[Prepared by David Lowrance  8 - 1 - 2021 for the highest good of all involved]

Work for the advancement of all mankind and nothing will be withheld! 
Remain Loyal to your Human Species. [The Grey Protocols of 4th Density Creation]
Review the Ethics of 4th Density Ability Use.  Ethics  [The Advanced Races]
Recognize that all life is sacred and conscious.

Fourth Density Map

By now you have been introduced to the spherical conscious field, and are possibly able to detect things around you at some distance out, at least in the room, without looking directly at them. You are ready to take a big step and start sliding the 4th density for accuracy.

In the integration of our 3 realities on earth, Density 3,4 and 5, we Seek the Guidance from our higher self from a state of divine alignment. May we remember who we are and become fully aware of all our levels of consciousness.

Astral Chakras

Fourth Density Spectrum

The goal of accurate 4th density [astral] scanning, relies on becoming familiar with the next set of chakras over the body the second set. The third set is the 5th density light body, not shown, and it will come down to the center of 4th as we work our way up, to the astral veil at the center of 4th.

When we adjust all the layers of our 4th density frequency spectrum into an alignment, so they are all spinning along the vertical axis, the light will become visible from 5th density at the pineal area of the physical brain. Each layer represents another conscious frequency band as the spheres diameters. If there is unbalance in any layer from an emotional block, it will become hard to maintain divine alignment.

Receiving the light from 5th at the pineal of the physical brain indicates we have succeeded, and are ready to begin exploring our 4th density access, the level of creation of the physical realm.

All the creative structure templates of our reality are held here, as well as all the protocols we must observe to incarnate here on earth.

There are 8 energy centers on each of the density levels.
The hidden chakra in many systems, is the central sun, 1/2 way between throat and heart chakras. This is the GL frequency and the path upwards out of body to the top layer of 4th.
Our normal ascension path at death.

Human Emotional Overlay

The human emotions are programmed over 4th density, to keep those without emotional clarity out of the technologies that operate this world and solar system. Until we are done with our emotional process and polarity experience, it is highly unlikely we could see behind them into the technology regions.

All the trauma events of our life, which can cause darkness and blind spots in our spherical vision system will be located here on the 8,  4th density layers. If we use an RM-1 unit we can find these and begin to clean and clear them. Or we can consult a light worker. When we get them cleaned and cleared they will become much lighter and spin up in balance.

We locate the dark spots in the auric field, and then bring in the light of 5th density, and the events will reveal themselves, to be healed in the higher light. This is the function of the Light worker. Many light workers are not yet familiar with the entire 4th density and what lies behind the emotional overlay humans impress on it. This is the descending process, where the veil of deception is lifted after we are tested by our own 4th density body.

Because the Grey operate mostly behind the same frequency bands we program our negative emotions over, they are often mistaken for Demons. The Grey ones are not limited to the lower regions of 4th where we may experience negative emotions on first entering, but that is where we would likely recognize them first. Thus the label Hell in the diagram above. Fear is the emotion that keeps us out of that region. Face your fears and resolve conflict at every level of your being!

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