Strong Force

[Public Domain Document - Relating to conscious field operation]

Dave L  10 - 1 - 2016


The strongest force of science, manifesting in spherical form, lies between the electron negative and proton positive layers of the atom.  

There are three forces operating inside the atom. It is important to have a feel felt experience with each one and to be able to recognize the differences, so we can identify what we are observing in experiments.
Miss identification can lead to much confusion, we must look closely at the geometry of each one and understand how the force operates with each one.

Magnetic          [Bipolar off the two ends of a volumetric field]
Electric            [Bipolar off the flat plates of a surface area field]
Strong Force    [Spherical - outwards and inwards, in all directions from a center of mass location ]

Atomic Geometry

Atom Diagram

We cannot for sure tell the path of an electron in the outer layer or boundary of the atom. However we do know it results in a magnetic field forming on the sphere with a North and South magnetic pole that moves like a cone around in small circles near the magnetic poles at a Ghz frequency. This Electron shell has a negative charge of voltage that is attracted to the Proton shell which has a positive charge of voltage.

If we now consider the Electric field attraction as well as the magnetic field positioning, it is easy to see from only these two forces being recognized, there is no apparent reason for the shells not to crash into one another.
It makes absolutely no logical sense that these charges and magnetic poles would continue to remain separate and spinning at different distance from center of mass in opposite direction from one another.

Next we have the greatest lie ever told the American Public. Within the definition of the Strong Force in science we find this:
The Strong force stops at the outer ring of the Proton layer, and outside this is only electromagnetic force present.
No one knows why the electron shell does not collapse into the nucleus of the atom.

I would challenge anyone to play with some magnets charged up with an electric field and see if they can get them to stay in place with nothing between them, not touching, and then go into a rotation in opposing directions!
Electromagnetic fields do not work like this. What are we missing. What did they leave out?

They left out the most important force in nature!
The field that self organizes, compresses, and energizes the whole system, drawing it's power from the background field that is everywhere! Any serious Joe Cell experimenter has brushed with this field personally!
As well any serious sensitive JC experimenter has palmed the rings of the field and knows it does not end at the outer can of the cell!
It can sometimes be palmed up to 100 feet out from the cell as rings of tension all the way around the cell.

A fully coherent strong force layering can be generated and even played with using very simple devices. It can be programmed into crystals, and set up around metal objects as well using technical formula.

Lets look at how each force operates, examine what they are, and how to recognize them.
Also consider how they would operate in the form of an atom with layered shells and only space between the shells.

How Do Magnets Operate?

Snaps, Jumps, single motions.

Natural magnetic metals are Iron, Nickel, Cobalt.

Magnets pull or push from the ends. Operation is in general one motion, then it all comes to rest. If we have only magnets and space between them, they do not pull and then stop at a specific distance apart.

Long magnets crossing at center do not exert any force whatsoever on one another from the center positions and from the center of their mass.

Magnetic force is found from the outer edges or ends on only two areas of the surface, a North pole and a South pole.

If you cut magnets into piece, they will follow very specific laws.

If cut between the poles the two pieces will pull together and then stop moving.
If cut through both poles the two pieces will repel and try to flip over into attraction on the opposite ends, they will not pull back together.
This shows that within a magnet is one dimension of attraction through the poles and two dimensions of repulsion.

Magnets are very simple and do not go into rotation around one another when released freely in space.

Magnetic field effects are in general entropic, they nearly always come to rest without some other force acting on them to add energy, or to restrict their ability to move in space in some way as with a motor having rotor and stator setup to support their motions.

How Does the Electric Field Operate?

Sparks, Flashes, and Heat

There are many metals that are conductive and many insulator materials.
The electric field operates with both conductors and insulators. It will discharge through conductors from current flowing, and through insulators it will still push or pull without current or discharge, it will convert to pressures.

Electric field can be stored in a capacitor having two plates very close together. The greater the area of the two plates and the smaller the distance between them, the more charge it can hold.
On the two plates of a capacitor, the force is to pull them together with power. We must stop them from touching using an insulator or they would touch, discharge, and the force would be neutralized.

Within the electric field itself there is no mechanism to stop the two plates from pulling together at some specific distance, with only space in the gap and not discharge without using a physical insulator to separate them.
Using all the rules of electricity we cannot explain why the electron shell does not collapse into the nucleus of the atom, if there is no other force present.

Once the electric field discharges from a capacitor, it does not recharge itself. Electric fields operate as fields of entropy. They always come to rest, if not acted on from outside forces.

In electric motors and in resonant circuits, both magnetic and electric fields are set to work with one another, and in this exchange there is no apparent over unity present.
There is always loss from resistance or heat. To create the never ending dance of the atom we need one more force.

The Nature of the Strong Force Field Bubble

The Strong force must have the following qualities.

Operates spherically from the center of mass.
Repels both poles of a magnetic field on the Electron and Proton shells evenly, without bending or disturbing it's magnetic flux.
Separates Negative charge and Positive charge into different spherical layers and maintains them at fixed distance apart and fixed distance from center of mass while allowing them to spin.

Once set up, powers itself from the background field. Recovers the dimensions of the atom each time it is acted on from outside forces. The atom will recover it's frequency perfectly, the same for all atoms of identical construction, so perfectly we can identify it with spectrometers and NMR measuring tools.

The atom is not winding down or running on the big bang energy, as each time we disturb it , it fully recovers.

There is only one force we can identify that operates in this manner, Platonic Form Vibration within a three dimensional medium. [The field fabric - Wilbert Smith / platonic form vibration - Buckminster Fuller]

Interesting that even in science they have identified the strongest force of nature in such a way that anyone familiar with vibration work can identify it most easily.
They state it is 137 times stronger then any EM field can become, but it is not present at the electron shells!

They also maintain that no one knows why the electron shell does not crash into the nucleus of the atom!  They have to tell this lie, so that no one can figure out what the strong force actually is and then start using it.
As we see however in Joe Cell work we can raise up fields of vibration from the mass of the cell that will establish and maintain small voltages between the tubes that never stop working and will self restore if shorted out.

Strong Force Suppression

Why was knowledge of this force suppressed since the 50's?
Does it not become obvious what field force geometry was used to first manipulate it?

The First One

Worlds First Atomic Bomb Test - Alamogordo New Mexico - 1945
Photo Reference:

Platonic Form Vibration

One can understand, when this force was first discovered for use about 70 years ago , it was immediately applied to a "weapon of mass destruction" by the US government. Since this time, it has slowly entered the world of physics, with the lie still attached, that no one understands it, or no one can understand it, it is a mystery! Yet we see by the 60's they had working ARV's [Saucer craft] also impossible without understanding of how this force operates - [ Mark McCandlish release in 2009.]

McCandlish Stolen Design from Government

This picture is not on my site, I have included a URL to where it is being imported and then displayed above from, and credited those sites below.
Mark McCandlish claims to have a copyright on this graphic production, however to claim a copyright on stolen top secret material is a very strange phenomena indeed.

Drawing Above is displayed from the site here:

McClandlish's Site:

This draft appears to be the most authentic one I have come across, reflecting a first level primitive space craft capable of light velocity or better travel.
Notice first the inner sphere, most important for field containment of the Strong force field bubble, so the operators are within a single time gradient all the way around them.

The flat base uses a basic lifter technology, with larger plates under smaller ones. This is an Electric field propulsion system.

The center has gyros for stabilization, with what is likely a mercury based "strong force" field bubble engine.
This is the component that is self sustaining and draws its power from the background field resonance of Space in the same way an atom works.

This craft does not operate only on electromagnetic field principles, and it is time to stop saying that it does.
It makes use of Tempic field stratification in layers outwards from the center of mass of the craft, exactly the force used in Joe Cell work. [Tempic Field - Wilbert Smith]

Technically the Strong force field bubble generator should be at the center of the sphere inside the gyro, or gyros.
At the bottom inside the copper plate lifter assembly is the HV distribution system to change the field on the lifter plates in the 48 sections for balanced tilting propulsion.
Where the flywheel at center of the sphere will make the vehicle stand upright without tipping over in the air too fast, the tilting will be delayed with enough time for corrections on the lifter plate.
Exactly like the atom with greatest mass of torsion at the core center that will rotate 1000 times slower then the electron shells of the atom will rotate around it.

The ARV is designed from intimate knowledge of how the atom operates at all three of it's levels. This should become "self evident."

Purpose For This Document

With great power comes great responsibility.
The following terms are suggested for experiments using the platonic form vibration techniques, to distinguish it from magnetism, or electricity, which it is not.

Strong Force
Mass Vibration
Conscious Technology
Diamagnetic Field
Telepathic Energy
Chakra Energy
Conscious Field Bubbles
Vibrational field bubbles
Platonic form vibration field

All of these expressions have one thing in common. They work with a polarity that runs from inside to outside in 3 dimensional layers of specific density and spherical boundary.
The field crosses the electric layers at right angles moving inside center to outside layering, and out into the background field resonance of the field fabric of space.
This field should not be confused with bipolar magnetism, it is more powerful then any magnet, and can even cancel out the power of magnets as Keshe is already demonstrating.

They all operate geometrically like the conscious field in the human brain area of the body, or like the solar system, around the center of mass spherically.


If the Strong Force Field Bubble is increased to approximately 45 feet in diameter, it may shift into the 4th density and travel using thought, traversing both time and space.
Based on conscious field experiments with vibration devices, there is evidence this is accurate.
This has been referred to as the 44.5 foot fractal, and objects can disappear and then come back at another time, shifted to a new position in space.
Hops from experiment with this fractal in large copper scalar coils, have usually been shorter then a day or two at most, and the small objects that have vanished commonly return.

My first encounter with this fractal I made very large torsion coils of 44.5 feet with large bare wire, and that was the second time I met the "Grey ones."
The CCW wind is the one that will punch a hole into 4th density if it is strong enough.

This is a Strong force field bubble manipulation, and geometry of a sphere should always be used for containment of the field bubble to avoid these spurious vanishing events.

In Vibration Work, the goal is to use this field without destructive purpose. Used to extract energy from the background field per "volume compression coupling technique" as the Atom does and make use of it in platonic form powering devices.

Most all manipulations of inertial alteration I have done, involve the spherical or platonic form vibration fields around an engine, or a car, that is modeled in Joe Cell geometry.
They are very powerful techniques, when the forces you are manipulating are comprehended.

Science now Hands the Power to the Psychic

When one fully realizes, that the pineal area of the brain has access to the Strongest Force of nature in the universe, and is Geometrically compatible with it ..... well, this is something that scarred the military people incredibly silly when they discovered how the Aliens controlled many of their craft, and some could even communicate using this method.

Psychic powers come right along with  Saucer Technology, and that is where the forces all merge at the point of a self sustaining field that draws it's energy from the background field, because that is also the model of how consciousness itself works in the physical world to access the physical brain.

This is the very basis of a conscious overlap, as described in the Telepathic document, where we show how almost anyone can send a complete atomic level imprint with 4 independent layers across the room using simple telepathy practice.
Telepathy not only transfers information, it can also transfer complex strong force field bubbles complete with the power to operate in self sustaining mode.

Geometric Path to Accurate Telepathy

In this document is realized how easy it is to transfer the full pattern of one atomic imprint into conditioned water, and have it manifest another element or even a molecular form.
Our sensitives have been doing this for ages, with anything from flower essence, to full out altering the molecular makeup of water in containment, to even cleaning crud out of water.
This one experiment with procedures included, can demonstrate, that almost anyone can do it! The set up also demonstrates what a self sustaining vibration field is and how to imprint one on a Moe Joe cell with caliper injection.


The term Electrogravitic is really a backwards term, as it is the electric fields in the atom that are trapped in place by the Strong force layering shells in it's field bubble of platonic vibrational form layers.

A better term would be GravitationalElectric field.
The electric fields both precess around inside their shells of strong force boundary layering, which is obtained from the background field as pure convergent vibration of the Aetheric medium, or the field fabric within space.

The electric field rides on top of the vibration field, and it is a secondary effect with 1 / 137 the power of the primary field of the universe, which is the strong force vibration of the medium.

In Joe Cell tubes off the top of the cell we discovered tiny rings of voltage on both sides of the vibration nodes, indicating the Strong force Field layers can pin an electric field to one location in a wire and stop it from flowing totally.
We measured these tiny points of small voltage all over the surface of the cars with strong cells in them. In our case they were not strong enough to interfere with the cars electrical systems, but in some reports they have done that too.

Ethics Concerns

On multiple occasions, our resonant fractals experimenters have experienced computer malfunctions, and interruption to routers and even electrical appliances.
This can often be managed, by setting up conscious field bubbles around them for their protection, and sealed these with intention and feel felt positive energy, however where strong EM fields are also riding on top of them, there is no way to block it out I am aware of. Scalar waves will penetrate any mass to it's core levels, and if there is voltage riding on them it will also be delivered.

There was also one resonant fractal tube, we discovered if made of iron, when held over an earth node knocked out all our computers where others had these resonant lengths up also over earth nodes with copper tubes.
They were able to couple around the planet via earth nodes and knock down every computer next to each of them that were made of copper and did not of themselves interfere with the computers until the iron one went up.

This indicates the platonic vibration energy can operate earth wide, if using earth core fractals from the planetary grid system.

As Keshe also warns, do not use these to interfere with earth communications, as that could cause damage to others in need of communications. It would be unethical to do so. Our purpose for using this energy type is to benefit all mankind as one.
If your motivations are not pure, the Grey ones may intervene.


If you are a person trained in conventional EM technology, banging your head on the problems of attempting to achieve self sustaining fields using only EM technology, then comprehension of the spherical field bubble of vibration will alter your reality.
If you are also good at feeling energy of chi or meditations, the first time you actually feel a vibration field bubble from a heavy element like Bismuth with a vibration or scalar canceling winding, and can palm the layers around the field, this new knowledge will all make perfect sense , but it requires you begin to recognize there is a stronger force at work then you can define using only EM technology and it's rules of operation. You will enter the world of vibration field bubbles, and they do not even need EM to work. EM is a special case where the voltage stratifies into different layers and creates the quadrature field of NMR.

One example I can offer that is very simple and yet actually worked for me. I took a ghost tour in Hawaii that often led to photographs of red light balls shooting around at pretty high velocity. I did witness these light balls during the tour at one location and it was truly amazing and a bit scary. They are basically spherical ball of energy that move so fast they can leave a streak in the shot. I saw them on my camera monitor, but was too slow to get one in the photo. Lots of other did get them in the photos.

Before the tour, the director stated, we should take multiple sets of batteries for our cameras as they will almost certainly go dead during the tour. I knew from experience this was likely true for most of the people present. I also knew I had the personal power not to allow that to happen. I placed a vibration field bubble around my camera, with intention to maintain the battery charge and shield it from discharge for anything we ran into. Mine was the only camera that did not require a battery change in the entire group on the 6 hour tour.

This force of vibration is stronger then EM fields and it can contain them, or it can destroy them. It is also the conscious field pattern of the human mind, and likely all other intelligent beings. Abbreviated CU, or "consciousness unit", it can tap into the intelligence of the universe that is also everywhere. As Joe will say, "God told me." When a person begins this process of opening to the wisdom of the universe, there is discovered the intelligence or directive, I refer to as the Grey protocols. The first time you mess with a field that breeches the 4th density envelope, you will likely encounter the Grey ones, especially if you do not know how to control the field. This has been mentioned by the many who have broken the silence of the black projects. Dreamland, etc... The Grey ones are there to preserve the continuity of the physical world and avoid runaway devices in over unity work.
If you open a door that starts to increase in energy bubble size and cannot control it as the atom controls it perfectly, the Grey are your last line of defense to shut it down.
You will be opened consciously to the Grey protocols, in a method of telepathic overlap with them. Even Tesla described these ones.  I was able to see them also on about 4 or 5 occasions.

As HV work is dangerous and hard to control I moved to using the vibration field bubble with much less voltage, and have gotten some amazing results with inertial manipulations.
We do not have to limit ourselves to the high voltage arena of over unity machines.

The universe is a tremendously large spherical bubble, and the field fabric penetrates all of it. Within the field fabric are all the qualities of construction of matter, energy, and consciousness.
When we mess with the field that our physical bodies are built on top of, there are distortions of both time and space that effect us also.

Acceleration of Consciousness

One of the qualities of accelerating vibration in frequency is the acceleration of the speed at which memories can be stored and then analyzed in the physical mind. If we are inside a field bubble and the time flow rate changes, the speed of your thoughts in the physical brain also increases. This is the normal technology of 4th density craft. Mind is accelerated.

There are some parameters that can be recognized in this operation of vibration field bubble, that are important to observe.

The bubble will form in a sphere around you with exacting radius, in distance. The larger the distance the higher the frequency rate can shoot. This concept will totally baffle the normal electronics people who believe longer wavelengths will drop the frequency of the EM signal, and for EM they are correct, but for mass vibration it works backwards. The more vibration that is coupled to coherently, the higher the energy, because the energy comes from the space itself, or the field within the space.
As you increase length the frequency rises. Many have argued with me for hours on this and refuse to believe my observations with field bubbles of vibration are accurate. However my observations are the only way to explain what we see Saucers actually doing.

If you are inside the spherical field bubble, the speed of thought and reaction increases with the field frequency rate. The Saucers can stop dead and zoom off in another direction, to us seems like a bug, and too fast to even catch as it is happening. The minds of the people in the craft are operating in such a way, to them this is not happening fast at all. Within the field bubble, time for them is moving along at a faster rate then for us outside the field bubble.
I have experineced being able to type at over 100 words a minute from these effects, when I normally type around 40 words a minute.

Another thing we can observe is the mass of the matter interacting with the background field drops. There is less inertial drag from motion. I have observed this mostly in cars and in the NMR tubes, and it is not subtle.
As the mass vibration rate increases the inertia drops as well. Larger heavier objects, have more energy then smaller ones. The mass is not the load it is the power source.

When you play with devices of spherical nature that accelerate your mind and thoughts, comprehension increases. This is the crux of why the technology once discovered accelerates so fast.

If you do the armchair thing of just pondering this stuff, it is not likely you will ever advance it. The ones whom actually do it with the tools and devices reach a point where others simply cannot understand them when they speak.
A person with accelerated mind has to work very hard to explain it, to a layperson who has never been inside one of these fields of accelerated mind.

Once the human mind experiences this acceleration of thought with clarity, it never goes all the way back to how it worked before it learned how to do this. The brain and the matter inside it has ability to control this field within itself naturally. This is learned intuitively, and never forgotten, although if not used it will degenerate like all others things it can discover and use. Thus we have people like Joe of Joe cell, whom seem to posses abilities, that simply stump others. He is not the only one. Joe had some years of working with cars and racing engines working around these fields and inside them, and shows the same effects of having accelerated mind and accelerated comprehension I have experience to some degree also, as have many others.

I have experienced typing speeds of 100 wpm or more with little effort, when my normal skill level was not more then 40 to 60 if I really tried hard. Especially when working with these spherical vibration fields, I had all kinds of accelerations of "knowing," or realizing how things actually work to the point of comprehension, and then ciphering how to apply the math. The whole process of measuring "resonant fractals" originated from the necessity to calculate the spherical vibration field bubble that is the center of all matter, and a way to communicate and share it with others from the physical side, as a science "they could grasp". These fields cannot be detected with normal EM equipment at all in their pure vibrational forms except by the sensitive, or using very sensitive equipment as they form or as they disappear.

There is the physical matter, and just outside it is the energetic auric layer where space has dropped in energy. The sum of the energy of the matter and the auric field around the matter is equal to the background zero point field energy. The calculation is done using factors. The fields are measured using a SS caliper and feeling vibration wavelengths in the head, where there is another CU active and in use to maintain consciousness of the human body.

My statements will be beyond belief to the armchair thinker who has no experience with accelerated conscious fields.
I have attempted to offer techniques, to experience these things personally with the 8950 document and the telepathic overlap document, that to date are the fastest way I know of to have direct experiences in the shortest time.
The bismuth scalar coils, were my own starting point and the Rain Maker unit with spherical quartz crystals many many years ago.
The study of platonic form, with respect to vibration, as the work of Bucky Fuller, is also a prerequisite to understanding the Strong Force that is all around us within the background medium.

If you have read this far, you will likely be opened to working with mass vibration fields and working to become sensitive to them. I hope you find the documents presented as valuable and interesting as I have in recording them for you.

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