Caliper Injection

In order to demonstrate the power of using derivatives of the background field at 333000 Hz calculations, I will give an example of energizing a Stainless Steel canister, by using the "mediator principle of sums."
With vibration work we can energize a physical object like a Stainless Steel tube of a Joe Cell or a tobacco can, used below, that I store my pipe tobacco inside, and it will give immediate results to show how to apply the math.

It is recommended reading the document space: Space  and noting the derived dimensions for a circle of area extracted from the background field directly at 5.13 inches [ rounded from 5.126 " ].
Set your caliper to 5.126 inches and see if you can feel the energy in and around the caliper gap. This is the Source of the energy we will be tapping into.

Here is the reference:

We have now experienced a quantum segment of Source Energy from the background field in two methods of expression as an area of equal energy level.
This leads directly to the discovery of the ring shaped field of Joe Cell work appearing as circular quantum form.

6.511 cm  / 2.54 =  2.563 inches
2.563 inches x 2 =  5.126 inches

Where the quantum background field will naturally manifest cylindrical rings off tubes of this diameter, based on a 12 x octave system of diameters.

Stainless Steel Canister Charging

Now the chance of finding a tube with that diameter [ 5.126 " ], is very slim, here is the SS canister I want to energize from the background field. Caliper is set for inches [ 4.792" ].

Canister Photo

The photo is to show clarity on the caliper readout, however the actual measurement is done on the other side of the calipers with an inside diameter measurement.
Turn the calipers over and spread the distance of the two inner jaws until they touch the inner surfaces of the can perfectly, this represents a distance of inside diameter the same as caliper jaws represents to the space field.


According to the space document, if we had a canister with a diameter of 5.126 inches it would couple into the background field and vibrate up on it's own.
Our canister has an inside diameter of 4.792 inches, and sets there feeling relatively dead to our normal senses.
We can couple our canister to the larger field in the space around it using a formula called summing. In our case we need to find the difference of the two diameters, then simply use our calipers to inject the third dimension.
Energy from the background field will then couple into our SS canister and it should vibrate up.

Canister Inside Diameter  4.792 "
Activation  5.126 " - 4.792 " = 0.334 "
Take Down   0.334 " / 9 = 0.037 "
Remove Residuals => Use a Neo magnet to fully clear the field if necessary.

Mediator Diagram

Always calculate the take down frequency before activation!
We now activate the field:

Activatioin Photo

The field can be palmed both inside and around the outside of the SS can. On first contact it is very pleasant, but over time you start to realize the power of this field.
My wife was impressed and stated inside the can the field is much more intense.
Now we take down the field using the 1/9 X protocol.

Take Down Photo

This is a very small setting on the calipers, and also very powerful to remove this vibration field from the SS can.
It literally crashes the field, and achieves the disconnect from the larger 5.126 dense fractal of the 333000 Hz system.

Every tube in a Joe Cell can be activated in this manner to vibrate up, using it's [ inside diameter.]
When all of them are coupled through the single outer field, they should be able to interact as one field and exchange energy very rapidly.
In theory we can also activate some of the smaller tubes using the 2.563 inch fractal derivative.
Now experiment is in order on a Joe Cell with water inside it, any takers?

Also in theory a cell can be set up to use 1/3  1/6  and  1/9 fields off the background field. The inner tube tapping into 1/9 will create an inflow to disintegration from the outer field completing the circuit.
We draw energy from the 333000 and then we complete the circuit back into the 37000 or the 1/9 field and it sets up a stronger flow through our devices.

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David Lowrance
2019 - 8 - 2

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