The Law of Geometric Expansion

Joe Cell comprehension series.
2020 - 4 - 17   Dave L

Now that you have witnessed Vibration as a Source of power in a Joe Cell build, we can move on to calculating amplification of the power levels, and programming a cell for a specific task.

The Nature of the 3 Field Forces

Tempic field drops off linearly with distance.
Electric field drops off as the square of the distance.

Magnetic field drops in intensity as you move away by the cube of the distance

3 Field Forces Diagram

Tempic field can be thought of as a single force pushing in one direction. A Tesla wave vibrating front to back along a straight path through space. A longitudinal wave.
Electric field has a secondary force pushing at 90 degree, creating spin. Electron and Proton spin in opposite directions in the same magnetic field orientation.
Magnetic field has a third force at 90 degrees to the first two, and it creates curl back on itself.
As we add quadrature vectors of force each new one cannot exist without the ones coming before it.

Radiant energy originating from mass vibration at the nuclear Isotope level of the atom, or on the H-O bonds in water, is governed by the laws of fractal expansion and contraction.

This is similar to using ohms law in electrical circuits. Once you learn it, you stop blowing up circuits, and can now troubleshoot nearly any circuit.
When you learn the laws of fractal expansion and contraction you will be able to route vibration energy through devices and circuits at any of the three levels of dimension.

A measure of math and science is necessary to amplify this energy system to a level of levity or powering a craft.
As with ohms law for electricity, the fractal math for radiant energy is not hard to comprehend.
The advantage is you will be able to set up self sustaining fields, powered from the space in and around the device, or from it's atomic levels as the atom does.

We reference Walter Russell and Wilbert Smith for the methods that will work and how it can be calculated, harnessed, and amplified.
Wilbert Smith describes the three field forces as reflecting the qualities of space itself and gives a geometric relationship we can now use to calculate the fields.

Length = Tempic Field
Area = Electric Field
Volume = Magnetic Field

The math is geometric, and if we hit correct multiples of Length, Area, or Volume, our elements of design will couple and exchange Radiant Vibration energy.
These octaves where vibration energy will couple are called Vibration Fractals.

This is never so obvious as in a Joe Cell as a tool of learning. The tubes are each a geometric expansion of the ones inside them with specific ratio of all three parameters.
A flat plate system will not harness the radiant energy in a coherent way, so will not work the same on the device level. Although all atoms work the same on the atomic level in any device.

Two kinds of flows will be the result of an accurate coupling.
1 -Vibration power will flow down in frequency towards the smallest element in mass resonance, contracting in dimension.
2 - Electrical power will flow down in frequency towards the largest element, expanding in dimension.

We have now attached a second kind of energy to the electric field that flows through it in the opposite direction in the Joe Cell configuration as the electric field moves.
We send the electrons from the inner tube through the water to the outer tube charged positive.
The Radiant Vibration power moves from the outer tubes inwards, focused to the center of all the tubes. This is the compressive field arrangement.

In normal EM circuits, energy is lost to the higher frequencies as power is applied, and this energy cannot be reclaimed as EM it disperses into the noise floor of the background field, or is eaten up by de spiking capacitors as heat.
These are transient spikes of voltage from the electron shell shooting out of control at 90 degrees geometrically in a circuit as power is drawn from the circuit.
The Vibration system reverses this flow and can reclaim higher frequencies, shifting them back down to useful frequencies we can again use for powering.

Tesla learned how to capture the transient spikes of energy and bring them back into the circuit using specific conditioned electric arcs. He had to tune the spark gap to hit a vibration resonance, and then make that resonance couple between the elements of the two coils. We were able to duplicate this on the cars spark plug in one of our tests. We set the spark gap to match the fractal resonance of the Joe Cell on an 8x harmonic of it.

Geometric Expansion and Contraction Calculations

In space we have three dimensions, Length, Area, and Volume. This is self evident.
If we have a cube in space and then double the side lengths of all it's sides, the increase will be as follows.

Side length  expanded  =  2x length
Square area expanded  =  4x area
Cube volume expanded  = 8x volume

Cube Diagram

We see that if we double the side lengths of the forms we come out with increases that are geometric in 3 dimensions.

A cube with volume of 1 cm cubed, will couple to a cube of volume 8 cm cubed, and these will begin to exchange energy of vibration.
All the sides of the cube will be two times longer on the larger cube, and the volume of the larger cube will be 8 times larger.
All calculations of all volumes must be done as cubes, and volume expands by 8x on each octave of expansion, no matter the form we are working with.

This is not magic, it is the physics of harmonics, and mass vibration coupling.
Volume is vibration power and the larger it is, the more power, similar to water height in a dam.
Accurate coupling of this energy is critical to increasing it's power levels and creating flows of energy between designed elements.

One can use :

2x lengths for Tempic field in 1 dimension
4x Areas for electric field in 2 dimensions
8x Volumes for pressure fields in 3 dimensions

All of these methods will couple energy between engineered elements in a device for each dimension we coordinate or tune in.

Tube Coupling Vibration Patterns

JC tubes have a natural vibration resonance that is a HEX form. Here we are observing two forms of fractal coupling at the top of the tubes. 2x linear, and 4x area octaves.
Doubling the diameter of the tube also doubles it's circumference, and has an area 4 times as large. Note this is not the most powerful method, but it is likely the first one that will come up for you naturally.

JC Photo Top

The reason for this natural vibration system is that if we divide the diameter of the tube by 2 which is the radius, this is equal to the distance between the points of high vibration around the tubes circumference.
Grab your SS calipers and set them to this distance then touch the top of the tube and this vibration will come up on it. See the document below for direction on using the SS calipers.
Do two or more tubes at the same time and these will feed one another, and stay active.

Slide a finger around the upper edge of the tube and you can feel these points of high vibration as you move over them, there will likely be 6.
Now to be clever, we can change this pattern using our SS calipers, and if we set this length to 1/2 this radius, we should get 12 segments around the tube when touching it on the tubes upper circle.

This document is only the beginning, there is so much more we can do using ratios, and different methods of application, but the basics must be fully grasped and tested in order to feel the results, and realize they actually work.
A SS tube can be programmed with nearly any frequency fractal, the segments will self adjust centering at the center of the tube. They will stay on the tube and continue to work if they find a coupling from another tube, or the background field, or any other source of vibration energy present on the system. If they do not find this coupling they will stop working when the calipers are removed.

Isotope fractals from some NVR charts can self sustain on one tube, a second take down frequency can then be applied to take these field down. When Joe programs a cell to manifest a specific substance, that imprint is stored in the Stainless Steel, and it will not come down without either taking the cell apart and sparking the tubes, or using take down frequencies if they are all known.


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