Advanced Lessons in Scanning

Lesson 3

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]

Scanning the Bug Hierarchy

The student may want to attempt this with any favored species of animal or insect, then compare notes with my own sliding experience.

Diagram of the Levels

If and when we have our openings first to the Light body, and then down through the 4th density to remove the veil of deception, we return to the physical having made the entire incarnation cycle while still in the physical body, we are then awake. It is only then, after the unfolding of this journey through the levels of human consciousness, that we are ready to start looking at other species on our world to see what we may learn from how they do it.

*** Here is an interesting piece I wrote during the descending process, where the veil is removed.  Path Descending

We can now observe a fly, find it's astral cord behind the neck, and take a journey sliding up it's frequency spectrum to see if there are differences.

As we hit the 4th density spectrum we can download the Bug protocols for incarnating on Earth. The information comes in as a spherical field complete with all information, and then as we examine this, we can attempt to put it into human serial language format.

Next we can continue the slide up from the Bugs larger astral body to the Bug light body mind, and ask it to let us take control of one of the links down into the physical near our body, so we can now ride along with the bug as it flies and see out, as it sees out with it's physical body. This is a very fun thing to do, as we realize the fly can now land on our arm and it will not bite or run from us. We are in control, with it's consciousness also present to teach us from 4th density.

Most bugs I have scanned operate on 4th density time flow rates. On this level they have a very civilized collective.
On 5th many share one light body and higher mind allowing a species to use the hive mind mentality and pass instinct to new generations.

Bug protocol is that we do not bring emotions into the physical, something they detest us for because we do.
It is a violation of bug protocol to bring emotions into the physical.
As we gaze across the 4th density field at the level of bugs we see a constant flow of small lights streaming up.
Bugs survive through high numbers of populations, and there are constant deaths all the time.
After the Crane fly hatches from it's larva, it lives for only 3 days.

On the physical, they are food for higher beings, as well they do not hold a grudge when we kill one of their bodies.
I would compare this to getting a hair cut or clipping a finger nail.

One of the worst things we can do is go up on 4th and start killing astral bugs. They are completely social on that level with very advanced technology. They will not attack or bite! They are even emotional on this level.

Saucer Craft

One the most startling aspects of bug community is the advanced social level on 4th density. This is where we find bugs do have emotions. And one more surprise, they were likely the first life form to use Flying Saucers, as many of their physical bodies use similar technology. Their physical bodies are controlled from 4th density, where the time flow rate is much higher then on 3rd.

It is not unusual to find a Saucer Craft on 4th density with several insect form beings inside it.
We can in fact learn a great deal in observing these beings, and sharing information with them.
When I did this slide, they offered no resistance and opened communication with me for the asking.
They even took me for a ride in their 4th density saucer craft, and it was a real rush.
The spherical control was so sensitive and vibrating, and the inertial resistance so low, you can zoom really fast and avoid hitting others.

The incompatibility I found is in the physical, where a bug consciousness has no problem dissecting a physical human body, as long as it is not the leader of a group [Queen] that may threaten the hive, which they may find sacred to survival. This is their conscious understanding of right and wrong, per their protocols of life here on earth.

The Law of One is Bug Law

Bugs may not be aware or even respect that each human has an independent body and mind on 5th density.
We are not a bug collective with one higher mind to direct everyone.
My version of Seth Speaks is "Seth was channeling an ant hill!" "The Law of One" was the result.
Humans do not function technically in the same way.
We are definitely not one conscious being having many experiences in all these human bodies, bugs are!

On 5th density humans plan to make wars, and people on both sides of these wars pray to their Gods, and each one receives direction from their higher power, their war is "just and righteous."

The bugs only do this for food or territory, and for survival. Different species will fight, with different higher minds on 5th. However I do not know any bug form whom can ascend from 3rd to 5th and remain one entity separate from all others of his species as mankind can.  When their wars are settled there is no residual hate or trauma from it.

We do not have one consciousness up there, short of the entire universe, that is us joined to all other humans!
When we make our "slide" to the outer boundary of this universe, that will be revealed very clearly.
In Za Zen this slide to the "outer boundary" can be achieved personally. No other human is involved in it at any level of our consciousness.

These discoveries are technical. I have no reason to defend them, they will be "self evident" to any who slide to the outer boundary.

The Proton is a fractal of the outer boundary of this universe. This is one way to access it. Slide inwards to the Proton, and the fractal you find there is the universe, the same universe. You can then move inwards to our galaxy to our planet and down to your physical body and surround it with powerful energy from your larger hands, and the other 1/2 of your Za Zen awareness still in that physical body will feel the energy coming into it!

This is the greatest secret of sliding your conscious awareness.
I am not aware of any animal form that can do that.

Mankind will never make peace on earth until they realize we have to do it from 5th density down. Everyone must wake up and then agree on how to manage our 3rd density population.

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