After working with vibrational science for many years, the need to develop a higher personal standard of ethics becomes apparent.
You may at times find yourself hearing others thoughts, or more commonly feeling their emotions.
These also are vibrational fields, one can slide into and couple with at distance.

If two people are riding in the same car, connected to a vibrational field device, they may even begin communicating without speech.
This is a side effect, of the vibrational field bubbles, and the concept of keeping secrets becomes very obscure.

We have adopted an ethic which has worked over the years very well.

All information of a technical nature may be shared freely as anyone would choose.
Any information of a personal or emotional nature should remain secret, unless permission is granted to share it with others.

For a seasoned healer, this is already second nature. For an experimenter this may come in totally by surprise.
Mind reading or heart reading was not their goal in vibrational work.
In Joe Cell technology this is called the Y factor, meaning the YOU factor.
The vibrational devices teach and change us.
They have been recognized as "intelligent" by many.

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