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Energy Flow and Coupling to Automotive Engines


From August 16 through 24  2008, three of us met up in Oregon to assemble, align, and install Joe Cells in running vehicles to see if we could experience the "magic" of Cellery.
We were successful in observing approximately 10 to 20 seconds of a gasoline engine running cold, without gas, and RPMs soaring.
The following document is provided to describe and record our methods, observations, and feelings, as we all came together working in unity for the common goal.
The document is organized as a presentation of what we did, and at the bottom some discussion topics.
[Several diagrams, notes, and data have been added to the document on 8 - 30 - 8]


Bernie had 3 vehicles ready for us to play with and tweak. 


The Honda Accord - The Motor Bike
Bernie had set up a MAP control potentiometer and an Oxygen sensor battery powered potentiometer for altering the electronic brain on the Honda.
These were used to starve the engine of gas and compare cells abilities to interact with the engine while driving the vehicle on the highway.


The Pinto
The only one having total control of the timing over a nice range on the distributer, and no electronic ignition.
Bernie had removed the capacitive discharge and replaced the distributer.
The block and heads are iron and so took longer to charge up from the cell.


We spent the first few days aligning and charging up various cells and then driving them around in the passenger foot compartment of the Honda.
The Honda's engine sits sideways, and the torsion fields can easily be felt in the front seats of the car as the RPMs increase.
One would drive and the others would sense the cells, move them about to test various distances, and generally see if they were effecting the vehicles power levels.

Bill Cell
Based on the Bill Williams Cell this is 1 foot high with 8" long tubes.
We found it to be coupled to the sun mostly and seemed to go down at night time if no power was left connected to it.
At one point we lit a super bright LED with this cell and the cell was able to carry the current.
This was the strongest of all the cells "sensed" and the one we installed into the Pinto.
For torsion output I give it a 10 during daylight hours, or with a small voltage setting on it.

Golden Light Cell

This cell has tube length of the Golden Light [GL length].
The center tube has a heavy SS wire welded to the bottom outside edge.
The welding process reverse polarized the tube.
We were able to reverse it back by pulsing the tube with a 12 volt battery.
We laid SS plates over top and bottom then pulsed +12 volts to the top and negative lead to the bottom.

This cell in the Honda was a lot of fun for sensing and positioning to the engine.
If placed up on a small stand such that the cells center was about level with the heads of the engine we got very good torsion coupling to the engine.
The cell was taped three times slowly to get the torsion peaked.


On the left a peanut cell [Peanut butter jar mounting] this cell is cut to the golden light length and becomes very strong if it is aligned properly.
On the right a "blue light" length setup, with only one water gap, alignment is extremely tight on this length but the frequency is higher.
The voltages on both these cells was very high and stable for long periods of time when they are tweaked.
As well the frequencies are very pleasant to work around.


This is one of Bernies' best cells, the tubes are 7 inches long and the outer can is sealed with a plastic bottom cap. The top is an overturned tapered SS bird feeder dish.
This cell seems to be the best overall performer for stability at night and consistent torsion output, [size].
The bottom has only a small bolt for attachment out the side, but using the SS strapping seen laying beside it, it couples very effectively into the cars body.

MoJo Cell


Here Kel is filling the MoJo cell for sensing and testing.
Notice the smile as this cell energized with the charged water from the 1 gallon glass jars Bernie uses.
The MoJo is an entire experience in itself that every Cellery practitioner should do at least once.
It forms a platonic water vibration on its surface and gives us a close look and "feel" at just what the water molecules are doing in the water geometrically.

Here are some of my imediate notes on the MoJo [MJ] cell.
We set up the MJ in two different configurations. It is the Auto system with hole at top which Kel filled with a connector. The small diameter meant we had to fill the cell with a plunger pump resembeling a shot needle.
The first config we assembled the cell with all spheres complete. At each step we slowly turned the hemispheres to resonate on the wheel of 24.
What this means, is that any circular metal or SS form sets up its own wheel of 24 torsion nodes around it, and each piece can be tunned into all the other pieces where a torsion peak will be felt if there is a field present to sense this. This includes all elements and all bolts also. Once a cell is tweaked this way its field is instant and strong.
Bernies area here is so charged at this point, that taking any cell and filling it with his charged water, the cell will instantly come up to the correct voltage allignment, negative inwards. This makes the area easy to work in, however does not give a true assessment of any one cells ability to come up alone. All the cells in the area are interactive. We have well over 7 going now.
What I get from the MJ cell is nothing less then amazing, and we were all rather spellbound with its unique spherical field.
It is the best water cell I have ever felt, but the key here is for meditation. I studied the field, cut two strong resonant lengths, and discovered an unexpected effect when the water is dumped out.
8.475 cm
7.025 cm
Cut these lengths in SS wire, hold them up to and touch the outer surface and you will see what the resonant rods are all about.
The MJ we have here resonates physically to these on a series of platonic nodes around its surface, where hitting a node flares them up strongly. Scan the surface to locate these nodes, using a wire.
The field is radiant in layers just like the RM [RainMaker] field, and surprisingly it responds consciously much faster then a normal Joe Cell, and only a bit slower then a full crystal sphere. The field is also immediatly stronger then a Rain Maker [RM], and needs far less building energy from yourself.
Within Bernies energy space we all sat here talking and you could see the energy levels bringing us all to state of Joy over time, laughter,..etc, all the normal higher frequency Light energy effects, that I previously only felt in the Golden Light lengths.
The next day Kel emptied the cell into a gallon glass jar to reconfigure the cell. During this day while sensing Bernies water, I noticed the water from the MJ had gone completely dead. It was not still charged like water removed from a standard Joe Cell. We reasoned that since the Moe Joe has a spherical field all the water sets up a different spin angle with respect to the earth, and mixing the water comming out of a cell now disperses all angles at random and totally destroyes the coherent torsion field. The water goes dead as it is poured out of the cell, or at the least is doing something very different then we see with the JCs.
Kel reconfigured the cell as one outer sphere with all half spheres inside it. He wanted to see if it would act more like a JC now that all the tops of the inner spheres were opened like the top of a JC. I was not impressed! LOL! The cells power dropped to about half, but the outer surface still had the nodes all over it. The bottom of the cell was now much stronger then the top and it lost its special spherical quality.
Coupling the MJ cell to the car was easy, I sat the bottom bolt on a finger, finger on the car and started sliding down the cars length until I found the natural resonant nodes, where the car would take the cells energy and couple. This worked on all the cells for the most part, but was very strong for the MJ due to the powerful center pin field.
MJ Perceptions Engine Operation:
During my visit to Bernies we hit on a gassless running engine one time thus far, where the engine temp dropped fast. This was using a large 1 foot tall standard cell with 8" tubes. My point, I am no expert on running engines in this way. So take my impressions as one perception on this.Our goal here was to evaluate the engine coupling performance of various cells, so we loaded them up in cars and drove around quite a bit to see how the field felt with the different engine angles.
The larger cells have far more energy to light up the entire surface of a car faster, almost to headache levels, as the engine recieve a different gradient from the outside of the cell. Delivering this tempic field gradient from both sides of the cell is paramount to charging the car and engine to an alternate torsion state.
The smaller cells are more criticle to tunning, and locating the body connection on a resonant node of the cars geometry to completely charge the vehicles.
Driving with the MoJo cell showed that the geometry of the cells field does not readilly couple in one spin plane of motion, or if it does it is not percpetible.
With a standard tunned up cell, after driving a few miles down the road there is a notable peroid where the engines torsion fields begin to connect into the cell, and you can feel this if you are touching the cell. This is two torsion fields coupling that are predominantly spining all in one or two planes of motion at 90 degrees. With the MJ cell this process is not happening without considerable psi effort and at best it is weak. The mass of spinning water is not vertical but curved around.
The Moe Joe Cell is probably better placed into a UFO craft of platonic form to recieve this higher kind of energy, and more what the RM and Kosol devices have been all about. In every way this cell is more suited to conscious direction in platonic form, as I can sense this. It is far easier to slide into consciously then I could have ever dreamed.
The standard JC's are more like wheels or spin energy, or single tornadoes having a dual spin center.
The MoJo is an incredible, conscious, and healing device, having far better impact on the human organism then a simple wheel can deliver, it is a step above cellery, and may or may not be compatible with the tube geometry of the JC tech.
It stands to reason that "Moshe" a beautiful soul, would have created a healing device for the world of this incredible magnitude, and the path he is on. Spirit uses us all to accomplish its will, and uses all our unique talents and abilities differently. We are much stronger in the sharing.
I highly recommend if you have not yet felt a MJ cell, you should make every attempt to find somebody who has one just to work around it for a few days in the charged up state. If you are a torsion field sensitive you will fall in love with it as it brings up the waters vibrations as a fully platonic form. The "icosahedron resonance" is not only verifyable but pleasant to discover. Just as the snow flakes will form into this pattern when you send them Love, the cell will form a full large size version and you can locate all the nodes.


 Assembling a cell is truly an art, and here are the tools of the trade.
Nice rubber hammer for seating the plastic spacers and aligning the tops of the tubes accurately.
Needle nose pliers with plastic covering to turn the tubes alignment without scratching them, while peaking up the natural torsion nodes.

Gravity Cell

This beautiful cell was machined to perfection on a lathe by Bernie on my last day. He built it to my specifications for the gravity fractal length, a full 2x.
It is machined to the nearest .001" and all the tubes are perfectly the same length.I will be testing it out up here in Alaska.
Bernies' system for cleaning and shining up the tubes, then a quick acid soak to remove all impurities is very effective.
I was very pleased with this cell as it radiates quite a bit of torsion even without any water in the cell.
It is not for the first time experimenter who may not yet be able to handle strong torsion fields.
Gravity length: 1x= 2.93307, 2x= 5.86614"

Also I have been totally converted to using glass containers for all water conditioning as well as spring water.
The entire area in Bernies' assembly area was filled with vibration which made alignment a breeze.
Just having a few of these gallon sized water containers around filled with stage 3 water makes a big difference for aligning cells.

Cell Charging

As the stage three water from Bernies electrolizer is added to an aligned cell,
it usually comes up to a voltage with all gaps polarized correctly already.
This can range from .1 to .9 volts per gap.
We then used a 3 to 5 hz pulse from a 555 timer to charge to about 5 to 6 volts.
Positive wire on the outer can at the top, and negative on the inner tubes outer bottom edge, or on the lower through bolt if present.
Bernie has this down so well we did not get even one reversed cell gap during all the initial cell assembly process.
The 555 circuit was the only one we used on all the cells for initial alignment, even the big one.
There was no need to create any bubbles to get voltage alignment established.

Weather Effect

Alignment and filling of many cells during a single day brought in an unusual weather condition.
Intense rain and a bit of lightening not normal for this time of year.
This subsided as the cells came up to their static strength.
We also placed one GL peanut cell in reverse polarity [outflow], stuck it inside a large
Aluminum tube and placed it outside on a sacred earth node position to help counter the weather interaction.


Earth nodes can be located using a 13.5 cm wire rod. Having one of copper and one of iron held touching, allows very accurate locating.

Installing the Cell

The cell installed in the Pinto.
We chose a location away from the exhaust manifold to avoid a heat problem.
Drilled a hole through the body and then sat an insulator under the cell and a rubber hose along the upper body to avoid shorting the outer case to the body ground.
The center tube of the cell is now grounded into the cars body.
The effect was not one I expected. The entire body of the car was filled with the strongest torsion of the cells center tube,
and over the next 24 hours grew to very notable power level where I could slide a hand along the cars outer skin and feel nodes everywhere.
Setting inside the car was preferable to standing outside in the field gradient where a possible torsion headache might ensue.
When ever a torsion field hits iron or carbon steel we can expect it to become highly radiant, and the cars body is ideal for this.

Pinto Install 1

The output tube was routed into the base of the carburater where the "spark gap" is covered with a plastic hose.
The crankcase vent tube is removed from this vacuum port and plugged or routed down under the vehicle.
The distance of the gap is now adjusted to give the strongest torsion coupling to the engine.

The spark plug wires must be kept a couple inches away from this tube, we tied them back using cable ties.
The length of the tube was cut on a node position for strongest coupling, then a SS wire was tightly wound around its end for adding a positive voltage.
This + voltage can be carefully adjusted to peak the cells torsion levels, and several voltages were recorded for this cell producing peak torsion levels.
We used a very simple voltage divider, a pot and 3 clip leads from the battery.
The voltage can be taped three times to peak the torsion spin angle also to get "gas number three."
This effect has been verified as very real. The "three taps" will step the torsion output through low, medium, and maximum jump.

Leaning out the Gasoline


  Since the gas jets were sealed in this carburater, Bernie designed a clever gas bubbler setup [fuel vaporizer].
It consists of a glass jar with a tube from the outside air down and into a filter under the surface of the gas,
and then an outlet tube near the top to transfer vapors to the engines vacuum ports.
A thumb over the free tube will regulate the fuel flow.

It is routed into two vacuum ports on the intake manifold and controlled by using a finger over the intake tube to regulate fuel flow.
Then the valve in the fuel line is shut off and the engine will barely run, drawing only evaporated gas from the jar seen above.
The main danger for this setup was discovered to be when the engine stopped we got a splash back and fuel would shoot out the regulator tube at us!
The setup needs more design and an inlet valve to regulate this vacuum more accurately, but was adequate for our initial purposes.
Bernie suggested a check valve and a needle valve for flow regulation be added in the future.

High Voltage Spark Polarity

We also investigated our HV spark to detect it was pulsing a negative spike.
Placing a clip lead around the HV wire off the coil with only a couple turns, and leave the end opened forms a capacitive coupling to the O scope.
Reversing this later to a positive pulse did not produce the desired effect for us.
[You can easilly reverse the coils two low voltage feed wires to produce a positive HV pulse.]

Three Taps

The three taps to energize the Joe Cell  causes an increase in torsion at each one.
The second is about two times stronger then the first, and the third is about another five times stronger then the second.
There must be adequate time for each to fully energize the water before release.
In this large cell it took about 5 seconds for each one to fully finish.
Place the voltage on the cell, wait for 5 sec, now remove it, wait a couple seconds and then go again.
This is like a ring counter and on the fourth tap it will drop back to step one.

Magnetic Poles on Engine Discovered

Bernie had me also scan the engine and cell with a compass from time to time.
After the engine came up to a strong torsion field we discovered that the compass would
consistently point to the engine from any direction inside or above the engine compartment.
The N or red end of the compass pointed to the top of the engine.
The S or clear end pointed to the bottom of the engine.
This indicates the field had become stronger then the earths background field.

When holding a compass up near "unmagnetized iron" you can generally get either end to point at it as the compass itself is a magnet.
Lock the needle and then reverse the compass, if it flips back then the metal is truly magnetized.
If it does not flip back the metal is probably neutral and either end of the compass will seem to point to it.
The compass was indicating anywhere in the engine compartment and just over it,
it flipped back consistently towards the engine and not towards the cell.


I believe it was Thursday evening when everything finally came together.
I had been sensing the cars torsion fields along the outer body, and on the engine, and tweaking the voltage on the cell for only about 24 hours, while recording the voltages.


We left power on the cell all night at a peaked torsion state, using the voltage adjustment. In the morning the car was humming with torsion energy.
Current in the cell was probably only 60 micro amps or so, but torsion peaks were very possible at these low currents. My notes follow.

Bill Williams Cell

1 foot inside can
tubes 8" tall

14.9 cm  - resonant wire length

spark plug gap to match .045"

Torsion Peaking Voltages on Cell
3.5 v
       11.78 ***
I do not know why this large cell has so many peaks, the smaller cells have usually only a few.
11.78 v is where I left the voltage overnight.

During this time Bernie had me check the main crank shaft pulley, to discover it was not charging up with torsion at all.
He started the engine and taped the pulley with +12 volts after which I confirmed the crank shaft pulley was now pumping a torsion field strongly.

Kel was adjusting the timing and throttle, and I believe Bernie had hands over the carburater to block the air flow down while he was hitting the starter button.
The engine started on lean fuel, and was running. Gas feed tube valve was shut off.
Kel started to advance the timing slowly and the engine began to heat up profusely, as the gas was now firing too soon and starting to fight itself.
Then we hit the magic timing angle and the engine started to go cold.
I looked over at the gas bubbler and noticed it was not sucking or bubbling at all.
I assume the finger regulating it had now plugged off the flow completely.
We were all rather stunned I think and almost in disbelief for the period of about 10 to 20 seconds
as the engine ran extremely smooth, at a high RPM, and seemed to be cooling much too fast.
Kel then increased the throttle only a very small amount, and the magic ended!
The engine died on the spot.
I reached down and laid my hand on it and it was only slightly warm.
It struck me that no iron engine could cool down that fast after such a heat buildup just previous to this.

Kel and I seemed to know we we had done it, Bernie was more critical until he also touched the engine.
For me this was the proof that the cold or vacuum energy was not only present but actually offering quite a power burst.

Future Assessment

We decided that the distributer centrifugal advance may have been what caused the engine to loose its perfect  timing angle
as the throttle was opened, and there were probably many other things that could be improved for future attempts at repeating this experience.
A battery charger of high current would be very handy, and reduce waiting times between starting tests that emptied the battery completely.
A better adjustable cell voltage regulator for peaking torsion on the cell during car charging, as the starter motor lowers this voltage.
A meter for detection of torsion nodes for cutting tubes and cell placement that anyone can learn to use.
The parameters have already been well defined as to using accurate vacuum to control the engine, and to having the timing fully locked at one setting about 70 degrees advanced.
The only thing I may add to the mix is that to get peak torsion fields forming one does not need high currents in the cell at all, but only an accurate voltage setting on a torsion peak.

I am told that we got this effect in record time for an engine with iron heads, 24 hours.
I would encourage any inclined to checkout development of a torsion node meter system, combined with a voltage feed back that could do this automatically.
First one must verify that nodes can be measured using specific devices and then learn what to expect from them.
The basic torsion meter is now a possibility as Bernie had first observed, that on a torsion node the EM goes silent.

Node 1

Measuring Torsion

I have updated this document to suggest a line of investigation into a torsion metering device based on what Bernie has observed to date, and I have also confirmed.
As to sensing techniques and building torsion sensitivities there have already been numerous documents created in the Light Rod sections.
Where the background torsion field rises for inflow devices, the EM noise floor begins to drop.
This is the key to a metering device.

Inflow Torsion is inversely proportional to the EM background noise floor.
This is why when a UFO flies over all the electronics go dead.

Motor Cycle Tests

Motor Bike

The 7" tube cell was coupled into the vacuum line of the all Aluminum engine of the motor bike.
All the standard manipulations of the cell, the three taps and a strong field on the engine for 24 hours.
It seemed to me that the bikes torsion field was present very strong almost from the instant we hooked the cell to it and got the spark gap right.

Bike engine frequency was measured at 11.4 cm resonant wire length held off sides of heads just behind engine.
Due to the engines opposing pistons no torsion could be sensed off the outer sides of the engine while running.

We tried a higher voltage on the cell. The bike seemed to knock, as the timing was not something we could really alter.

Bernie showed us how bringing a small jar of gasoline near the cell made the bike RPMs increase.
This was an amazing effect to observe.
I later sensed the vibrations present in the gasoline jar and cut the following two wires.
5.194 cm = 2.045"
5.719 cm = 2.251"
The gasoline vibration was immediatly sensed as unpleasant, hot and biting!
Note the first is very near 2" and a standard cell dimension height multiple.

The gasoline vapors introduced into the cell over a couple days seemed to deaden the torsion field.
We worked with the bike over about three days and then gave up on it due to lack of control over timing and air intake.

We also tried a nitrogen vibration for this experiment that led no where.
Nitrogen was sensed to vibrate in a wire of length 3.893 cm, and was abandoned as it produced no
additional RPM results when introduced to the cell.

IR Heat

During the annealing process on the large cells lid, after the top fitting was welded to it, while the top was red hot and radiant with heat,
I cut the following resonant lengths to see if they may be useful in creating a heating element.
1.931 cm
3.22 cm
4.936 cm
8.293 cm
12.437 cm
All of these SS wires seemed to capture the vibration of the red hot SS metal and resonate it.

Discussion Topics

Tuning – cell polarity and circum
 The tunning process for assembling a cell is not complicated. One has only to start with the center tube.
Place the next one outside of it and then slowly turn one of them until a peak torsion field pops out.
This usually happens within 15 to 30 degrees, however I have found cases where there is a better alignment if you
continue all the way around to see if any one alignment will be greater.

Another approach would be to set up a pink noise generator nearby,
and then turn the tubes for a reduction in the noise level at a reciever of some kind.
The transmitter and reciever would be on opposite sides of the tubes being aligned.
As torsion increases EM drops in the area.
I have not tried this yet but from what we observed on the Pinto Cell Tube it may work.

One should also be aware that the earths wheel of 24 is the primary field we work inside.
It can be helpful to set the cell in this alignment also, but is not necessary.

Spark gap
I was able to set a spark gap to fire a vibrational field that matched the Joe Cell in the Honda. We ended up with .045" and well inside the engines normal range.
A small resonant wire was cut at this frequency and held near the plug as it fired to confirm the frequency was correct.
The SS wire vibrated up very nicely and produced an electric sensation as the plug fired it was held near.
In the Pinto this was not possible as the gap had to be down around .035" for the gas to fire at all on this engine.

                Solid connection between cell – and frame, and needs transfer tube from cell + to the engine
We discovered that to fully energize the cars body from the central cell tube it was much better to
give it a more massive connection then just a small copper wire to the cig lighter plug.
I think Bernie has been converted to using the center bolt through the bottom of the cell at this point.
Small copper wires simply do not do the job!
However the 1/2" wide heavy SS strapping was used in the Honda and connected to a frame member under the dash using a hose clamp
and this seemed to work well for torsion transfer. When this was adjusted in length correctly the entire outside of the car
became filled with the torsion field as well as the outside of the engine compartment.
The same for the tube off the top of the cell from the outer can. This energy can be transfered into the engine such that a torsion gradient is now
present between the engine and the cars frame. The engine now sets inside a strong shell of altered tempic field and has a different spin field applied to it.

Torsion Circuit

Noticing also that the cells inside torsion will follow the "negative pulse" and is setting all around the engine in the cars body,
 we may consider the "spark plug" now as the engines method of drawing in the reversed spin as it pulses negative.
The resulting flow will bring the two fields together in the piston area and increase the density of space.
Speculation would suggest
If the entire engine could be isolated electrically and charged with the + voltage, the gap could be eliminated.
3-tap -Cell power peaks on the third tap. For large cells, the tap duration should be 5 seconds or more to allow it time to build up
We verified there is a major torsion increase on the cells on the third application of voltage. 5 seconds on and 2 seconds off was adequate to step
through the levels. This follows Joes observation of the three different gasses being produced as the voltage is applied each time.
As the voltage is removed the torsion is not effected. Only on the next application of voltage will the cell step again.

Cell voltage – cell power peaks at multiple voltage levels below 14 volts.
Torsion fields in the cells are effected by many things.
Tap Count
When one gets them all right on the money there is a tremendous increase in the cells output.
I charted a series of voltages for the large cell that peaked the torsion. Between these peaks the cell output drops.
There is no set pattern, and every cell and every water mass would probably be a little different.
Leaving this to a random choice may be missing a lot. The voltage on a cell sets the surface tension between all the water molecules.
This has to effect the torsion.

Setting the cell on the interior floor appears to have the cell too low.
Suggest raising it up to where the cell top aligns roughly with the head gasket or possibly the plugs.
This allows the engine TF to strongly couple with the cell TF.

We discovered in the Honda with engine sideways, as we accelerated to faster velocity, 50 to 60 MPH
the engines torsion field would rise right into the passenger seat and couple strongly with the cell if it was setting at a correct node position.
This is shandy mode I believe, but can give an increased gas mileage effect, as the MAP can be lowered much further at higher vehicle speeds.
The dwell angle on the injectors went extremely low for this speed indicating the cell was cutting in.
After locating the best position, Kel built us a small riser with centering edges to keep the cell secure.
This height came out about even with the heads of the engine and two nodes poped up within about 8 inches
moving sideways and about 6 inches moving forwards or back, to peak this coupling.

Tune the spark for max blue color by varying the capacitor value. (resonance?) (Alex suggestion)
This is something we did not have time to work with completely. The Pinto was very intollerant of plug gap alterations.
The Honda allowed us to tweak about .003 wider then normal to get a resonance vibration.
As we never did the tunning with spark present, this may be a future project.

Lock down vacuum and centrifugal advance. Timing is critical and can’t be allowed to change.
We probably should have covered this first off, and ended up realizing this too late on the Pinto.
We had the vacuum advance totally disabled but had missed locking the centrifugal advance,
This is probably why we lost it as the engine reved higher and higher.

Cell size does matter, at least based on preliminary observation. Possibly can be overcome with resonant tube lengths.
We noticed right off, the large 1 foot cell was much stronger then the little ones, once aligned and filled with charged water.
The field was more penetrating at distance and this is allways a good clue.
The tunned cells however had a much more noticible vibration at closer ranges and possibly good design may help
reduce sizes if we can get a good frequency for engines.

Vacuum is critical. Air flow must be minimized to rev up when running gasless.
Once the engine is running fueless, it is criticle to control vacuum. This would be done with the carb flappers and depending on where
the cell is connected, the vacuum back into the cell. This is the part we were not prepared for at all, and the leaky carb,as well as the
finger over the vacuum was not near accurate enough to sustain a running engine. Even the fuel vaporizer had a small air leak that was not consistent.
Using only two sets of hands left much to be desired.

Fuel vaporizer made from the guts of a fuel filter gave us positive control of gas flow. Much better to work with than the carb. A check valve on the air inlet is a good idea as it threw gas back up when cranking was stopped. A needle valve would also be nice, but running wide open was barely enough flow to idle the engine. There could have been leaks around the tubes in the lid.

Daves Notes

On the Pinto with the monster cell we had some minor headache effect while working close to the vehicle and outside of it on the second
day after charging. Moving into the vehicle seemed to even the field out and fully enclose us within it, eliminating this effect.
Aspirin offered only minor relief.

Bernie reported seeing blue auric fields off my fingers during sensing phase, in the Honda road tests
where a Rain Maker unit was being energized and mentally coupled to the engine.

Kel was a natural in aligning the cells tubes after only a couple days of practice at feeling them.
He was also cutting resonant rods just after this sensitivity was realized.
The key is to stop thinking and just feel it. It is entirely sensation, and mind only distracts the sensing process.

I think we all experienced a new level of sensitivity during the process, and in particular all of us could feel the MoJo cell right off.
I began to feel the tube polarity by just holding them , then flipping them over.
The top end feels radiant and the bottom more dead.
I got this after watching Bernie use his dowsing rods on them.
Every SS tube already has a wheel of 24 on it.
These are what we are aligning as we turn one tube against another tube to peak them for maximum torsion.

The Golden Light length cells were very energizing also, but all of us also experienced a tiredness and burnout after long hours of working with the inflow cells on the cars.
Breaks were necessary to get away from the constant inflow for a time especially after it hit the iron of the cars.
I believe we all slept very well.

I began to notice the cars fields from a distance after they were fully coupled to the cells center tubes for about 24 hours.
This realization confirmed that using better frequencies in harmony with the earth may be necessary in the future if long term exposure is desired.
As well accurate lengths and all tubes the same length should help reduce any discomfort or stress.

Having a meter confirm node positions that I was only "feeling" before was a great verification that the nodes are not only real,
but may be the key to future design,  this was imminently satisfying.

On exposure to the last cell Bernie built for me, I also had very deep dream process stimulated as well as negative emotional interactions for a time.
This indicates the Gravity lengths need to be approached with expectation that emotional "process" or even a destruction of the cell may be necessary for some.
Placing intense lengths into an aluminum enclosure can minimize this effect if it becomes too intense and dumping out the water is not effective.

The pattern for torsion devices has been mass.
The greater the mass of coherent spinning nucleus, the stronger the device.
This is also true for the Joe Cells and the larger one was immediately grasped as the strongest device,
although the resonant cells do propagate the entire car length also.

Holding a shell [clam shell] up to the cells causes the energy to be altered.
Doing this on the MoJo shifted the predominant blue aura to a green one.
The calcite would seem to be the active vibrational coupling.


 My sincere thanks to Bernie Heere for his expertise, experience and knowledge in Cellery, and the invite to share in this event.
My special thanks to Kelburn Koontz for his mechanical abilities, without which we could never have gotten a system in operation in the short time we had.
Also thanks to Alex and Bill for interactive responses during the experiments.
David Lowrance  c_s_s_p group

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