Tensor Energy

Offering Mental Models

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Wilbert Smith gave us a graphic model of the three forces that underly nature, from a conscious perception. He artfully showed that within the quadrature concept, there must be three forces that can be manipulated and not just the two we have been working with [EM].

Graphic Tensors

Each force has its polarities.
Electric field has Positive and Negative voltage, Magnetic field has North and South poles, and Tempic field has Gravity and Anti gravity Tensors moving through one another.
To polarize the Electric field we move Electrons off one side of a capacitor and deposit them on the other side and this structure holds them tightly separated into their polarity.
To polarize the Magnetic field we align Iron, Nickel, or Cobalt atoms in a neat row and the "field poles" separate in space to the two ends separating North and South nodes in the coherent field created.
To polarize Gravity......well it already is polarized. We see all around us what we call Up and Down. An accelerating force, and from our conscious perception the strongest of them all.

Gravity is modeled as two Tensors meeting in an opposition of unbalanced state already. A gravity or G Tensor pointing to the center of the earth, and an Anti gravity or AG Tensor pointing upwards.

What is not clearly understood is that these are the result of the two spins appearing inside all matter. The Electron is the outer world reactive layer that couples us into the G tensor and the Proton is the inner or sub dominant layer giving access to the AG Tensor. Inside all matter these unbalance into the Neutron core and are regulated there by the longitudinal wave pulses holding the atom in its tightly coupled state by the strong force.

Graphic Atom

Proton shell sets inside the strong force layer and electron shell outside it. Electron shell rotates opposite as its path around the nucleus, and Proton the same direction as its orbital motion. There are three spins to consider, however for simplicity of Tensor applications we are only concerned with the result. Electron results in more G and Proton in more AG, due to the orientation of their spin directions as the two basically counter rotate on at least one of electrons two spin forces.

When we hit the atoms with a magnetic field in motion, the Protons come back with a 90 degree torsion field. This field hits the electron shell increasing the Voltage between the shells and the shells contract together. This gives the atoms incredible power to hold together because the Protons are hooked inside the strong force area. Also at the core of all matter exists these two oppositely spinning gyro systems, that is the same design of the Utron system. This is the underlying mechanism generating the good or bad "feeling" of torsion coils fields.

The neutron layer is probably producing a field that is found in the Light rods and very familiar to those working with them. It reacts intelligently.

Graphic Light Rods

The G and AG Tensors manifest as a wave function creating nodes of collision and segments of altering gradient between them. These fields come from the specific elements and are more stable in space then any EM fields. We can record the distances for lower octaves of these vibrations using the wire cutting techniques, and learn to sense these vibrations. Many have done this in past time but never related them to EM or gravity that I am aware, they are sensed as "conscious only" or "healing devices." We call a nodal system a "rod" or light rod system and use it as a measuring tool to establish distances where the energy of vibration will couple.

As within all matter the fields are balanced to favor the G Tensor over the AG tensor, and our world stays consciously connected to one center of gravity. Here we are all truly connected as one mankind. G originates in the Neutron bundle but is most strongly coupled to the outer world through the Electron shell spin force [Torsion field].
AG originates within the Neutron bundle but is most strongly coupled to through the mass field [Nucleus], or the Proton shell Positive charge [Torsion field]. It has two doors. A motional magnetic field operating on a diamagnetic element, or as a gravity field operating on matter nearby through a system of light rod lengths.

Mass spreads out at 90 degrees to the G field naturally in the atom being propelled along these spherical systems surfaces, or boundaries.

The Light rods are the study of tapping these G and AG Tensors in the balance that is already present around us, holding our world together. They do not alter these Tensors at all, merely spread them out for direct sensing and study. Light rods do not show how to effect Tensors but how to couple countering fields of Tensor vibrations for a smoother transfer of energy from one object to another. They locate the distances where the inertial and gravity tensors will be most reactive across a gap or separation distance, and through a material object that is in a state of vibration.


[Over unity EM] Making the connection between gravity and EM fields and inertial fields of mass.

Joe Cell gives us the formula for altering the tensors to a different balance then the surrounding G and AG balance. It also presents a hands on experience as to how this effects Inertial momentum and Gravity. As most mass motion is 90 degrees to unbalanced Gravity we can study the effects of driving perpendicular to Gravity [like an electron in orbit] and observe what this does for one direction that has a neutral G and AG field balance. All these Tensors represent an Acceleration, and not a constant velocity. [Thinking of inertial fields as an acceleration may be a new concept.]

Graphic Mass Tensors

Accelerating the car creates two interactions.
One - It increases the forwards mass Tensor with a vector or direction, and decreases the Reverse Tensor of the matter.
Two -This places a pull on the spacial Aether that reacts oppositely to push us back into our seat until the acceleration is done and a constant velocity is attained.
Note these forces have direction and magnitude, they have vector and scalar. Yet they appear to work the same if pointed in any direction. Thus we realize that whatever the mechanism as we move into motion the field becomes coherent in the direction of motion to produce both the force and counter force experienced.

This reverse field generated by space is external to the mass while the acceleration is present as an expanding Torsion field [Tensor]. There is an area around the matter that takes on a resistive spin force in space and this area is the interactive zone for manipulation or cancellation of the resistive field. If we had two cars passing under acceleration, and could effectively couple this external torsional field in space resisting motion, during the crossing they would both, "not" be pulled back in their seats at this point. It is the manipulation of the external torsion field that atoms are using to sink into the Aether and self propel. This is one basis for an inertial dampening system. We are using it at present only to cancel vibrations on the engine.

In the atom the two particles counter rotate in orbits, and as they are very tightly coupled they somewhat neutralize one another's torsion fields, creating over unity powering of the system, and sinking down into the Aether. This is the Utron [Carr] and 3SD[Kosol]  modeled systems that have counter rotating Aluminum or diamagnetic surfaces with longitudinal waves moving between them at nodal "rod" distances.

In our scenario with the car in motion we can study the effects of devices that can alter this balance in other ways using counter rotating motions of magnetic and diamagnetic elements and adding charges of voltage to them.

Graphic Motion

This graphic shows the field applied to the matter as an acceleration, and the countering field resulting from the space field around us at 1 G of forwards acceleration. Now Gravity and Forwards acceleration are equal. Not obvious but the Reverse is smaller then the forwards and is perceived as a "drag" however inside the body it "feels" equal. This is where the spin of matter meets the spin of the space manifold. At c velocity they could be assumed to be equal and this is why the Aether is viewed as a cement wall at light speeds, but a cushion force as magnets come together slowly. As we move down into the atoms light velocity motions, these forces become strong enough to hold matter shells in place short of an atomic release.

Connecting EM - Separating the Tensors

We have already seen from the cells how restricting the negative voltage inside the positive voltage and giving each an unbalanced mass can create two results.

1 - A low voltage gradient outwards from center with equidistant nodal rings.

2 - A gravity node with different acceleration created from the unbalancing spatially of the polarity of G and AG, in reverse of the earths balance.

These are atomic forces and we are bending them using the cells geometry, as the atom also does, to produce a nodal system type field of acceleration having evenly spaced layers around it like atomic orbital rings.We also note that as we lower the Gravity field with this device, we also get an inertial effect, so as expected the inertial field and the gravity field share the same kind of accelerating Tensor forces from the center of matter and act only in different directions to balance and unbalance the two Tensors shared passing between the centers of mass or direction of motion.

The Alternator

With the Alternator we learn that the Tensors are separated when there is a load placed on it. This must have to do with acceleration and on a rotating object as we load it with a reverse vector Tensor or drag having a pulsing vibrational field. Remember that now space pushes back with a forwards vector around the object within the spacial field countering this change in velocity. Copper and iron Tensors go out of alignment, as voltage leads current. Electron and Proton spins diverge.

Graphic Alternator

Since Copper is a medium that can propagate both Electric and Tensor energy at the poles of the Alternator, during a heavy load, the inertial Tensors will be split into their component halves pulling opposite direction on the background Gravity field. Note this effect is related to the Tension on the belt between engine and alternator as to how far this split shifts, however since Proton and Electron spin also rotate into a leading and lagging arrangement, there is also a split of the normal background G  and AG fields already present operating in the up and down directions on all matter.

This is because the atom operates as one center for gravity and inertia, and if we alter it or split it, this will effect the shell in a spherical field that is equally reacting in all directions simultaneously.
I would expect now that as we load the alternator to extreme vibrational loads wires coming off the + side may start to levitate? This sort of thing has been reported to happen with extreme pulsing in HV leads, but is yet to be duplicated.


Picture Experiment setup

Graphic Pulastion test

Experiments has shown that one can tap the Tensor energy using an opened ended circuit of copper wire coiled over a resonant Aluminum Tube. The tube can be cut to any resonant length in the background matrix field of vibration. As the load is applied to the circuit and flows through the Bulb shown above, the rod now vibrates up with the pulsing frequency of the power supply which easily rides over the resonant vibrating "rod".

Slide a dry finger along the tube with a light touch and feel this vibration, if the frequency is low enough to cause a physical motion on the tube. I had good results with 120 Hz DC driving the system at 120 volts. We have split the voltage away from the vibrational path and grabbed only the Tensor field. On the ends of the Aluminum rod an AV plug shows 5.5 volts. More then any Joe Cell field I have ever measured. Remove the load and the vibration ceases. This indicates the load on the supply is creating an accelerating force Tensor. Note also if you have a ground to your house wiring or to the neutral this connection alone will have a great many Tensors present from the loads present in the house.

Diagram Capacitor Test

A further test reveals an interesting way to manipulate the Tensor energy to cancel or even reverse polarity.
The two Capacitors are in parallel and there is little capacitive connection from the rods to the EM source for a circuit to flow. We touch the voltage of the opposite polarity at the center location and the energy on the last rod changes. Introducing the electrons forwards G Tensor at the center cancels the AG Tensor extracted by the coil tube device. It is not a perfect cancellation in this configuration, but the effect is noteworthy and shows that both sides of our circuit if combined will cancel the Tensor energy.

Canceling the Fields

Graphic Dual Coils

The next test was done taping both Tensors and combining them on the Aluminum rod to show how to create a Light rod pattern with a torsion node manifesting at the center location. Coils are wound such that if DC is passed they will oppose magnetically, but are positioned too far apart for any magnetic coupling. There will be small capacitive coupling of voltage and strong torsion field coupling only.
As these two opposing fields once again join, they create a combination field of tensors passing through one another similar to Gravity only this one cancels out the physical vibrations, and this is critical in applications to the engine and reducing physical vibration.

As this physical energy is canceled it moves into the space medium [Aether] and alters the field density of space.

Tensor Energy Coils

If one wants to propagate the tensor energy effectively they may want to learn the balanced vibrational path that is already in place it operates over. This allows an instant coupling of the vibrational link into and out of various materials, and by lowering this resistance we can now possibly channel the Tensor where we want it. Tensors have a linear drop off in space as we move away from them, gravity is the result of two interacting and thus the result is a distance squared force. In space an artificial gradient can be felt at great distance.

Now as these Tensors move through various metals or crystals the loss is far less then a linear drop off, and actually it is said they can form communications links between solar systems with near instant ability to communicate. This is because they "lead" in real time all the EM interaction that come from them. It was discovered that in Aluminum these vibrational fields move seemingly without loss, and will jump gaps in the metals if set to nodal lengths to "light up" or "vibrate up" incredibly massive materials, seeming to be generating the fields from within rather then from outside. If properly coupled a JC can light up the entire cars metal to the same field strength inside it. If the vibration is coupled correctly it has an ability to amplify based on the mass in motion.

Graphic Coils

Here is a basic vibrationally resonant Copper coil system that is used in Meditation. It raises up a conscious field that one can learn to "slide" into. The vibrational resonance frequency is fixed in space as the length. As the wires are cross coupled the vibrations interact to cancel some of the G field and raise the AG field slightly enough to sense more the vibrating nucleus of the atoms, and less the EM side from electron shell. You can investigate these coils by searching out mobius coils and Sim Spurlings work, as well as many more sources. People have been seeking the energy that is harmonious and creates order from Chaos, found to expand from the strong force area of the atoms in the ring shaped fields that come out around these.

The matrix document is a base list of many of these that have been recorded, and from this also one can expect what vibration they are using in the earth harmonious powering system.

Now one can place a quartz crystal inside a coil of Quartz resonant cut lengths and light up the system with an energy that will offer a link across it and into other materials. This can transfer the Tensor energy also across it at c velocities.


If you want your coil to interact with the Electron shell place an iron core inside it. If you want a dominant nuclear interaction place a diamagnetic material inside it. [ABCH]
Now if you take and twist the wires in a CW pattern they will favor the AG field even more and also if you hit this coil with EM from both ends of each wire simultaneously it will cancel the EM field and transfer the energy into the diamagnetic vibration side of the system. An AC power supply running into a scalar canceling coil will cancel the magnetic field and the voltage field and produce only a Tempic field having the same pulse rate as the canceled EM field. With a bismuth core placed into water, you can feel the vibrations into the hands easily using only very low power.

Well there are some mental models to help understand what we are seeking to accomplish. Now for the applications section


Tensors along the Engine Crank Shaft

As the crank rotates one complete cycle lets consider the bumps along its path that will alter forwards velocity and stress various position of the linear shaft.

One rotation:

Front of Engine at Pulley:
28 each pulses  1.2 K watt pulses to retard motion [alternator fully loaded]

Center of Engine:

One cylinder exploding for 1/2 rotation  then dragging for 1/2 rotation, one in compression, and two with opened valves

Rear of Engine:
A flywheel dragging all changes to maintain and stabilize one velocity, the rear bearing will have reversing stress of every impulse on the shaft

Wheels - Drive Line:
As the car accelerates forwards the wheels will apply a constant stress along the entire shaft system up to the single piston that is firing, and this will expand outwards with a torsion field also. Which piston is firing will then create a bouncing field that moves up and back along the shaft front to back.

Tensors of stress on the front of the shaft will be in the negative direction from the Alternator, 1/2 of which will be slowing the rotation under power and 1/2 of which will be slowing the rotation under free flywheel momentum and rear road wheel drag.

Tensors in the center of the engine shaft will be reversing along the shaft as one piston pushes and another drags into compression stroke, if the engine has bearings between these, tensors will be reversing on them. This is a critical place where engine (-) charge will be close to shaft (+) charge and inertial dampening can be achieved electrically.

Canceling Vibration in the Engine

In the last step of the experiment sited above with the Aluminum tube, the one noteworthy setup was where I was able to achieve an Aluminum rod that stopped vibrating and generated a central node of energy on it similar to a gravity node on a Light Rod. I believe this is the mechanism the engine uses to cancel the physical vibrations and create an over unity motion of all the pulsing happening inside it.

Noteworthy comments from successful operators - the engine smooths out - vibrations drop to silence - and the vehicle takes on a feeling of being inside a quiet bubble as power increases.

I believe to achieve this cancellation of the physical vibrations is the goal, and the principle is to get the Torsion fields of electric negative charge on the engine block to expand outwards to overlap with the cranks torsion fields of positive charge. As they do we will have a light velocity cancellation of the inertial momentum interactions.

There are many possible ways to approach this from an electrical perception. Since we cannot alter the distance between moving parts. There are also liquid vortexing possibilities.

Engine water Conditioning
The use of the GL length is a water coupling length and has shown good results in cells.
Now considering a tube this length placed in a radiator hose. This tube can be stimulated with a proper voltage for preconditioning of the water. Alternator under load will power it and voltage adjustment will regulate torsion transfer.

Oil conditioning
Roberts system is probably the best at present, coupling from outside the engine with a positive charge spin, through the iron of the shell with a negative charge spin may not be possible. To get the spin into the oil "direct contact" at some point, insulated from the engine, and delivery of the positive spin directly to the oil is probably the best method.

Scalar canceling or normal coil placements

If we can set up coils to generate the gravity nodes observed on the Aluminum rod, between the coils in space, such that they overlap the critical areas along the shaft, we should be able to cancel the Tensors remotely from outside the engine. It is not known if these will pass through the iron of the block, but they will interact with it. If they cancel outside the block they will not help. Cancellation of the vibrations must happen where the Tensors are strongest. The closer we can get, the lower the effect will cut in, and increased acceleration will be possible.

Experimental Joe Cell Charging Circuit

[Fully Tested]
This circuit gives one a feel for the "Frequency" and vibrational aspect of Joe Cell research. From building it and experiencing the effect of Torsion Tensors moving right through diodes, while all voltage is blocked by these diodes, you realize that electricity has more going on then just voltage.

Cold Charging Circuit Diagram

Torsion From Reversed Diodes

Reversed Diode Effect

Diodes on the right of the circuit are reversed to remove all Electron Current flows to two sensing points where the torsion can be felt by touching it.
Grounding either one to the earth ground causes the light to go very bright. This may be due to the triac gate control in the Lamp Dimmer being triggered in some way from the load end.
Also there is quite a torsion field shift when moving the ground between the diodes. As one touches the ground wire on the sensing points there is a small blue arc often noticed when the lamp is lit.

Motor Oil Vibration Sensing

It is offered that as an aid to charging Motor Oil faster, a device probe can be cut to specific length. When immersed in a tube with oil around it the transfer of torsion would be much faster.
These lengths are suggested as possible applicants as they appear to resonate with the carbon atoms in all motor oil.
The positive torsion field is now wired directly to the probe, which is insulated from the engine negative ground.
This probe must contact the oil in the high pressure side of the system.
The positive Torsion field excites the oil which then charges up the Crank Shaft of the engine as well as circulates through all internal pistons and rockers etc.under pressure from the oil pump.

180.25 mm is a 2x segment to Couple torsion fields into oil.
90.13mm = 1x

Oil is Penzoil SAE 5w-30

Cut off a SS wire and touch one end into the oil you will feel the vibration rise up.

Small Fractal sizes for Oil transfer stub

1x  7.51 mm
2x  15.02 mm
3x  22.53 mm
4x  30.04 mm
5x  37.55 mm
6x  45.06 mm
7x  52.58 mm
8x  60.09 mm
9x  67.60 mm
10x  75.11 mm
11x 82.62 mm
12x 90.13mm

1111 function these are amplified female node lengths

1x  7.51 mm x 1.09090909 = 8.194 mm
12x  90.13 mm x 1.09090909 = 98.32 mm
They charge up oil almost instantly. These lengths can also be multiplied by up to 12x to find appropriate lengths needed.

Experiment with Oil and Water Vibrations

Picture Oil and Water

This is a simple experiment to show one the vibrations that can be raised from setting vibrating Oil near Vibrating water. In the gap the vibrational fields overlap and begin to power one another to produce a very strong female energy. Play with the distance between the glass cup and the jar of motor oil, you will discover the layered field.

Oil in Glass jar has a Stainless Steel wire inside cut to 180.25 mm.
Over the water are two # 8 copper lengths cut  and accurately ground to the Egyptian rod length of 150 mm. They are placed such that one is opposing the other in vibration and a female vibration comes up. This charges the water with a female spin. The Egyptian rods are discovered to charge water very intensely and can do this easily from an inch over the surface!

Picture Grinding wheel

Crafting the resonant elements to a more accurate length can produce stronger vibrations and faster rise times for the tempic fields to rise up from the liquids.
I finally invested in an 8" grinder for getting flat accurate ends.

Mobius Coil For Mixing the Torsion Fields

[Untested - sound theory from past experiments]

A 3 conductor Mobius coil can be coupled into the Positive and Negative torsion fields from the Alternator, or HV spark from the coil, using reversed diodes to isolate voltage and used as a mixing tool to supply less energy to the oil or water systems. This will act like a grid in a vacuum tube circuit. Use high frequency diodes.

Mobius coil Control System Diagram

Arrangement for canceling torsion is to run both opposing directions against one another.
The Potentiometer is carbon and it should reduce the negative supply Torsion on the control grid wire. The free end of the pot can be wired to the + power also if necessary through a third reversing diode. As mentioned above a mobius coil cancels all EM and produces torsion fields, so this is though to be the ideal coil for this use, as it passes torsion fields quite well and even amplifies them.
The three wires are twisted using a drill motor to approximately a 60 to 90 degree turn between them each if possible. Torsion that is not canceled will be running same direction as Positive to output of mobius. Wire string is then coiled up as is convenient for size requirements.

The length of the coil must be determined by experiment. The mass of the wires will determine the amount of raw power that is transferred.
All voltages are now isolated from the Alternator, however voltage will very probably appear from the torsion fields present on the copper.

Advantage of the mobius, it will collect energy from all EM fields present under the hood. If the spark on the plugs is a positive pulse this will also add correct energy.
Disadvantage, it may also pick up the negative torsion on the engine shell and cars outer body. 

Now the intensity can be tuned on a very high ohm potentiometer. [untested - radionics technique] Since oil and "carbon resisters" are very similar this may work quite well.

Other circuits that may show promise.

HV Tap diagram

These circuits may work without the mobius also, it is unknown the advantages at present.
It is believed that winding the tap on the HV wire CCW direction at about a 45 degree twist may couple better to positive charge spin, which is a contracting field.
Experiment should verify this effect from sensing it. Also a copper sleeve with wire soldered to far end may work also.
Coil may also work wrapped around magnetic part of the HV coil. Windings and mass of wire will determine torsion picked up when field collapses Bottom of coil now has reversing diode added to ground.

Advantage using HV system is engine synchronization will be solid and constant. It will either work very good or not at all.
The tensor will be shooting out from the coil, so aim the coils free end at the top of the coil as shown.
If one wants to mess with hundreds of diodes then a direct coupling to the HV wire would surely produce extreme Torsion pulses using this technique.

Reversed diodes can also be taped directly to the Low voltage side of the coil to test for a contracting pulse as the points open, if the car has points. This is not expected to work due to the inverted pulsing on that side of the coil.


Rod - or "Light Rod" has become a generic term for a vibrational resonant length that is cut on octaves of 6,8, or 12x and lengths can be manipulated as specified in the Matrix document. Not to be confused with a "tube" which is an actual piece of hardware cut to one of these lengths. A rod is a length based on some vibration system, of which there are many.

Tensor - The force behind the pressure or stress leading to an Acceleration. Tensor has a direction vector.

Torsion - The torque on a mass that is spining, torsion stays inside the mass if motion is constant. If accelerating, or if axle is turning at 90 degrees, torsion rises out and pulls on space around the object. The Space fabric interacts with a mass in motion to stablize it at one velocity and one direction of rotation. This is called inertia, and is an effect between the space fabric and the mass in motion.

Torsion field - Where a mass in a state of spin is accelerating a Torsion field is created by space attempting to stablize its change of velocity. The torsion field will alter lightspeed in the space around the mass for some distance.

- The motion taken by an object operated on by a Tensor coupled into it.

Gravity -  One dual operating set of Tensors in opposition alignment passing through one another, intersecting at the earths core where there is a focal point of a great many rods active.

Vector - A direction in space

Scalar - A value or quantity of force such as a voltage

Strong Force - Found at the nucleus of the atom, extending outwards of the Proton shell and abruptly stopping there, it causes the weight of the atoms to become lighter then the sum of its parts separated. It is a G tensor of extreme magnitude and holds the atom together in an OU system of motion.

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