Joe Cell Applications - Radiant Light Model

After working with the cells for a time this was my first experiments in attempting to understand how vibration fields are involved in this, and if they can be adapted to increasing the energy output of cells.
I was using human resonance fields in attempt to vibrate up the water by cutting the tubes to specific length, not yet realizing, nearly any frequency can be installed on a JC tube if there is another one present to interact with it geometrically.
Most of these concepts were later perfected to target the vibration resonance of the water H-O bond, and these old concepts were abandoned. However the concept turned out to be accurate, vibration manipulation, or radiant energy, is the main power source for the cells.

There are many inaccurate statements on this old document, but it shows the progression of learning by doing.
2020 - 4 - 17   Dave L

[Chart corrected for math errors 2 - 5 - 2008 DL  Approx .002" off on 2F and below in old document]
[ Fractals added for clarity 1F,2F,3F,4F have been referenced separately]
[Introduced diamagnetic lengths for water and copper tubing feed]
[New comprehension of Tube delivery systems Length to Engine, and Shielding]
[Aluminum cone angle formula for new sample cell.]
[Diamagnetic response observed between SS rods for a 1/2x shift new section on Design]

Due to the recent work with the Radiant Light Rods this document is organized to offer a model for design that may become useful to the designer of cells.
It was recognized early on that if one knows why they are doing something, they can design intelligently. It is not our intent to limit experiment in any way to any particular set of dimensions or any one of the many possible gravity frequencies that may be available. Each frequency may have different uses yet to be explored. Try some of the lengths first and see how they interact with you personally before proceeding to build a cell. Work is underway to identify more of the light resonant lengths to assist and I have no doubt there are other dimensions that will do many things.

Working with Torsion Systems

A torsion system can be thought of as a device to manipulate Radiant Light. Since this light is already present within all matter and moving at c velocity between all particles and atomic shells, there is already ample energy within a system to power it. Our goal is to discover how to resonate this radiant energy and how to turn it either to a divergent flow creating gravity, or into a convergent flow which may very well create anti gravity, as has been reported in Joe Cell technology. This was previously identified as inflow or outflow, but can now be called by its rightful name, Gravity. The Joe Cell is perfect for making this turn from the linear form resonance to a circular form convergent resonance, directly down shifting Light into power.

All the matter present in and around a Joe Cell will either increase its spin energy, decrease its spin energy, or become neutral to its spin energy, but no matter present can be ignored, because the Light photons are doing this in all matter. This includes every screw, every spacer, and every casing around the cells, and how far they are setting from a resonant element.

Joe Cell Functionality

[As perceived at present]


The tubes linear distance can be thought of as lazar generating pulsing systems, and treated as such will greatly enhance output. They are a direct model of the Light Rods. If cut to correct lengths and perfectly flat on the ends will act as mirrors to set up two flows inside that bounce between the ends. As these flows cross through one another they will crash into one another and generate divergent and convergent pulses at 90 degrees into the water, both inwards and outwards along node positions that form rings down the tube. The tubes will pulse the water with energy. This is what has been sensed, and must be relayed to understand the process.

If the circumference of the tubes is also resonant so that nodes of numbers evenly divisible into 24 land correctly then we will have resonance in two linear directions at 90 degrees on these tubes and there may be a four fold gain in output from this alone. This means circumference of 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x will give higher output then the other combinations. When rods are bent into perfect circles the nodes will always move into a pattern or 6,12,or 24 at highest output. For only these combinations the same nodes along the circumference will match the lengths nodes. [This is the conversion to power of the radiant light, the circle setting up convergence and divergence of the Radiant Light.]

SS tubes. Aluminum tubes are shown to have female spin off their sides and male off their ends. Iron are the reverse of this. Stainless steel is shown to have both, and for an offset of 1/2x we get a diamagnetic pulsing off the sides as well between the two SS rods.


The water is everything, it will receive the pulses and be altered in torsion to spin along these radiant light pulse paths at 90 degrees of the tubes. The water does not pulse but becomes constantly Radiant as a fully diamagnetic substance of constant pressure. If the frequency is one you are not compatible with then headache will proceed when the water is placed into the system. Don't despair you have simply not found the right length to base your designs on yet, or you have included combinations of odd stacking that do not balance fully but produce leaks in the torsion system radiating outwards.

If the water is also set to the same resonant length as the tubes, and if the water nodes align with the tube nodes correctly we may have another 4 fold gain of torsion to the system.
It is evident that even numbered x stacks will be more effective for inflow and for limiting any unwanted radiations from the cells. Water is set 1/2x lower then tubes.
Consider trying the water pitcher experiment with a single rod down the middle to discover combinations for yourself, and check for headaches and such things that may come up causing discomfort, irritability etc.. The rod I used is exactly 1/2" diameter and works great.

As the water comes up to torsion operating levels the rings of density can be sensed around the cell for outflow present. If you succeed at reflecting all the light back inwards I would expect the cell may  begin to levitate at some point of charge and all these out rings will disappear. This is not known however from direct experiment, it may also gain weight. The cell could also disappear if we achieve a total inflow of all radiant light.

Tube Mounting

Obviously treating both the water and the tubes as pulsing lazar generating devices, we realize that any matter appearing inside the lengths of resonance will effect cell output. Joe seems to have come up with the original solution by using spacers that are exactly the same thickness as the cell spacing, set to the positions of a triangle. Further if these are cut to the same exact length and positioned away from nodes or on fractal positions of nodes they will begin to also interact with their own internal Light, either strengthening or decreasing the resonance effect.
Cell spacing can be thought of as being a 2x node length for a generating cell, approximately 1/2". The most desirable spacing for all matter present. 2/8 x or 1/4 x for all pieces entering the water anywhere. Round head screws are out as they will create a divergent reflection. Their material type will not subdue this reflection, but the screws themselves contain light energy also that will interact. I have verified this by creating rods of wood plastic and other materials, they all exhibit the same distances and fractal breakdown with the Radiant light.


Anywhere there is a change of material, there will be a reflection and a new resonance forming in the next layer of material. If you want to set the cell into a plastic mounting enclosure, then spacing will effect the cell as will thickness. If there is an air gap it should be cell spacing, and never 1/2 cell spacing as this will act against the torsion. The thickness of the plastic should approach cell spacing. about 1/2" and never half this or 1/4". For custom designs of fully resonant circumference then use these more accurate dimensions and not the 1/2". These are found in the charts for a specific light resonant frequency. Also below is found the method to determine the spin directions for distance from an active tube or water surface.

The casing is particularly specific radiant outwards of the water cylinder and below it as well. Nothing should change thickness along this up down line of material thickness, and mounting brackets would be best outside both vertical line of water and horizontal line of water. The casing should be at least examined for non resonant or negative effects, even if it can not be made fully resonant at cell spacing.
Plastic touching the cell directly should be treated the same, use cell spacing sizes and avoid exact 1/2 spacing sizes that may set up reversed resonance.

From a gravity standpoint the best casing for a total containment would probably be an aluminum tube casing with correct spacing and thickness to support the cells dominant spin system. The Aluminum being diamagnetic would give the most anti gravity effect possible. As the cell uses a mix of iron, chromium or SS, it is a mix and will tend to both radiate and converge the Radiant Light until the voltages set up the inflow. A properly spaced Al case would increase the inflow effectively, and an improperly spaced one will pull a cell dead faster then any other metal commonly in use.

Cell Dynamics

It was realized that the fields present in the Joe Cell geometry determine which lengths to use where. The diamagnetic field sits at 90 degrees to the magnetic field. The isotope chain alignment of a tube is vertical, so the magnetic lengths will be used vertically. The diamagnetic field will be operating at 90 degrees to this all the way around the tubes like wheel spokes, and  so the diamagnetic spacing is used along this line, moving outwards from center of the cell. The final length, circumference, will be determined by the combinations used. If the tube circumference also hits a sacred length there may be more gains??? In a spherical system this would happen naturally but in a concentric tube system there are many variables. A general rule is to use Golden and Blue Light lengths for all the vertical dimensions of everything including the water, and then use diamagnetic lengths for spacing only along the center to outer radius and diameter of the system. Now the proper fields will be resonating along the correct planes of motion with respect to the Radiant Light.

Fractal Segmenting

[Chart corrected for math errors 2 - 5 - 2008 DL  Approx .002" off on 2F and below in old document]

Chart1 Fractals

Blue line indicates a 2x of the 2F fractal length chart. [.47436"] 

The energy radiant from a resonant rod divides itself into these 8 nodes evenly at very even spacing. Fractals are treated by their maximum length of major nodes. As we cut a rod to 1/8 its length we see 8 new nodes appear. Before we cut the rod these same 8 have very little energy present, after we cut they have as much or more then the larger rod. From this chart can be derived tables if desired to reflect only one Joe Cell light resonant vertical system. First we divide the 15.1796 into 8 equal sections and fill the upper table. For the lower chart we divide one area of the upper chart now into its 8 equal lengths. This is the fractal nature of the Light as it has been observed. This process can be continued to as small or as large as we can manage in practice.

If we understand that a major node system is always present when we have moved above the 2x distance, then we can fathom how the torsion will align between nodes.
The major nodes will dominate and suck the energy out of the minor nodes of  smaller fractal in the same length rod. A rod of the full upper length will suppress the minor nodes and a torsion will manifest between the major nodes that outweighs the minor reversals of spin. As we cut a rod off on its first node now 8 major nodes will manifest at smaller fractal with full spin reversal on each one that is dominant.

If we align two ~15" rods and now slide them apart lengthwise by 1/4" we will feel immediate dissonant torsion and have headache over time. If we now slide them to 1/8 of there total length the interaction will become fully harmonious and very pleasant. The 1/4" distance is once again shown to be a bad effect.

If we select tube size from the 1F chart of 2x or 3x the nodes from chart 2F will be suppressed greatly. If we select an 8x from the 2F chart [1.89"] all 8 nodes will appear strongly. The 1x and 8x are in this manner the same and represent the highest output overall for Light photon Radiance. But torsion is another matter, and will group between the major nodes with one major spin dominant.

Node spin reversals

Chart 2 Node Spin
Spin energy is additive. A 3x spin will add to become an unbalanced spin of 1x and radiate outwards with 1/3 the energy of the spin present to 100's of feet outside the cell. A 4x system will be self contained along its length and should not be radiant outwards to great distance. The tube spacing should be set to an even spacing as well as all components appearing within the complete light resonant system if possible, when completed. Water can be dropped one node to sense and tune the cell for no headache operation of all the parts. Use the chart that fits the part to find the fractal spin total Then locate it in a space of matching spin in the system. This is presently only from observation of wires rods, tubes, and water heights. Experiment with odd stacks should also be considered to verify or refute these findings. A cell built to all odd stacks may become interesting to say the least, and more human interactive. My 3x water level is very radiant outwards, and I love it! Become aware there is a big difference. My 1F-4x water height is hard to get into even at close range.

This principle has only to do with cell radiance and balance. Do not confuse this principle with inflow or outflow. In the Joe cell system voltage polarity will control this. We do not yet understand the total interaction of odd lengths with voltage polarity and experiment is still underway. We now have simply offered a map so experiment can proceed showing the steps, and spin is identified in steps rather then having to shoot in the dark as in past times. With respect to water level we do not know the best. I can tell you that a 1/4" level set wrong can create a headache.


[Node shifting]

Node Shift Diagram

As we take a resonant rod and slowly bend it into a circle, it is not understood why, however observed directly, there is now a shifting of the natural nodes into exact multiples of 6, 12, or 24 around the circle, and all the energy is now radiant along these nodes. Further it is noted that by using the rod Length as a circumference we get now a total resonant system responding to the same light frequency but fully radiant now at 12 or even 24 evenly spaced places. If  the ring is kept opened at one point but touching or even close to touching we get the nodes appearing at exact distances from the cut and thus can now control where they will align along the wheel of 24 directions. This method used between tubes will further align the nodes.

If we now use a light resonant length of 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, or 12x  to make this loop, the distance is maintained from rod spacing to circumference spacing and nodes will not shift at all. It is not fully understood how important this is, but a best guess indicates now along the tubes, node spacing will form a square grid system of tempic field. [The circle into the square, or squaring the circle.] This method has been noticed in other systems as well. Now having a fully balanced grid set up on the tubes of exactly square dimension we should see equal compression from all direction into the cell, a perfect balance of gravity generation to one center of gravity.

Cell Spacing

[The Diamagnetic Lengths]

Spacing diagram

Recent work indicates a very strong node in copper at ~1/2" in from any end. Copper thus cut to ~1/2" interacts strongly with any of the sacred lengths and this is also a diamagnetic node [actual  distance is closer to 33/64" Closer examination of Lathem Lengths has shown this may even be closer to .52".

Here is a sample design showing an active element spacing that may be maximizing this effect for water nodes.
SS is the circle that gives form to the Radiant Light of the Water.
Graphic Cell Design
If the active tubes are set to a golden length and the case to a blue length, or reversed, then a harmony of resonant energies will be present and no headaches should arise for the cell even if odd stacks happen to be present. The diamagnetic lengths, horizontally appearing, will create tremendous power in the cell, and the case will offer a pulsed form of this raw power, making it tolerable, or even pleasant. On inflow polarity of voltage this should mostly turn inwards anyway. So we dimension the water itself to set up the raw power field. Now if we dump the water out we loose the power effect and the cell becomes a harmless radiant system of only healing Light energy of the female aspect.

A Cell set up using Golden lengths in the vertical dimension and diamagnetic lengths as the radius is showing promise. It is however reported to go dead at nightime, and then recharge itself during the day.
Peaks of low were reported by vertran cell experminters as 3AM and 2PM, and corresponding highs at 11AM and 8:30PM.


Centering Graphic

As a meditator I must mention that if all the Resonant Light lengths are centered we get a much nicer feeling harmony, however this is not necessary for transfer of energy between systems, only one node in each system needs alignment to couple them all together. This would entail extending the outer container downwards with another SS cylinder of the same diameter as the case. Now all the energy is transfered between all layers from a center position and we only need consider ways to get alignment at the center. The following samples represent a few compromises.


Diagram Element spacing

It was noted that two SS tubes set to 1/2x different heights create a pulsing diamagnetic repulsion. Also that an Aluminum and SS rod offset by this amount creates a strong torsion interaction. It is believed that doing this with the water will increase cell strength. As well it can be done with the tubes if there is ample distance to play with. It was also discovered that the lengths used must be diamagnetic lengths on the cells horizontal spacing, but can be other frequencies in the vertical alignment. This is one quality not available with the spheres, which will be wrapped with only one spacing and thus contain only one frequency. The picture on the left shows the water height for tubes of 2x height. On the right is shown a staggered tube spacing for a 1x 2x combination set staggered by 1/2x.
Now the tubes also repel one another, and not merely the water. [Effect not yet tested for staggared tubes.]

The water is now a 2x height exactly and so are the tubes, offset by 1/2x where diamagnetic interaction is maximized.

These are dimensions to be used along the horizontal of the cells that may aid operation for all diamagnetic materials present.

Cell spacing fractal choices:

    Laythem Length fractal   1x - 8.34375"   [8 - 11/32"]  1/2x =  4.171875" [4 - 11/16"]
    Triangle inner leg -          1x- 2.3"            [2 - 19/64"]   2x    =  4.6"           [4 - 19/32"]
    Phi Length  -                     1x  [ 166mm]    
[6 - 15/32"]
    Base cell spacing -            .52"

These lenghts are used for the vertical dimensions:

Tube heights, case heights, water heights:
     Blue -   1x -  3.458"     2x - 6.9167"   3x -  10.375"
     Gold  -  1x -  1.8975"   2x - 3.795"     3x -    5.6925"    4x -  7.59"

One could simply take the tubes and drop them to the bottom then draw a filling line inside the case. Now jack the tubes up to running height about 1/2x of vertical node length.

Tube Spacers:

Diagram Spacers

2 shades of grey shows some spacer options. All spacers to be cut to a 1/2x or 1/8x fractal of the Golden or Blue Light length chosen for the tubes, hopfully matching the tubes height off the bottom. If they are cut as exact wedges with curve inside and outside but straight sides then no curves will be present to create divergent radiations.  A spacer should be a 1/2x length along its vertical dimension.

Golden Light spacer heights:
1x bottom spacer 1.89745"
1/2x top spacer 1.89 / 2 =   .94875  = 61/64"  ~  15/16"
1/8x optional shorter spacer 1.89 / 8 =  .2371875 = 15/64"  



It is also noted that the 1/2" measurement has been further refined as a strong diamagnetic node for copper lengths.

0.515625" - or - 33/64"

This is slightly bigger then 1/2"
It is unlikely we can locate stock SS down to the 64 of an inch for a diameter but this increase will give another gain, I have no doubt..
In this first design of Light Resonant components we have ignored tube circumferences.

2"         -  6.283185"
3.125"  -  9.81747"
4.25"    -  13.35176"
5.375"  -   16.8886"

Cones and Tops

It is the main objective to transfer this torsion system to the engine. Can you already guess the best tube size?
The cones to transfer torsion most efficiently must align its angle with one of the 24 angles of coupling for torsion systems. Since this cone will cross all the cells at top we could consider the best angle to intercept each one with correct reversed or 2F 2x multiples of spacing.

Generally any angle from 90 degrees to straight up, in steps of 15 degree increments will become a transfer system for the Light photons to couple and shoot through. If the top of the case is also a 1F-2x multiple of spacing distance off the top of the tubes then if we slant at 45 degrees we hit over every tube at the same adding spin node position. Figuring now the air as a secondary medium of transfer and calculating its distance as a fractal. However we have also noted the special angles of 30 and 60 degrees are more coherent to generating electric fields then the others.

Consider a 45 degree cone ending in a 1/2" tubing system. Now the centers of the rings will hit the cone at a square root of node squared distance along the cone??? Back to the fractal charts. A chart of various cone angles should be made to consider these distances up the cones and determine spin interaction.  A flat lid at the correct height may make this a bit simpler. An exact length of 1.89 from tubes to cone top might even produce the blue glow???? Work needs to be done in this area, but now you can see why.

Top diagram
Pictured is one section of the cone rising over the tubes of the cell below it.

An angle of 60 degrees rise will give a function of 1 2 3 for the triangle formed between tube spacing rise and cone length within this segment? This would seem to create a 6x distance exactly along the cone, a 2x along the cell spacing, and a 4x rise. This would probably be the best angle, other then a perfect 90 at correct height. These two look best right off. A 30 degree lid angle would also be additive as to spin.

As one begins to combine different resonant system, using one frequency for water and another for the tubes angles, this will have to be charted again. Distance between the tubes will be the waters lengths, and distance above the tubes may be the tubes fractal lengths. One thing we must realize, there is no one perfect angle for all the possible Joe Cell designs.

For an Aluminum or Copper lid cone:

We work with the diamagnetic numbers now rather then the iron ones.
For the upper example, in cell spacing section we have a Run of  9/16" per 2x between all tubes, but along the cone we still want a length of 33/64" if possible between 2x nodes because this material is not broken up. 1 2 3 no longer works perfectly. The exact angle will be the cosine of .5625 / (.515625 *3) I believe. This should be a little less the 60 degrees if I got the formula right. The 6x side needs to run further to compensate for the 1/16" tube widths. This method will couple the waters convergent spin into the lid perfectly.

Delivery Tube


I think we can see that possibly copper tube may be the preferred method of coupling. Since this is copper it must be treated like a diamagnetic material. The scope of trying to predict a node alignment in copper would be impossible for me at this point. We can expect to see nodes of some kind at almost every 1/2" with some missing, some turned inwards and most turned outwards. Magnetic fields will shift the nodes compressing them together, as we move along in space and encounter them. Copper nodes are very reactive to the outside world. This is the downside to Joe Cell functionality both at the water and the Copper level.

There are three approaches I see best for copper tube considerations and different reasons for trying each.

1/2" OD Copper Tubing - [Optic Propagation]

5/32" OD Copper Tubing or 1/8" ID  - [Resonant Propagation]

Wire of a heavy gauge

1- For 1/2" an Aluminum shield at 1-1/2" ID diameter would be the premium isolation for this tube, but not very practical. The 1/2" spacing around the inner tube would increase the energy as it propagates. This system would be very hard to build and all angles would have to conform to the wheel of 24. 1/2" is based on a resonance in the air between the copper, treating torsion as a wave in space.

2- Personally I would avoid the 1/4" tube sizes, and even favor 1/8" over that choice, not wanting to experience a headache from dissonance. 1/4" size will encompass only one side of spin, and drop the other. However if we take 1/2" as a circumference .15915" is the diameter, and 1/8" .125 ID copper may come close with its thickness added. The ideal would be probably 5/32" OD copper tubing if one could find such a thing. This is based on a copper circumference offering resonance around it, and assuming that having a 90 degree resonance will aid keeping the level higher as it propagates.

3- If we view the wire as a Light Resonant system, torsion will be delivered from a node on one end to a node on the other end. Wires of resonant length can couple to a cell node and then an engine node can be set up as well.

Length to Engine:

As copper produces strong inflow nodes at 1/2" [33/64"] on either end of any wire length that is resonant to Light, this may be a better approach. Even bent into a coil with straight ends these nodes will appear and are very reliable.  If we simply cut the tube to an exact Lathem or Phi Length multiple of 8x. There will be a strong 1/2" node on both ends. The strong tempic field coherence of the resonant length will couple the energy end to end and that is that. Stay with smooth curves or sharp angles of the wheel of 24 [15 degree increments.] Use the lengths for Water Height found in the charts above and set up an even count end to end. Only use one of the lengths they cannot be combined that I am aware. As the entire length comes up to torsion at resonance it will transfer torsion end to end without loss. It would be interesting to try a simple wire for this as well, we have never made this connection before! It should work extremely well. A few examples.

51 - 3/4"
66 - 3/4"
147 - 1/2"

Iron - Electron
See above charts for heights.

At the end we work with the last 1/2" or even 1" overlaying the blind plug, and then propagate from there to the engine. The insulating material needs to be scanned for nodes but will very probably be strong at the golden light distance, as well as iron [engine] and air. If the tube is made resonant at one of the iron lengths it will probably become a torsion propagation element also.


Where the tube joins the cell, we want the node setting at .515625" [~1/2"] to hit the cones top point of crossing, or we want it to hit the common node of the cell down inside the water at bottom center.
A hypothetical cell having say 6" long tubes, with a water gap at the bottom of 33/64" will set the waters strongest coupling node to the bottom of the tubes. If we stick the tube all the way to the bottom now its node will align at the same place and sould couple just fine. This cell if filled to the top of the tubes will come out very close to a phi length of 6.5354366" and this cell should be quite strong for water depth also. If the tubes are instead made to 6.0198116" it would hit exactly at the top also. While the tubes do not seem to be Light resonant, the water is and this will create a strong cell at the power level, with probably little higher pulsing of golden or blue light.

Engine coupling of Torsion

I wanted to offer a possible alternate method that could be tested. Where the end section node of a copper wire of Light resonant length is brought to the engine, An iron transfer system could be used having a carefully spaced node where the wire is inserted to 33/64" deep. The iron would wrap this at exact 33/64" distance around it and then attach directly to the engine. This would maintain a direct physical coupling. Rubber heat resistant hose or a rubber flask stopper could make up the difference, with all the correct dimensions to fill the gaps and fit snuggly. Whatever the diameter of the feed copper we then work outwards to design the plug system. Having the iron completely wrap the tube will transfer torsion from the entire wheel of 24, and the Radiant Light should flow better to the engine block.


We now see why Joe cell is flaky as to outside EM. The diamagnetic materials all shift their nodes. When EM hits the water or the copper transfer tube all the nodes compress and alter distances, shifting the torsion fields off design alignment and killing water spin resonance. Shielding will rely on keeping EM out without using magnetic materials!

To minimize this we may try to set up two diamagnetic fields to work against one another. Aluminum shields with 1/2" inch spacing. No iron can be used as this will draw off the torsion and it will never reach the engine, Faraday cages are out. The outer layer will cancel the EM because that is what induction does!

The superior method, a scalar coil wrapped over the tubes will cancel EM and convert it directly to torsion which may help or hinder things. A mobius wind would be messy as to headaches, so an even wound Smith or weave might work best, or simply a bifillar wired to cancel EM. Place a rubber hose over the tubbing and try to get a full 1/8" or 1/2" thickness to raise the coil off the transmission tube. Wind the coil over it and before you fire up the system short the ends of this coil. After shutdown open them. This places two coils wound opposing directions over the transfer tubing that will cancel EM from outside trying to enter the system. This would probably take hours to wind, but hey, if you want your car to go under power lines then have at it.

A similar coil could be placed around the whole cell for shielding, but remember a proper gap is necessary to maintain 1/2" cell spacing.
This sort of system will take the interfering EM and convert it to usable torsion energy, and this may actually increase the cells functionality rather then decrease it. This is putting the EM back together into a Radiant Light energy.

As a cheap alternate two layers of Aluminum shorted at the wheel of 24 positions around them, or with a seperate switch at one point, and spaced 1/8" or 1/2" apart may also tend to cancel EM entering the cell. One must use two diamagnetic materials hitting one another in cancelling form. If the EM gets to the SS then we are lost and all water nodes will start to shift and break up spin allignment! Use caution on this so as to avoid a resonant height as there will be no way to shut it off! With the water we can alter the level or dump it out. With a solid Al structure there is no way short of cutting it up if it starts to resonate Radiant Light energy.

Charging Power Supply:

Diagram Power Supply

By careful alignment of the cell charging delivery wire one can charge the cell with both E field and T field.
The node that appears on the wire from the scalar coil can be used to align the cell, as well deliver a torsion force to the cell as the voltage sets up the water alignment. It should be placed on the tubes seam line. If correct distances are found this may greatly enhance cell charging rates, especially for high loss cells that were not made light resonant. The torsion field of a scalar coil will propagate out with the electrons direction of travel down the wires. From the scalar bismuth coil to the cell must be an exact light resonant length of some form. The return positive wire can have a normal iron core filter. This will stop the torsion from reaching the power supply and also filter the AC ripple off the charging DC voltage hitting the cell.To make these scalar cancelling coils a bifillar wind is fine, current must flow both direction in adjecent wires on the form. No filter capacitor is used as this would alter the dynamics of this charging system using both AC ripple and DC input to create the voltage and torsion to charge the cell.

Blue Light Lengths

From the info received in meditation it seems apparent that a fully functional buoyant anti gravity system would use all three of the lengths in some way, to achieve full stability.
The Blue chart  appears to be different in that, its length of 20.75" there are only six segments for fractal division rather then 8. This gives approximately 3.4583" segments on the 2F chart with six divisions on all charts. Charts may be laid out as above to experiment with this system as well. I have been getting very good effects from combining the two systems thus far with the rods and no headaches even though very strong fields are present. They blend to produce a sense of spin, or rolling. If we then add the diamagnetic form distances at some point, we could expect a very strong power added to the inner of the system somewhere. Caution is indicated whenever moving to the diamagnetic chart in the matrix document, as it is the strongest of all the sensed length to date. One dissonant length in the the system will then create total torsion havoc!

Spiritual Context

Many of the cell builders are having conversations with their cells and communicating at many levels with them already. This section is to relate what I have personally observed for myself in their use. Observe yourself and seek the answers within you, not from others. Compare notes with others, but experience for yourself if a thing is workable. If it is not working for you , then do it different. Something no scientist wants to face but is the nature of the conscious energy. If you have no faith that there is Light energy within matter of sufficient power levels to accomplish work, go to the physics section of the university web sites on Quantum physics and start to read it. Pay close attention to how photons propagate and how energy is exchanged. Now study the nature of Voltage and how it moves at c velocity and note the differences. Consider Tom Beardens work on vacuum energy and the E vector potential.

While in physics they will describe Light as an Electromagnetic form, at the same time you will discover that magnetic fields do not bend light, only gravity bends light. Radiant Light is the propagation medium of Gravity. E and B fields are the propagation medium of Electromagnetic forces and these are not Radiant.  The force they have missed to define, Spin! It is carried within the Radiant Light. In the spiritual arena there are a multitude of references to the "Light" and even the "Radiant Light" from nearly every path I am aware. I believe we will see the crossing of these two into one new awareness of the Light itself and how it powers all things. Using this power it becomes nearly impossible not to have these kind of experiences, nothing less then Spiritual revelations.

As these cells open and start to power up altering gravity, you may also experience emotional development. Much courage and drive if present will allow one to master this at each blockage, if we become aware and expect it. Scalar devices have long been recognized to have this effect on humans and no one to date I am aware has offered explanation as to why, before Kosol Ouch stepped in and started suggesting we look for the Spiritual reasons. Observe yourself and seek emotional assistance if needed. I cannot count the number of torsion systems I have destroyed to regain a balance in my life and try to comprehend this in operation. This is proof enough for me they contain power.

All the knowledge presented in this document is direct result of influences of Kosol Ouch and Kosol Open forum yahoo groups and the Guardians of Light, where it started. It is freely shared, and Kosol is one of the only men I have personally worked with willing to operate in this mode publicly, through failures and successes, without concern as to how others perceive him. Whether he is considered sane or insane is how one reacts to having the light pushed directly into your face for a close look at yourself and how you react to others. The conscious devices will accelerate these reactions and often become a mirror to our own souls. There were almost no other Spiritual seekers I am aware working openly with energy devices, most will take a back seat and wait for the ones that finally work, or simply work in secret. I have relied on Kosol for the right push at the right time and always listen for the information when he calls up. It is often where I will need to be looking at the next step.There are now many others coming into the opened as well, as the public perception has slowly changed towards the Spiritual nature of science. More education is necessary to bring the mass population up to speed with over unity devices.

Most all the information presented was a combined effort by members that were connected on the Kosol Groups. The rod spin reversals and node existence, were detected, modeled, and or confirmed from Alaska, Canada, Germany, Australia, and worldwide support team at c_s_s_p and Kosol forums. Interaction were not always consistent for everyone, but are progressing. We all perceive a piece of the big picture.

The first lengths were observed by Lyle Lathem to which we owe a debt of gratitude for openly sharing this knowledge.
The Blue and Golden lengths were observed by myself just recently, I have no knowledge if others have found these also.
Joe cells were observed by Peter Stevens I believe, and presented publically by Joe.

I wish all the best for all experimenters with this new form of energy.

Kosol has requested we observe this technology is from the Light, manifesting to him by the Guardians.
I also recognize this is where credit needs to be given. It is Light technology.
For me never has the work more directly pointed to this then now.

David Lowrance
c_s_s_p group
Kosol Groups