Self Resonant Fields

6 - 26 - 2016

Using vibration techniques it is possible to set up fields that are self resonant, and self sustaining around the center of mass of a physical object.
It is suspected by me at this time this is the method used in Egypt long ago to levitate stones, as well how Leedskulennin, built Coral Castle.

I have been able to identify several of these self resonant forms of energy we can install in machines, or in objects using nothing more then a set of Stainless Steel Calipers, or two sets of them to start the field.
Layers can then be added to modify how the field effects the inertial qualities of the mass of the object they are installed on.

To fathom how these fields are calculated and then implanted, I have provided this document for the experimenter with vibration skills.

Concentric Circles, with Polygon Vibration

Early on we discovered that programming a pi/2 ratio between two Joe Cell tubes would set up a self sustaining vibration on the units, which felt really good and blissful. We also realized that many fibanoucci number ratios would also self sustain pushing the envelope up to and past phi.

In this document I want to cover a way to completely load up a disc with so may stacked fields that the outer fields start to run outside the edge of the physical disc, and then offer a possible method to move the weight of the object outside the mass of the physical object achieving levitation.
I must also state I have not done a levitation at this point, I am still measuring possible combinations of the fields we can engineer and build. I believe sooner or later we will discover the one that creates a levitation experience, as well as ones that will effect self spin powering of machines like the 8950 document gives.

Joe Cell 8950

The basic new discovery system here is the concentric circle method using polygons to join fields of different vibration structure to stand one on the other on a single disc. They will then self sustain as a field from the mass of that disc alone, and self power.
The ideal disc would be made of Aluminum, for testing as it could be cleared using electric currents or strong magnets. The CD ROM I used here for initial testing had to be destroyed, as I could not release the field any other way at present.

Circle Square

A polygon of any number of  sides can be used, and each one will create a different sort of effect on the field. First we examine the square.

The two circles are energy fields we inject on the center of mass of a CD disc. If we inject both simultaneously they will self sustain a vibration field on the disc powered from it's center of mass. We can next start to add more of these circles and each layer will in turn self power on the ones under it back down to the center of mass of the disc. To some extent you can test these on Joe Cell tubes and then by separating the two tubes the field will die. With the CD rom there is no way to separate the field short of cutting through the center of mass of the disc to open it. A magnet crashed some of the field but would not kill it all.
Concentric Circles Formula Diagram

The drawing identifies the distance between the two circles as a ratio between their radius lengths, Z and X in the drawing above.
Z = the radius of the larger circle set on the squares outer corners as 4 equidistant vibration nodes, and X is the radius of the smaller circle that will set inside the polygons sides with it's vibration nodes turned 45 degrees from the outer circle.
When the fields vibrate up you will then feel 8 energy nodes around the circle appear. Along the outer edges of the disc if palmed from the outside.

Polygon Method

We now extract the triangle from this drawing and calculate the ratio for any number of sides of a polygon. Here is the triangle for a 9 sided polygon.

Nine sided polygon extraction drawing

Note that a polygon with 9 sides will have 40 degree angles out from the center. 360 / 9 = 40
As we cut this angle in half to to locate the smaller radius of the inner circle we have a triangle of 20 degrees, with 1/2 the outer segment length of the polygon, forming a right triangle with the radius of the smaller circle. Now we can use trigonometry.
COS = COSINE   SIN = SINE functions that are on the windows calculator, and can be also found in the spreadsheet by adding the RADIANS function inside them. Using the angle and one side length we can find the other side lengths with trigonometry functions.

Also note in programming this field onto a flat disc like a CD rom, you will probably want to use the outer segment length to stimulate the field to come up. So the outer segment length of each layer is 2 times X in the drawing above.
This is the distance between vibration nodes on the outer circle.
You can also use the radius to set up the fields but it can be hard to locate them on the CD rom disc from a hollow center.

This is how fields can be stacked one on the next to self power in ring shaped layers moving either inwards or outwards from the center of mass point on the disc.

Spreadsheet Calculations for Multi Layered Fields


[Spreadsheet is Openoffice org]

Upper Left Spreadsheet Photo

The upper left area of the field design spreadsheet has a section referencing the first polygons up to having 24 sides.
Note the more sides a polygon has, the closer together the circular fields will be located.
Note from the sheet a triangle will produce rings of 2x diameter. As you increase the number of sides on the polygon, this decreases.

If you change the column Sides, or the Column Radius, the sheet will calculate all the rest of the data for you for the next field outwards on the disc giving back one new larger radius and one new smaller radius.
This part of the spreadsheet merely shows the difference is changing the number of sides on the polygon, and how it will effect the radius of each adjacent field.
Self sustaining fields can be added both inside and outside the center of mass of a disc shaped object.

Field Design Area

Middle upper area of the spreadsheet.

Field Design area of the spreadsheet

Here is where we can design fields with different structures of polygons at each layer.
You can change the  dimension of the COM, Center of Mass Resonance [radius]
You can next change the number of Sides on each layer of the field.
The sheet will then calculate all the dimensions from that point downwards to 24 layers of the field.

You can use the Segment column to inject the frequencies one at a time on the CD rom disc.
This section will give you the field growing larger from the center of mass outwards to the edge of the disc and then beyond into the air around the dis
With all 8 sided polygons you can see from the data on the right, when we hit the 9th field it lands outside the physical edge of the disc, and it will be oscillating in the space around the disc.
The disc is 119.89 mm in diameter and the 9th field has a diameter of 127.027628 mm. From here on the fields will all form out side the disc in the air.
This ability to set up a field coupled off the center of mass of the disc, that locates itself outside the physical mass of the disc, I believe is the path towards levity systems.

Just below this section is another one similar to it, where you can calculate a series of fields moving smaller towards the center of the disc, inside the center of mass ring.
This technique generates a very high density field across a disc, and it can be a real head banger depending on which polygons you choose to add where in the string.
All of these field will self sustain once set up.

Locating the Center of Mass Ring of the Disc

Photo of a CD ROM disc

The upper right side of the spread sheet has a line up of values. If you type in the diameter in the first column marked Disc Diameter, then enter the hole diameter at the center using your SS calipers to measure them, the rest of the fields will be calculated for you.
Note the Radius COM column will be entered into the Field designer area manually, to begin designing fields to place on the disc.

COM calculator disc

The calculation locates the center of the meat of the ring in the photo above.
This is the center of gravity ring of the disc, and the portal we use to access it's mass vibration system.
If there is no hole in the center, then you still use 1/2 the meat of the ring.
You will note that both area and volume of the disc are directly proportional to the radius in all the calculations to derive them on a circular disc.

Any polygon form can be injected onto the disc, the one pictured is a HEX or 6 sided form of platonic vibration.
Injection of the vibration can be achieved using segment length. Slide one tip of the caliper across the center area slowly and feel where it vibrates up.
If you hold both at the correct location where they both vibrate up, the first field will become installed on the disc.
On succeeding field you only need use one caliper.

When you reach the outer edge of the disc, turn the caliper 90 degrees with one edge at the center of it's thickness, and the other pointing down, and the polygon field will form in the air around the disc and come up.
After the 9th field on the 8 sided polygon forms all of them land out in the air and you can keep building more, as far as I know. I stopped at 13.

Math Relationships

When energy flows through the various side numbers of polygons in the stacked system , each number of sides has a different effect.

We noticed that 9 sided polygons tend to convert between other forms and deliver energy through them without radiating any energy from them.
This was discovered using the JC tubes at first.

For example I placed a 50 mm vibration on the inner of three tubes, a 90 mm in the middle and a 150 mm on the outside.

Energy moving outwards takes this path

50 / 90  =  .555555555555 ....  when the 50 feels the 90 fracturing it, it reaches down into very small levels of dimension with a strong of 5s that get smaller and smaller.
This energy then flows into the 90 and becomes radiant.

When the 90 and the 150 now connect.
90 / 150 =  0.6
The energy from the infinite string of 5's shoots out the outer 150 and becomes fully radiant from it, it does not reach deeply into the inner mass levels.

Energy moving inwards now does similar.
150 / 90 =  1.66666666666666...
The 150 reaches down into the small levels of mass, and sends that string towards the 90.
As the 50 connects with it.
90/50 =  1.8 and this energy now becomes radiant from the 50 on the inside tube, the 90 goes silent and dead.

9 tends to send energy on through between two other vibrations out side it.

The .5555555 energy and expanding form of penta or 5 sided polygon appears on the outer tube and the hex for from the .666666 appears on the inner tube.
The present of the 90 set off the two flows in the other two, but they both pass right through it.

So using the 9 sided polygon has a very different effect then using other forms.

Crystal Programming

If you can now measure the energy node pattern of a crystal, and get a resonant dimension, you are ready for this one.
We can use a .1111111... pattern to program crystals. They can then be released with an entire field on them into another similar device as they were originally built on.

You have carefully set up afield on your CD ROM disc that causes a levitation, and do not want to have to build it again with say 37 layers. You can store this field in a crystal.

Measure the resonance distance of your crystal.
Multiply this number by  37
333 / 37 = 9
37 / 333 =  0.1111111111111111111... to infinity of tiny distances.
A length 37 times the crystals resonance fractured by 333 the distance will  open a channel down deep into the crystal, you are 1/2 done.

Now say you want to store a field you set up on the CD.
The COM [center of mass] is x distance diameter. We match the 333 side of this with the center of mass of the disc using division.

Divide 333 / x   you will get a mediator length that will couple the disc vibrations on the center of its mass to the crystal.
The center of mass will have all the frequencies running on it.
One caliper is placed across the crystal at 90 degrees,  point the crystal at the center of the disc, you may feel the field transfer both ways, as the crystal vibration hits the disc and the discs vibration goes into the crystal.

Take the caliper away. The crystal will now hold both it's vibration and the imprint of the field on the disc, all the layers.
The disc will drop the crystals field and go back to it's pattern you put on it.

This needs to be perfected, with more testing. I have only done this one time with the field on my car, and was amazed it works.
The field of the car went into the crystal, as the car lugged down with the crystals vibration all over it.
When I separated the two by removing the caliper, the car went back to normal and the crystal became lighter to move and to lift.

The field on the car can be felt out to 25 feet of so, but on the crystal you have to touch it to feel it.
The crystal has to enter on the 37 side of the ratio and the car entered on the 333 side of the ratio.
The presence of the the connectiion opens the crystal very deeply and inwards.
The caliper setting sets off the connection between them. Remove the caliper and the connection drops.

The crystal does not simply store the data of the field , it stores a copy of the effect inside it, but not radiant.
Write down your caliper length to do this, you will never remember it for that crystal.

When this is perfected, entire multi layered field can be installed with a crystal in one operation, by reversing the field direction if that is possible.

I have only done it once to date in the one direction.
It gives the meaning of the .111111111111111 ratio generated by 9 sided fields.
As with the JC tubes the field passed through the nine and was delivered to the other tube on the other side of it when they coupled through it.

Using the 9 field is then a very universal way to couple elements with different resonant frequencies together.
A powerful find!

Dave L

7 side polygon

Any number divided by 7 results in a repeating decimal sequence ...142857142857
This string is void of 3 6 9 digits.
This is an interesting polygon to explore.
In working with resonate rods we usually get a strong polarity for a 7x fractal.
It may then be it has no abiity to send the energy of other things through it at any dimension level and they then all manifest from it.

When one fractal fracments another, a result is produced. Some are infinite strings of digits.

Example  3 mm / 7 mm  =  0.428571428571428571428571428571... mm

Now if we look down the line of digits we can see what is happening at specific wavelengths.

0.008 mm is one of the numbers produced in the fracturing process when the 3 and 7 mm elements couple energy through one another.

7 / 3 = 2.333333333333333333.....

Taking energy in the other direction, the 3 has ability to set all the digits at all the dimensions to a 3 inside a mass down deep into the tiny dimensions.

The question is now what does this cause for each different system?
We have only opened this new door of exploration with vibration tools.


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