Advanced Lessons in Scanning

Lesson 4

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]

Scanning the Human Body Template

In this lesson, we have advanced to working with the 4th density body by sending it fully "spheres of curiosity," after which it will direct where in the astral to access the information by drawing our attention to a direction to look in, complete with vibration frequencies we can then measure.

This is a definite advance, as the Astral body is now doing the directing, and the physical merely using the spherical blue light curiosity field around the head to "ask" for the direction in the language of telepathy. This requires the field around the head to be larger then the physical brain in order to master this technique. We think the curiosity and instantly get a result at 4th density time flow rates.

When one reaches a mental state of pure curiosity this auric field will naturally come up around the physical head and handle the down shift into the physical brain for us.
Practice the curiosity from the most honest and sincere depths of your soul and this will work.

When I ask for the human body template, it comes up in front of me a little above my head and turned 90 degrees, as I peer deeply into 4th density.

Template Diagram

One can pull up charts on the Internet to study the various systems in the body, and then targeting one part, it will vibrate up with a frequency. I then measure that frequency on the caliper and record it. I also feel it in my physical body at the same time getting a confirmation of tissue resonance.

Skeletal Bones
Blood pathways

They all come up for the asking, and I can measure a frequency using a caliper.

The nerve tissues are complex and have layers, for which I had multiple frequencies, one for each layer. I was able to trace out the nerve pathways down my left arm, when I was in physical therapy after a neck fusion, having problems lifting that arm.

Energizing that nerve pathway helped recovery. I also appealed to my 4th density body to start working on healing that arm, after the PT guy had about given up on it. It worked, and as it started moving better, the PT guy got excited and went back to working with it.
It has been slowly gaining over time, as I work it out each day.

It was never my goal to map the entire body and provide a chart, but I do have some of these recorded.

Bone     9.88 mm
Kidney  18.87 mm
Liver     68.55 mm
Prostate 24.48 mm

Tissue resonance is not to be confused with meridian frequencies which open flows of energy through the body jumping between many organs, or with atomic element frequencies. These are human cell and tissue resonance forms.

However in this lesson it would be best if the student give this a try, and see what comes up for them.

Various animals would come up to my left and down lower. When I ask, my attention will be drawn to a direction vector to look.

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