Joe Cell Programming Technique

2016 - 1 - 4
Dave L

NMR table entry for Gold. Gold is a good choice for this work because it has 100 percent abundance, meaning every atom of Gold on earth is identical. There is only one isotope to work with, and they will all vibrate up the same. 

NMR Table for Gold

Set Up

Using both vibration at the center, and electric field on the outer tubes, we set up a self sustaining envelope of vibration on the Joe Cell.
While it may seem we have made an error in understanding of the NMR table, it turns out, there is a relationship between frequency and DC voltage tension we can make use of with water.

Day 1 - Implanting the field in the cell - Cleaning the water

An adjustable power supply is used in this experiment for resonance. It must be able to deliver 3.63 vdc and 5.76 vdc with fairly accurate adjustment.

Step 1

The Joe Cell is placed on a steel table of larger mass then the cell has, filled with tap water, for the self powering feedback loop to come up, and for cleaning the water. An insulator pad is set under it. The vibration loop will run out the middle jumper, into the table, and then back to the outer can. Water must first go into the "compression mode" and go clean and clear. On the right the voltage is tapped from the center tube negative, to each outer tube positive 3 times to bring up the water tension. Move from "inside tubes" to "outside can" on the sequence. On the first pass I used the 3.63 vdc supply which is the platonic vibration form of Gold. We want this vibration on the center tube mostly, so that was where I started the imprint.

Step 2

While holding the SS caliper against the center tube, with a setting of 3.63 mm, the black wire on the center tube is slid along the upper shelf of the steel table, to locate a point of resonance with the table. The black wire from center tube is shown attached to the correct point on the table, photo above on the right.

I wore my gold ring, shown touching the caliper, to raise the field enough to really feel it, with right hand on the alligator clip that slides along the table, and this clip can be attached anywhere on the steel table where you get the physical mass resonance at 3.63 mm. The energy then jumps between the gold ring and the center tube of the cell and the table. This is "feel felt distance tuning" technique, used to energize the outer metal skin of a car in JC work. The steel table works with enough mass to act as the car, and cause the self sustaining loop of energy we get from Joe Cells set up correctly, so it will never die.

Spet 3

Connecting the Gold Ring into the vibration grid on the table and on the cell to add all the nano size vibrations to the field. Gold ring is clipped to another resonant point on the table and distance tunned to bring up the field on the other clip and then on the center tube of the cell. "Set up" is shown in the right photo above completed for the 3.63 vibration fractal field saturation of the cell. There is now a "platonic form" radiance from the cell, vibrating outwards in all directions from the center tube of the cell. You can palm around the cell and feel it everywhere. The imprint is 1/2 way done.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spin Injection

This is the first time I have attempted this manifesting experiment since the work with NMR fields, and locating the correct background field frequency of hydrogen. I will record what I do, and how it comes out. Here are the references:

NMR Fractals

333 MHz NMR Table

NMR  Table for Gold

100 percent abundance, 5.758 MHz
Can be induced in three ways

RF                     5.758 MHz
Voltage               5.76 vdc
SS Caliper Gap    5.76 mm or cm

Since the voltage method will produce the correct Electro Magnetic field spin, I will try that one first.

Step 4

The power supply is now carefully adjusted to 5.76 volts DC which is within 2 thousandths accuracy of the 5.758 target voltage. The black lead run to the center tube for negative polarity, and red lead positive will be tapped on the outer tube then on the outer can in that order 3 taps each, to see if the NMR field will come up. Since it should then self sustain against the 3.63 platonic form field that is already in place we should know very quickly if it is working by the feeling of the field, and the pattern of nodes that will result on the can if we are successful.

Quadrature Field Photo

It was very exciting to realize it worked, using only a dc voltage to program the last fractal vibration, the NMR pattern. The field immediately shifted noticeably, and the 4 node pattern on the can could be scanned using a finger and verified.
Now on the gold ring also, this same field pattern appeared, and that was the feedback that the cell is tapping into the ring as a two way flow of vibration. The table, and the distanced tuned connections between them and the ring all vibrating up in a field coherent energy bubble. Resonance is everywhere!

The next step is to test that the resonance field is self sustaining over a bit of time, and if the water will go clean and clear. This is the last step of programming the cell with the manifesting imprint.
The cell must remain connected to the table, for the vibration field to grow itself into the SS tubes of the Cell and can. Mainly however I want the water to have time to give up all the chlorite gas.

Voltage measurements 2016 - 1 - 4

Black lead on center tube 1

Tube    2 hours   6 hours
1          0.000     0.000 vdc
2          0.219     0.196 vdc
3          0.269     0.247 vdc
4          0.280     0.257 vdc
can       0.318     0.280 vdc

Using the Hydrogen Fractal

1 - 25 - 2016
3.33 vdc
33.3 mm
333 kHz F Gen

As a test of polarizing we can half two of these as they are duplicated on the opposite side of the circle of the cell.

1.665 vdc
16.65 mm

Maximizing the diamagnetic compression field.

Center tube is wired to the steel table for self regenerating effect of the field.

1  -   pos 3.33 vdc    3 taps
2  -   neg                  2 taps 
3  -   pos 3.33 vdc    3 taps
4  -   neg                  2 taps
can - pos 3.33 vdc    3 taps

1  -   neg
2  -   pos
3  -   neg
4  -   pos
can - neg

This voltage configuration of the cell has been shown to maintain much higher voltages then a normal programming all one direction.

Put a lid on it!

In the last set up, when I lit my pipe for a smoke, the smoke was smelled all through the house in every room almost instantly.
I believe the cell produces a plasma field that will emanate out the top of the cell, and slowly fill a house, no matter how well the walls are sealed.

The entire field will manifest all at once.
Only a charged SS barrier, with diamagnetic qualities, can stop the plasma from escape.


8.83 vdc
88.3 mm
88.297 MHz

Joe Cell Natural Frequency


Elementals - Deuterium

Vibration Data:
Cone Height          51.118 cm / 10  = 5.1118 cm  =  2.0125 inches
Cone Diameter      30.284 cm / 10  = 3.02840 cm  =  1.2929 inches
Cone Side Length  53.313 cm

On a Joe Cell with the following tubes and can size this imprint is very natural.

1"  tube 1
2"  tube 2
3"  tube 3
4"  tube 4
5"   can

Caliper Programming

The distance from inner tube to outer can is 2 inches plus the thickness of the tube and can
Place the 1st caliper touching inner tube to outer can, right on top of the tube and can ends, set this caliper to 51.12 mm.
Place the 2nd caliper touching the upper edge of the can and straight down to the side of the can at about 120 degrees off where the other caliper touches it.
This caliper is set to 30.28 mm.
Slide the second caliper around the edge until you hit the spot where it vibrates up the entire cell.

The two resonant lengths will vibrate up the cell on the Deuterium cone NMR fractal.
Inertia will drop in all directions outwards from the can.

The field is also self sustaining.
The field will fracture on the tubes in the middle that are floating by 1/4 x resonant lengths because the cell has 4 water gaps that will become sub fractals.

You can now touch a caliper to the middle tubes in this order, try to get the calipers as vertical as possible or at 30 degrees angle inwards off vertical.
30.284 / 4 =  7.571 = 1x

Tube 2      7.571 mm
Tube 3    15.142 mm
Tube 4    22.713 mm
Can         30.284 mm

After this adjustment the vibration nodes will all line up at 120 degree angles and there will be three of them around the tubes and can.

The cell will hold this frequency very naturally.
The NMR ratio is 1.687954, this is a new self sustaining ratio derived from the 33 degree cone NMR study.

This resonance on the Joe Cell will also be very healthy to be around as the Jin Shin Jitsu SEL 13 =  5.110 cm and is extremely close to the Deuterium resonance fractal. It will have energizing effects on the following meridians inside the body LU,LI,SPL,HT,SI,KI,DIA,GB,LV.

Voltage Programming

If voltages are used to program the cell you can try using 3.0284 vdc / 4 for each water gap or 3.0284 vdc from inner tube to outer tube.
30.284 / 4 =  7.571 / 10 = 1x = .7571 vdc per gap

1 gap  =    0.7571 vdc
2 gaps =   1.5142 vdc
3 gaps =   2.2713 vdc
4 gaps =   3.0284 vdc

Negative to the center tube, 3 voltage taps each to program the tubes.

The other possible reference is this one and will create a different orientation of the nodes.
5.1118 cm / 4 =  1.27795 vdc ~ 1.28 vdc

1 gap = 1.27795   ~ 1.28 vdc
2 gaps = 2.5559    ~ 2.56 vdc
3 gaps =  3.83385 ~ 3.83 vdc
4 gaps =  5.1118   ~ 5.11 vdc

SS Caliper Programming Data

Deutrium Table

Deutrium Programming

With this programming method, the cell will create gravity and compression to the center of mass of the water.
When the cell is connected in a car, the field on the car will be reversed from the cell polarity and create an anti gravity effect.

Deutrium Anti Program
The Joe Cell with 1/2" spacing between tubes can hold these frequency sets in different ways. The two shown above are only a couple of the ways they can be used.
The rings at the bottom of the diagrams represent the tops of the cells tubes and where the frequencies are applied to the cell with a SS caliper in a straight line.
A caliper is used to touch to two of the tubes simultaneously, then one caliper can be used to add the rest of the frequencies to each tube.
The frequencies are taken from the cones center line height for each tube, and one of the frequencies must be used running between tubes on the first set.
I have gotten three different patterns using various ways of applying this frequency set. One has 3 nodes around the top of each tube, one has 4, and one has 5.
It depends on which frequencies you start with on the inner tube.

The 33 degree cone geometry for vibration is self sustaining.

Multi Voltage Power Application

Adjusting voltage for each tube is a slow process, a multi voltage circuit can be easily made.
A single regulated power supply can be set up with 5 or 6 voltage divider potentiometers for each programming voltage. As low voltages will not draw much current, they do not need regulation, this can be used to program the cell.
Adjust the resisters for the correct voltage on each tube with the clip leads connected and the water in the cell.  Then adjust each one for correct voltage. Now the outputs can be used one at a time to charge the cell up with 3 taps on each tube from each output.

Multi Power