first time will only see blackness.
They may feel from here everything is as it should be, but spatially, they may not be aware of physical distances and ability to scan anything within the sphere of the universe, personally.
How can one get a vector or angle of motion in space that will point or move between two objects in the universe as a line or a path, a bearing?
When this happens, personally, it will then become a reality for them.
The Conscious state of, universal direction.
Knowing exactly where you are within the universe.
Locating another position and then "feeling" which direction to move to arrive there.


The first step is to connect with the outer boundary of the universe and from this position look inwards.
See first your own conscious centers, and then pull them into divine alignment. From the outer boundary this is very easy.
The entire universe is "overlaying" your solar plexus center, and from your head that is above the universe look down and see where your charkas all land.
You now have a dual awareness, of both your personal physical body, and the feeling that you are also God, looking in from outside.
The chakras will appear as large spheres all around a single center point of the universe, with a single ball of light connected to each layer.
The balls of light will likely be out of alignment and not in a straight line.
Simply will them to all move into alignment with the center of the universe and your position on the outer boundary as Gods position on the outer sphere.

All the chakras in your body will light up, and the universal energy now flows through your physical body also.
This, being able to instantly align your physical chakras, is the indication, you have touched the outer boundary experience.
You are now operating on your physical body down inside the universe, and the responses will be instant in your physical energy field.

Next is to scan for where your physical body is located in the universe, and feel a vector angle to it's position from where you feel you are on the outer layer of the universe.
I found the earth and my body, off to my right and some distance rather close to the edge of this galaxy.
Lastly, scan for the object you are trying to locate, and now "feel" the vector direction from the physical body towards the object you are seeking.
With your hand or palm, scan for the direction from inside your body, and get a bearing in 3D space.
This means you are now able to work in two levels simultaneously, and Za Zen state must be in place for it to work.

Vector Location

Where am I in the universe, where is my target location in space?

Vector between two planets

Because the vibration system of all objects originates from the outer sphere of the universe, it will pass through everything else at some angle.
It's vibration system will only converge as an object where it actually is, but the energy sustaining it will pass through all space that is inside the universe in the non convergent state as a line moving towards that object.
The vibration that sustains a planet in a star system, far from earth, will pass through the earth on it's way to the planet, and thus it's fractal vector and wavelength can be felt from the physical level and recorded.
The caliper is then adjusted to resonate with this planets 4th density vibration, and slowly turned in angle from the physical to feel where it will flare up.
Saucers operate on the lower 4th density recognition, as "feel felt recognition," but to navigate, you have to locate the outer boundary of the universe simultaneously, and see from there also.

When the caliper gap flares up with the energy of the planet on two of the vibrational nodes of an octave,
the planets form will appear in the caliper spacing to the "omni directional awareness" of the human mind, at the pineal area of the brain.
You look through the space between the calipers edges and see the planet very clearly in real time as it is, and there is no time delay perceptible.
You are now tapped into the vibration that sustains that planets form, and seeing it as it is in real time.

Once again you do not see this with the "single point focus" of eyes, or that will drop the pineal's "spherical perception."
You see and feel it, with the omni directional "all at once" perception field, converging as a sphere on your center position, or third eye center, via the solar plexus center tunning of it.

This was a most intense experience, when I discovered how to do it, in the darkened garage, while feeling all of this from the outer boundary of the universe.
I believe that every planet out there, has a unique vibrational signature, we can learn to recognize.
This is ham radio for intra galactic communication, only without the delay of wave propagation, that EM would place in the path.
It is a quantum entanglement communication method and is already present in the human body, once the techniques are mastered and comprehension is attained.

I do not believe it can be accomplished accurately, without the concepts I have described here in.
Without the universal awareness of space, distance, and location, from the outer boundary, all is seen with imagination and or personal emotion overlaid on top of it.

My Personal Proof

The Water Glass Event

Water Glass

He told me to prepare a glass of water, and then say the number sequence that was the key to release the energy into the water.
I said the sequence aloud, and then felt a rush of energy come in from all directions to converge on the glass of water.
In that instant, of the inrush, the water started to vibrate up on the diamond wavelength.
I recorded the wavelength using my SS caliper and placed it in the Matrix document.

The Fractal Matrix

 8.710 cm - 12 segment fractal

The frequency was transmitted to me by Gillian  Lee, White Mountain (
However it arrived to me from the outer boundary layer of quantum entanglement, converging in from all directions as a pulse of energy.
The water was charged "instantly."
The vibrational field then shifted to one of radiance, and I could feel the water all around the glass radiant with this new vibration.
The effect was a "spherical convergence" and as I sat beside the glass I felt it move through "me" as well.
From this one experience, I was led to understand and remember, all the techniques described above for saucer navigation.
I had to accept, a new "mental model" of the universe, and how matter is being powered from moment to moment from an outer boundary layer.
So began my exploration, and probing to finally locate that layer for myself.

I must also comment that it was very hard for me to accept that all matter is being sustained from so far away,
and from all directions simultaneously, to converge on it's actual position in space.
That the vibration of "all things" then would have to also intersect my position in space as well,
traveling towards that object, from the outer boundary of the universe.

This was my first inkling that manifesting could even be possible.

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5 / 13 / 2013