Caliper Function

Measuring Radiant Energy Frequencies
This energy is also associated with mass or Isotope vibration and referred to as Chi by healers

Caliper Photo

Around 2005 it was realized we can measure mass vibrational wavelengths with a Stainless Steel Caliper using "feel felt" senses.
It is now possible for many people to share wavelengths, and compare what they are working with.
From this it also became possible to discover ratios, and octave structures from vibrations.
Discovery of a "self sustaining" vibrational form came from this science.

The caliper shown has a digital readout for convenience. It must be closed and then zeroed before each measurement is taken.
This one can read in millimeters or in inches. Most people have moved to sharing wavelengths in millimeters [mm] due to ease of calculations.
There is a thumb screw near the bottom of the sliding carriage, to make extensions smooth and slowly for accuracy to .01 mm.
There is a locking screw at the top of the carriage to lock down the wavelength so the slider cannot move.
For accuracy, tighten this screw very gently and slowly, so the carriage will not move as you lock it down.

The caliper shown here has been set to vibrate up Quartz Crystals, at 57.37 millimeters.

Caliper with crystals photo

Set the quartz crystal inside the calipers jaws, between the two flat areas, and feel it vibrate up.
Touching the SS caliper, you can now feel the vibration of the quartz traveling through it.
Stainless Steel is a good material to use for vibration work, it has a high internal tension.

It is a lot of fun learning to build a field bubble with vibration around a quartz crystal.
Some people can feel the vibration out to several feet away.
Some fields can fill an entire room.

If you want to practice setting up very simple self sustaining fields in the area around quartz crystals,
Study of other documents is in order, you can reference this menu:

Quartz Crystal Programming Menu

Methods shown, can erase a crystal completely, and install various fields,
as well as transfer a valued crystals vibration pattern into another crystal that has been erased.


In direct cross calibration between using calipers and scalar cancelling coils, the formula for
 Frequency Generators is 1 mm = 1 khz  [x mm = x khz]
With geometric expansion 1 cm = 1 Mhz  [x cm = x Mhz]


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