"All is Love and Love makes the world go round." [Mushy quotes - number 73.]
Humor increases the feeling senses........Orgone is about happy happy feel good energy.

Battery picture
Place dry fingers of two hands across a 1.5 v flashlight battery. There is a voltage difference, a little more then on a Joe Cell, but you really don't feel this. Do you?
Now place the same fingers on top of the Joe Cell from the inside tube to outer can or outer tube. This you can feel, and the larger the water mass in the cell the stronger the sensation. You may feel it around your eyes, in your arms, fingers, feet, or center of the head. Just lift the finger off to feel it shift, place the finger on and feel the torsion come back in. This travels easilly through any mass and is not a surface effect.

JC picture

Now if you really want a good vibration sensation try the same with a multilayered Kosol Hemisphere system.

Hemisphere picture

Aluminum Foil Hemispheres AFH

This is the AC vibrational counterpart,  to a Joe Cell system which produces a constant or DC type pull on the background etheric field.
I have yet to connect them together to just see what true love can actually accomplish! LOL! [The sparks from this could be tremendous.]


How do we get the Joe Cells energy to go where we want, irregardless of the voltages?
The cell has a natural circuit, a Torsion circuit or an Orgone circuit, whichever term you are more comfortable using and feeling. The fact is that if you can sense this energy you can learn to route it, and its opposite poles can be used to effect inertial momentum. It can also be used to effect water, particularly water inside copper pipes. Because it works against the background field only one wire is necessary to route it, however to set up a vortex from the cell to a device like an engine you will need two. One from the inside tube and one from the outside.

The basic rule, the cells center or core torsion energy potential will be "attracted" to the negative voltage of the battery. The cells outer torsion will be "attracted" to the batteries positive voltage.
This is the method used to polarize the cells to begin with and the rule is maintained as long as the cell remains coherently charged with torsion in this polarity.

Once a torsion field pops through a mass of metal it tends to stay put even if the voltage is not attractive, because a coherent field tends to sustain itself for a while.
[A coherent torsion field can be knocked down by various means, such as radar pulses, and HV ac arcs, that will tend to break it down into smaller non coherent pieces off frequency.
I believe a coherent field can also be flipped over, or rotated using a rotating magnetic field or a discharge of a HV DC arc, this remains to be proven however.]

Engine Coupling

The basic Joe Cell has a strong torsion field on the inside tube. The outer tube, or can [container], is interfacing with the background field of the earth. Each tube moving inwards has stronger torsion then those outside it. Use finger tips to feel this gradient and note the voltage follows this, but voltage is not what you are feeling.

[I suspect that if an engine were set up to close its valves at 50 percent up the compression stroke there would be no need to mess with carburetors. Just pull them off and toss them. Now the pressure in all the pistons would be 1 atmosphere at 1/2 the stroke and all pistons would tend to pull towards a centered position which you could call the zero point field of the stroke. Now no need for any tricky air adjustments to artificially create this zero point in the correct location of the stroke by creating just the correct vacuum on the carby, as the valves close in the wrong place at the beginning of the stroke. As two pistons drop, two others rise and the overall heat on the engine will be neutral. Compression in two and vacuum in two would be balanced. Now the Joe Cell would be shifting the zero point field from its proper rest state, or half stroke position. This would probably require a cam shaft shift of sorts if it is possible at all, or simply removing the valves all together and assembling the engine at this neutral position??? The engine once started would runaway and never stop!  The only control would be by decreasing the spark.]

However the subject is how to route the JC energy into the engine, and "feel" that the field is in place.This is done from the pulley on the center shaft to the lower engine metal, using fingers to sense it.

The center JC tube is grounded to the cars body. This is the energy that will follow the negative battery post which is also connected to the cars body.
On the engine there is a heavy ground wire from the lower case to the cars body or to the batterys negative post.
The flow will tend to set the engine up with the same field on the main block as the center tube in the JC. This can take a few days to build up and will probably charge the water in the engine and radiator also. Now we need to set up the countering vortex flow.

In water spining systems it is seen how one vortex can spin right through the center of another one. I believe this is similiar to what we want on the engine, only the outer cans spin will be running down the inside of the engine and comming out on the crank shaft pulley, while the inner JC spin is on everything else.

The positive voltage attracted energy, is now placed from the outside of the Joe Cell to the carb or intake manifolds. This energy must jump a gap and will start charging up the engine in reverse down through the piston lines, but this energy must be pulled down through before it will become coherent there. With the engine running, tap the positive battery on the pulley to draw the energy down through the pistons and into the rotating shaft that is setting on an oil layer of the bearings. Be extremely careful to avoid contact with the fan and a hand! You can use an extender metal to keep the hands clear. Stop the engine and feel the pulley. It will feel just like the outside of the cell and now different from the lower shell of the engine. The entire shaft will now take on an opposing field from the engine case and the two fields will self sustain against one another to some degree. Reversed torsion fields seem to hold one another in place. The whole engine will now "feel" like a Joe Cell.

The engine will start to feel like the Joe Cell as you touch it. The cells outer can spin will be running down through the piston lines and coming off the front pulley, while the rest of the lower engine block will be doing as the cars frame. You now have a tornado system set up through the pistons and cylinders. The low pressure system running down through the center of engines high pressure system everywhere else. The aether vortex has been set up. Touch a finger to the lower engine block and another to the pulley. Is the cells torsion field getting there properly? If the answer is yes you are done coupling the cell to the engine. If you cannot get this then start playing with the gap size, cell location, feed tube length, prayers, etc.... If you do have this, then stop playing with the cell and move to the engine timming and air flow tinkering process next.

Cleaning Water

Water Tank Photo
I discovered that water in copper pipes can be cleaned using a Joe Cell. The water inside the pipes receives a strong inflow charge, goes soft, and tastes very good.
It tastes so good, that in my case it is preferred over filtered water. No clorine or flouride smell at all!
After a week of monitoring this, the toilets that were filling with sediment have stopped filling and no longer must be cleaned every week.

Water Charger Diagram


Tunning diagram
The JC energy is restricted by opening the vortex flow using magnets. The energy is diverted out the magnets at 90 degrees and stops leaving the ends of the pipe. If the magnets are placed on node positions then all the JC energy is confined to the stretch of pipe between them and becomes very strong at spinning up the water inside.

Tunning is the art of getting the JC energy where you want it to go.The mass resonating field of the dynamic segments between the nodes are like a jump rope. A water pipe is good practice because it is very simple, and when touching copper it is hard to miss the strong vibrations.

The center tube of the Joe Cell can be considered the higher torsion field from the background, and is coupled with only one metal conductor. I am using a SS wire as this offers less change to the SS tube inside the cell and also resists water corrosion. Mine is also cut to a GL length to form easy access to the nodes near the end of the wires. What the end of this wire puts out can be thought of as vibration, or as a complex set of pressure waves traveling both directions in time and space.

As you slide the wire along a random length copper tube, there will be places where the cells energy will travel more strongly into the tube, and places where it will not transfer as well or even counters. There is really no need to map frequencies and cut lengths if you do not desire this. Just slide the wire along and find a good energy coupling where the entire copper pipe feels the vibrations to its extreme ends. This is like a resonance in electronics, but mass vibration is simpler. You have one mass on each side of the wire, at some ratio, and there are a great many fractals for any frequency, there will be a total resonance coupling for any length tube at some point, a sweet spot. You might get a good strong coupling within an inch or so of sliding, or it might take six inches. Keep sliding along and touching the pipe until you have energy everywhere along it. Your touch is your meter with copper, as there is not a lot of radiant energy around the water pipes. Copper around water pulls the JC energy inwards as near as I can tell.

Still Point

Alternate methods for device construction, cut the length of the copper pipe to a multiple of the cells tubes lengths. If your cell is a resonant type this will immediately couple on any node along the pipe. No guess work, and no tinkering with cells as they will stay charged easilly. Measure from the end of the pipe an exact multiple of the cell tube heights and connect the wire there. Call your cell tube length 1X and now you can use this like a ruler marking out your copper pipe with all its theoretical nodal positions, where mass resonance will set up just like water in a bath tub sloshing back and forth.

Water Sloshing Diagram

If you had a tub of water sloshing end to end, pictured above, right at the center point there would be some water that appears to be stationary. In EM work we tap the energy either at a voltage point or at a current point, or some mix for the impedance we want to match, but we never really tap at a "still point." While you may think of a voltage node as a still point for current, and this may be correct for just electron motion, it is not the still point of the mass resonance field.

On a tube that has a strong torsion vibration resonance going, voltage nodes will appear just off both sides of a torsion node [black dots above]or still point of the mass field [red dot]. On the still point will be found the "Light" and voltage will disappear with the noise floor. The high frequency component of the torsion wave, the "still point" node, is where frequencies shoot upwards like crazy. Meditation on these still points is where the connection with Logos is found. The intelligent telepathic energy, the "happy happy place." This energy will teach you whatever you need to succeed, the sensation is ecstatic light at the third eye.The other energy is the pressure and represented by the high water pushing down harder or the low water pushing down less hard and this energy appears between the light nodes as a dynamic flow or a segment. It feels like pressure in the head or center of the brain area.

Slide the finger along the copper pipe tube and locate the happy nodes. After the nodes are located, now pull out the AV plug and look for the voltage nodes just off these. If your system is really powerful the voltages will be readable as standing voltages of pinpoint size.
Locate two adjacent strong torsion nodes along the copper tube. Now measure the length between them. The voltage nodes will appear at a ratio of 3.375 lambda E / 14.195 lambda T.
T[torsion] nodal length times ~ .23776 will give the distance off the torsion node to look for voltage on either side.

A completely "mass resonant" copper and water, pipe system can be constructed. Any torsion device can be used to drive it, however the Joe Cell system is the only one I know of that will keep the water clean and run it totally into the inflow mode everywhere on the system. This causes the dynamic side of the system, namely the segments between nodes pumping an etheric field off the background state. I believe it is actually the dynamic segments doing the work and not the nodes. Joe Cell favors the inflow system which lowers gravity by reducing the outflow. Outflow generates gravity between objects and pulls them towards it. Gravity works from the center of coherent mass fields and not always from inside the matter. Outflow systems produce gravity, inflow systems produce AntiGravity.

Sensitivity Training  [Torsion Fields for the Complete Idiot]

[Note - Solder contains lead and is not to be placed in the mouth. The FDA has determined this makes you even stupider then a carreer in Electronics and soldering things all the time, where you have decided you like the smell even better then pipe smoke.]

I ran across a very simple way to begin feeling or sensing torsion fields. It is very cheap to produce, all you will need is some rock salt and an old fashond tin of some kind. You can also use salt water in a glass jar and a piece of solder cut to resonate with the salts vibrational field.

Tin and Salt graphic

The simplest method is to place some Tin against your tounge and just feel it. It feels metallic. I used the lid of a French Crepes box. It is a really good tin, no rust spots, no aluminum, and no lead.
Now after you feel this metalic vibrational energy extending its vibrations into your tounge, pick up a large crystal of the rock salt, hold it in the palm and note what happens on the tounge still touching the tin. Can you sense this shift?

Salt and Tin have opposing spin like Gold and Silver do. [Note - if your mind goes into overtime trying to cypher electric battery effects you are not likely to just feel the simplicity of this spin field and how it is altered by touching the salt crystal. There is no circuit anyway, and salt is ph neutral [see reference at the bottom]. Try to remember how it was as a child, placing tounge on metals and try to forget the complex EM theory and let the mind stop. Where the salt touch is not present the tin metals taste jumps right into the tounge as if burrowing its path. As you touch the salt the countering torsion stops the metal from jumping into the tounge, the salt produces a reversed pressure pushing the metals vibration right back out.]

To feel this more strongly, fill a glass jar a couple inches up with warm water and dissolve as many rock salt crystals that it will hold into it in solution.
Cut a piece of solder to 195.3 mm and wrap it along the outside of the jar to get the curve. Now, as pictured above, lay it on the table next to the jar and slide it closer or further until you feel the vibrational field that rises off it into the finger. The salt water is coupling with the tin in the solder and creating a torsion field. Now go wash your finger before sticking it in your mouth or nose, and get the lead out!

This is a direct mass vibrational field resulting from a tempic field coupling, and the same process for coupling the Joe Cell to the engine.
Caliper above is set to the 1x fractal of 32.55 mm and the solder is cut to exactly 6 times that length.
These lengths will vibrate up the salt crystals. The wire shown in the caliper gap is iron wire and can be touched on the salt crystals directly to feel only one side of this vibrational field. You will only feel the salt as the irons spin is the same as the salt [see references]. The solder shown below the jar is 60 percent tin and  interacts totally differently. It is very pleasant and has been describbed as "uplifting" or a "floaty feeling." It makes you feel happy happy and want to laugh at my jokes uncontrollably. This could even replace recreational drugs somewhere down the road,.... like,.... coffee and tea.

[Salt crystals are perfect cubes.]

Last Resort:
If you can't get this Torsion or Orgone "feel felt stuff" then get a child to help you out with it, but keep the solder out of his mouth!
The innocent child love energy will tremendously help to overcome the scientifically supressed senses.


Spin, Torsion, Orgone, Aether vortex, - all refer to a field which can be directly sensed by touch on most metals. Each word suggests a different possible source of this field.
With spin it is thought that nuclear spin or the spin of the mass is actually a vibrational field. Where these fields become coherent they can become very powerful as in the Joe Cell, Hamel Cones etc.

Mass field - Mass itself is thought to be a complex field inside the background Aether medium.
An object moved to motion only resists that motion during the change of velocity. As its internal spin field comes up to a new state there is no more resistance. Thus things in motion tend to stay in motion, and things at rest tend to stay at rest, this is called inertia. The spin fields resist being altered. This resistance to change is also seen in copper iron EM systems, where the back EMF of copper will resist a changing magnetic field moving through it only until the field comes up to a static state, after which all resistance dissappears.
Copper resists a changing magnetic field, as the background Aether resists a changing mass field.


What is Salt?

Positive spin elements
Gold, Bismuth, Lead, Copper, Aluminum, Sodium, Hydrogen, Iodine, Flourine, Phosphorus, Carbon, Manganese, Tantalum, Barium, Chlorine, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Zinc, Tungsten, Iron, Selenium, Cobalt

Negative spin elements

Beryllium, Silver, Tin, Silicon, Germanium, Neodymium, Strontium, Chromium, Magnesium, Calcium, Oxygen, Cadmium, Xenon, Helium, Zirconium, Neon, Nickel

Mercury has both about half and half isotopes like SS only even more balanced. Water has both. Silver gold combination has both. Air has both. Silicon carbon [crystal] has both in low abundance.

NMR Calculator and magnetic moment data


All information is presented as "experimental" and no claims are made as to healing qulaities of JC treated water, as no official scientific tests have been made on the water, other then taste, smell, and feel. Also no quantative testing on Kosol happy happy hemispheres has been conducted either! Although joy has rarely been found to cause problems, no claims are made.

Humor included - at risk of powerful rage suppression that may need release

Also participation on both Kosol groups and JC groups can be hazardous to your personal happy happy psyche torsion field, and this should be left to highly trained Spiritually well adjusted beings who are not fragile in the least, well beyond any illusions of purity, or self piety. [High frequency vibration is the result of strongly opposing systems of spin meeting [Illuminati 101.]] Service to others must always be balanced with service to self, something they won't tell you on "narrow band" Divine cosmos site that your first Gold Element initiation may intuit perfectly. Polarizing to one side always turns you into a blind soldier for the cause, someones drone. "Never polarize your perception," A quote from Religous Freedom for the Complete Idiot. All exchanges must balance to avoid future karmic bonding. You must get back what you send out. If you put in and then get nothing back run like he!! or get sucked into the never ending vortex of infinite servitude to the "man in charge" bug mentality at work. Keep all participation to voluntary optional involvement on a project by project basis, and maintain personal soverienty over all your actions. Suppress no information ever, or it may become a possession that may kill you down the road. The illusion that you own information, can be hazardous to your health. We shall shortly see how the corporate world does with this concept. Lastly "never try to prove anything" merely seek what actually works.

"Proprietary internal information to preserve competitive edge" stated straight out is basically "decpetion in marketing." [Quote from The Truth about Corporate America for the Complete Idiot.]

Observations, models, experimental documentation, and all warped enuindos for the complete idiot -  Dave L
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joecellfreeenergydevice group

c_s_s_p group
Kosol Core Tech group

The groups are presented next to one another to create a strong opposing spin field, a true torsion system in the Asrtral realm, stirring the pot, with c_s_s_p at the center vortex node position.
Spiritual principle is that the more similiar two systems are, it is the small differences that create the strongest opposing field interactions. This creates action from non action, and often strong motivation for those polarized. The harder one tries to outdo the opposing system the stronger both become. The Light node is found at the center of both and represents the acceptance and the futility of the opposition involvement as being a never ending struggle that someone else will probably benefite from in the long run anyway. Such is often the interaction of science with spirituality. "Humor may be the only solution to uniting all mankind in the end, as survival has never worked in the past." [Ascension Process for the Complete Idiot] We are all equal,... may we soon realize it!