Fractal Math and Geometry

CD photo

2 CDs are separated with a short Aluminum tube.
The CDs vibrate up so strongly, they can be felt across the room.

An object will vibrate from it's center of mass.

The red circle is the center of the material the CD is made out of.
A 6 sided polygon is placed on it, showing 6 equal distant points of vibration we will be vibrating up.
We could use a polygon with any number of sides to change the wavelength.
The wavelength will be the distance between two of the points of vibration.

We subtract the thickness of one CD from this, so vibration will be inside the CDs center of thickness.
We carefully cut off an Aluminum tube at this length, then set it between the two CDs.
They will vibrate up, and remain in vibration until you remove one of them.

To really grasp all the different ways that vibration can be used, one must study
a little bit of fractal math, platonic solid geometry, and also learn about octaves, and prime numbers.
This presentation is to introduce one concept of what has been found to work. Much more
in depth material is available for those seeking to design with vibrational energy.

Self Resonant Disk Stack

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