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2016 - 7 - 10  Dave L


If the public is expected to use this type of powering field, then they must also adapt to sharing the responsibility of what the fields do.
If you make a field you are personally responsible for tearing it back down or passing on the control of it to another younger person before you leave the physical.

These SSF's [Self Sustaining Fields], do not shut themselves off without intervention from the designer.
Only the designer, has the numbers to shut them back off with one operation, the IF - 3 frequency.


The Source field is all around us, having a natural resonance of 333000 Hz vibration.
This document explains a basic method of fracturing the Source Field to create a flow of energy into and then back out of a powering device.
The techniques described below allow one to couple into this field using [mediator vibration fields] on the two ends of the energy circuit.
These fields are invisible, and condition the space around a device instantly.
This is often done using two sets of stainless steel calipers to establish a standing field through a device, or a machine.
Once a field is installed, it will become an SSF [Self Sustaining Field] and must be taken down by the designer using a third interface resonance.

Source Field Flow Block Diagram

Example shown here is of an Engine in a car.
Source Field Flow

Flow Definitions:
SF  ->  IF 1  ->  Local mass resonant device  ->  Conversion factor for SS mode  ->  IF 2  ->  SF / 9

333000 Hz = SF = Source Field
IF = Intermediate Frequency = Vibration Mediator Frequency
SSF = Self Sustaining Field
SS Mode = Self Sustaining Mode - like the 8950 relationship, or a pi/2 or even a gravity fractal ratio, or a weather tube.
37000 Hz =  Source Field / 9

Fracturing Formula
333 / 37 = 9
37 / 333 = 0.1111111111111111111111...

If a field is opened through a 333 portal then circled down to a 37 portal for the return flow, the energy will flow towards the smaller fractal. 333 => 37.
9x is the magic octave distance for coupling into the background field then returning back into it.
Since both 333 and 37 are already in the Source field, this flow will not be active until we tap into it with an active ratio.

IF Intermediate Radio Frequency

IF [intermediate frequency]

In radio design, we have something called an IF strip, for the intermediate frequency amplification. This set up is known as the Superhetrodyne, invented in 1928 by E H Armstrong.
The radios middle stages used one frequency for AM band tuning. 455 Kc as I recall, to then set up beyond this, the filter, demodulator, and then the audio circuitry which could then be the same for all radios.

In order to tune into different frequencies, they did a down conversion through a mixer stage that would then output the tuned frequency at 455 KHz.
This was the difference of the received frequency and the injected mixed frequency that was variable or tunable.

(Tuned Frequency) - (Mixer Frequency) = 455,000 Hz. Or it could also go reversed  (Mixer Frequency) - (Tuned Frequency) = 455,000Hz.
The point is they use the difference of the two frequencies to receive any frequency out there at one frequency of "down conversion."
This shows how EM can be mixed and converted across the radio spectrum.

The 455 was called the IF section, and in these stages they added a lot of filtering of the out of band signals. Because the frequency was now fixed they could even use crystals to shape the frequency response.
High end ham radios had a 300 Hz filter usually made with a set of crystals for CW operation, and one around 3000 Hz for SSB voice operation. Minimum bandwidth for audio is 300 - 3000 Hz.

IF - (x) Vibration Mediator Frequencies

The Source Field analogy uses a slightly different mixing method, which is the dividend or the "mutual factor" of the field, rather then the difference, converted to couple the energy into a tuned mass resonant system, like a piston chamber.
Fracturing is always a subset of the whole, or a fractal of it, a "factor" in math. Vibration Mediator Frequency fields are "factor lengths" that multiply the local resonance device to couple with the background field.
Two of these must be used simultaneously to set up an SSF [Self Sustaining Field].

The mediator length, is the IF [intermediate frequency] that couples our local resonant piston chamber into the background field, neither of which ever changes.
So we have a radio tuner in reverse, tuning it to a local mass resonance in an engine, as we choose to, any engine.
Any local mass resonance at any frequency using a fracturing element [factor], rather then a subtraction method in the mixer stage of the radio receiver.
The two types of energy are not the same mathematically.
The background field is a convergence of 1 dimensional vectors, compressing to one point, or expanding outwards from one point.
The Electric field is a 2 Dimensional field diverging from a surface area, and the Magnetic field is a 3 dimensional field curling back on itself as a volume.

Vibration needs less hardware, and down shifts as a factor or fraction of the background field.
Our divider element [IF] is invisible, and does not need equipment to function if an SSF is in place.
Coupling to the output side then has to loop back to the Source field at a sub octave or  X / 9  fractal via a second IF frequency or IF 2.

Vibration energy flow is defined in this line:

SF - IF 1 - Local mass resonant device - Conversion factor for SS mode - IF 2 - 1/9 SF

SS mode = self sustaining mode like the 8950 relationship, or a pi/2 or even a gravity fractal ratio, or even a 49 inch weather tube to pull in rain.

SF = Source Field
IF = Intermediate Frequency

Both IF vibrations can operate on the background field, invisibly with no physical elements.
The field is installed into the space around the powering system as 2 IF's, and a 3rd IF to shut the field back down.
A standing weather field [rain tube] can also be installed on top of an earth node using no hardware at all but for the two setup calipers.

  Levels of Tapping Source Energy and Field Release Technique IF - 3    

2997 mm     9x
333 mm       1x
37 mm       1/9x

A wire of 333 mm will couple directly to the background field. So will wires of 2.997 meters and 37 mm.
But you do not need the wire because this field is everywhere already present.

Use this length to couple your local resonance into the background field by creating a mediator length instead.
333 / local resonance field = mediator length  IF - 1.  IF(1) = 333 / SL

This mediator length will couple your piston stroke distance into the background field. You do not need to make a wire for this one either, because when it couples into a SSF, it will self sustain if you have the other side up simultaneously.
Now couple your (stroke length * 89/50) segment harmonic back into the background field using a second mediator length into the background field at 37 mm. Energy will flow towards the smaller fractal of the background field, out of the longer one.

2nd mediator length IF - 2.     IF(2) =  (SL * 89/50) / 37 mm

Source Field Flow Release

Now to break up the field calculate your third mediator length to couple the second mediator length back into the 333 mm source, and break the circuit, IF - 3. IF(3) = 333 mm / IF(2).
That last operation is the key to tear down the field and it does not even work in the physical , it operates on another vibration field you set up to be a link. It is a link on a link.
Control of the field is established through the invisible links at the IF frequencies.

You are setting up fields in the background medium into your local devices, as a circuit using mediators that self sustain, and then operating on the mediators to establish control of the flows. It's all invisible, for the most part.
If you establish the mediators using calipers, and then also tear them down using calipers, then it's all totally invisible. This is how the energy form known as "conscious vibration" operates.
When you work with the background field directly, there is no way to avoid experiencing the "conscious aspect" of the vibration field.

Release Method 2

7 - 25 - 2016 a better release method was discovered, by zeroing out the fractured parts of the wave below the decimal point.

Say your IF-2 is 3.21 mm. In order to divert the flow from the 37 mm background field into IF-2, you want a smaller fractal the energy will be attracted towards, and away from feeding the IF-2
You also want your release fractal to have trailing zeros. Examples:

333 / 5.00 = 66.600000000    37 / 5.00 =  7.4000000
333 / 2.96 = 112.50000000    37 / 2.96 =  12.500000
333 / 1.85  =  180.0000000    37 / 1.85 =  20.000000    [Best]

333 / 1.25  =  266.4000000    37 / 1.25 =  29.600000

Tune the caliper to the setting you are using on the background field coupling, then slowly move it down to the release you have found that is closes to it that will give trailing zeros off both the 333 and the 37 background fields.
Here is a spreadsheet for locating more release setting close to where you are tapping the background, if you use this technique.
333 Extraction With Release

   Relationship - 9

We have discovered the function of the 9's that Tesla had spoken of.

The ability to access the quantum levels, pull out the energy from one level, then send it back in on another level to become a self sustaining field. Compressible Energy will flow towards the smaller fractal from the larger one, as expansive energy flows the other direction, and we have a circuit tapped into the wheel work of nature. Energy is running between two vibration harmonics of the background field.

1 / 9 = 0.1111111111111111 ...
37 / 333 = 0.1111111111111111 ...
333 / 37 = 9

Using the 333 mm background field resonance, we are even freed from using matter to create a field bubble. We can set the fields up directly into the background medium.

We figured out, that all the light rods mapped to the 333, show exactly why they feel as they do. The fracturing of the background field reaches to different depths of dimension for each one.
The RA at 150 mm is a 2.220000... fracturing of the background field.  

333 / 150 = 2.2200000000... Finite distance
150 / 333 = 0.45045045045045045045045045045045... Infinite Depth of dimension

However as the background field fractures the RA, we get a field that reaches to nearly infinite depths.
It converts energy from the infinite depths of matter and space into a finite length we can hold in our hands.

What we feel when we fracture the background field is dependent on how far down the fracturing reaches and which way it is flowing.
I did a spreadsheet of the 333 field fractured by every number from 1 to 333 advancing by .1 mm. [See Reference Section]
You can go right down the list and see the results, then set the calipers and feel each one. 3,330 of them.
I can only imagine setting this up to advance every .01 mm as our calipers are capable of, the list would have 33,300 numbers to observe and work with. Likely about every effect we can imagine is there in those 33.3 thousand choices. Somewhere I picked up we should shoot for 6 digit accuracy in this work. That means larger fields with larger devices to get that much accuracy between two levels of the background field, and now some 333 thousand fields to choose from.

In the TAO I am reminded of the 10,000 things, and the one.

I was scanning the sheet to look for a way to produce heat, and ended up with a field around my chair in space that took the room up to 80 degrees, with no heaters on, and kept it there for many hours after.
I had to work a bit to release this field.

Working with the 333 turns things into reality, things you look for and ask for, pop out of that one. I could start to feel them from looking at the numbers, then as I did this the fields would manifest around me. At first I was unaware of the manifesting of these as I felt them. How they will immediately imprint themselves on the background field right around me, as soon as I feel them inside me.

The field was also active inside me, and any time I got near iron or steel the heat would come up in them.
Trying to make dumb ed down devices, is not really possible at this point using this system with the background field directly. I had to use my personal staff to clear myself, with my personal soul number.

What ever field you create hits you first, and you are inside the experiment operating on the background field that sustains your own body.
There may be a way to open one self sustaining field and then work a second system of numbers against it to extract dumb-ed down things, that are a secondary effect off a different fractal. A way to create a layer, that is powered from the prime circuit, but does not couple back into the background field directly on it's own. It would have to get back to the device to flow energy through it, rather then to just flow into the air in the background field directly.

If you couple back into the background field directly, the flow starts up without any device point to uncouple it directly. You have to break the link between the two levels of the background field in order to shut it back down. A simple mechanical switch, will not shut it off.

You are faced with first designing a system that will self sustain, and next with designing a system to shut it back down with.
I spent so much time seeking the self sustaining field, now that it is here with me, I have a whole new set of things to resolve to master control of it.


Pull up 1.87 mm on a caliper. Feel it. You are now penetrating 16 digits repeating below 1 mm on your caliper off the background field.
Now slide the caliper down to 1.85 mm, and feel what happens. You just shifted these 16 repeating digits of penetration into all zeros.
That is how you clear fields, but you have to understand the math and the the feel for it to work consistently.

333 / 1.87 = 178.07486631016042780748663101604...
1.87 / 333 = 0.00561561561561561561561561561562 
[Infinite in both directions of fracturing]

333 / 1.85 = 180.00000000000000000000000000000...

1.85 / 333 =    0.00555555555555555555555555555556 
[Infinite in one direction of fracturing]

If you can send all zeros down really deep, things release.
When you penetrate with 9's at two levels you set up a self sustaining field.
The field is pretty invisible until you couple it through an interactive set of numbers.

You now couple the interactive set of number to the upper and lower end of the 9's using division.
It will then manifest a self sustaining field, on that interactive pattern extracting it's energy from the background field directly.

You can blow this out by rerouting the lower end up to the upper end, and it may disconnect from the contracting side.

Or you can shoot for the lowest fractal just under the size of your IF-2 that gives all zeros when divided into both 333 and 37, and these are the best releases we have found to date.

This means to take it down you have to run a calculation using your head, then set up a diversion field to shut it off.


In the country of Egypt, we have these pyramids. And a dessert surrounding them. A system of creating fields of power, and no one able to comprehend how to use that power correctly. How to take a field down, or how to use it when it is up. Thousands of stupid theories on what they even are, with no real feel for what they actually are or how they work. Even if you told them there was a way to control these fields, they would not likely allow you access. The fruit-age of ignorance is fear.

Go into one of these pyramids and reverse the field to inflow and the land would again become fertile with rain. The field would now have to be monitored and controlled to create the yin yang cycle of life necessary. A new job for some self sacrificing human being for life.

Instead the populations struggle in a dessert to survive, while one of the greatest achievements of past civilizations sits there beside them, with no understanding of it.
They assume the builders, were primitives! Even the writings on the walls, show how water was being used.

Likely the correct light rod or staff, taken into the pyramid at the correct location would bring rain in abundance.
All the graphics show these rods and staffs, and no one has a clue how they were being used in that technology. They think it was just ornamental or symbolic religious beliefs!

These men had control of the weather to a great degree!
The staffs were tools, not ornaments of worship to imaginary Gods.

If I can build a field on an earth node to pull in rain at 49 inches, imagine what could be done using a pyramid.

An Ordered Universe

There is a lot of order to be found in the universe.

All the number relationships, would manifest, from the quantum levels in similar pattern, and they do.
I have seen so many of these sort of presentations, it is not possible to ignore such design of the universe from the micro, to macro sizes of all things.
Fractals, fit right in. These fracturing numbers found interesting:

1 / 81 =  0.01234567901234567901234567901235          [ Notice the 8 is missing from the string ]

5 / 12 =  0.4166666666666666666666666666666...         [ The use of 5 with 6 noted ]

5 / 6 = 0.83333333333333333333333333333333  [ These relationships reach very deeply into the mass ]

In the pyramids and many sacred builds of the past, 5 is stacked over 6.
6 is the base hex form and 5 is the structure that creates growth. They share a segment length that couples them, one side or one face.

This is mind control 101, and is built into the universe already. It was not created by some group of men on the planet, it is inherent into the structure of the universe.
Stability and growth, are qualities of the universe, as it is everywhere. Base stability, is coupled into unstable growth that can never remain still.

The "metrics" are not arbitrary, they are fixed. Even light velocity can be measured and a number derived.
The Illuminati, do not control the universe, they use the understanding of it, to manipulate mankind, just as the universe manipulates them.

You can go to war with the number 5, if you like, but it will not change the structure of the universe where "all is change." Your war is not to be confused with anything humans have control over.
The crystal sets and moves not, the plants and animals cannot stay still and survive. The crystal moves inside itself with vibration that is programmable, the plants and animals manifest motion outwards.

The human meditates on the crystal, and opens to the inner realm. He can reprogram, how the never ending motion of the 5 operates, but he cannot ever stop it from changing.
The aware human must then "bow to change", and submit, or attempt to move into crystalline form and experience inwards change.

When I made perfect phi wires, the tension would build to some point and then an explosion of motion would take place to release it. Nothing based on the pentagram, can remain fixed and stable.
You burn up wood, that grew and end up with only the carbon, the 666 element.

333 / 150 = 2.2200000000

RA is a shallow 222 fractal off the background field.

2.22 mm can be used for a small strong field, or
22.2 mm can be used for a larger more gentle field, I think

22.2 * 89/50 = 39.516   or Layer 1 = 39.52 mm

39.516 * 89/50 =  70.33848   or Layer 2 = 70.34 mm

If you want a stronger field go smaller but you loose accuracy and have to feel it.

3.952 mm
7.034 mm

This is how you can place more layers of the field around the RA tube.
Now take the outer one you added and route back into the background field at 37 mm Setting up the cross flow through your field.

37 / 7.033848 = 5.260 mm

Now your field will couple back in and may give you your motional field effect???
The field will flow towards the 37 end, in this case just inside the outer ring.

We could now take the field back inwards over itself as well I believe.
Self resonating systems with one element, coupling to the background field at two points.


If the public is expected to use this type of powering field, then they must also adapt to sharing the responsibility of what the fields do.
If you make a field personally, you are responsible for tearing it back down or passing on the control of it to another younger person before you cross over.
These SSF's [Self Sustaining Fields], do not shut themselves off without intervention from the designer.
Only the designer, has the numbers to shut them back off with one operation, the IF - 3 frequency.

This information must be preserved at all costs, so the field can be controlled after it is set up in the Aetheric medium.

If you do not know a SSF field is present, and do not know how to shut it down, it becomes a problem similar to the great pyramids at Giza.
We have a dessert that has leveled most of Northern Africa, and no one has a clue how to flip the field over or control it, so it can again bring rains inwards to the land.


333 Extraction Spread Sheet

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