Large SS Tubes Photo

The tubes shown above are 1 foot high 316 Stainless Steel at 3 and 4 inch diameter.
By setting one inside the other, and using calipers to start them vibrating, we can generate a very strong vibrational field bubble.

Say you would like to generate a Ra wavelength to give energy to the body here in the physical.
We want the outer tube vibrating at 30 mm, so the inner tube will be used to power this vibration using a harmony fractal ratio.
30 x (Pi/2)  x phi (.618)  =   29.12 mm

We set the first caliper to 30 mm, the second to 29.12 mm and then touch the 30 to the top of the outer tube.
Next touch the 29.12 mm to the top of the inner tube, simultaneously holding both until we start to feel the vibration.
We then remove both calipers, and the tubes should now continue to pump out a large vibrational field at 30 mm in the area.
To stop the tubes from producing this field we now separate them to some distance apart, as shown on the right.
Now try reversing the two vibrations, note this feels different.

For a GL fractal use the GL wavelength
48.195 mm  [outer tube]
46.79 mm   [inner tube]

This is one application of mass vibrational technology in a machine.

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