Advanced Lessons in Scanning

Lesson 2

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]

Scanning the Earths Surface

Photo of Earth
NASA photo of Earth

135 mm sensitivity is required to begin this exploration, the surface Earth grid system.
I will first direct the student to this document:
Heal the World Local Field

You will find the section "Starting at the Surface," where it will show a basic plot of the Earth Grid system, and several different ways to learn how to sense and measure it.

At first this energy may be a bit disturbing as it does have some inflow energy at each earth node. While this frequency is physical and the astral body is not required to feel it, when we do remote scans of the planets surface, the astral body will be used, so this is more advanced an operation then working entirely at the local level.

Take your time with this it is an attunement for you to begin to recognize this frequency.

You will eventually be able to locate earth nodes using only a palm after your astral body realizes what you are asking for.

Remote Scanning

Now that we have found some Earth nodes in our local work area to work over, we can begin to slide the earths surface remotely from these positions and get real vibrations from nodes all over the world.

Rather then sliding the frequency bands we will be sliding space and distance over one frequency. This may be a new effect to experience. One can instead use an RM-1 with F gen anywhere and "tap in" also by dialing up 135 khz to get started.

Next we pull up google earth, and as we move the mouse over it, our RM-1 unit, or our astral body will give us a rise in intensity in the head as we hit our intended target.

I used to assist others to locate earth nodes in past times, using a photo, and/or a satellite image of their area. Usually after they found the first one, I had marked, using their 135 mm copper pipe, they were off and running finding more of them on their own.

Save a screen shot of the sat image and then paste it into a paint jpg format, then you can scan and mark the earth nodes as you move the mouse over it, and feel the flare up in the head as the astral body sends you the information. Some will be much stronger.

So in this lesson the physical body is directing the astral body where to go and it sends back the vibration of that location to the physical head to receive the flare up of vibration.

This is a little more advanced then we have done in past lessons.
At the very bottom of this one I was scanning for the Alaska Pyramid:
Geometric Path to Accurate Telepathy

I actually set my astral body down on the top of the energy vortex in Google Earth and felt it here in my body!

Scanning the Earths Core

This is a very advanced technique and may take some time to truly begin to feel. Stories of Thoth may be interesting to read and compare with the reality we find.

Diagram Earth Chakras

Developing the earth sensitivity is a new concept for most in meditation as often this is thought of as a place to dump our negative emotions. That is however in error, as all that we are comes from vibrations from the earths core at every level.

Fire up the chakras inside the body and then one at a time scan straight downwards and find a resonance with each one. This will activate far more power at each level inside the body as you make these couplings with the earths mass.

Greater mass greater power, the secret of the underworld.

This is distance tuning from Lesson 1 of the introductory Lessons.
You may never have felt this much power surging through your body with surface only work on the chakras and over head work.

As we now start to explore the earths layers, we will hit various vibration forms that create matter at specific distance from the center of gravity. We can locate the crystalline layer, and pull up some really strong fields through a local earth node or an RM-1 unit.

We are again scanning frequencies over one earth node point, or one RM-1 unit.
You can use the F gen to assist in this but remember the frequency of the greatest depth to center is about 4000 miles down. Your F gen will not likely reach that far a distance. You will have to rely on the astral body to translate it for you to a smaller fractal.

Start your own chart of what you find, I do not want to color your exploration, other then to say I did find conscious fields down there that would communicate with me, but not like the ones of description in any materials I have ever read about.

For the most part the bands down there are totally quiet and will be until mankind starts using them for earth wide communications to any point on the surface.

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