Do I really want to build a Joe Cell?

2020 - 4 - 16     Dave L
The following is one method to succeed at Joe Cell "Celery." It is my own progression and experience over the past decades working with JC energy. This is what works.

Should I do this?

I recommend you take some time and make sure you are ready to succeed with the effort first.
You must decide whether you want to move into HHO H2 cells, or to go for the most power by mastering the Joe Cell H1 Technology.
Do not spend a lot of money on a 316L stainless steel Joe Cell until you have "tested yourself" with the very cheap tools mentioned in this article.

There are two concepts one must learn before they begin with Joe Cells and expect to be able to do what Joe does with them, and more.

1 - How a DC circuit works, and how to wire it - without blowing up the power supply, or getting hurt from sparks.

2 - What is "vibration" and how do you feel it?  The radiant energy experience.

Without these two prerequisites, I believe you will be wasting a lot of your time.
This is because the cell uses a DC circuit to start up, then it uses a vibration loop to power it.
These are two very different kinds of energy, and you do not want to get them confused.
Remember the vibration can be 137 times stronger then the DC circuit can become.
In the advanced work, we may be creating fields so strong, you cannot stay in the room with them very long.

Where to Start

Step 1

You must learn how to set up, and wire a DC [Direct Current] Electrical Circuit, without blowing up the power supply or shorting out the battery.
If you can learn "ohms law," and a little about fuses, that will be of great benefit for the electrical part of Joe Cell work. Get yourself a digital volt ohm meter and learn to use it.
Build yourself an LED circuit, with the correct resister in it to limit the current, connect it to a battery, and make sure you understand how this circuit works and how to take measurements on it using the volt ohm meter.
Parts will cost very little compared to blowing up a power supply and or to building a Joe Cell you cannot wire up.

Next get a compass, and learn how to use it. You want to be able to detect magnetic fields that are stronger then the earths normal background field.
You can find all of this information on the Internet.

Step 2

How can I learn to feel this new kind of energy, vibration energy?

Richard Feynman " There is enough energy in one cubic meter of space to boil all the worlds oceans." A man who was familiar with the quantified numbers of nuclear power.
The Strong Force of nature is 137 times more powerful then electrical fields can become.
How do we tap into this power?

Fractal length. Vibration wavelengths can be harnessed at any of their fractal dimensions.
The energy is always there, and if we build the container to match it's geometry and fractal volume, area, or length, it will come in to fill the container.
This is very simple in concept and in practice it is also true. Proving this to yourself and observing it work is step two in preparing to have comprehension of the Joe Cell.
This will open a door for you, that may change the way you see the universe.

Build an Aluminum tube to 75 cm length

 Photo of 75cm Aluminum Tube

Cut a 1 inch diameter Aluminum Decorator Tube to 75 cm, and start to learn how to feel this vibration energy, and what it does when it moves through your body.
That fractal length will pull the energy out of the field fabric of space, and present it to you, for your proof.
Hold it between your two hand as you do some upper body exercises, and see what happens.

When you decide that it is real and not pretend, and you can actually detect it, then you can start to do things with Joe Cells, that Joe does.
If you skip over this step, you may as well go back and play with HHO cells instead, because "comprehension" of the Joe Cell will not likely happen, even if you try to follow procedures that supposedly work.

You can believe me, or you can waste years trying to cipher how Joe does it, using your ego mind, which to date has never worked for anyone.
This is "self development" and why the Joe Cell has been labeled a fraud by scientists who deny that such things like Chi are real, even as they watch Joe do it.

You will learn to make Joe Cells work, when you can detect "mass vibration fields" using your palms, fingers, and eventually the center of your brain, the pineal area of the brain.
When you get the pineal opened, you will no longer need to use your hands, you can scan it by looking at it and feel what it is doing, even from across the room.
Joe has demonstrated these qualities many times. One woman came up holding a cell, Joe moved in reached over and gave one of the tubes a small twist, and said there you are it should work now.
He could feel that from seeing it as she walked up to him. I can also do this sort of thing, and if you stick with it you will be doing it also.

This is not hard to accomplish, once you get your mind out of the way and just set down and feel what is real, and let go of what is pretend.
Do not try to make it vibrate on your own energy, just let it speak to you as it does.
In this way you will never use your own energy to power a tube in a cell, but the energy that is already there in the cell and in the space around it.

Deciding to Move Forwards

1 - You can now set up a DC Led circuit with no damage to the components and feel confident you can wire up a DC circuit with a battery and a load. You can use a volt ohm meter, and a compass.

2 - You have played with the Resonant Aluminum Vibration Tube above and are getting confident you can feel it as a vibration energy source. Maybe you can even feel it from across the room.

With these things mastered you are ready to now consider tackling the Joe Cell itself, and investing in the stainless steel parts as a life experiment that will change you, and your concepts of the universe.

Understanding Mass Vibration

When electrical systems went commercial, some of the people who first developed it's uses knew of the "Radiant Energy" aspect of it. These equations were dropped in the commercial applications because they can be felt in the human body.
I do not believe this was done as a conspiracy, it was done because the average human of that time was not ready to embrace what I have experienced in Joe Cell work. It blew my mind, and if I had not been with people who understood it better then me, I may have ran from the room and never looked back for years, pondering if what I had seen and felt was even real.

If you have a car running down the road and it slams into a tree, you realize how much power there is in the weight or mass of the car when it is in motion.
This is more power then the battery inside the car could ever hold.

Now the mass of the cars atoms, the weight is at the very core center of every atom.
This is called an Isotope, and it is floating inside the electron shell fields which are very light, over 1000 times lighter then the Isotope.
It is free to move around a little and to vibrate. Vibration is also motion.
When you establish a "coherent mass vibration field" on that car, this is a resonant motion.
Every atom in the steel shell is vibrating together in sync, and that is more then enough power to run the engine of the car if it is coupled properly into the motion of the pistons.

This is the power of "mass vibration," and why we need to master being able to "feel it." It cannot be measured using EM test equipment, because it is not EM.
This field actually reduces EM in the area around it and the space goes quiet.
It is felt like the people in meditative arts label it, Chi, Ki, Meridian flows of the body, kundalini,  etc... It is related also to health.

Mass vibration energies are different in that they can approach relativistic velocities, just below light speed, or they can come down to frequencies at 632 Hz where the water bond between H and O atoms in water resonates.
This is done using fractals to couple the energy where ever you desire it to flow in the frequency spectrum.

Even more incredible they can be set up to self power, and the larger a mass you connect in, the more power you will get from the vibration. This is what we are doing with Joe Cell water and SS tubes to amplify the energy.
I cannot write any words to fully describe this experience, one must be there, see it, and feel it, to believe it is real. After that, no words will be necessary.

Frequency plays an important role in JC development, and there are several methods used to inject frequency into the cells.

Building a Joe Cell

There are a great many designs out there for building a Joe cell. Here is one on the Internet to date: 
I recommend using Stainless Steel rated 316L with 0.065 inch wall thickness, for the best power level of the Radiant Vibration field, however we have built many using 304 Stainless as well with various thicknesses.
It should resist a magnet sticking to it, indicating a high concentration of Chromium in the metal, but this is not always so important if the cell is demagnetized.

Anything that you extend down into the water should be made of Stainless Steel or it will degenerate over time due to corrosion.
In JC work, for H1 production the voltages on these components will be very low, but it is still a voltage in water on a metal.
The tubes must be insulated from the can and the center tube, and from each other, and various insulation spacer materials have been used successfully.
The old Car Cells:
The car cell was designed with a bolt welded inside the center tube at the bottom, extending down through the bottom of the can and insulated from the can, with a large non conductive washer.
The cell was then mounted through the cars metal frame using that SS bolt. There was lots of height over tubes so the water came up over the tubes but did not touch the top of the cell.
The cells I use do not use that method, the center tube has a SS wire stuck down into it with zig zag bends to make it a spring that expands to touch only the inside of the center tube.

The Stainless Steel container:
The hardest part of this work is to obtain a Stainless steel can, and if you want a good one, it will have to be constructed.
You can use a SS tube of the largest diameter you are making, as in the 4 inch or 5 inch diameter versions. It must be longer then the inner tubes, (see the next paragraph below on tube spacing.)
The outer pipe, if welded at the bottom could become magnetic and this is not easy to deal with if the pipe has been overheated to the point of turning black and the metal carbonizes.
Usually the black will brush off if not overheated. Professional SS welding is done in an inert gas environment.
My latest work, thanks to a friend in Italy, has a screw bottom and top. This is really a very deluxe system, as it requires very professional lath work to set up the fine threads.
I have taken the JC experiments to the point of wanting a very good one.

Tube Spacing and Tube Height off Bottom, for Correct Electric Circuit Operation in Water:
If you know a little about electric current, it takes the path of least resistance. When you design the cell, the distance between the tubes, is where you want the electrical current to flow, from the center tube then out to the sides of the can.
You do not want the current to flow down to the bottom of the cell, however some will if the bottom is too close.
In order for this to work well for startup, the distance to the bottom from the tubes should be a little more then the distance between the tubes. The shorter distance will conduct first lowering it's resistance.
We used to put them about 2 times higher then the distance between the tubes and the outer can. The lower you set the tubes to the bottom the more electrical energy may flow down, and you may get water gaps that do not bubble up at all.
For 1/2 inch spacing, anything over 1/2" inch has worked, for 1/4" spacing anything over 1/4" has worked, but if you double it, it will likely work much better. You can calculate how much electric current may be lost to the bottom.
It is the formula for resisters in parallel. Use the largest distance between the tubes, and the distance to the bottom, and assume that water will have a constant resistance when the voltage is first applied. Some electric current will be lost to the bottom, but remember it is wasted energy. This is more critical in HHO work because there is a higher current used in the water. For JC work, with low voltages it is not likely so critical.

Shorter Wallmart Store Bought Cans for Experiment and Manifesting:
For experimental purposes you can also go shorter on the can and use a commercially bought SS can with as close to a 5 inch diameter as you can find. In general this one will not have a sealed top so you can access the tubes easily.
For experiments with open tops, the tubes can be very near the top for easy access to program them with different vibration patterns.

For a working cell in a Car a plastic top will not seal in the H1 atoms, all containment must be using SS materials, and if you use a tube out the top it can be Aluminum.
Keep in mind however Aluminum will corrode fast in a wet environment with electric potentials, and you cannot make an Aluminum Joe Cell, or a Copper one.
Manifesting has been done successfully in cells with opened tops.
Some of our cells are pictured in the next documents, and there were a lot of them constructed including a Bill Williams cell in the document titled "celery."
It was one foot high inside and used 8 inch tubes, commercially welded.

Tube Lengths to Avoid

With many other experiments related to cutting tubes, we have discovered some tube length that should be avoided.

8 inches

In the US where we have 60 hz power grids, we do not want to use 8 inch long tubes.
Use of the 8 inch tubes are too close to a major power line vibration frequency at 20 cm length. 8 inches = 20.32 cm
This is the reason for failure of the cells in the US and claims that the JC is fraudulent, it has caused many experimenters in the US to completely abandon cell development further.
A Joe Cell with a program on it, exposed to too much AC field interference will be reprogrammed to attach to the power grid, it will gain energy near dinner time, and when the grid goes into low output around 2 am, the cell will go completely dead.
The program on the cell will be erased when it attach's to the power grid during high load times, and during these times it will take off with uncontrolled power levels.
It also goes dead directly under high tension power lines as there are "3 phase fully balanced radiators" which completely cancel out, forming a scalar canceling coil effect, which is how they are designed.
This was the main reason we started cutting the tubes to other fractal lengths and quickly discovered we could solve this problem.

0.925 mm multiples

The other fractal we want to avoid is the 925 Hz fractal, as it may couple to the earths rotation field. Multiple lengths of 0.925 mm should be avoided. While this may sound like a good idea to pull in energy, it actually will cause all the tubes to charge up to the same voltage, and in this case one cannot establish the voltage gradient across all the tubes necessary to start the H1 high tension process in the water. Reference Document here:

The other lengths found in this document can cause magnetic or electric fields to appear.
14.195 cm = tempic
17.57 cm = electric
10.82 cm = magnetic
20.943 cm = charges up the entire tube in water with an electric field
Because this field is a torque on the earth, it charges the tubes from the side, all of them come up to the same voltage.

Some Good examples which can be used

I am building one presently with a 24 cm can height and 22 cm tubes. This tube length is relatively unenergized from other vibration fields present in our day to day life.

We have built others on the Gravity fractal at 2x that hold their charge extremely well without using a large mass.
This fractal was derived from the distance from the earth to the moon, held in orbit by the gravity of the earth at specific distance ranges.
The fractal is 7.45 cm long and the tubes I have in my cell here are a 2x fractal length at 14.9 cm, [ the first cell that did not go dead at night.]
This cell attach's to the gravity field pulling downwards and thus already has an earthed connection. Reference: 

It can be viewed in the document "celery" about 1/2 way down the page, made using 304 SS that was very resistant to magnets, pictured below. Thank you Bernie Heere for building this cell for me.

Joe Cell photo

The white spacers are Teflon tubes cut in short lengths used top and bottom, from Radio shack parts. The black insulators are Rubber test tube stoppers cut down to fit tightly and compressed to hold all the tubes in upright alignment.
I am tempted to test cork next to see if will conduct electricity when wet. Three of the spacers on the bottom between the tubes 3 and 4 are solid Teflon tube material cut down to fit snugly and support the tubes at 1/2 inch off the bottom of the can.
All these techniques worked excellently. I still have this JC today and have used it to manifest different elements. Iron and chromium as well as enough gold to turn the water a golden color, just enough to prove to myself that it could work!
The background photo in the Joe Cell Menu, notice the water color is starting to match the gold ring on the pad beside it. I like to use Gold because it has only one Isotope, a good experiment.

Abbreviations and Terms you may see in Joe Cell work

SS = Stainless Steel
ICE = Internal Combustion Engine

JC = Joe Cell
Orgone = A mental model of an energy field that denotes a conscious Orgasmic response of Life Energy presence
EM = Electromagnetic Field
Tempic Field = The background field that fills all space and contains all possible vibration frequencies we can tap into
NVR = Nuclear Vibration Resonance - Mass Resonance of the Isotope level of the atom
Resonant Fractal = A specific Length Area or Volume dimensioned to capture synchronization with a powering frequency of nature at another size or dimension, usually on an 8x function or powers of 8.

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