Secrets to Instant Charging of a Joe Cell

Public Domain Information:   [ mass into power ]

This is not actually a secret, it is clearly shown by Joe in "The Horses Mouth Joe Cell" videos, usually found on Youtube.

This involves two major factors. Use a large metal mass to increase the cells recursive vibration power loop, and use the "three tap" voltage method to start up each water gap.

* As a note of interest at this point, there are not less then three other methods to accomplish this without moving the wires, but this is the first one to learn because it works so fast, teaches how to feel each step, and it does not require external pulsing arrangements.


When done correctly nearly any water you put in the cell will go "clean and clear." The cell pictured below is not finished, used to show wiring examples.

1 - Place the cell on a large metal object, such as a steel bench [ pictured below ], a wash machine, a car frame etc, with an insulator pad under it.

2 - Connect the center tube to the large metal object with ability to slide the connection around on it for vibration tunning in step 6.
The vibration will jump through the paint, it does not have to make electrical contact.
Left photo below shows using a steel bolt to hold the position on the steel bench as a washing machine may not have a place for connection of an alligator clip. Right photo shows a clip lead to the lower edge of the steel bench and if possible this method is more stable and less likely to be disturbed.

Joe Cell Vibration Path

Photo of Vibration Loop

3 - Connect the center tube also to the negative lead of the 5 to 12 vdc power supply or battery.

Power Diagram

4 - Starting with tube number 2, slowly tap the positive voltage on it 3 times and no more. The tap can be fast and you do not have to hold it on long at all, but you can wait until you start to feel it if you like. Bubbles do not matter, the molecules in the water will reposition very fast and on the third contact will place the water into the high tension mode.

Cell Photo

5 - Continue outwards doing all the tubes 3 times until you have tapped the outer can three times. On the last tap clip it on to the outer can, but ensure it only makes contact 3 times.

6 - Now slide the vibration connection on the steel bench around until you feel the vibration come up everywhere on the steel bench strongly, see step 2.
This should happen within an inch or so anywhere on the steel bench. The frequency fractal is about 1/4  to 1/2 inch long so you should not have to move it around much.
This establishes the recursive vibration loop through the large heavy mass of the bench and couples it back into the cell through the outer can via the "radiant field" on the bench.

Vibration makes a loop from the center tube through the wire to the steel bench, then radiates back up into the outer can where it will be pulled back to the center tube through the water mass.
This is the "recursive vibration energy loop" that will self power the cell to bring it up instantly and maintain it's charge.
It is not an electrical circuit, but until you remove the power supply leads, in step 7, it will have applied voltage on it with the insulator pad separating the two voltages.

7- Remove the electrical circuit power from the cell from step 3. Do not remove the wire that completes the Vibration Path from step 2 that you have now tunned in.
On the bench you can remove both wires to the power supply and put it away, we are done using the electrical circuit.
The cell will now polarize correctly and maintain the voltage charge forever, as long it stays connected with vibration to the large metal mass.

Monitor the voltage on each tube for a time to be sure none of the water gaps reverse polarity. They should all be more positive then the tube just inside them.
Start to notice that as the field gains in power level from the mass of the steel bench it will begin to fill the entire room and may move a compass at several feet away.
This effect is proof positive that this is a powering field. This effect must be experienced first hand to progress further, or many incorrect mental images may result.

Some will describe this field as a warm feeling, and by now you are working inside it. You can move away or leave the building and notice a big difference as you step out of the field.


Each time you tap the voltage on then off again, the water will move through a cycle of three different types of Hydrogen gas production.
The last of which is "Browns gas" or H1 that is so "diamagnetic" it will not degrade to H2 while inside the cell.

This is what I refer to as "high tension water," as the waters surface tension increases radically with an inwards pulling force field.
This field will become coherent in and around the cell.

This charging method can be done in a very short time, and it always works consistently if the cell tubes are oriented correctly with the expansive end up.

If you dump out the water, the tubes will still hold the voltage as long as they are wet.
You can short out two of them and the voltage will instantly come back up when you remove the short.
This is a self powering phenomena.

Voltage Tweaking:

If you connect the center tube of the cell at a random location in a car, rather then a "tunned location" for the recursive vibration loop, you can then slowly adjust the voltage on the cell to compensate for this until you hit the vibration loop resonance point. The entire car frame will vibrate up when you hit on the correct resonance and this creates a slip stream effect of air sliding over the car with less resistance. Some people simply wait a few weeks and this effect will eventually happen.

Note the outer can must not come into contact with the cars frame or it will short out the battery and blow any fuse in between, only the center tube is connected to the cars frame.
In cells designed for car use, often the center tube is connected with a bolt that runs through the bottom of the can and is attached through the cars steel frame. This bolt is insulated from the can using a non conductive washer system.
The water level will not drop [according to others who have measured this effect.] The cell is now manifesting H1 atoms, supposedly enough to run an engine. A small voltage can be applied again 3 times and left attached to increase gas output.

These atoms will pass through a "blind plug" and be drawn into the engine, and one tap of positive battery on the crank pulley of the engine when running will draw them down through the piston lines instantly, starting the process of feeding the engine. When an engine is running, there is an oil layer between the crank and the block at the bearings, and this is likely why it works so well. This is an instant effect.

All of these adjustment are relatively instant, and especially if you can feel the vibration energy, it becomes self evident what is happening.


These techniques have never been "secret," they were revealed early on but no one could understand them at that time so they were often ignored as magic or mysterious Orgone energy.
The "three taps," was ignored by many, to me, it seems to sound more like witchcraft from a child's story book.
The document out on Browns gas fully explains the chemistry and physics being used.

As well people with no understanding of "mass resonance" had no clue as to why connecting the cell to the car frame causes a great increase in power level of the system, taking the cell into stage 3 instantly using the 3 tap method.
Working on a wooden bench one can spend years and rarely get the voltage polarity to hold on all the water gaps. My first year was totally wasted making terrible piles of junk materials crud up the water in the cell, usually dark orange iron deposits. The problem was that of not believing, or understanding, what I was told up front.

Manifesting elements in the cell is another discussion. However once you see the water go "clear and clean" in this mode, it is a real clue as to what can happen when we start reversing the polarity on water gaps. 

Cell with Gold Vibratoin installed

This cell is charged up strongly, connected to the steel bench from the center tube, and the entire table is also vibrating with it, increasing it's power to maintain the charge.
Note there is no battery power being used at all anymore.

If you place a short circuit across two of the tubes, when you remove it the voltage will restore itself. It will do this even after the water is dumped out as long as the tubes remain wet.
This proves it is not an electrical current maintaining the electrical charge. The high tension water, generates the small voltage on the tubes, that maintains the cells radiant field.

In the cell it creates a voltage with no magnetic field, but when this energy hits the iron in the steel bench, it may generate a magnetic field strong enough to move a compass from many feet away.

This radiant energy effect is not possible in flat plate electrolizer's. It is necessary to use the geometry of the concentric SS tubes to manipulate the H-O bonds angular attachments and electric polarity.
Each water molecule is in effect a battery that cannot be discharged.

See also the document from 2018:
Regeneration Vibration Loop on a Joe Cell

Consider Reading this one before deciding to build a Joe Cell:
Do I really want to build a Joe Cell?

Joe Speak

If you have been following the Videos made in Australia of Joe discussing the principles of the JC , you are likely very mystified, at least at first.
Realizing now that we are dealing with two different sorts of energy loops, and can identify them, electric circuit, and radiant vibration loop, we get a feel for why Joe uses some really confusing terminology.

++N   +- N  -- N  ++S  ,   - North    +South   etc...

I cannot even be sure what these references mean entirely to Joe, or if I have them correct, but in listening to the "Joe Speak" explanations at least now we have a feel for what he is trying to express.
The two forms of energy can be routed in many various ways. Vibration is attracted to the positive voltage charge on the engine. But in the cell the power of the vibration moves towards the center tube.
With our accurate mental model of the atom this in seen as the same thing as the Proton shell with positive charge is located in a smaller space then the electron charge of the electron shell outside it.

I love Joe and his positive outlook, and often sharing what he is doing with others. He has no desire to use the Internet to communicate that I am aware, and used the handle "Joe" to remain unidentified publicly.
Joe seems to be an incredible person with a moral fiber that is well beyond our societies grasp at present. I thank Joe for all he has done in this lifetime towards improving the state of mankind.

I also would like to thank all the men whom have studied this phenomena, and brought the reality of it to our awareness.
Bernie Heere who introduced me to my first experiences with the energy of the Joe Cell, and constructed so many different models of the cells, when Kel and I all met in Oregon and tested them in cars.
Bill Williams whom shared his construction specifications for his cell that had a runaway incident on the freeway in his semi truck. A brave soul indeed.
Alex Schiffer who studied the bubbles of the three different water states, and wrote the first manual to bring a level of science and vocabulary into this "feel felt" work.
And of coarse Peter Stevens, who has spent so much time making videos with Joe, working with the techniques discovered, and posting material on the Internet.
David Biggs
whom worked with these cells early on and could supply many of the SS parts. His web site is still up.

Dave L
4 - 14 - 2020

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