Is the Joe Cell, Water Cell, Dangerous?

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2020 - 4 - 20   Dave L

What Kind of Energy Does the Joe Cell use?

The kind of energy produced from vibration is very different then nuclear fission, in that it is not ionizing radiation that can destroy atoms creating what is formerly termed "Nuclear energy" today, which is a destructive form of energy release.
Vibration energy pumps the atoms Isotopes, or the water cells H-O bond for vibration resonance effects without using hot EM fields normally, as you would discover when building the 75 cm Aluminum tube to hone your skill in vibration detection, necessary to succeed at this new energy form.

It does not harm or destroy the atoms. It is actually sensed as meditation energy Chi Ki or Kundalini. If it becomes too strong to touch, from mainly large pieces of copper in resonance, it may cause high frequency bruising between the bones of the hands and stiffness for a few days, or even a numbness. Limit exposure to very high power vibrations, until you become accustomed to telling how strong a field is "too strong" to be holding in your hands. In all my work on cars and Joe Cell I have never had this happen, but on Bashar fractal work with a large copper tube I did have this problem and had to destroy the large tube, by cutting it down into two non resonant length. If you get stiffness in your hands over a day or so you are exceeding what is safe as to a power level. For me it has normally healed quickly.

Does the Joe Cell create free roaming Protons ?

Despite what we are told by some experimenters, it does not tear apart the H atoms to produce discrete Protons, as happens in HHO cells using high currents of electricity around 30 amps with far more EM power released.
Even when HHO cells do ionize the H atoms to become discrete Protons, the Protons quickly attach to other H atoms and become H2. In fact that is what HHO cells are designed to do, and what we try to avoid in Joe Cell work.
If the water is getting hotter you are doing it wrong. It takes a lot of electrical energy to ionize an H atom.

The Joe Cell is not an HHO device. It is an H1 device, or Browns gas device, using very small voltages with very little EM power expended. Not nearly enough energy to ionize the H atoms.
The incredible power from these cells is a "vibration field" which may form a very organized field around the cells, which reflects the Strong Force of Nature that binds the atoms together and actually stops them from being torn apart.
A large vibration field bubble will lower the EM in the area around it. EM is the component that burns, vibration is the power that moves, and controls it inside the atom.

The Real Dangers

Electrical fields can be damaging to the body even causing death and also start fires accidentally. This is normally found in high current or higher voltage work. Any voltage over about 35 vdc can shock you if you are wet.
If the H1 gas comes up to a high concentration in an enclosed container, one small spark will cause it to compress to 1/2 it's volume as it first implodes, and this can buckle inwards the strongest container it is stored in.
We do not store this gas in Joe cell work, as Dr Brown did in his Browns gas experiments. We ventilate the area well, and in a car it is released into the engine directly using very precise protocols so it will not collect anywhere.

H1 and all Hydrogen gases are lighter then air and may collect in enclosed areas overhead with no bottom in them.

Working with Joe Cells there will be a constant spewing off of the H1 gas and possibly Oxygen to some small degree, and most find it very uplifting to be around.
Do not do it in an enclosed area, same as with lead acid batteries while charging. Ventilate the area well to be safe.

Testing the Gas a cell is producing and becoming familiar with the different levels of power in the three gases that can be produced from it.

This procedure will assist one to develop a respect for the different types of gas that a Joe Cell can produce, and identifying the correct one we want inside the water of the cell for recursive vibration amplification.
This test will expose the danger of working with Browns gas H1.

In this test we will be using the bubbles, so a 12 vdc supply or higher is recommended.We assume the cell is built, set up, the tubes have been aligned properly, and there is water to the tops of the tubes.
The area is well ventilated to avoid any overhead collection of the gases, as Hydrogen is lighter then air.

We now connect the negative wire to the center tube and the positive wire to the outer can, only then do we switch on the power supply or plug it into the wall.
This is the first application of voltage to the cell, and it will produce one kind of HHO as you leave the 12 volts on the cell for a time.
Bubbles will begin forming at the top, we will be exploding them using a long lighter as used in charcoal grills or by tossing a lit match into the top of the cell.

Safety gear is in order to protect the face and hands. While I have never really needed it, it only takes one accident.

Move the lighter flame down until it hits a bubble or you can toss in a lit match, keeping you hands clear of the splatter as a bubble explodes outwards.
You want your hands outside the cells top and possibly wearing gloves.
Notice the volume of the explosion as it makes a "pop" sound.

Now shut off the power supply for a second until the voltage drops to zero then plug it in again, this is the second application of voltage to the cell.
It will start to bubble again, wait for a good layer of bubbles to be formed, then do the lighter test again and notice the volume of the pop is about 2 times louder.

Shut off the power again and this time go get some ear plugs or you will be sorry you did not. Ringing in the ears denotes possible pertinent damage which can result.
Turn on the power to the cell, this is the third appliication of voltage to the cell. Wait for new bubbles to form, put on your ear protection, and light off a bubble.
You will likely feel it hit your body as a shock wave from the implosion of only the one bubble. The noise from this is deafening.

At this point you will have found a new respect for the power in this third gas produced.
In cell work we only apply voltage 3 times to start the recursive vibration loop and then it is removed.

This is the origination of the "three tap method" of charging up a cell.

5 Volts DC has always been plenty for me to start up a cell.  We do not need to produce a lot of H1 gas bubbles to have the cell put out massive vibration field bubbles in the "field fabric" of space.

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