Experimental record  [Joe Cell Technology, Torsion Fields, and Gas States]

c_s_s_p  7- 15 - 2007 project began

These older experiments led to understanding the twisting action of water as it falls through space, and how that can be reversed using a cell, altering the "inertial responses" of a water mass.
It took a bit of time to stop generating scum in the cell, and the learning process was very slow in the beginning. Many false teachings had to be overcome, that were not yet accurate in these old documents.

update 11 - 14 - 2007
[Water spin directions identified for earths hemispheres, reducing earth turbulence effects of the cells on weather]
[Distilled water]
[Engine torsion field exploration]
[Bismuth capacitor]
[Tempic field gradient considerations of the Joe Cell]
[Digital Clock Affected by Joe Cells]
[Cold Energy Flow Associated with Electrons]
[Low Voltage Breakdown of Water - Heavy Water - H2 - O2 as opposed to H - O gas]

Bernie has supplied two Joe Cells for experiment of the c_s_s_p group. Dell and Dave have been experimenting with these and studying the torsional aspects of the cell at present. It is not yet known what the torsional function of the water does to an engine, or if the gas produced from the cell is also a factor. The experiment thus far deals only with the torsional component, which we are presently very familiar with.

Joe Cell picture

Discoveries on the Joe Cell:

Voltage alters surface tension and viscosity of the water, this alters the spin frequency of the water and direction, and can allow for tunning the cell to various resonant torsional peaks as though it were a scalar torsion coil. Between .3 and 40 volts a range of resonant torsion peaks are discovered to exist. 1.5, 10, 24, 33 volts for this cell. Joe powered the cells negative lead to the inside of the cells and positive to the outer case. This causes the water to spin up the same direction as its natural earth spin state only at higher velocity, but only works this way in the southern hemisphere. The water is found to start giving up its iron deposits. Further the stainless steel will begin to leach chromium into the water which will grab up oxygen atoms to form Cr O3. The outside layer of stainless steel is in fact a layer of this material and why it resists corrosion in an oxygen rich atmosphere. The water will take on a green tint as the chromium slowly saturates it with Oxygen rich Cr O3.  The hydrogen will bubble up and the Oxygen will become reactive inside the water, less escaping, during phase conditioning stages of the cell.

As the water is conditioned and filtered to smaller and smaller natural looping chains, clumps are removed, the torsion state becomes higher. The water becomes finer and drops all its soluble iron, possibly other metals as well. The water will ultimately run through a filter very quickly as it becomes more conditioned.

Magnetic ring experiment

To investigate the torsional conditions of the energy in the Joe Cell this experiment was performed as a comparison to the RainMaker vortex generator. [Note that placing magnets on a Joe Cell will inhibit its normal function and the cell must be degaussed afterwards.This was done only as a sensing tool to answer some initial questions and get a feel for the torsional power levels inside the device.]

Joe Cell mod tried today 7 - 14 - 2007:

I built up a ring with iron tie wire and black tape, to place a ring of magnets at a 45 degree angle around the water line of the Joe Cell. This is direct application of the RainMaker discoveries and does in fact have a strong effect on the unit. [See pictures below.]

From RM experiment and tube devices we have learned:

Iron and 45 degree magnet rings will excite a diamagnetic field to expand outwards and become interactively connected. "North out" strong enough, will drive the system into outflow.

Torsion propagates through a magnetic field, between the AG metals which it freely flows down. Adding a magnetic field between two objects will cause the torsion to jump a gap. [See reference note.]

[Torsion can propagate down a magnetic wire surrounded with copper. It will also propagate down a copper tube surrounded with aluminum. These are ideal methods to couple torsion to other places away from the field generators.] This suggests a new method of coupling to an iron engine block as well.

Using this approach I made a discovery of note. I was attempting to push the Joe Cell into an outflow mode to stop the Rain here, as it is not a popular thing to do.  I placed the familiar North out magnets aligning the top edges with the water line.  A ring with 8 stacks of neos. Torsion from the magnets now intersects the water line at 45 degrees approx, and we see the exact same interaction as with the bismuth. The frequency of the torsion field increases, and now I can produce a large torsion field with only .3 volts of E field on the cell. The sky is already clearing up. I definitely have an outflow in effect at the magnets, but along the entire surface of the cell I am not certain. Testing with finger tips reveals a strong outflow off the magnets ends.

Off the top the field is almost too intense to hold the hands over at 33 volts. The resonant voltage points have moved and there is a very strong field at 8.8 volts. The field is more interactive as well with the mind in this mode. This is the basis of a new torsion field design that may use less energy and yet offer a simpler frequency control. No function generator is needed.

With the tube devices I was never able to get into outflow mode and rain was all I could get from them. By combining the JC with the RM I have gotten a very strong outflow device.


After this it was discovered to reverse the cells electric polarity is enough to drive the cell into outflow mode and reverse the spin field, in the Northern Hemisphere, and creates far less local turbulence to the environment or the weather. The magnet ring was dropped as not effective for coupling the energy into an engine. It did demonstrate that the energy working in the cell is the same energy as in the RainMaker and density spheres. It is a from of conscious energy.

Spin fields in water:

Ordinary water is placed in a plastic or clear container with a sealed lid. Sharply shake the water and note the bubble spin direction after stopping the container. It will spin slightly CCW [counter clock wise], in Alaska [Northern Hemisphere]. This is also observed in watching a stream of water being poured, the water will braid itself as it falls and spin CCW. Slowly pouring the water from a plastic container into a stainless steel bowl has also been used to detect spin direction successfully and this is an art form at present.

Water spin field picture

Picture showing the CCW spin on water from an artesian well in Sitka Alaska.

Now place charged water from the Joe Cell in the bottle and shake, or use any other method you have had success with. The bubbles will spin the opposite direction and at a much higher velocity. Spin direction is CW [clock wise] looking down from the top. The Joe Cell, as Joe built it, has reversed the waters background spin field at the nucleus of the atoms where its major mass sets. While the water normally appears motionless, this spin momentum is setting inside the water as an alternate charged potential [A torsion force] present at the nucleus.

Spin field direction:

While the Joe Cell was designed for Southern hemisphere spin direction, our experiments have led us to the following conclusions.

In the Norther Hemisphere water spins CCW naturally. To accomplish this with the Joe cells reverse the voltage during the conditioning phase. Dell was the first to observe this at the c_s_s_p site and then it was further confirmed by myself. Positive lead to the center tube and negative on the outer tube. This will cause the water to increase its CCW spin matching the earth and the earths spin field will then keep the cell charged. While using water with a CW spin in the Northern hemisphere I have observed turbulence with the earths fields. While this could be used to release a stuck weather pattern, its use would be temporary and then reversed to a CCW spin to match the earths natural spin field afterwards. The alternative is to draw in weather as shown below in the photos of the fog banks that rolled in.

45 degree magnet ring at waters surface:

Charging water is not about producing bubbles, as Bernie has indicated. The presence of the magnetic ring lowers the waters ability to break down and increases the voltage that it takes to make bubbles. However it also alters the waters spin at a higher level, best guess, because the torsion fields are also increased. The magnet ring diverts the torsion out the ends of the magnets and radiates it to the sides, where hands can more easily feel the energy. The resulting field residue after the ring is removed is not worth it for this test however if one has been able to sense the waters natural spin torsion field using hands around the container. Degaussing the steel container may be necessary after removal of this experimental device. 

I have reversed to South pole out to see if we get a similar effect that we do from the RM units. I also filtered the second batch of water and now have almost one gallon available for experiment. [6 hours later the area became covered with a heavy fog, and the weather was sucked in from the ocean indicating a strong inflow was present once again]

Identification of the spin charge storage material:

Removing the water from the cell it becomes apparent that the cell is not holding the charge, but the water is. The water is producing the same properties as a scalar canceling coil.


These observations have direct link to the two devices and demonstrate that the cell can be used with very small voltages if magnets are added in the correct alignments. The Joe Cell design gives us one more method of controls, that of a voltage reference to set vibrational frequency of the water.
I do not know if this will improve Joe Cells, however it does show that we are working with the same energy, and can incorporate the two into a common device. Since water is diamagnetic, and the E field can control the balance this had to be the case, but for me now, this places water into a new category of vortex generators.
Bernie, I believe your insights on getting us all together has paid off.  Thank you. We now have a new core material to experiment with for our torsion systems.

Reference Note:

Torsion will jump from iron to copper to iron if a magnetic field is present. The function of the engine spark is probably providing this coupling as a pulsed connection. The torsion is jumping from the Aluminum tube to the engine during the arc when a magnetic field is present. A copper or Aluminum tube could be run closer to the spark gap to see if a stronger coupling is achieved.

Observed weather considerations

Fog picture

My Joe cell experiments were conducted inside a very large steel building, and the effects have thus been very radiant. The above picture on the left was after one night of magnets arranged with South poles outwards, and conventional electric polaritys Joe used [negative lead to center tube]. The one on the right about 2 hours after reversing the magnets. The weather effects from the Cells geometry seem to be low altitude effects and have now appeared to produced very heavy fog layers on two occasions, [abnormally thick fog]. The fog blanketed the whole town to about 2 miles out where the sky was clear. Clearing the fog was very dramatic and began around the building first then spreading outwards.

Sitka is a very good place to observe these kind of effects because of the high moisture content here, and the weather can often change almost instantly.

Magnet ring

Magnet Ring

Picture showing the iron magnet ring devised to simulate the RainMaker structure around the diamagnetic water of the Joe Cell. The cell can be degaussed after this experiment for reuse as a Joe Cell. An AC field is applied then slowly turned down or backed off so as not to create any square waves during its shut down. The Joe Cell must be kept away from magnets normally, as the torsion will follow the magnet away from the cell, tubes, or wires coming off the unit. This magnetic ring is used only to sense the torsion fields present in the cell by turning them outwards for palming or finger sensations. This will quickly prove to the sensitive person, the energy is very real.

Charging water

Water jugs picture

Picture showing the water after charging. Water on the right is normal spring water, on the left after charging radiates a torsion field. The green tint is normal and reflects the chemistry happening in the cell [chromium oxide release from the SS outer layer]. If you shake these bottles strongly you will see the bubbles shoot opposite directions and actually spin around the whole container in the charged water.

Torsion forces

If you look closely at a cylinder on an engine you will notice similarities to the Joe Cell itself. Two iron layers with a water jacket between them and a spark of High Voltage at the center of the system. It was reported that head gaskets that are conductive stop the cell from working on the engine so it is likely that EM is a major factor, as well when the plug wires are all removed the engines stop. Replacing the gaskets with a dual layer of insulated gasket material enable the engines to work from the cell. Electric arcs produce a spiral spin when they jump. This sends out a torsion force as well as discharging the EM voltage gradient extremely fast. The spirals direction is a function of which direction the arc is moving. Electrons jumping towards the head spin opposite as jumping towards the piston. Also during the release of a HV gradient all the spin motions of the atoms setting inside the field drop their torsion gradient rapidly. This can be shown using two pennies and a small slug of Bismuth inside insulated on one side using electrical tape. Place about 60 Vdc across the pennies and you will feel a constant torsion field come up out of the bismuth. Any diamagnetic materials setting inside this field will do the same, water as well, and you can feel this torsionally. Bismuth being the easiest to perceive and at 60 v it was very strong. The Joe cell using water and stainless steel to do this also.

Dowsing the Joe Cell system:

Angles off the top of the cell were detected using a copper tube 2 foot with aluminum tube over the lower section. The tube is held on the copper area which is radiant and torsion  fields will light up the whole body. Between the insulated layers there is a strong heat energy felt with a finger as the two diamagnetic materials interact differently to the field. When held at the correct angles, and at the correct distances from the cells the tubes light up with Chi type heat energy, and can also be felt at the third eye center, exactly like with the RainMaker units. The torsion fields expand to fill the entire tube length and detection is much easier. I detected 3 angles at the top of the cells, around 66 degrees and 45 degrees and one somewhat lower. This would be where the upper cone should be designed I would guess. Also vertical off the center of the tube the copper will pick up all the 45 degree torsion angles from all the water layers in the cell and very hot fields were found to be active above the unit operating between the copper and aluminum tester.

Moving outwards from the cells, spherical shells of torsion were found at specific various distances and intensities. 18 inches and 36 inches were very strong and hot with the tube testing device I designed above.

Joe also lined up all the tubes of the cell and then flipped them over to a state that matched the earth, that is he flipped them to not radiate a heat field. It was discovered that most stainless steel has a cube shaped crystalline structure. This means that, like using quartz crystals on the RainMaker units, there will be a positioning of the material that will effect the torsion interactions of the system. Joe apparently wanted this to be most neutral with the earth.

Distilled water

On successive charging of various water source I discovered that distilled water is able to hold a charge much longer then other water sources. It will take much higher voltages without bubbling or breaking down, and the charge will hold for days after the voltage is removed. As well a torsion field is ever present at this state of charge.
It was discovered using this method that my particular cell had one reversed tube. The following are the readings I took after charging the cell, then removing the power supply for 24 hours.

Cell voltages from outer ring inwards

Outer can - 0.0
tube 1 - .3
tube 2 - .62
tube 3 - .35
tube 4 - .76
tube 5 - 1.19
tube 6 - 1.82

You can see that tube # 3 is reversed! Guess I will have to disassemble the tubes, not looking forwards to this one. It will have to be flipped over, and while it is apart I will try my hand at dowsing all the tubes for correct up side to see if this becomes more apparent. [This problem was corrected and now the cell will hold a constant 2.01 volts without ever loosing its' charge.

Voltage effect observed 

This does however show us something very important. The cell is acting similar to a battery, but the voltages present are not the result of electrolytes and plates of dissimilar metals, but the geometry of the cell, causing the charge to hold itself. Probably due to torsional spin of water against SS. Distilled water allows this charge to become greater. There is no explanation for a cell charge of 2.01 volts to remain present on the cell based on any known theory. This charge is present even after trying to discharge it using a short circuit from inner to outer tubes. A battery would be chemically altered by this shorting out and loose its charge. The charge comes right back. Also it is not a capacitive effect but is coming from the water and the cell spin  fields interacting. This is the first time I have personally observed a constant voltage resulting from a torsion field

Bismuth Capacitor

The Bismuth torsion capacitor shows the nature of the Joe Cell interaction. It is simply a small Bismuth pellet insulated on one side with electrical tape and placed between two pennies.
The pennies are charged with a variable power supply and the torsion field that comes out is studied here  Motion
The voltages on the pennies from 5 to 60 vdc shows a uniform gradient torsion field is emitted spherically, and the frequency of this field is proportional to the voltage, and strength is proportional to mass of the pellet. This experiment shows us one small part of the Joe cell, but most importantly we can see that each layer of the Joe Cell must be considered to be one separate torsion generator.

The voltage across the water gap, the thickness of the tube, determine the torsion fields output strength and frequency. To get all the sections of the cell producing the same frequency, all will have to be exactly the same width. This is because the water chains will form perpendicular to the tubes, and altering their length will alter the torsion field produced. The layers of water and SS must be seen as separate torsion generators.

The output of a single layer of the cell is also a function of the mass of the water within it. I have directly sensed the outer layers are far stronger then the inner ones. This is simply due to increased mass of hydrogen atoms with an increased nuclear spin. Frequency is controlled by the gap size. These observations would lead us to the possibility that abandoning the inner smaller tubes and placing bigger ones outside may increase the torsional output of the system. There will be a balance found where the turn becomes weaker and going larger begins to drop the intensity.

For an interesting and very powerful effect fill the inner Cell tube with bismuth pellets or bismuth coil slugs! The resulting field becomes extremely perceptible.

Engine Torsion Fields

 Engine diagram
The engine tested was a V6. The Joe cell was activated setting by the drivers seat, and the presence of the field was highly active and enveloping the area around the car. The torsion lines were located by palming and feeling for torsion fields all around the running engine. It was discovered a linear beam field active radiant above the cylinders where piston motion is operating. The torsion fields are in a state of reversing motion as the pistons move through a sine function of motion, tempic fields are altered for a long distance and radiate well outside the vehicle, probably when the plugs fire.

A scalar pancake coil was held in the torsion lines at a sheer point and discovered a small pressure developing on the coil pushing it away from the piston. Flipping the coil over, the pressure reversed sucking towards the cylinder. Flipping the coil reversed the wind direction from CCW to CW. Indication is that the torsion field produced from the cylinders is not balanced, as spark and ignition happen on only one side of the stroke, this was not unexpected.

A torsion sensor was conceived using a pancake Tesla scalar coil with a 1/4 inch thick Aluminum disc against it. One wire then goes into the vehicle for a scalar sensing device. A touch plate or a scalar coil on a crystal sphere.

It was discovered that the rear left cylinder torsion line passed through the left dash board to the left and forwards of the steering wheel. With the car in motion, extending one hand forwards into the line, and the other down to the Joe Cell I was able to form a mental link flowing through my body. The sensation was a new one indeed, and very exhilarating. There was various motional sensation. The feeling of motion moved into the mind and the body stopped feeling inertial force. The car seemed to surge forwards, without any inertial drag on my body.

Piston versus Cell Torsion coupling

Piston Torsion Dia

Classic coupling method - torsion vacuum

An Aluminum tube, with a short insulated hose to hold the tube on the carburetor. The process does not rely on any gas or liquid flowing from the cell to the engine.
When the engine becomes equalized with the cell torsionally, then the spark is advanced considerably by moving the distributer timing, and the spark alone creates enough torsion vacuum to set the pistons into motion. Vacuum energy runs cold, and this is a side effect of a density shifting system running on the vacuum side.

With a higher density we have a shrinkage of the physical size of space, while we increase density all motion accelerates, momentum is reduced, and space shrinks. In the piston torsion line I believe that the spark is raising the density of the cylinder chamber and creating the torsion vacuum.

The release of Electric energy happens in steps:

1- The spark coil magnetic field collapses - a HV pulse heads towards the plugs gap. As the plug charges upwards, E field rises with it and all spin raises velocity at the nucleus of all atoms inside the voltage gradient, where protons and electrons are pushed opposite directions. This happens from the plug outwards by a function of inverse distance squared. The higher density should follow the negative electric potential, but will radiate out much further then the EM field.

2 - The spark jumps - E field collapse - the energy moves into the tempic field, as the magnetic field collapses, and this pushes the tempic field even higher before releasing the energy completely. As all matter pulls back to normal, the area now pressurizes as the piston drops.

Tempic Field gradient and the Joe Cell:

If you power up only the outer tube of the cell, distilled water and 100 Vdc, a smooth field gradient forms and it is impossible for me to locate any sharp standing sheers. The interaction of the water in only one layer of the cell forms a smooth field gradient that falls off linearly with distance. There was no way to make any reading for distance sheers. The spacing on the second tube inwards is approx the same as the case sits from the first tube, just about 1/2 inch.  After firing up two of these layers of water still using 100 Vdc, I get a very mild sheer forming at 3 feet, but almost imperceptible. The case is thinner then the first tube.

The next spacing is 1/4 inch, and here is where the sheers start to form in the field. The third water layer is being stimulated unevenly with more voltage on metal then water. The metal to water thickness ratio have changed and so the tempic field strength is different and now we get two field gradients interacting off one another, and the fight causes the sheers to form. Going inwards there is one more uneven spaced tube and things get much worse with the whole cell powered. Gradients are following somewhat a 4 - 8 - 16 pattern for some unknown reason, but are sharply present.

The nature of density shifting with the bismuth capacitor is showing no sheers are present, but a smooth gradient forming. Only altering the voltage on the pennies is effecting the level of the field. I believe this observation is critical to understanding the Joe Cell. It shows how each layer is a separate torsion generator and the voltage and spacing sets the frequency.


Spacing must remain constant on all torsion generators for all the layers to become one coherent field. Water to SS thickness should remain constant.

Cell Mods

Since torsion is a linear distance force, the distance of the waters diameter is the critical parameter to the fields strength. Any torsion interactions will spread to fill all matter present. The only way to have all the cells come up together as one coherent field gradient is to have them as identical as possible, in thickness, and distance between them. The torsion generated from a molecule chain of water spinning apparently varies with the distance of the chain. In the cell no water is actually moving, there for the molecules are chaining perpendicular to the tubes. It is the hydrogens nucleus that is spinning up effecting background density. If there is a spiral gradient effect it is not in physical space, or it is a very smooth one.

The appearance of the torsion sheers, that seem to cause headaches is probably from out of alignment generators emitting different field gradients. And this takes us back to one of our original intuitions. Place a resister or capacitor network along the tubes to equalize them and get all in resonance. Second choice, separate adjustable power supplies for each water layer. Some more math on water to tube thickness ratios will shed more light, but the distances and thicknesses will probably come up extremely close to identical.

The units in the vedios show cells that have gotten water into the burning mode. They appear to favor a 2 inch tube with equal steps up. I have to agree with this construction. To tweak this into a faster torsional rise time, balancing resisters or capacitors, but in the non powered state the cells may draw off energy, although I don't know if it will discharge them or not. With distilled water and very high pot values we may be able to balance a cell and not discharge it, since if all the layers come into a coherent state the fields power will grow by 4 x each time we double the diameter. Also each cell  added to the outer ring will add much more water mass.

This is like spinning up tires on a car hooked to different engines, all to different velocities, and then trying to get the car to run straight. It will cause shimmys and shakes and grind the gears until all the engines get to the same RPM. Each layer of water is one engine. Each can be tuned to the correct RPM by altering the voltage across it.

The answer seems almost too simple. I need to remove the two tubes that are 1/4 spacing pulling the cell out of resonance or set up variable power supplies to each one and tune them manually. Lastly a network of variable resisters or capacitors may work for tunning the cells.

On wire location 

On the inner tube it should not matter where you attach the voltage feed wire as to top or bottom, but routing is important. With a DC signal it will be present over the tube at c [light speed] everywhere, and since it is not being varied there is no inductance to factor in. However I recommend inside the inner tube at the top, and better if less wire is submerged as it will shift the torsion as it passes through the water very slightly and disable a certain number of water chains where it passes down through the water on one layer.

Only the water in the center area of the center tube is non active as a generator, and from a geometrical standpoint it should hit the center of the center tube then move straight out to the tube in two directions. Probably not so critical, but it should not come down the outer water layer and then turn back in to the center tube, as it will pass through an area of greater voltage gradient and off balance the cell. This is because one voltage is setting on the case, bring the other voltage within 1/4 inch of this down the water will effect that layer and an uneven gradient will be set up in that water area. 

Charging the cell with EM will act exactly like a capacitor with multiple plates. The voltage gradient will move across all the plates in between and the plates between will each charge up based on distance. Voltage needs to appear on the inner and outer plates [or tubes] and no other charged wires should run through the gaps. The metal will short the voltage gradient more and the water will resist it more, so the voltage gradient will vary with the material and is not even.

Lastly the insulators compressed inside the tubes are removing space where water mass can become larger. This is not a problem for layer frequencies, but will lower the strength of the torsion output on each cell. Smaller narrower spacers or even hollowed out Plexiglass sections with very narrow slits  and links between them, anything that will make the water lost between tubes more consistent, and lower volume should improve the cells functionality.

Time effects noted

The following type of effects were observed by two different experimenters working with Joe Cells independently.

Compelling observation:

The most compelling observation I have made with the Joe Cell. Active in my new car for about one week, the digital clock gained 10 minutes. I just reset it last Friday. The significance of this has just hit me today.

E = MC^2

10 minute gain in one week. 
How much of an energy gain this would have resulted in?
How much further would it take to develop 120 Horse Power?

The digital clock on the dashboard is approx 2 feet away from the position of the cell. We can assume a linear drop off of the effect, while the Aluminum tube should be transferring the energy at the cell to the engine.

If we begin to view c as a variable, then calculate how it should effect energy systems, we may come into the ball park with a rational system for applying math to the cells. As well a digital clock can be used to determine cell torsion, and while this may take a week to measure, it is the first method I have found to relate a direct measurement with a device for "non sensitives." Since the background time frame is what we are effecting, it would be very good to explore if reversing the polarity on the cells to spin against earth motion, if this will lower the time flow rate.

"At no time was the battery disconnected from the cars clock during this week, the clock has been very accurate for the year I owned it, and this week is proving accurate as well. I was forced to reset it last Friday, as I got into the car to make an appointment, I though I would be late due to the wrong time reading. I reset it using my cell phone for a reference which is synced externally. I kick myself now for not recording it more accurately."

C is [Tempic field force] E = MC^2 energy will rise with the square of the c alteration, which will be very small. [10 min in 1 week.]
I come out with [.001 times c ] alteration. That is 10,080 minutes per week. 10 / 10,080 ~ .001

Have I have raised the velocity of light by a factor of 1 / 1000 ?, assuming the digital clock is responding to tempic field linearly. However, since we know the crystal in the digital clock is using electric field, it is more likely a factor of the square root of this number and .001 is the actual energy gain happening inside the digital clock at 2 feet from the cell.

It is not important to measure the time it takes light to move between the cell and the clock, for us this is instant for all practical purpose [2 feet]. The important factor is to recognize its "velocity" changing as it moves between them and thus the cell is raising the energy level of the system. From a position where c = {c + (c x .001)} to a position of 2 feet where the cell is setting. The cell must be slightly higher yet. Thus the cells Energy [E] is greater.

2 clocks for a week setting at different distances from a charged cell should give us the measurement for creating a formula including fudge factors and conversion constants if they are necessary.

This is the first tempic field observation I have recorded, and from a conventional background I realize there will be much skepticism.

Dave L

Cold Energy Flow Associated with Electrons

One of those discoveries that happens quite by accident while attempting to accomplish something else, this was a very important observation made during palming an active Joe cell. I had been working with the positive center Joe cell for some time and trying to determine if the energy could be routed to the engine via purely electrical means using wires, coils, and magnets rather then tubes. I devised a coupling device to transfer the energy into a steel table, based on previous torsion research. It consisted of a short 1/2" diameter steel pipe with magnets stuck to it in a RainMaker pattern, that is, all one pole inwards around the pipe.While testing this coupler, various copper wires were used running from the Joe cell through the pipe to see if the torsion could be transferred into the table.

It was then noticed that one of the wires from the power supply [12v at that time] was very radiant with the torsion field energy. The positive feed wire was radiating as strong a field as the Joe Cell itself while the negative wire passing to the Joe cell was not radiant at all. The cold vacuum energy from the cell was flowing along the positive feed wire and back into the power supply. About this time Bernie mentioned how batteries would go dead when connected to Joe Cells and the electrolyte would precipitate all the dissolved chemicals. I surmised that the energy must be returning to the batteries through the positive feed wire, thus it must be transferred by the Electrons themselves slowly moving down the DC path from the Cell.

I placed the positive feed wire through the coupler device and the steel table began to charge up over night. The entire table became radiant with the torsion state of the cell. The wire from the coupler back to the power supply went dead [no torsion sensed]. This would indicate the coupler was doing as expected and the torsion was following the magnetic field.

This led to a possible device for protecting the battery of a car powered by the Joe Cell. Place a short steel pipe around the positive battery cable and stick a ring of magnets around it with one pole pointing in. It was then discovered that 2 neo magnets were enough to accomplish a total discharge state of the positive wire leaving the coupler back to the battery. What ever iron is near the magnets will take the torsion charge and the wire will drop it.
The important discovery for me was the identification that what we have come to call cold energy must be actually simply one tempic field state of Electrons, as this is what interfaces with the outer world for all atoms that remain whole [non atomicly destructive processes]. The alternate tempic field is propagated between normal atoms through the electrons and not some magical proton or neutron flow of beta particles [many exotic theories exist]. A DC current can transfer the vacuum energy to a distant point, then the presence of a strong magnetic field can deflect it back out of the wire.

Dave L

Low Voltage Breakdown of Water - Heavy Water - H2 - O2 versus H - O Gas

In all the water conditioning I have done to date, with any new water including distilled water, there is always a heavy clump of water that collects at the bottom of the cell which is removed by repeated filtering. Some 1 out of 1000 water molecules will be found to have a hydrogen atom having a neutron, and this condition is called heavy water. The Cell will knock these out and they collect at the bottom. All water tested ends up with some heavy water, thus cell conditioning and filtering will probably always be necessary. After this heavy water is removed a noted increase in cell torsion output has always been perceived.

H2 - O2 versus H - O gas

Another little known fact of water electrolysis is that H and O gas will quickly combine to H2 and O2 if too much heat or voltage is present in the breakdown process. Low voltages for water electrolysis will produce pure quantities of H and O atoms, and in this state if burned they will first go through an implosion loosing some 1/2 their gas volume before burning to produce water again. This would appear to be where we have the burning water effects happening, and the secret of Browns gas coming in. At the arc of the explosion there is a barrier around the flame where a very strong implosion is in effect, this creates a torsion field where inner explosion meets outer implosion. Pure H and O burn cold until they hit a metal or highly dense material where temperatures can then reach 1000's of degrees, with an external stream of water leaving the burn point. [I highly recommend a little study of Browns gas for any and all Joe Cell experimenters]. Needless to say the Joe cell is commonly used with a very low voltage battery to maintain its charged state [1.5v], and the cell should never heat up in this mode. A hot cell indicates probably only H2 and O2 will be coming off the top as a gas. The unique properties of pure H and O may be very important to the Cells normal operation in both moving free charged electrons up the tube, as well as creating implosive interactions in the engine. A small volume of water containing thousands of these pure H and O bubbles is very probably what we see being presented in the burning water vedios. Far less energy is required to ignite it then would be necessary to burn H2 O2 gas, as would come from a typical O2 tank.

Engine cycle

It was noted by Bernie early on that a vacuum in air is not likely to generate 125 horsepower in a piston engine with intake valves using springs. Even if the vacuum could become strong enough the valves would open and release the vacuum. I am inclined to agree at this point, and add that the vacuum part of the cycle is probably functioning mainly to cool the combustion chamber between explosions of super heated steam. What could get a hot enough spark plug to create instant super heated steam, and then suck all the heat out of the explosion to keep the engine running cool?  The most probably solution is found in the study of Browns gas with its high torsion properties, and when it hits metals a super heated metal is the result. Since the combustion chamber only lets in a finite amount of H and O the burn stops, and unlike the Browns gas torch, the water is then compressed directly onto the super heated spark plug tip after the implosion burn is over. A small time after the spark implosion effect, it super heats the water droplet. This leads to an explosion of super heated steam that then quickly cools and is not observed as heat.

We trace water from its basic H and O components, through an implosion to H2 - O2 then into an explosion as it burns pushing back outwards, then implodes again to a water droplet. The spin or torsion energy created in this explosion -  implosion envelope around the spark plug hits the metals and now shoots the point temperature up 1000's of degrees in an instant. The water hits the hot metal and transforms to its 4rth state, that of superheated steam becoming the actual power source of the engine. This suggests the Joe Cell powered engine is in reality a steam engine with extremely efficient vacuum cooling on the compression of the stroke and extremely hot and short lived explosions.

[This understanding now makes a strong argument that burning pure H and O in the combustion chamber of an engine would produce an implosive force with a highly radiant tempic field flash (or torsional spin momentum), followed by an explosion of steam at some point after the friction super heats the plug tip. Around the spark there would be an implosion as with Browns gas and the resulting volume of gas produced would be half the precombustion volume, then the gas would burn exploding to implode again to a liquid. This may explain the implosion and the cooling effect, and why the valves are not sucked opened, as the implosion is not the main force powering the engine. After the implosion the tempic field (torque) hits the spark plug and now becomes a super heating source, as with Browns gas hitting a metal of any kind. As the piston continues to compress the chamber the heat now turns the water to steam expanding it once again, and completes the explosive side of the stroke, much like a diesel engine. The heat blast from a tempic field hitting iron can go to several thousand degrees instantly, even if this only gets to the spark plug it may cause an expansion of water to super heated steam. The heat is quickly absorbed back into the engine block, which continues to run cold overall due to its charged vacuum state, and the constant implosions.]

[Couple to this the fact that pure H gas is impossible to contain and will even leak through many materials moving right between the molecules structure, or through any seals, welds, or joints. This is why in the space shuttle they continue to fill the tanks right up to launch time.There is a constant loss of the fuels.The fact that the tube from the cell to the engine must always have a gentle slope and never drop or rise sharply or have a low spot in it. There is probably a circulation of these gases through the tube where the H atoms easily move into the engine block during conditioning phase. Transfer of the H atoms electrons coming off the cell is enough to alter the torsion state of the engine over time moving it into a tempic vacuum state and ready to quickly absorb gobs of heat energy, as with the steel table experiment. A magnetic coupler could be tested to see if this reduces engine charging time, placed on the positive feed wire from the cell.]

Dave L

Equal spacing of tubes

I have now tried several spacing arrangements in the cell and come to some conclusions. A cell with equal spacing between tubes is far nicer to work around. There are no tempic sheers present and the field is more coherent. The inner 1" tube can be dropped without any loss of cell torsion I can detect.


I was not able to observe any blue glow around the cell, the tubes or the wires from the Joe Cell, in either polarity of configuration, that may indicate a strong electrical charge as reported by some experimenters. I did get very powerful torsion fields, and cold vacuum energy flows, and learned much about them, but I have witnessed much stronger ones from copper and crystal devices. Whatever the magic of the Joe cell is, is unobserved by myself at this point until I can study a working device actually running a car. At this point I believe the Joe cell is very probably capable of this. As to torsion or gas implosion interactions I now feel that both are probably present in a working system. I would encourage anyone with interest to experiment with the Joe Cells and help the progress of comprehension continue on this incredible device. Record your observations and results, and please share them with everyone interested.

Dave L 


Sheer point -  Torsion sheer lines - as one palms a torsion field as found in the Joe Cell, as you move outwards are discovered distances where the torsion field is almost as strong as very near the source of the field. It is believed that these hot points in the field are the location of special pressure zones where the platonic or resonant vibrations manifest. Strong fields are layered off the tested Joe Cell at 18 and 36 inches. These sheers indicate that some of the cells are not producing the same output frequency as others and the interaction causes tempic fields grinding against one another. This can also cause headaches at high levels.

SS - Stainless Steel - The Joe cell is built from concentric layers of only Stainless Steel filled with water between them.

JC - Joe Cell 

HV - High Voltage


c_s_s_p group makes no claims as to effects observed, but endeavors to record and share all observations as they happen for general comparison of others work.

Dave Lowrance  

Dell Coleman

Bernie Heere

c_s_s_p group

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