A Fractal Universe


Near the end of 2012, I took a trip out of body, in Za Zen mode, to do a scan of the limits of the vertical channel, of the human form conscious realm on Earth.
The chart below is a rough record, of some wavelengths I measured in that travel experience.
This is "sliding" to the outer boundaries of the Earth sphere, and then looking beyond.
It is not completed, but possibly worth a little time to explore.
There was a paradox discovered.

Chart of the Human Form Wavelengths


Each box on the chart represents one fractal which I located in that level of experience.
Just as in the physical we can access a great many resonance wavelengths, I do not expect these to be the only wavelengths found in those boxes above.
I can use them as markers, to go back to those vibrational locations.

Also from study of fractal math, it should be understood, with primes, and with octaves, one can make a chart with totally different wavelengths, and still hit the same boxes above.
A fractal is relative to the distances you choose to work with. It's image can appear at many distances, changing only the size of the image.
The chart however shows a pattern, of experiencing smaller wavelengths as we move down into the Earths layers.

A Paradox of Geometry

One of the paradoxes of nature that I encountered, is that on reaching the inner boundary layer of the Earth bubble, looking inwards is another complete image of the universe.
A smaller fractal of the entire universe, which on entering is discovered to actually be the real universe.
The fractal inside at the bottom of the chart, is the same universe that is outside at the top of the chart but seen from a different vantage.
You are looking at it from it's boundaries of outside and inside, and they are reversed of the Earth.
I went inwards, again and again about 5 times and discovered, each time "in" reveals the same.


This chart gave me a new perception of the center position of the spectrum, dropping it down over the physical layer where we live in the physical body.
I then began to see my auric field as larger bubbles around me, reaching both up and down.
Example, the upper 4th density vibrating at 48.195 mm and the lower 2nd density vibrating at 13.36 mm
are compliments of one another and work together as one layer of my auric field.

I set up those two wavelengths on two calipers, and then slowly separate them in distance so a 30 degree wedge crosses each distance, and they interact.
I change the wedge to 15 degrees and they interact out of phase.

One can quickly get the feel for why working with cones may be so powerful an art.
You can tap into 4th and 2nd density simultaneously, and then mix them at the cone.

There are many meditations where the energy from above is mixed with the energy from below us inside the Earth.
The geometry, and my personal scanning, seems to confirm why this is actually workable.

Where is the Soul Projection located in Space

I got the sense, we are existing on the outer boundary of the universe looking inwards, which is also the inner boundary if you are looking outwards.
In the crossing of the two perceptions, is everything we see as real and physical.
Our own consciousness mixes these, to perceive a 3D world we believe is real.

To move to the Earth location in space, we project our Soul position inside the earth bubble from the outside of the universe.
This Soul position now reflects energy back outwards.
All that we manifest here, is the perception of the crossing of the two vibrations.

Source is sustaining all matter, with vibration, that is coming from both inside and outside the universe.
Our physical world is the interference patterns in the Aetheric medium of these two energies crossing.
Gravity is due to the fact that the inner bubble is smaller to our perception then the outer sphere of the universe, and thus more concentrated.
The smaller wavelengths create denser space, to our perception, and thus gravity pulls inwards in all physical matter.


While doing work, with the dead, I noticed they often appear to me as very large faces high in the clouds.
I noticed this strongly with my own family as some of them have crossed over, and then again while searching for a dead person whom could not be found here in Sitka.
During communication with them as crossed over Souls, there was only a large face, and no lower body.

I now believe that after we die, if we stay in the Earth bubble system, we have full access to all it's levels.
One can either go inwards to locate a dead one, or they can go upwards.
Either direction will locate the same boundary position in space.
The two extremes of physical dimension are coupled as one.
Science attempts to explain this paradox as quantum entanglement.

I Am Everywhere - Testing Phase

In all my travels, I have never located any boundary I could not cross.
There was no Peter at the gates, restricting who went through and who was not allowed through.

There was testing at the entry of the 4th density, and probably corresponding to the 2nd density also.
The testing was done by the Grey ones, deceptively.
Adopting the attitude "My work is for the betterment of mankind as one" granted entry to their space.
If you are working against any other humans, they will not let you pass that boundary.
You will be considered an animal and fall into the laws of animal process.
As near as I can tell that is the only testing which exists on our Earth bubble.
Your choice and commitment to act as animal or as compassionate and intelligent human being.

I was judged by them on my actions and reactions at a gut level.
No spoken words, were used in this testing, only actions.
Is your work service to humanity, or service to self?
Know that at a critical moment, "mankind as one" must be more
important to you then your physical life, or any fear you feel for yourself.

Saucer technology, lies in Grey space, on the lower 4th density.
Anyone who passes the testing phase can access it.
Until then, the Grey are demons and evil ones keeping you in a cage, using deception.

I fully believe that is what all the 2012 Shift was about,
 and why this is a time of such importance in our Earth history.

All past civilization, failed this test.
Technology was misused and the civilizations then had to fall.


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