The Metrics of the Field Forces

Prerequisite: "The New Science" by Wilbert Smith

A "metric" is something we observe in nature, which never changes, and which all of us will agree on is real.
These things will become self evident as we align our mental models to match nature.
The sensation of vibration is the basis of Paranormal Experience.
The "Organization of Vibration" is the basis of the Universe.
The caliper is the tool of measurement.
Reality is strobed.
All is vibration.

David Lowrance    10 - 11 - 2016

Space is rectilinear, no matter where we observe it. [Wilbert Smith.]
Space is also resonant with a background field frequency of 333000 Hz. [Bashar]
To perceive it's vibration, we may feel it stationary as an area, or a length, or a cube.


Surface area of one side

Side length

To measure a frequency, using a stainless steel caliper, the nodal points will become stationary for us to feel.
Thus the caliper first takes measurement, in rectilinear form of resonance.
Frequency then is first measured as a frozen cube, or line, stuck in our caliper gap.
We can run a finger along the area in the gap out to the edges and feel the location of nodal positions.

The word Quantum, means one complete thing.

The drawing above is the Quantum cube we will be first exploring.

The quantum energy level of the background field is calculated as a rectilinear force.
For example the mass of an Oxygen atom is approximately 16 times the mass of a Hydrogen atom.

While the formula relationship of the force is calculated as rectilinear function with mass increasing 1 to 16, as the NMR frequency drops by a factor of 8.
The physical expression is in spherical form for Mass and it is in circular or disk form in motion, for Electromagnetic energy.

While in these spherical and disc forms, we cannot feel the nodal points, because they are moving creating boundary layers.
These energy nodes in motion spin at constant rates, so all awareness observing them must agree on the parameters of length, area, and frequency.

Each side of our quantum packet of rectilinear space has a length of the square root of 333000 = 577.0615218 ...
Everything that happens outside our cube is a multiple of the cube, and every thing that happens inside our cube is a fraction or fractal of it.
Lets now see what we can determine of the qualities of the background field, now that we have an energy system with fixed stationary metric in vibration.

Remember, also the first measurements we will take with calipers will have stationary nodes we can feel.
While measuring fractals that are of rectilinear form.

Freezing the Grid


The area of our quantum sheet, which is one surface of the rectilinear quantum packet, is 333000 expressed as a frequency in Hertz.
This is something we can feel vibrating at many different fractal sizes.
Set up your Stainless Steel Caliper to 33.30 mm, and see if you can feel how it freezes the nodes strobing through the background field into stationary positions in a grid around your calipers.
This physical length is said to be resonating with the background field energy, because it causes them to now appear in the same exact place repeatedly.
We feel this then as a vibration coming from the one point in space.

33.3 mm Caliper Setting

Feel the squares that appear above and below this red line at equidistant points from the caliper edges.
This is a rectilinear grid, created by holding the correct distance within the background field.
The nodes of energy will appear at the corners of all the squares each time the Source Field moves through our location in space.

Energy Equivalence

Energy Equivalence

Energy can be expressed as a line, or a square, or a cube, as scanned by the Source Field operating inside rectilinear space.
A caliper setting of the sum of all the scan lines in the form will resonate with the form of multiple dimension as a sum of the lengths scanned one by one in each.

A caliper setting of 333000, will also resonate with a solid sheet square having sides of the square root of 333000 = 577.06 mm
Both forms have the same Source Field quantum energy level.
However there are many caliper setting that can produce the same effect on many levels of fractal expression.

It takes the same unit measure of [ space / time ], to scan both the images above.
Thus each one, if resonant with the background field, should vibrate up and become powered by it,
Producing a stationary grid system we can examine and chart the node positions,
Using feel felt means.

A Rectilinear Grid

In this way as the point of Source Field focus, scans the universe, all [ space / time ] has the same quantum level of possible energy per unit volume.
This energy quantum includes 4 dimensions. Length, Area, Volume, Frequency. It manifests the zero point field as one block of 4 dimensions or qualities.
3 dimension in space that vibrate on and off repeatedly at one frequency. This is the first detection of the Source Field presence.

This is not the only form that can express the background field strobing effect, but it is the easiest one to map.

Rectilinear Scan

If the background field remains undisturbed, the function will be a constant.


Nothing will ever move if this form remains the only energy expression in the universe.

However even in this rectilinear state vibration is active at a frequency of 333000 Hz.
All is vibration.

Metrics of a Rectilinear Space Time Field


Side length

Surface area of one side

Volume of the cube

Quantum Energy of Space Matrix and Multiplicity

Each parameter is now representative of how we calculate the relative energy of a 1D resonant fractal length, versus a 2D or 3D or 4D field in space time.

 From this we can identify the metrics of the background field and apply them to circular and spherical operation of manifested matter.

Note that if we count the whole number digits of each of these we see 3  6  9  12.
However on 3 and 9 we also have a fracturing of the field to very tiny values to the right of the decimals.
These numbers will fracture inwards from our base unit of 1.
The only whole numbers present seem to be Area, and the greater Spatial Grid or the Matrix.
These do not appear to fracture inwards below the value of unity.

Moving The Nodes

Circular Applications

Plesiochronous Operation from the Background field.

The circle that is a spinning line, is the first concept that all consciousness observing it must agree on.
For this to manifest, requires 3 parameters of the background field. Length, Area, Frequency [ Time Quantum ].
Any now observing this would have to recognize angle, and interval of time.
A universe with spin present, now contains a time or Tempic field reference.


If that spin is derived directly from the background fields resonance frequency [metric], then all systems synchronized to it, would come into synchronization.
Nature has already provided us the master clock for earth space.
Multiple clocks derived are then operating

While it may be a leap of faith to believe we can make a clock from a single loop of wire as accurate as an atomic clock, this is the indication.
Note there must be a way to tell the circle is spinning, and so there must be a geometric set of node positions on the circle that are in motion around one center.

When we hold this form in our calipers, we will not feel a nodal point, but instead we will feel a boundary layer.

The physical shape of the electric field is a divergent circular form, while the force of the field is expressed as the area of a square vibrating at 333000 Hz as a rectilinear area also vibrates.
This area might represent a quantum capacitor plate, or a single coil loop of wire with a natural EM signal of 333000 Hz.

 Needless to state, if we build it to correct dimension, the background field should couple vibration into it quite naturally and set up energy nodes that move at the frequency 333000 Hz.
Vibration from the Source Field will then power the electric field in the form of a spinning disc.
We may experience this as a boundary layer containing a charge.

Locating the Radius and Diameter of the Electric Field expression of the Source Field


Problem: Solve for the Radius and Diameter of a circle having an Area of 333000,
the value of the energy level of the quantum segment of space time, for the electromagnetic field.

Since the Source Field lines that must scan the circle area will have identical energy level, to lines that scan the square area,
the resonant length will change to the diameter of the circle which will be different then the side length of the square.

Equal Area Diagram

What becomes obvious from the diagram above, we end up with three linear lengths that are all different.
The square has a side length, and an opposite corner length sharing the square root of 2 ratio.
The circle has a diameter which lands somewhere between these two.

Area of a circle = Pi x Radius Squared

Pi x R squared = 333000
R = Sqrt ( 333000 / Pi )

Radius =  325.57209969406514490719636425455  ...
Diameter = 651.14419938813028981439272850911  ...


Background Field Testing

Quantum Field Fractals for Electrical Boundary Layering

Note: It was noticed early on that specific caliper lengths can generate complex field patterns with 3 dimensional qualities.
We now have metrics to show why this may be possible.
They interact with the quantum scanning pattern of the Source Field, and it generates the corresponding vibration field shape for us.
Thus we find there is a linear 1D length that can generate a specific field type 2D,3D,4D.

Caliper Settings

Rectilinear Side length

651.14419938813028981439272850911  ...

Test Lengths
57.71 mm   Space Time
65.11 mm   Electric Field

When you open your calipers to the Circular Diameter resonant length, having the same frequency as the rectilinear resonant length.
You will notice a very different type of energy field form in and around the calipers.

This should be self evident.
You can no longer find any stationary nodes, as now there is only a circular boundary perceivable.
We have induced the possibility of motion in and through the universal grid with this experience!
We have asked the universe for the method it uses to produce motion, and it has answered us.

Comparing the two
57.71 mm Fractal = 1/10 Linear = 1/100 Area
Experience: This is a compressive force that seems radiant off the sides perpendicular to the length of the gap with distinct energy node points in quadrature alignment.

65.11 mm Fractal = 1/10 Linear = 1/100 Area
Experience: This is a circular field with rings moving outwards, as a disc around the calipers gap length, in all directions in the plane of motion with the calipers surface.
Circle of first energy ring is shown in the photo above. We cannot locate any individual stationary nodal points on this form.
It manifests as a boundary layer.

We have now experienced a quantum segment of Source Energy from the background field in two methods of expression as an area of equal energy level.
This leads directly to the discovery of the ring shaped field of Joe Cell work appearing as circular quantum form.

6.511 cm  / 2.54 =  2.563 inches
2.563 inches x 2 =  5.13 inches

Where the quantum background field will naturally manifest cylindrical rings off tubes of this diameter, based on a 12 x octave system of diameters.

Note also that in Joe Cell work the nodes on the tubes are stationary and the water is allowed to move or spin inside them.
A Cell made with correct diameters could thus have nodes that do move and generate it's own electric field.

One can as well experience these using a Function generator set to the frequencies 577.06 and 651.144 Hz
Both will resonate with the background field of [ space / time ] as does the 333000 Hz frequency of Hydrogens Proton.


 F1 = F2 * PI/4     F1 = 261,537.588...Hz
F3 = F2 * PI/2     
F2 = 333,000 Hz        
F3 = F1 * 2          F3 = 523,075.177.Hz

Continment Diagram

Side Length
L1 = Sqrt 333,000                = 577.06152
L2 = Sqrt (333000 * 4 / PI)  = 651.144... 
L3 = L1 * Sqrt 2                   = 816.088....

Three circles can be derived from our Quantum rectilinear surface having a frequency of 333000 Hz.
Diameters are shown in the drawing above as a L1, L2, L3.

L1 = Sqrt (L2^2 * PI/4)
L2 = Sqrt (L1^2 * 4/PI)
L3 = L1 * Sqrt 2
L3 = Sqrt (L2^2 * PI/4) * Sqrt 2

Square Inside Circle - Self Sustaining Field - PI / 2 Ratio

Setting up the Quadrature field

Square in circle diagram

PI / 2 = Area 1 [Circle]  / Area 2 [Square]
PI / 2 = Frequency 1 / Frequency 2

Circle Radius = S / Sqrt 2
Circle Area = Radius Squared * PI
Circle Area =  (S / Sqrt 2) Squared * PI
Circle Area = (S / Sqrt 2) * (S / Sqrt 2) * PI
Circle Area = S Squared / (Sqrt 2)Squared * PI
Circle Area = (S Squared / 2) * PI
Circle Area = (S Squared) * PI / 2

Square Area = S Squared

Ratio = Circle Area / Square Area
Ratio = ((S Squared) * PI / 2) / (S Squared)

Ratio = PI / 2

End Proof

Further the diameter of the circle is related to the side length of the square by Sqrt 2.
These can be used to program a Self Sustaining Field on a circle of wire.

Rectilinear Side length

Wire Loop Diameter

Area = Frequency of Vibration
333,000 Hz
  523,075.1768 Hz

These two frequencies will self sustain on the same circular tube or wire loop if injected with 2 calipers simultaneously.

The Square will generate 4 stationary nodes on the circle, and the circle will vibrate up nodes all the way around the circumference of the circle at a harmonic frequency.
This frequency is approximately a musical 5th.

We have discovered a way to set up a self sustaining field on a single tube.

Further we have the method to determine the frequency of the two vibrations.

Magnetic Attraction - Sqrt 2

Spinning nodes with a diameter ratio of square root of 2, create a magnetic attraction from the background field.
This sets up an area or frequency ratio of 2x.

 Circular Diameters

Spinning Nodes

*  1 / Sqrt 2

Calipers in magnetic attraction

Play with the two calipers touching the sides of the fingers flat together and note how the magnetic field attraction comes up.
Keep the center of the gap of each caliper in the same alignment, lower the wide gap down over the narrow gap until the sides of the calipers touch with greatest surface area.
The two spinning circles are inside the two gaps, and need to come together centered over one another.

It would seem we have now created a magnetic field, from the background vibration field of space.
While at this point we have not yet moved a volt meter, this is promising!

Magnetic Pattern

Frequency Set - Magnetic Field

Area Circle 1  = 333,000 
Area Circle 2 = (333000) /  2 =  166,500
 Area Inside Circle = 1/2 Area Outside Circle
Diameter Circle 1  =   Diameter Circle 2  /  Sqrt 2

The frequency shifts by a factor 2 x.
As the linear dimensions shrink by Sqrt 2 x, the area shrinks by 2 x.

This shows we do have a motion of nodes in these two diameter fields activating Iron into a magnetic field coherence
I believe the two spinning node fields flip one "spin up" and one "spin down", and naturally go into attraction.

Overlay of Magnetic on Tempic Fields in the Source Field Matrix

[Drawing to scale of ratios]

TEM Overlay Map

Black lines denote the stationary matrix of the Tempic field.
Red lines denote the motional field with spin present or the Electric field.
All the red lines are spinning.

As we stack Tempic field layers inwards, this creates compression.
As we stack EM layers this creates dual layers of spin

The two are bound together by frequency.
Frequency = the Area inside the form.

From this diagram we can calculate the 4 frequencies present, to construct a magnetic field.
We can find the ratios between them, the side lengths, and the diameters.
A spreadsheet is in order for calculation of concentric field.


As the source field scans across a cylinder or coil of fixed dimension, the phase of the nodal positions changes along it's length.
65.11 mm Quantum Diameter Circular Form has a natural resonance distance of ~ 52 cm =  ~ 520 mm
[~ means about]
65.1144... mm * 8 =  520.92 mm
Distance = 16 Radius = 8 Diameters


Two standing sheets of Electric field rings have a natural gap distance of 8x Diameter
At this distance they couple into a cylinder
This is the basis of a resonant fractal tube 8x Octave structure having an electrical charge end to end.

If set at a distance of 4xD they cancel each other to a null or dead spot of zero.
Both calipers go dead or "still" due to a 180 degree reflection between them.
This represents the 90 degree canceling vibration wave or 1/4 wavelength.

Cylinder 4D Length

If we multiply this by 4 we will we have one full wavelength?
If we bend the cylinder into a circle with a ring at center of the tube set to 32 x Diameter, the phase will again match.
Will this create the donut that makes a magnetic field torus, now powered by the Source Field?

Will it instead create two opposing fields that cancel having 4 D separation?

Quantum Sphere


The quantum sphere, may have the same volume as the quantum cube of rectilinear space.
If constructed in this way it should also vibrate up from the background field
using only the linear form length of the diameter to set up the field.

Volume of a Sphere = 4 Pi [r cubed / 3]

Volume of the Quantum Cube

r = Cube root ( Cube Volume x 3 / 4 Pi )

r = 357.98
Diameter = 715.96 

Quantum Sphere
Diameter 715.96

Caliper setting 71.60 mm

Center to center measurements as two spheres move through one another using two calipers.
Many points of interaction are noted. Likely from intersecting platonic form vibration nodes.
Major blip at 115 mm caliper separation 
Harmonic coupling at 2x  71.596 x 2 = 143.192 mm

This opens a door, that cannot be closed after it is shared.
Self sustaining sphere sets are now possible to calculate from the quantum background field.
They can be wrapped with electric discs.
They can be sent down a linear track through time.

How do we induce motion?
How do we separate charge?
These are the next questions to be answered through experiment.

Platonic Form

Can we ask the Source field to generate a platonic form, both stationary, and spinning?
Find the side length of a triangle having an area of 333000.


Area = sqrt 3 * ( side squared / 4)
Side length =  sqrt(4 * Area / sqrt 3)
Area = 333000
Side Length = 876.94387423630568304212009341809 

Caliper set to 87.69 mm reveals a triangle form with three nodes.

Because the area has the same resonance as the Earth Source field, it does not spin.
The motion of the form is locked to the motion of the earths surface and the caliper setting.

Caliper Triangle Setting

To make the form spin we can construct it instead on a different ratio off the Source field Quantum Area or Frequency.
PI/2 ratio between two frequencies will create a self sustaining spin force.
333000 * 2/Pi  =  211,994.384
Area 1 = 2/Pi * Area 2

Side Length = 699.69997794379795161498437281589
Caliper set to 69.97 mm reveals a spinning form.
You should be getting a new feel for detecting spinning forms versus stationary forms by now.

60 Hz Measurements

In a 60 Hz AC power wave, we can measure three components of vibration. One stationary, and two are tumbling or spinning.

The quadrature field is tumbling, with the Square and Circular components of vibration, both describing boundaries of spin.
The stationary form is the Triangle, and from this measurement we get 3 standing nodes.

Equal Area
Triangle Data Table

Caliper settings 77.46 mm and 87.40 mm both reveal spinning boundary layers.
117.71 mm reveals a set of stationary nodes.
Note also to extract 60 Hz power from the background field, one can use the 5550 Fractal to derive it.
5550 * 60 = 333000
These represent areas, and are applied to Square, Circle, then Triangle to derive a 60 Hz AC field.

Triangle Form

The triangle with sides of 117.71 mm has an area of 60 cm sq, or 600 mm sq.
Diameter = Side Length / (sin (60))
135.924 mm

Space Resonance

Find the side length of the wheel of 12 resonant with the Earths Background Field.

12 Sided Polygon

By definition, all sides of a regular polygon are equal in length. If you know the length of one of the sides, the area is given by the formula:

Area = (s squared x n) / (4 x tan( 180 / n))

s = Sqrt (Area  x (4 x tan( 180 / n)) / n)


s  is the length of any side
n  is the number of sides
tan  is the tangent function calculated in degrees  

Side length = Sqrt( 333000 x (4 x tan (180 / 12)) / 12)

Side Length  =   172.45973547426837108825131929533

FS = Diameter * sin (1/2 inner angle)
Diameter = Side Length / sin ( 1/2 angle)
Diameter = Side length / sin (15)

Diameter = 666.33324995830727342381737407719

12 Sided Polygon Fractal

When you get the trailing 3 to appear you can feel the polygon form freeze in the vibration field.


Charge Separation

[ See Walter Russell Cones Addendum Document ]


(Quadrature Flower of Life)

Dark Nodes

These energy arrangements come from the work of Slim Spurling.
When sensing the lengths in copper that Slim gave us, it was noted that the structured nodes are dark or inflow energy point evenly distributed in the copper wire,
and the light nodes are compressed into the ends of the copper in a high density flurry with no uniform structure.

Thus the dark nodes are likely the smallest form of compressive energy we have encountered which can place a pressure on the outer electron shells of atoms.
If these can be used to set electron into motion between atoms, we would have a nuclear electric generator.

Applications of the above geometry, may open this door for exploration.

1x  3.43333...  inch     3x  10.3 inches       6x  20.6 inch        9x  30.9 inch         12x   41.2 inch

10.3 inch x 2.54(cm) x 10(mm)  = 261.62 mm

On the calipers this creates the hyptenuse of the right triangle, with two other stationary nodes above and below the calipers.

Dark Node Pattern
185 mm creates the familiar square pattern of EM fields using the dark node system.
Now we find the area which is the frequency.
342.225 Hz

Lets calculate for a few more of the dark node fractal dimensions.

A = pi r^2
A/pi =r^2
Sqrt(a/pi) = r


( To be continued )

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