Regeneration Vibration Loop on a Joe Cell

[Getting our heads around where this energy is coming from]

2018 - 5 - 29

The dynamic which makes this work, and the lesson to observe and prove to yourself:
Vibration energy, when coupled between two elements, will move towards the smaller fractal.
Electrical energy will move towards the larger fractal. [See the photo at the bottom of the page.]
In JC work this becomes obvious when you realize you are working with two different kinds of energy.
Electrical, and Radiant, and each type of energy takes a different path, with different rules of propagation.

One of the effects of Joe Cell work is to understand how vibration is used to set up a regeneration loop.

Cell Photo

In a car however it becomes noticeable very quickly. Once you put voltage on the cell, it never goes away after removing the lead that started it working.
The cell continues to maintain a voltage on itself, and self generate this small voltage across the water gap.
One can tinker with Joe Cells for years attempting to get this effect of a stable voltage on a cell without knowing this secret.
On a wooden bench it is much harder to get all the water gaps to hold the right voltage polarity.

In the lab, one can use a steel table or other large metal object to demonstrate this.

If we think of a fan set up on the back of a sail boat, so the fan creates wind on the sails, we realize very quickly that this sort of a loop, does not work in reality to power the boat. You will not get over unity power from this loop.
With a vibration loop however, where we have concentric tubes with water between them and a small voltage differential from inside to outside the cell, this does create a self powering system where we use a large metal mass to couple the energy back to the outer can through an insulated barrier so the voltage does not short out.

Mass vibration when coupled correctly to the large metal mass becomes a Source of more vibration energy, and since every atom is self powering, when we get them all vibrating in sync, the power of the vibrational field rises, like the height of water in a dam. We are using the Strong Force inside all the atoms to create a larger field that will then reach outside the mass of the object.

Because the higher the pressure behind the vibration with larger mass, we have to calculate the power like a Source of energy. The greater the mass in synchronous vibration the higher the power behind it.
Thus we do not use the same formula for wavelength, as we use on an antenna, which is a load to the system.

Longer wavelengths of vibration generate higher frequencies, and thus if we use the metric system to record them, there is a direct correlation between length and frequency, rather then an inverse one we use in electronics.
The thing to remember is that Source power, and Load power do not calculate in the same way.

1 mm = 1 khz
2 mm = 2 khz
3 mm = 3 khz

These will all couple energy.

A geometric expansion will produce these

1 cm = 1 Mhz
2 cm = 2 Mhz
3 cm = 3 Mhz

1 kg mass in vibrational resonance, has 1/2 the power as a 2 kg mass at the same fractal resonance.

1 car in resonance with a Joe Cell in resonance, has a tremendous power available as vibration, if the cell is tuned to the car correctly using only distance tuning.
Distance tuning is achieved by sliding the connecting wire from the center tube of the cell down some part of the cars metal framework until the whole skin of the car lights up.
This is a similar effect to the 1000 points of light we see with the "circle of power" tuning achieved in earlier documents.

Indeed if we use piston tunning to find correct fractals, we will be able to establish the exact same effects from the cell, only using the cell we can add more layers from the cell location, touching calipers to tubes inside the cell.
This kind of power can then be stored in the cell even on an iron block engine, and manipulated also to experiment with, without having to reach very long distances around the car, or even go outside the car.

To establish a simple vibration loop, which is the only kind of energy that will develop into self powering mode without loosing its energy and dying, we set up a Joe Cell on a steel table.

Generator versus Source Powering

When we attach a load to a generator, the load is reflected into the generator which loads down and we remove some of it's power, while it labors to recover by taking in more fuel.
In this there is an easy differentiation between the Source of power and the Load to the power.

When we use a vibrational Source to power something, the Source responds instantly to provide what ever we need, for the entire system to sustain itself, from the entire mass of the system attached in the vibration loop.
Vibration loops form a coherent field!

The energy is used at a certain point where we draw from it, but the energy comes from all the parts of the loop that are in resonance, not merely what we think of as the Generator with a separate load.
The Joe Cell is not the only source of energy in the loop, it is only the conditioning point, the point of synchronizing all the metals of the entire car frame.
The Source of the power, is the entire mass of the car.

As David Hamel would state, mass into velocity, and he showed using large granite spheres to add more mass to his vibrating cone devices.

When we get the engine block into mass resonance, we have a tremendous gain in potential power. The Joe Cell is then used only to align the fields in the mass of the car, and it can only do this if it is coupled into the car properly.
Now one can just place the cell anywhere and then pray for a week or two, and make this connection consciously, which was one of the first methods I ever read about.

However now with ability to measure fractals using the SS caliper technique, and to inject these frequencies directly and instantly by locating nodal points in the field, there is no need for this long period of human intervention and focus.
We can set up a cell instantly, and then couple it into the car instantly.
If the piston tuning is correct on the cell one wire to the frame, slide it along until the engine suddenly comes up with a strong field bubble deriving power now from it's own vibration loop.
The cell is only a point of control of the mass in vibration of the entire car, or any one targeted part of it.

Using the cell however should allow one to advance this as Joe did, to the point where the wheels do not seem to touch the ground.
There will be an energy bubble so powerful it's density will lift the wheels off the ground.
This was the tuning Joe did, and no drivers would volunteer to drive it, because the velocity of the car was so great it scared even them.

Joe found these points of resonance by feel felt, and spiritual means, and learned to recognize them intuitively from doing it.

This is the only way to discover something entirely new, that no one has observed prior to this.
Now the scientist or engineer realizes it is possible!
It is however long work days in the lab, where we discover how to engineer it.
A prerequisite, is to be able to sense these fields, measure them using caliper, and know what our manipulations are causing.

Vibrating up an entire car from a device, is a mastery that is well worth practicing until perfected.
Adding the piston tuning, is also a powerful method to have instant linking with your engine over all RPM's.

In combining only these two concepts and principles, one is then reaching towards the next natural form of transportation, the Flying Saucer, better referred to as Vibration Powered Craft.

Setting Up a Vibration Loop

Joe Cell on Steel Table Photo

These are steel benches with rubber wheels that lock. They are relatively heavy and have a high mass compared to the Joe Cell.
The cell is set on the table with an insulating pad because we are going to place +12 volts dc on the outer can, and ground on the center tube and on the steel table.

This document is only concerned with comprehension of how the mass of the table is going to be used to cause the cell to go into a self sustaining mode almost instantly.

Note the black clip lead from the center tube going to the upper steel shelf. You do not need to make electrical contact through the paint on the shelf to this lead, the vibration will jump right through it and that is the loop we are establishing.
We first charge up the cell by using the three tap method. Negative power to the center tube, positive to the outer tube. Use the meter to ensure all the tubes between have a positive polarity from the one just inside it.
If they do not then start with the inner two tubes and pulse each one 3 times, to feel the tension on the water increase to it's highest level.

Now with the cell charged slide the ground wire along the shelf on the steel table, and with a palm flat on the table anywhere else, find the spot that causes the 1000 points of light to fill the entire table.
You can slide the connection back and forth many times to increase the depth of the field, until you find the spot. Your only goal is to increase the vibration energy in the steel of the table.

If you get this all correct, now with the external power removed from the cell, it will maintain a natural voltage charge that will never bleed off.
It will readjust itself, to finally stabilize with standing voltages on each tube moving progressively from a negative center tube to the outer can.
Measure these with a digital volt meter over a bit of time.
As long as that wire remains in place the cell will self power this vibration loop, and you will quickly have a charged cell that others have worked for a year or more to be able to get working.

If you let this set up condition the SS tubes for a day or two, this cell will now always charge up with the tubes having that voltage polarity, even with new water.
The SS has a memory.

If on the other hand you set up a new cell, that has never held a charge, on a wooden or plastic table, charge it up with 12 volts, it may take a long time to get all the water gaps to hold the same polarity when the power is removed.
Usually the third tube tries to reverse polarize after you remove the power from the cell.

This document correctly describes how to use a greater mass in vibrational resonance, to set up a vibration loop through a cell, to overpower the cell into an electrical polarization that has uniform polarity on all the water gaps.
The vibration loop is in fact a circle, where the voltage or DC power loop is a circuit that only goes through the water in the cell.
This is because when the steel table vibrates up with it's larger mass field from the center tube of the cell, the cell is now setting inside that field of the table.
Energy now reenters the cell from the outside and is again focused towards the small tube at the center.

The larger tube with higher frequency, now down shifts to the smaller tube with lower frequency that is closer to our physical worlds ability to use.
Mass vibration that is normally too high a frequency to be useful can now couple to mechanical motions of a large engine and provide power assist.

The frequency then moves at the lower segment sizes from the smallest tube into the table, then hits the outer can and goes around again, dropping it once more in frequency.
The vibration loop creates the spiral inwards.

Joe Cell Initial Vibration Form

Since a Joe Cell will normally vibrate up with a hex vibration form on the tubes, the resonance segment size of each vibration will start out at the radius length of each tube moving around the circumference of it in six hops.
You can calculate the radius of the tube by measuring the diameter of the tube with a caliper, then subtracting one thickness of the tube, and then divide this by 2.

Set up your calipers to that value and touch it on the end of the tube to precondition that tube correctly initially. Do the first two tubes simultaneously using two calipers, then add the rest.
This may also help to bring up the cell with correct voltage polarization.
On the next loop of vibration of coarse the segments will become smaller and smaller, after you get the vibration loop up, and in this is the power of reaching down to very low dimensions at atomic levels.
There are a great many combinations of vibration patterns we can experiment with on the cells, to effect our targeted engine or fuel operations, even now accessing the NVR and mass vibration or AW of any targeted element in the system.

AW = Atomic Weight
NVR = Nuclear Vibration Resonance - A derivation of the NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance calibrated to 333 mhz for H1.

Polygons Photo

Calculating your cells ability to reach infinity on it's vibration loop

With the segment sizes for the Hex patterns of the outer and inner cells, it is possible to tweak these vibrations so the feedback loop can hit more accurately.
A SS tube can actually hold a range of vibrations that will set anywhere inside the meat of the thickness of the tube. We can tweak them a little either direction off the center of the meat and the cell can still power them from it's mass.
So if we now look at the ratio of the outer tubes hex segment length and the inner tubes hex segment length and then compare, we can push both of them a little so that the feed back frequency from the inner tube will fit nicely back on the outer tube and again shrink itself down on the next loop around from the table without missing the target. The new smaller segment size must fit onto the same outer tube evenly somewhere inside the meat of the tube.
When you get small enough so the segment length is the size of the thickness, the rest will take off and keep doing this on it's own.

These calculations have not been done to date, opening a new chapter in celery for the advancing experimenter.

Dave L

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