Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Fractals

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Dual Tape Slide

I have seen this happen dozens of times in mass vibration work. When a Nuclear Vibration Resonance in a copper mass interacts with a dielectric as with electrical tape. There is a resultant motion generated with force behind it.

NMR Chart set up for Proton Frequency 333 MHz

Abbreviations and Mnemonics
SS = Stainless Steel
NMR = Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NVR = Nuclear Vibration Resonance
MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging
RF = Radio Frequencies
cm = centimeters
mm = millimeters
AW = Atomic Weight

Synopsis - Nuclear Vibration Resonance [NVR]

For those versed in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology this section is offered in attempts to open your mind to a different way of access into the nuclear level for identification and manipulation of the elements.

Nuclear Vibration Resonance [NVR] is very stable, as opposed to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance [NMR] which relies on Radio Frequency reception at very low levels.
It is with the addition of observing and manipulating spin alignment through the electron shell where magnetism comes into play in NMR technology, and this stability is altered by the presence of an external magnetic
field, adding tension on the electron and proton shells. The RF frequencies received as RF resonant, are a function of the applied magnetic field and change with it's intensity.

It was discovered by direct experiment, using "human vibration sensitivity," and measuring tools [Stainless Steel Calipers], that if we access the nuclear vibration directly without the electromagnetic manipulation techniques,
calibrating the NMR chart to 333 Mhz, we can get consistent detection and alignment of Nuclear Resonance coupling with any elements on the NMR charts.
As well I have cut off a steel tube to a fractal length parameter of an Oxygen atom and it magnetized, using no external magnets to create this field.

In other words, the internal "nuclear vibration resonance" of an atom does not change with the presence of a magnetic field. However alignment of the atoms NVR fractal resonance can achieve magnetism from within.
What changes is the way the electron and proton shells emit RF frequency during NMR and MRI measurement processes that manipulate the magnetic field from outside the atoms.

To grasp why this works, one must understand that the background field is a Source of the power that sustains atoms, and the proton and electron shells EM fields are a secondary field that rides on top of the pure vibration of the Medium.
As to how flexible these fields actually are, the Tempic field [background tension] is not flexible at all, as if it were the matrix that all things come from.
The electric field is a bit more flexible, and the magnetic field is so cushioned you can bend it all over the place and it will pop back like a spring.

The root vibration from the background field is so inflexible, that our resonant fractal tubes do not even need to be changed in length for corrections from any outside influence, while an RF antenna length must be adjusted for any changes happening in space near it, that will throw off the resonance frequency from external coupling of capacitance. RF resonance will change if the hand is brought near a resonant coil, and this is the problem with attempting to use NMR technology as an electro magnetic path to detect elements. Stray capacitance must be controlled and compensated for, as well a very strong magnetic field must be present and perfectly calibrated with no external magnetic materials nearby to distort the flux.
This makes it impossible to scan at distance anything which does not lie inside the magnetic field of testing.

Where these NMR tables are calibrated to the background field resonance, which is the very source of energy sustaining them, with a SS caliper used to measure an element, these wavelengths of NVR never change that I have observed.
Following was the development of this new awareness, as I discovered how it works for myself, and why the various parameters were used to locate the science to produce the final table of vibration wavelength fractals for NVR work.

Earth is Unique - Using a SS Caliper

Our NMR tables are unique to any other particular planet.
Using spectral methods, and NMR identification. Scientists can often tell if a sample is from a meteor or from the earth by the Isotope arrangements.
Very sophisticated electronic equipment is used in this detection at this time, however for sensitives to vibration, there is another method that is possible to perfect.

Mass Vibration Science   [An introduction to using Stainless Steel Calipers to measure vibration fractals with accuracy.]

Manifestation of Matter - Theory

Matter is a field structure, powered by the background field that is everywhere.
This was another of the concepts that was very hard to accept in the beginning study of vibration resonance, as we do not normally "feel" vibrations that are always present.
However realizing this, enables us to create accurate formulas as to power from the background field, as there is more power found to exist in larger volumes of space.
Space is discovered to be a Source of energy rather then an attenuator of it when coupled to using vibration methods rather then EM methods.

The background field is powered from the outer boundary system, you might call the giant proton that the universe is found to exist inside of.
This is a mathematical calculation that was done by Nassim Haramein. Every proton is a smaller resonant fractal of the entire universe.

To manifest an atom, we must extract the correct vibration system from the background field, configured correctly, that it will then begin to self sustain, as a resonant fractal of the background medium.
[Source power] comes from this outer boundary layer of the universe and propagates to all points within the medium.
Vibration converges inwards to a single point, then reflects back outwards, to pass through itself, as a standing wave, that also has a magnetic precessional rotation,
when it appears in self sustaining layered formats we call the table of the elements.

All matter is the result of this converging energy system produced by extracting correct wavelengths of vibration from the background field, that are harmonically connected by ratio in layers.
The basic structure of an atom, can also be created at larger fractal sizes, to use for powering applications. The structure is universal at several different dimensions, from atoms to solar systems, to galaxies.
These bodies are in constant motion with frequency that does not wind down or change but actually self corrects, and if we study atoms we can observe they always recover from outside forces operating on
them short of a nuclear explosion causing either fusion or fission.

Here is but one example of an experiment that can prove to a vibration sensitive person, this is a real concept.
The Basic Model of an Atom on the Desk

No one has yet realized why both fusion and fission give off more energy then it takes to produce them, which violates current thinking about how atoms are constructed as particles winding down from a big bang.
IE you get more energy out of both taking atoms apart, and putting them together. When building atoms we get the strong force radiant from them in layered structures or shells, and when dividing them again we get beta radiation.

NVR [Nuclear Vibration Resonance] utilizes this ability to capture the energy of vibration at a larger or smaller fractal size then the energy Source, in order to identify specific wavelengths with specific Sources.

Gold Vibration Resonance

Vibrating up a Gold Ring using a Stainless Steel Caliper. This was possible to calculate, after correct comprehension of the NMR table usage.

Gravitational versus NVR vibrations in sensing techniques as measured and felt

[These are Gravitational and Magnetic, and result in two different geometric forms of vibration.]

Nuclear Motions Drawing

Platonic Form Vibration, in the two left diagrams, compression versus expansion as vibration. Polar Form Spin [Electromagnetic] in the two diagrams on the right.
Pure platonic form vibration results in a spherical field with isotropic radiance, where pure magnetic field vibration results in a donut shaped field with 90 degree construction of the fields that make it up.

Vibrating up Elements

Nuclear Vibration Resonance Photo

Another example of a directional force created from vibrating up a large copper tube at a specific fractal of the earths grid system. The dielectric tape moved precisely into a cone shape.
Spacing of the turns appears to be related to the distance away from the copper surface, where at the wider end the turns are very close together, indicating a field force effect.
This one took about a year to form as it did, and it did the same on both ends of the copper tube. I have had others form in minutes and could see them moving.

Vibrating up Elements


Every element on our periodic table, can be vibrated up using two different methods.

1 - Mass Vibration Field relative to atomic weight [AW].

Based on a platonic form vibration that is radiant in isotropic directional form, equal in all directions away from center of mass.
This will vibrate up the element in any shape or form it's mass appears in. We can set up any platonic form on any sized metal tube.

Results in a platonic form pattern with many nodes at equal distance apart around a metal tube or sphere, from center of mass of the object made of that element.
Vibrates as compression inwards then radiance outwards.
Polarity is inside to outside of a sphere which matches the way gravity works.
Attraction is towards center of mass of the object. Center of mass is the point of control.

An example of platonic form resonance:
One can vibrate up a sphere by cutting a simple metal wire equal to the radius of the sphere and touching it to the sphere.
A system of node points will then appear all the way around the sphere in HEX format. This can also be done with any of the platonic forms.
The mass resonance of that wire coupling to the sphere will self power the vibration.

2 - EM or dual cone precession - based on the NMR frequency of the element at it's precession rate - Electro Magnetic Field

Results in a cross pattern field of vibration or a quadrature pattern found in the field forces we are familiar with as Electric, Magnetic, and Motion separated at 90 degree angles.
See the tube experiments below to "sense" this for yourself.
Polarity is between two outside surface locations or poles, with a neutral center between them.
Spin is shown as two cones joined at the tips for isotopes at the nuclear center of the atoms inside the strong force area.

This matches how we observe magnets working.
Attraction is not to center of mass but to opposite ends or poles of the form.

[As an interesting note, Source energy has all the power of the fields in it. It converges to the center of the atom and is then fractured in the reflections back outwards into multiple layers or [atomic shells].
Each of the multiple layers will have less energy then the Source energy coming inwards but at different frequency, and it is suggestive why gravity naturally pulls inwards more then outwards.]

Method of Deriving the EM Fractals:

The EM resonance lengths are derived from the NMR calculator page found here, combined with knowledge from other sources described below,
which I considered theory until direct testing proved it accurate in detection work.

NMR Calculator

One must enter the frequency of the vibration for the proton in Hydrogen atoms [1 H] to calibrate the calculator.
To obtain this frequency we have to go into "theory" then measure the results in a practical way to see if they may be valid.

The calculator was not designed to work with the background field, it is used in MRI equipment with giant superconductor magnets.

Before we can even use it, we must come up with a vibration rate of a Proton in the Hydrogen atom,
that reflects it's frequency without any external magnetic fields applied to it.
This atom has one Proton and one Electron, and is the most basic atom we know of in modern science.

This is how the chart is calibrated to derive the NVR frequency of all the elements that do have magnetic fields which are not canceled internally.
Not all the elements appear on this chart for that reason.
Modern science cannot give us the [Nuclear Magnetic Resonance] of any atom that does not have a magnetic hook at the nucleus.

It may be possible however to determine these as NVR values using extrapolation, and direct sensing at some point.

The Universe as a Proton Field - Theoretical - Haramein

Where Nassim Haramein shows us that the universe, based on the fractal size of the proton, is finite in dimension.
Each proton contains within it, the same number of smaller fractal protons that the universe has inside of it.

The proton is then "assumed to be" the base metric for the universe, and it's background vibration is the first prime element being sustained by it. [For purposes of these experiments.]
The universe is then seen as one giant Proton, and it's frequency would then also be seen as the frequency of the background field that sustains all matter within it.
This is exactly what we needed to set up our NMR chart for NVR readings.
We now need to locate this frequency to even begin using the NMR chart.

Background Field is Resonant at 333Khz - Theoretical - Bashar

Bashar gave us the 333000 Hz frequency as the resonance for the background field.
I verified this frequency using Function generator, coils and a copper sphere, to show that space resonates up at 333000 Hz and reflects energy back into the copper sphere,
as it created a very large spherical field bubble you can feel all around it, only present at this frequency and multiples or harmonics of it,
such as the 1.332 MHz field used in the QEG, which is a 4x multiple of the 333 kHz number.

For purpose of these experiments, I programmed the NMR calculator to assume the proton for the value 1 H is vibrating at 333 MHz from the primary background field that sustains it.
This is found at the top of the chart where the default is 400 MHz for externally applied magnetic fields in medical MRI units.

In order to get more accuracy on the resultant numbers I shifted this to 333 MHz in the calculator a 1000x shift, as resonance will couple on the EM side over 10x octaves.
This is not a problem in NVR vibration work as we discovered in practice. 
Again however the only reason to do this is to get more numbers in the results for better accuracy from the table that is centered around 400 MHz operation for RF generation.

My programmed result with the NMR calculator 

NMR Chart set up for Proton Frequency 333 MHz 

Test Results using SS Caliper Detection:

Results are stunning, as I go through some of the elements I have around like gold, bismuth, copper, aluminum, etc..
They all vibrate up using this number set, and only a SS caliper to vibrate them up as millimeter scale settings.
This will cause a synchronization of the precessional spins of all the atoms into one field that expands outwards from the center of mass and can be felt all around it.
This aligns the spin in all the atoms present without using a magnetic field.

What ever this vibration field is, it can be sensed as a coherent field that becomes much larger then the matter that sources it.
It does not appear to carry an electromagnetic field with it, but can be directly felt as a vibration energy with the human body.
It also isolates spin in the elements altering the directional inertial responses. See the experiments below.

An inertial response is the resistance to acceleration of an object with mass.
With mass spin alignment, it now has different responses with direction of motion.
This manipulation creating a notable Frisbee effect inside the matter of the tubes.

Experimental Example - Gold Data

From the Chart - Derivation Below

Gold Stats From Table

5.758 MHz can be vibrated up using a SS caliper set to 5.758 mm or on a tube cut to 5.758 cm
Gold is a good choice for study as all the atoms on earth are 100 percent identical [see Natural Abundance value above = 100.00000].

Gold Element

3.63 mm     gravitational mass - platonic form - gold element - from the matrix document
5.758 mm   EM -  cross form pattern - gold element from NMR chart for NVR work.

As shown in the ratio below, these two will self sustain the form once established in the Aetheric background field.


5.758 / 3.63 = 1.58622589     NVR / Platonic  

These are recognized as falling between pi / 2 and Phi and will thus self sustain between two SS tubes as was discovered years ago in the early work with SS tubes and Joe Cells.

Joe Cell Tubes used to expose the Geometry of the NVR patterns.

NMR [Nuclear Magnetic Resonance]  NVR [Nuclear Vibration Resonance]
Once both the fractals are located per an element, one can set them up on two tubes of a Joe Cell, to show the pattern they will create is a "Cross."

Inner tube 3.63 mm      gravitational or mass resonance
Outer tube 5.758 mm   NVR - magnetic resonance

Hold both these caliper settings on the two tubes simultaneously, and wait for the two tubes to come to a self sustaining vibration.
On large SS tubes like these it is felt in the air all around them as a dense field of vibration using palms.

Now run a finger around the tubes tops one at a time, and note where the vibration nodes are located.
Both tubes have only 4 points of vibration nodes on them, as shown below and they have aligned themselves to act as one field.
The East West aligned nodes are vibrating with a gravitational type field [Mass Vibration].
The North South nodes are vibrating with a [Magnetic] vibration field.
The two vibrations have mixed to create the same pattern on both tubes! A quadrature field.

The magnetic nodes on the Stainless steel will deflect a compass.
We have succeeded at creating a magnetic field using only fractal vibration wavelengths on SS and no water, on a SS surface that is not magnetic.

Joe Cell Tubes

Separate the tubes and the vibration stops, showing that the combination is self sustaining, but either one alone is not self sustaining.
This system must then have at least two layers in this configuration to operate as a Gold Atom operates.
It also shows that if we combine a mass resonant fractal with an NVR spin fractal, we can generate self sustaining fields as atoms possess.

Feel Felt

With some practice you may be able to discern the difference in feeling a [platonic form mass vibration] and a [precessional or NVR vibration].
Other then the geometry of the nodes, the precessional field feels much smoother and less harsh then the platonic form mass resonance which is isotropic in all directions.
It is a more "healing" vibration to me, having a quality of dual spin, or "smooth but active" feel to it.

Quadrature Vector Addition

Using one caliper setting to do two things simultaneously. Right Triangle Diagram

The formula for relation of the two fractals at 90 degrees derived from the Gold element.
It is the square root of the sum of the squares. The new value is the hypotenuse of the right triangle, and can be used to align a field in Gold that will self sustain.
Because Gold already has within it's structure the two base frequencies of mass vibration and conical spin, the vector addition length will vibrate up both of them simultaneously.

However because we are working resonant fractals that are much larger in size then the atomic levels, we will cause a fractal coupling to a new level of dimension that also powers up
from the background field and attaches to the Gold Ring shown below. This is the field you will now notice as arising from the mass of the ring to some distance outside it.

Gold Element

5.758 mm 3.63 mm   =  6.80672 mm
Square root of [(5.758 x 5.758)mm  + (3.63 x 3.63)mm] = 6.80672 mm

Experimental proof

Using this SS caliper setting at 6.81 mm one can slide a gold ring inside the gap then slowly tilt it until a field comes up on the gold ring that will self sustain when removed from the caliper jaws.

Gold Ring Photo

This field can be removed using a very small current of electricity at very low voltage tapped across it, or with a strong magnet waved over it.
You can also leave your ring vibrating coherently and use it in healing work for an extra energy boost. The Gold element vibration, is very balanced.

NVR Frequency is Proportional to Distance

One of the hardest concepts to accept as a scientist working with Mass vibration and the background field is the direct use of lengths to represent frequencies,
and how this seems to work well with metric measurements on a rather small SS caliper.
Keep in mind that the metric system was created to reference water, and that water will vibrate up using a 1 cm fractal.

In EM work an antenna gets longer with lower frequency, and there is an inverse relationship between resonant wavelength and frequency.
However with the background field which is a Source of energy, there is a direct relationship.
That is, the longer you make a resonant vibration element, the higher the frequency will go, and the more energy is present inside it.
You can compare this to a dam, and the higher the water level becomes in the dam, the more pressure and force will be available for the generators.
An energy Source is calculated differently then an energy Load. Mass vibration energy is a nuclear Source, and EM antennas are a transmitters load.

In experiment it was determined that a vibration frequency can be induced into a mass of matter, using a Stainless Steel Caliper that is set to the formula :

1 cm = 1 MHz = 1 volt dc

This can be verified by using a function generator, a DC power supply, and a SS caliper to compare the fields using the human body as the receiver of vibration sensing, and tunning into a "zero beat" on resonance between them.
Next move the caliper to a 2 cm setting and note the frequency that now creates a mass resonance within it has changed to 2 MHz. The mass resonance is a direct function of the length and not an inverse relationship as with EM resonance.
It took me many years to finally accept this and try it for myself, then blew my mind as all the formulas then started to work correctly for the "feel felt" detection of the elements, and moving energy between the different forms of power.
If you do not grasp this important concept, none of the techniques shown here will make sense.

Coupling Energy

There are multiple ways to vibrate up, or tune into, the mass vibrations of a material.
One can use a DC bias, or a scalar coil with Function Generator, however the SS caliper using a distance is the easiest and requires no external power supply to achieve a result.
Mass vibration is basically self powered from within the sample to be measured.

The platonic form vibrations will couple across harmonics given in the matrix document.
For example metals will have an 8x octave structure. Gravity a 12x octave structure, etc...
The NVR fractals will couple across a 10 x octave structure, and work like RF or radio harmonics.
One difference however, RF needs odd harmonics to couple on a center fed dipole, where vibration can couple on even harmonics also.
Thus 1 mm can also resonate up with 1 MHz , or a 1 kHz vibration, as can 1 cm. This offers us a lot of ways to couple energy from an oscillating NVR fractal field.

Why would we want to change our coupling method by powers of 10?
Where two fractal elements couple, in general negative charged EM will run towards the larger element, and vibration will run towards the smaller element.
This is an effect observed in working with large pyramids and other various resonant fractal elements such as Joe Cells.

In classical NMR work, the RF field is too weak to use for any form of power, but the NVR vibration field contains the real force behind the precessing field as it originates in the nuclear bundle where the mass of the atom is located.
Strong force energy is 137 times more powerful then electromagnetism, and it's method of propagation is vibration through fractal coupling.
Energy can be tapped from the [vibration field] of the NVR resonance, as well as from Isotropic Mass Vibration, and this is what the conical cones of Walter Russell are all about, and also why an engine can be run on a Joe Cell with no fossil fuels.

Some Examples For Initial Testing Were Constructed

Carbon Magnetic Resonance at 83.73 cm

Even with the low abundance value of carbon, I was amazed that I got quite a nice strong yet gentle field from the tube.

CO2 Tubes

NMR data for O and C

Oxygen from the chart 45.143 MHz, also with a very tiny abundance, vibrated up just fine on this steel conduit.
I cut a 2x value of it 45.143 x 2 =  90.286 cm

What is a reason to set up a field that mimics 2 Oxygen atoms at larger fractal dimension?

Note the Oxygen atom is magnetic.
The bottom of the steel tube took on a magnetic North pole, and the top a South pole as measured with a compass.
This pretty much links alignment of the magnetic field down the steel conduit and verifies the theory presented has some merit.
Again we show that we can align the NMR isotopes into one alignment using only NVR lengths cut accurately.

The combination of the two tubes setting on the earth node,  gives a CO2 vibration effect in the room I was going for.

The O2 one is quite refreshing to feel.

See also the Bone Scan document for an example of an application that may become useful, based on the techniques outlined in this document.

Bone Scan

Aligning Isotopes

Single Isotopes

1 H

1332 Tube

Here is an example of using a 1H NMR table value to create an inertial manipulating tube. The 1H value 333 is multiplied by 4 and spin begins to align 90 degrees to the tubes length.
2 nodes of higher mass [compression] are set between 3 nodes of lower mass [expansion.]
Since with NMR values we use metric, and can then adjust by powers of 10 and still couple to the background field, we can choose a 33.3 and it will fit in the car.

Russell Cone Diagram

Here are the complete dimensions for the atomic spin patterns that will develop along the tube around groups of atoms, as becomes apparent in the construction of the Walter Russell cones.

Walter Russell Cones

Summing Isotopes - Inertial Qualities Altered

Showing the Frisbee inertial effect resulting from the NVR alignment of the length of the tube.

Copper Sum Tube Picture

Here 3 Isotopes are added together in length to create a resonance that will align all three with the tubes length. Inertial qualities of accelerating the tube become more apparent as copper contains two different isotopes.
Cu63 + Cu65 + 1H = 206.35 mm

Here is a shot of the spreadsheet you can download and use to engineer devices with particular elements in them.
At the bottom the theoretical Master values for a sum of all known NMR lengths, that in theory, will spin up and synchronize all materials with known NMR hooks in them.


Example: A tube to vibrate all the materials in a car and all that sets inside it 70.34 cm long, is set in the center of the back seat, until it couples to the mass of the vehicle.
These sums must be cut as accurately as possible, but may become much stronger then single element fractals for inertial effects as they catch everything with a nuclear hook.

Spreadsheet Download


Statement of Ethics

Secrets are what corrupts a society and withholds comprehension from the curious minds seeking it.
No copyright is placed on this material by the author. This information belongs to all of us.
Thus we all share responsibility equally for it's application and use.
You may copy any portion of this document, and use it as you see fit as public domain material.

We will never reach the point of [energy from the background field] without a total free sharing of information to a level of experimental comprehension.

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