Advanced Lessons in Scanning

Lesson 1

[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]

Identification of the Elements in a Sample of any Material

We are handing you your reality! [The Grey Protocols of Nature]
Love the structure, feel every atom!

Our current technology, places your body inside a superconductor magnetic field and then bombards it with RF energy and waits for a very weak RF response to ping back.

From the intensity of the magnetic field, and the time delay of the RF response, it then determines what elements are where, and makes a high resolution image of the inside of your body. These machines cost a bundle, and none of us will ever have one in our garage.

They can also heat a sample up and fry it, then record the frequencies of light it gives off to tell what was in it, usually destroying it in the process. Spectral imaging.

As sensitives however, we can use vibration, both to align the Isotopes of the atoms, but also to identify them from the frequency they will form a coherent field at. Thus we can do something, science needs millions of dollars to accomplish. Identification of elements, inside an object.

In past lessons we began to use a scalar coil and tune in resonance on various objects, like the RM-1 spherical crystal, and then on our own head, to locate points where field bubbles came up, based on the geometry and frequency of what we were vibrating up. We touched on platonic form resonance and locating segment lengths and nodes, We are now sensitive enough to detect a coherent mass vibration field, next is to identify it.

The major mass or weight of an atom is at the Isotope level, and this is what we are causing to vibrate, and when this vibration gets large enough to span multiple atoms they all start to vibrate as one, a quantum field, one field. This field then expands outside the matter, further then a magnetic field, and we can not only sense it, but measure it's frequency, using our fingers, palms, calipers, and F gens with scalar coils.

All we need to identify it, is a chart with the recorded [ khz = mm ] numbers for all the elements. We can test them one at a time, and actually feel the fields respond to tell us they are present.
We can get into the atom deeper later if it is asked for, but for now we are going to focus on detection. Do not attempt to manifest an Isotope at this point, for you need to become sensitive at the atomic level, with a safe method first.

However we have to teach both methods simultaneously for comprehension of the difference. If you manifest an Isotope you will be responsible to control and then take it down, and as of yet that has not been covered.

What knowledge do we have which "they" are missing.

We know the frequency spectrum of the Field Fabric that feeds the atoms and powers them.
These frequencies exist both inside and outside everything that springs from them, all matter is a construct of the Field Fabric, arranged into self sustaining form of fields.

We also know that the Proton is a tiny fractal of the entire universe
and it's frequency must be known to program the NMR calculations. This is the frequency of the Field Fabric! It should work on any fractal of it!

We now have enough information to program an NMR calculator to produce our list of frequencies, for the purpose of sensing all the elements present on the NMR tables.

Our bold move is to realize we do not need a magnetic field present to detect vibration resonance.
We will be able to actually feel the "flavor" of each element personally, as we test for it.
We become part of the experiment,


In past times this would have been termed psychic, accuracy would be relative, and never the same between two sensitives, operating on intuition. To expect 100 percent accuracy would have been unrealistic with psi. This problem can now be overcome using measurements of mass vibration resonance. 3 or 4 digit accuracy on a correctly calibrated chart is good enough in practice to get 100 percent accuracy in detection of an element using a stainless steel caliper to vibrate up the sample.

And of course we could also set up an F gen and Scalar coil to vibrate up the sample, if we want to take the time, as we did with the RM-1 sphere. After you experience how this works, you may want to follow this path and design apparatus to make it faster and easier, using scalar coils and computer controlled Frequency Generators which can automatically run down the entire table, with a stop button when you feel a hit. That is the future, I have no doubt. For now we have to reach comprehension on how to get it working, the first step is always comprehension.

Sensing fields versus Manifesting fields.

Now this is an extremely important part of this training.
If we want to create an Isotope at large size and manifest it, we must use a geometric expansion on the calculations.  2x , 4x , 8x,  64x, 512x , etc...  
The Law of Geometric Expansion

If we only want a marker we can feel, that will not manifest an Isotope inside our caliper gap, we use a base 10 expansion system, and when we close the calipers the field will vanish.
10x , 100x , 1000x , etc.
They will vibrate up a coherent field, but it will not self sustain, as it does inside the atom.
The base 10 fractal expansions do not create strong convergent inflow, they are more radiant.

This is very important, as Isotope duplication at larger fractal size is a powering form of energy.

The NMR calculator wants a value in the mhz range to do it's calculating. So we need to locate a Field Fabric Frequency in that range, to enter into the calculator.

If you manifested the sphere in Lesson 4  in the early learning section, and then brought it up between your two hands,  you are aware of the power of these fields and how perfect the form manifests from the 333000 hz field vibration. Lesson 4

We start at 333000 hz, and then have to expand this up into the Mhz range and our choices are to use geometric expansion, which will result in a free standing Isotope that will never stop working, or to use base 10 expansion and have a resonance distance that will not self sustain and drop when the caliper is closed.

We now come up with two different sets of numbers. I call them the safe chart and the dangerous chart.

333,000,000  = 333 Mhz [ for sensing work only, will not self sustain with power ]

333,000 x 512 =  170,496,000 = 170.496 Mhz [ Will self sustain with power ]
[ Here we enter the danger zone ]

These are two different goals,
1 - To detect the presence of a specific atom 10x
2 - To duplicate or create the Isotope that powers an atom at larger fractal dimension. Powers of 2x.

I refer you back to the Geometric Expansion Document for a reference, one more time.
The Law of Geometric Expansion
Simple right, get the right one to match your intention!

Generating our NVR Chart

We now pull up the NMR calculator and enter 333 into the Mhz field slot, knowing we are 1000 x higher then a Field Fabric powering source and will not get a powering result.

Enter 333 in the MHz field and then hit the update button.

Note the frequency column down the right side of the page and note we can also now use the base 10x to reduce the lengths from Mhz to Khz by 1000x. The chart will work using mm.

Here is what you should see on the screen as the top section of this chart:

NVR Chart

We now call this an NVR Chart, as it is no longer an NMR chart, we do not need magnets to have it work. It is based on Nuclear Vibration Resonance.

It is based on raising up a field we can sense inside our physical head, that is much lager then the atom that feeds it energy to manifest. This is the microscope effect using fractal expansion.

Most everyone has a Gold ring around somewhere, open the calipers to 5.76 mm and slide the ring into the gap, feel the energy field come up, vibrate inside the head, and around the ring.

Remove the ring, close the calipers, and the field vanishes!

Give Silver a try at 13.48 mm, follow your chart down to Copper, Tin, Aluminum, Bismuth and start experimenting with how these feel. [The lower section of the chart not shown above.]

You are now becoming sensitive at the  atomic layer, of the mass inside an atom, and science hands us all this data to locate, feel, measure, and detect many other elements. This is a major step in sensitivity, you deserve congratulations!

It is now your Lesson goal to test as many of these as you can find samples for.

Metal Samples

Accuracy in this will change your life, as now you will be able to identify the molecular construction of most any part of any apparatus or device. You have truly merged your feel felt senses with accurate science! And maybe the unexpected thing is that it works!

Right down to the very atoms, everything is frequency!
And Source field frequency equation mm = khz.   Lesson 1

Another document of interest at this time:  Coilpack4u
In this one I did a nuclear scan and identified the type of synthetic crystal being use in the devices.
Slide down the page to the heading "Element NMR scan - Unit 1:"

And most importantly, have fun with this, feel the atoms, learn to recognize some of them.
My favorite is Bismuth!

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