Appendix 1

Understanding Frequency

Seek understanding [comprehension] - Do not simply memorize. [ Wilbert Smith ]

There are two separate and distinct forms of energy in this universe.

T  Tempic Field Vibration -
Field Fabric - Eternal - Longer distance is higher frequency - T field is a Source

EM  Electromagnetic -
Entropic - Longer distance is lower frequency - Disburses outwards and dissipates - EM is a load

This basically defines the Inner Realm and the Outer Realm of our sensing ability, as it is also the inner level of the atom and the outer level of the atom.

Isotope - T field Powered - Proton Neutron - Mass Vibration
Electron / Proton layers - EM generators

It becomes self evident from the study of these particles, atoms have lives that to us seem infinite.

How does Frequency work with the two different layers?

EM wavelength [meters] * EM Frequency [Mhz] = Light Velocity [ 300 ]  *  Velocity factor Vf
Vf = [0.95 for bare copper wire - Various insulations can drop this to 0.60 ]

meters * Mhz = 300 * vf

Since light velocity is a constant in this calculation, as we make the meters longer, the Mhz must get smaller.
Frequency drops the longer we make a Radio Antenna system.
This is because a radio antenna is a "load" it is not a Source of energy.
EM Resonance happens at the location of the Load, it is not a Power Source.

We shut down the transmitter to the antenna and the EM energy stops working.
To believe that EM is all there is, is a primitive belief system.
It has no clue why atoms continue to recover, and do not simply run out of energy and shut down.

T Field wavelength mm = Vibration Frequency Khz [ x 1000,  1 meter = 1 Mhz ]

meters = Mhz

Wire insulation or wire type has no effect on the velocity of Mass Vibration. It is the most constant parameter we have access to. It is the foundation over which EM operates.

The more Space we access with resonance the more energy we tap into. The Field Fabric is a Source of energy like water height in a dam. However remember we can also calculate this as an area or a volume for different shaped devices or fields.  The Law of Geometric Expansion

Crossing Points

The student should strive to write their own spreadsheets to find some of these points, then cut wires to prove it works.

Lets compare what happens at 300 Mhz and at 100 Mhz

EM  resonance @ 300 Mhz = 1 meter
T Field Resonance @ 300 Mhz = 300 meters

EM  resonance @ 100 Mhz = 3 meter
T Field Resonance @ 100 Mhz = 100 meters

As we come down in frequency, EM resonance gets larger, but Mass Vibration resonance gets shorter.

Now if we realize that these two run opposite with respect to frequency and wavelength, we should also realize, there will be points of crossing where they meet at specific frequencies with the same wavelength.

There will also be special length points where we discover ratios between them which may also become self sustaining. Lesson 7 Ratios

There is a length of wire, where the atomic E/P ratio  EP_Ratio  will be correct, between the two layers.
If we cut the wire to this length, the wires entire mass vibration will couple with it's EM resonance,  and begin to act like an atom, rather then a random length of wire where there is no coherent mass vibration coupling with the EM layer. This will work inside any level of magnetic field present.

There will also be a wire length where the T field mass resonance is 2x of the EM field Resonance, a Golden point where it will support the EM wave. As T field Pressure will support either polarity of the Voltage in an AC wave, so there is a 2x differential between the two.

Can you begin to calculate and verify these effects? They are atomic level field coherence effects manifest into the length of a conductive wire. Revealing we have comprehension, in that we can now write our own formulas to locate these points.


An Appendix that hands you the data without comprehension is incomplete.
An Appendix that hands you the comprehension, empowers you to solve these problems on your own.

Here is one solution that was calculated off the E/P ratio. EM resonance at 1/2 wave as a dipole antenna, synchronizes with Mass Resonance at the same frequency ratio.
Bare wire is used with a velocity factor of  0.953 for RF resonance on a dipole length.

Photo EP Ratio Wire Coil

E/P ratio                        658.2022
Wire Length                  466.11 mm
RF Dipole resonance   306.794 Mhz  [EM sine wave]
Mass Vib Frequency     466.11 khz    [scalar coil Freq]

meters x frequency mhz = 143

Again the velocity factor will be dependent on the wire used, and if it is insulated.
150 is the theoretical value in free space
The calculator uses  143  as a general velocity factor of 0.953  [~ bare copper]

The first dipole must be made and then tested for its resonance frequency to find the actual velocity factor.
Once that is known the second dipole can be made very accurately, and may go into a state of E/P resonance as it is cut.

Whether this produces a standing EM RF field is the question.
At present I am not exactly sure how to measure that so accurately, however it may be possible to cut it slightly longer and use a razor knife to find the point on the wire where E/P comes up.

Now if one can prune the wire to hit this magic location of  RF frequency then we can drive the system with a mediator field coupled into the mass side using any source of vibration.  Lesson 5 Mediator Fields

The calculation will get one very close, and the sensitive can slide the razor knife a very tiny amount to feel where this field vibrates up! It works.

Dave L    7 - 12 - 2021

Now since the E field wave will be an area function, do the calculation for a wire length, such that the mass vibration wavelength is the sqrt of the RF wavelength. Then use a Mediator frequency to couple the mass vibration frequency to the background Field Fabric as a circular area source, to bring up the power level. What will this do?

Be sure to calculate your take down frequency for the mediator before you activate it!

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