Sharing Letters to a Doctor

In April of 2021 , I wrote a string of emails to a well educated fellow researcher exploring alternate energy, who is a geologist with a chemistry background, and also now exploring energy grids and mapping these locations of strange earth phenomena. Writing me as "Dr. Dale" I noticed my writing style totally changed to include much of the physics I had to learn to get this far. This was a refreshing thing for me, as many explorers of the mystical energy will not be acquainted with the vocabulary of the deeper sciences, and tend to avoid the concept of quantifying the vibrational energy systems they design and build. The following are excerpts of the email with some added data showing how far we have come in this work to merge truths from both spirituality and science, into one truth which may be applied to both.

We now have a large community of people experimenting with Organite. They design these vibration fields all the time, for health, art, and spiritual connection. Many tend to relate them to mystical powers we cannot quantify using the sciences.
These are the experts of the "feel felt" vibration energy.

The Saucer people "Boys Topside" communicating with Wilbert Smith offered a different solution combining both the science and these conscious fields of nature to understand the one reality we all share in this universe.

Note the separation of the two kinds of field forces, first more well defined in this document. The entropic with respect to EM fields, and the self powering vibration systems modeled from the isotope level of atoms that can be used to set up "energy from the background field" devices.
Orgonite does not run on batteries, neither do the resonant fractals.

A Frank First Response

[Discussing the work of Bruce Cathie from New Zealand and his math formulas on earth energy grids, I spent several hours discovering Cathie's mathematical results to catch up with the Dr.'s Line of thought.]

I am going to attempt to save you years of time here, from my own experience in testing so many of these math systems of the past.

This is what people do, they chase their tail and nothing they try works to produce a real effect.
The math comes after the observable effect, and it is the tool of science. Science does not come from the math extrapolation just because it seems to work on paper. [ Wilbert Smith. ]
Bruce Cathie is using what are called base 10 octaves for geometric calculation, they are not geometric expansions. They are however EM harmonic expansions. Remember EM is the Entropic side and base 10 math can be applied to it. Geometric expansion is 8 x Octave math related to the three dimensions of space which can be used to transfer power.
Now he observed UFO sightings and attempted to record their angular path around the earth with accuracy of 1/2 degree of alignment? Might be accurate if radar was used, certainly not for optical sightings. The math is interesting however and could be experimented with as you are doing, just realize it was not derived from any known experiment we can duplicate accurately.
The argument that the speed of light is somehow related to an angular vector of your course on the earth, seems bogus to me, but it was a good attempt to make sense of angular splitting, that is the wheel of the 24 directions which we can actually "feel" if we set up a vibration resonant tool over an earth node. A GL resonant wire can prove this, as it will flare up with a vibration field as you turn it around slowly over an earth node at the 24 specific directions.
If you want to understand a math that works in application, we look to Wilbert Smith, who had input from the boys topside [saucer people], and Walter Russell who built a working self-powering conical form system. What math was used?
This is the crux of what works, and I have verified it many times, it relates the 3 field forces to geometric expansion of the "power" of each field.
This is how one taps into the energy in a volume of space and makes a "real" connection to it.
We also have the E/P frequency ratio which is the root yin yang power source of all matter from the first two particle waves, to the most complex mixing of them. and this coil winding ratio system was shown to work with Floyd sweets system combining normal EM coils with Scalar canceling coils. He also produced a self-powering system.

EM Technology

I spent my career working with EM hands on, and then when I started looking for natures power source, I realized very quickly that we cannot make a self-powering system using only what is known of EM fields, they are always entropic. I watched so many people get lost in the EM formulas to no end, and nothing they theorized ever worked.
The third or prime field force, Tempic field, works with "pure vibration," and lies under all EM, to control it and powers it.
It will not move an EM meter. Nature teaches us this when we begin to open the door on the Isotope level of atoms.
The Isotope is the Source of the conical field, and we can raise these from the background field using frequency conversion to any dimension we desire. We use fractal math to make these energy connections, base 2,4 and 8 expansions for the three field forces. We already know that atoms work, so they become the focus of our investigation.
Ask yourself, why am I reading Cathie's work, did he ever succeed at designing and building something that even resembles a Saucer, or a powering system from the background field? Examine your motivations. Maybe you feel current science has let us down in this regard. It has not.
We add very little knowledge of vibration, and then using current science we take it one step further, to understand why they suppressed the study of the nuclear isotope systems and claim no one knows how it works. We most certainly do know how it works. The factor that fooled us, is not understanding the first field force, which cannot be measured using an EM tool.

Psi Phenomena

The next hurdle to face was the phenomena of psi control.
From all we know there is no way to separate the psychic phenomena from the Saucers.
What we discovered is that at the isotope level of atoms, is where the humans operation of what we have called "Chi energy" becomes strong enough to manipulate matter. The problem with our mystics is they have no comprehension of how the atom works, so rely on begging the second or astral body to manipulate this for them. They get in touch with the higher self and then do what it says, but they have no comprehension of what is happening as the "boys' top side" do.
The last hurdle of raising up powering fields from the background, is learning how to control them and shut them back off. This is the same as destruction of an atom. We had to develop the TDF [take down field] of the specific form we had raised up from the "field fabric."
A self-powering system will not ever shut off without intervention, just as atoms never shut off.
I spent so many years seeking this, not realizing what would be the challenge when I succeeded, until I had one setting here on my desk, warping the space in the garage, and wishing I had never ciphered it. Almost 3 weeks later I reached comprehension of how to take it back down.

Preserving the Knowledge

My whole point of the resonant fractals site was to make a data base, so this is never lost. If I were to incarnate here again, I do not want to have to do all this work again, over 20 years of sorting through all these peoples past work to discover what does work from direct application and real experiments.
There were many pitfalls and wasted paths that do not work, and most are simply far more complex than is necessary.
If you embrace a mathematics you cannot comprehend, then it is probably a wasted effort. Voice of experience here.

Reverse Your Perspective

However, you can use your time any way you are led to by your higher self or mental process, and eventually you may get there to a point of comprehension, when you decide to do it in the other direction. Start with "nothing at all" and begin to design a universe that ends up working as we observe this one to work, then you will have the base knowledge to begin manipulating it with phenomena that also works.
Wilbert Smith "The New Science" which includes awareness and defines the three field forces.

Anything you try before having this basic comprehension will be a crap shoot filled with wrong turns. 
An understanding of the structure of creation will open the door to the hierarchy of the universe technically.
This is an entirely new way of looking at science, and at every step it can be tested personally.


Second thing, a comprehension of Isotopes, which we get from a current science we already have access to, Basics of NMR.

Then learn how to use the nmr calculators.

This one is more accurate.

With only one more bit of info, the background field frequency, and correct geometric expansion formula, you can then create conical systems that self power. 30 degree cones are dangerous, so we convert to 33 degree cones with the same lateral surface area and can set up safe ones to use in devices that will self power, which can then be controlled by physical means.
This challenge is so much resisted by mainstream sensitives it is hard to believe how it shuts them down almost instantly! It is a challenge that only pays off after considerable effort. I also resisted this for a long time even after it was presented to me early on by others of more advanced education.
Dave L

Email 2 - Nodes and segments of vibration

So we already know the speed of light, why rehash it in this way. To connect it with stationary nodal systems and discover they are real?

So how do we actually relate these straight line pyramid forms to real measurement of distances that bring up real fields of energy?
Where do they actually appear in nature?

This was the life work of Buckminster fuller, the patterns we get when we vibrate up a sphere, by frequency vibration of the pressure that fills a balloon.  Everything in nature is spherical except for crystals.

If we synchronize to a frequency that creates stable nodes on the balloon we get a stationary form of nodes, and between all the nodes in the shape, with straight lines between, the distance of the lines is the frequency. The balloon can then be hit with a frequency that will create every single platonic form vibration that exists. Where does nature produce these stationary nodal systems?
Only in crystalline forms of matter. Can current science now give us the distances of crystalline edges? Yes. Do these distances when geometrically expanded vibrate up? Yes!

We can observe these stationary forms using resonant wires, rods, pipes, tubes, stainless steel caliper gap distances,and even pyramids.

The next thing to realize is that if we change the frequency only a small amount the nodes begin to rotate around the sphere of the balloon. And simply with a change of the frequency of vibration we start to generate circular and spherical forms that appear to us as a vibrating boundary layer.

With sensitivity to vibration this can be proven to oneself very simply, and we can pull up cubical forms, and then calculate how to make them change into circular or spherical ones, using simple geometric and math formulas. This becomes very simple as we realize that [Frequency = Distance] for self powering mass vibration systems.

Freezing the grid of the background field as a cube, then making it spin up so it manifests circles and spheres.

Now the basic concept that a segment distance of stress can be equal to a frequency from Buckminster fullers work, can actually be ciphered for both the entropic electron side, and the self powering nuclear vibration side. This is the process of quantifying the field forces to recognize how these two fields are different.

In summary: The background vibration field has a base frequency. 333000 hz is one of the low harmonics of it, and we can then expand this energy source by powers of 2,4, and 8 to get a host of other source powering frequencies to use derived from the space all around us. Pressure uses the 8x octave as we find with sound, and Walter Russell used this geometric formula also to tap in.

The main difference between calculating a distance for a specific frequency, is a reciprocal function, versus a linear function.

With entropy science of say the wavelength of an antenna which is a load, we use [ light velocity / frequency = distance of a wavelength ]
This will give us antenna lengths that work at 1/2 wavelength or a dipole resonance of the electron shell at RF frequencies.
As the frequency rises, the antenna becomes shorter, and the energy of the wave increases.

With self powering science, the distance in space is the Source of the power, so there is a direct relation [ distance = frequency ] what Bucky Fuller intuited but never really explained to my satisfaction as to fields of stress, which are not actually EM functions. Distance = Frequency. As distance increases, frequency increases as with water height in a dam.

I set out to quantify this relationship for calculation of scalar coils and SS calipers. With direct experiment proved that 1mm = 1khz for segment lengths of the background field related to matter via isotope energy extraction. Platform 1a. A vibration segment or wavelength of 1 mm is pulled up with a 1 khz F gen on a scalar coil system.

Absolute repeatable vibration fields that self sustain and the distances of the fields can be measured for accuracy of size using simple palming methods and a piece of aluminum wire over a polar graph.

These experiments give us a mathematics that applies to the real phenomena observed, and not an extrapolation of angular theories of light velocity derivation.

This then brings the mystical energy fields, down to earth, and connects them to real scientific phenomena already known.
This was the goal of Wilbert Smith to reach comprehension of the Saucer Peoples "New Science" for us.

Once we have the feel felt tools mastered to study the self powering vibration energy, the rest is only quantifying the math to amplify and use it correctly.
Sensing the psi fields cannot be avoided in this pursuit. Pure stress fields in the background field fabric, may not move an electric meter, but it is the force that holds the electrons in orbitals.
It is the basic powering system of the atoms. If you study a little of physics and nmr, it becomes "self evident" these atoms will always recover their frequency and form over and over no matter what we do to them short of a nuclear explosion. This is the level of nature where consciousness meets the physics of creation. It can be ciphered accurately and engineered.

Dave L

Email 3 - Atoms, Auric Fields, And Accuracy

I just dumped 20 years plus of beating my head against the sort of things you are also now trying to reach comprehension of. There are so many distractions!
I do not expect you to accept any of it without personal proof, and that requires development of the mass vibration feel felt work that is achieved in martial arts, the s field. I do not consider this a pet theory, but a fact in practical practice and application offering 100 percent accuracy.
The atoms form has several different electron shell shapes. You can pull them up and study them, they are s, p d, f etc...
There are a great many of these videos that can give you a clue this is a very real quantum form we do already know about directly linked to how sensory energy works.
This is the true study of nature.

In the first level of conscious devices in general we discover ability to recognize the s field which is a basic spherical field of the first levels of the atom.
A device that causes dust particles to go into orbits around it that can be photographed with a flash. They will appear as light balls all around the device, and finally around a person who is at this stage of development with vibration energy that will maintain orbital motions.

This s field will set up a coherent vibration across both hemispheres of the brains mass and start to activate all memory of this life recorded there. Any trauma events will cause a blindness of one vector of the field and may bring up painful memories that need to be healed.
Here is the personal development part of this psi work, and where we find the emotional healers working today.
The field will begin to expose all cognitive dissonant effects we hold as contradicting truths.
When in church, or other spiritual disciplines, we switch to one side of the brain and ignore the other, and then at work we switch to the other side of the brain and our entire belief system changes, and we are not even aware of this switching effect with two opposing realities until they become joined simultaneously. We can then no longer ignore the failed logic of Religion, or the failed emotional responses of our current science, as at the point of truth they will become "one truth."
The s field around the head was diagrammed in many religions as the halo, a spherical field of vibration of a higher frequency sort, as we realize with pulling up the s field from the field fabric a larger diameter creates a higher frequency, and when these fields are larger than the physical head we step into the realms of higher self, and other densities of the reality. The atoms outer orbitals are the higher energy orbitals as well, there is direct comparison that matches technically.
The martial artist will practice expanding the diameter of the field on the head realizing he then can sense anything inside this field where a full sphere comes up. There are specific sets of distances out where the universe powers these s fields for us.
Feel a person in the room behind him, feel the distance to the walls of the room, sense a bug crawling in the corner of the room.
At 13 months of practice with this, most every student in our Karate class could defend them self better with a blindfold on using this feel felt sense, where they not only receive a vector direction of an attack, but the distance to it as it moves towards them in real time.
This is an astral or 4th density field effect with faster frequency then we get from the eyes, and all directions are sensed simultaneously.
This is the fastest way I am aware of to begin accurately using the s field sensory ability of the human brain, and it was taught for a very long time in the martial arts, and from direct experience I know it works. But that is not where it ends, as that is the sense you use to slide out and do distance work remotely where one can then measure a frequency of a distant device or object.
This is not my pet theory, it is the truth of how the Alien craft works, and I find no way to sidestep it. If there was something else, I would freely offer it. This is the strongest obstacle to free energy that I know of. It is the difference between a science of the CU field [Conscious Field] and our current science today, which is cold and detached by comparison.
The Aliens can "feel" what they are manipulating, exactly as Joe of Joe Cell uses to manifest elements in a Joe Cell.
The operator of a Saucer can see out of a crafts coherent field in all directions simultaneously.
Compare this to using two eyes, and it is totally different to experience.
The conscious science involves us directly with feel felt senses, and it is totally addictive and amazing when it starts to work.
We can get instant vectors to material we are searching for.
I wanted to locate some tungsten in my garage to see if I had any. I set the caliper to the nmr base 10 from the NVR sensing charts, held it in a hand , expanded my field to the size of the garage and these points or vectors of direction popped up to me. I traced them out, one at a time and walked right up to them to discover the "little fuses" use tungsten ends. I found every bundle of fuses I had stored in the garage.
100 percent accurate, and no false misses.
This is very different then our current psychics would have done, maybe with a pendulum, with at best 50 percent accuracy. Measuring vibration frequencies accurately using isotope measurement from our science gives 100 percent accuracy.
So, this is the current hurdle for our science to reach a state of free energy designs to emulate atoms.
Not a pet theory. A fact in practice and in application.
Ones who work at the conscious levels, start seeing light balls around them in photos, and they take off with this stuff.
Most however are not willing to do the work with the science part and so find limits as to powering fields that only the atoms can teach us.
They will spend years trying to create their own personal science, and most will begin to argue over what is best and what is not best as they all create a different set of rules with a different judgment of good and evil they associate with the frequency spectrum felt.

Photo of phantom ball of energy

A photo, a phantom ball of energy that was formed inside the RM1 field generator, as a small s field shape.
Dave L

Email 4 - Related to a Problem of Disbelief

From above email:
["I set out to quantify this relationship for calculation of scalar coils and SS calipers. With direct experiment proved that 1mm = 1khz for segment lengths of the background field related to matter via isotope energy extraction. Platform 1a. A vibration segment or wavelength of 1 mm is pulled up with a 1 khz F gen setting on a scalar coil system."]

 Dr. Dale's Response:
"The caliper stuff seems so outlandish, and the one to one correspondence with the metric distance and frequency seems sketchy without even so much as a conversion factor. "

I also did not believe this for many years, and it really held me back a long time. We had batted this around as many noticed this connection, finding it in old documents, and I still delayed testing it out. Then one day I decided to cipher the real conversion factor, and that was when I had to eat my words. I also got very confused as to why a higher frequency was a longer distance, and when I finally looked, by scanning the other direction with the equipment it all came into view how it works.

1 khz = 1 mm, 2 khz = 2 mm, 20 khz = 20 mm, etc... I had found 1 cm resonated with 1 vdc, set to 2 vdc and started to go shorter, but it did not work. I scratched my head for a long time, and finally just started going longer and found a resonant coupling at 2 cm, I definitely did not want this to be true! Yet again my mind was changed in the real world experiment. Mass resonance does not work the same as EM works, and I then had to start changing my mental models once again.

The metric system is a science oriented system and it is based on the way water reacts chemically. Whom ever came up with the lengths for it, may have well been sensitive to the vibration stuff. 1 cm will couple to water!

We find a similar thing with voltages, currents and EM fields, as to the sensory vibration resonance points of distances. The measurements seem to hit on the frequencies. For a long time, I felt the people who decided what a volt was, must have been experimenting with calipers rather then meters, and indeed these things came before the meters we have today, for the people who cannot set these parameters by feel.

Hendershot could make an RF coil that was resonant at a specific frequency by feel, no meters, no inductance calculations, back then.
He was a machinist by trade! Indicating calipers. Tesla did not have these meters either when he started his work to discover and document EM resonance effects. Tesla trimmed his coils to hit resonance frequencies based on the length of the wire in the coil. They used length measurements!

It stands to reason, the caliper was the tool of use back then, and many could probably feel the vibration, which is the reciprocal of the RF wavelength under C velocity.
Again I did not believe this until experimenting with it, and the platform 1a ended all my doubts being able to now predict the size of a mass vibration field before I activated it.

Today I am an Amateur Radio operator on the Ham bands, but this also works with the radio station down the street. 1230 khz on your radio dial can be tuned to a feel felt vibration at harmonics on the SS caliper and the energy will vibrate up.  1.23 cm = Mhz, it will also have harmonics at 12.30 cm etc. as it is an EM wave source we can use base 10x expansion functions to couple with it.

One can quickly see how people like Hendershot may be able to resonate up an RF coil with a caliper setting next to him to feel when it is right.
Now I realized I can do direction finding in Amateur radio using a stainless steel caliper, as long as a radio carrier frequency is present!

The metric system resonates with water, the inch systems resonate with fire or intense electron stuff, hot energy systems. The power is in the cold energy side.

Square waves produce a host of rich sine wave harmonics, and I now refer to this as slop tunning, if it hits a resonant frequency or even near one the sine wave of the resonant coil will come up. A copper coil with iron core will round off all the high frequency harmonics and turn it into a sine wave.
We can get a lot more effects from air core copper coils then with ferrite cores. One they are doing today is to find the vibration resonance of a ferrite core and hit that to get some over unity pulsing. It hurts my head too much personally to endure that sort of vibration.
However when one can calculate the resonance frequency with either EM or mass vibration, sine waves will do just fine and are far gentler to work with around the head.

We can bring up a self sustaining isotope field around a scalar coil with a very accurate sine wave from a function generator! Shut the F gen off and the field remains present until we apply the take down frequency.

Heart Presence

Dr. Dale mentioned the necessary heart energy being present.

I tend to take the heart thing for granted, and usually only respond well if it is present, but I feel it from the writing of the person, so often do not make mention. A~ likes to soften me up often about this, and the emotions are a very important part of all this. You are doing some really fascinating work there and I am glad to be hearing about how it's going!

Dave L

 To Awaken To Vibration Group

When addressing a doctor, it brought up the need to add clarity with connection to our sciences of physics right down to the quantum level of atoms, and it enabled me to speak with a different audience in mind that would only respond to these sort of concepts, which I also treasure. Dr. Dale  desired me to view him as a "fellow researcher" and not draw undue attention to his credentials, however for me it was an honor to be able to share some of the deeper connections of the vibration work at the physics level also, where it may be fully appreciated.

Wilbert Smith's extended desire, to reach comprehension mentally, as well as hold the higher ideals of a brotherhood of the advanced races, we may someday join.

The integration of the Spiritual with the Technical!

There is the preamble to a book!



I want to thank Dr Dale for sharing his work, his excellent questions, and the burst of inspiration he brought in for me to write this document!
Also the  Awaken To Vibration groups excellent assistance with supporting evidence and documents from past times.
The Organite community that is so active right now developing their skills with vibration energy designs.
We are stronger in the open sharing of the technical information.
Author: David Lowrance

On this site you will find references to both the mystical arts of energy work, and technical discussions with experiments generating fields that can emulate and interact with these.

This is "The New Science" begun by Wilbert Brockhouse Smith.

Our sensitives today have been "bored to tears" with the cold detached sciences presented in our schools. It is time to merge the "feel felt" work with these sciences and bring them to life!
Dave L