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Organizational unity of mankind as one.
Service to others.

[Public Release Document- Technical]
Arranged  3 - 1 - 2015  Dave L
Update  5 - 6 - 2015  Dave L

Level Two - The Source Field 

Nasa Earth Photo

NASA photo


Service to Mankind

Please respect this knowledge, and if you do not have ability or experience to vibrate up a spherical system, either a quartz sphere, or copper sphere with platonic form resonance, please do not play with the energy that can vibrate up the whole planet without some guidance. Everyone who is sensitive will feel it. You must work in "service to mankind" mode, because what you do with these vibrations will effect everyone including yourself. If you do not want to observe this "responsibility" then you must not take the power unto yourself, for your own protection.

Note that all meditation begins with a desire to understand first yourself, and this is termed as "self awakening" for which we have many local fractal systems to work with and understand first. 

Self awakening is not what we are doing with the 1.87 grid of the universe. Manipulation of the Source field that effects everyones reality is termed God awareness, and should not be about your self. It is about "service to mankind" after you have turned your own emotions inwards to deal with them yourself as a personal process. It is for healed people to move on now and do a greater planetary work directed to the improvement of the physical world. If your immediate focus is on "personal service to self development," you may want to avoid the information in this document and refer back to "local fractals". Only you can know what your motivations are.  I trust every person out there in the public, to act responsibly with what is found here.

The Crown Chakra and doorway to Universal Awareness

Vertical Inversion of the Human to Planetary Vibration Systems

Human Earth Relationship

Our bodies develop coupled to the Earth Grids. We are a result of the Earth Grids energy systems. The Earth is not a result of our physical energy systems.
We carry the Home worlds vibrational set within all of us, as a smaller fractal of the entire planet.

Awareness of this is called the descension process. With the descension the depth of the connection to Mother Earth is much more pronounced and powerful an experience.
Using the mass of the planet to move through you, gives a tremendous boost in the vibrational energy of the body.

Opening the Vertical Channel Meditation

Using this awareness, now one can simply start at the lower chakra, then couple it down into the earth and scan down until it hits resonance, then proceed with the next ones, until the crown is reached.
The chakras vibrate up very fast with much energy present, when they are all coupled into the earths mass vibration energy field.
This meditation, should become very popular when it is discovered by more people. It is very powerful and fast to achieve for any serious mediator, with vibration tuning skill.

World Wide Fractal System Related to Human Consciousness

The lengths offered below are crafted from earth resonance points, that cross with the human chakras. A human can learn to vibrate up a transmission that will go out world wide by "attuning" to these lengths.
Once the human can master this ability the tubes should be destroyed by cutting them off center. They are not meant to become an addiction to do the conscious work for us.

Video Demonstration

FTW M1 Tube Resonance Tuning

Tube cutting detail

Vibrating up the planet is not an accident or an intuition of the person. It is a technology that will have a spiritual effect at a conscious level, teaching how all of us are truly connected to the one planet. It offers positive proof to those sensitive to vibration, and gives "attunement" of the correct vibrations for world wide effects to be manifest. It can offer a "public proof." It can also be used for "accuracy" within the psi community.

FTW tube Diagram

Note that in the spreadsheet below where we hit a prime number count of the 1.87 mm fractal stack, there is a strong down shift of energy into this realm from the higher levels of our consciousness.
These lengths are most intense to feel as they create a strong flow of energy into this realm and through the earths core back up through our feet amplified. In the first one shown above for the "crown opening" the prime number is 809.

If we drop down one step to 808 we do not get the down shift as strongly as it's prime factors are larger lengths then 1.87 mm and therefore a higher mass vibration frequency.
More of the energy stays in the upper frequency ranges of vibration and our physical body is less aware of it, while our astral body is more aware of it.

If we cut a tube on the 809 field, it is very intense, and light will overpower most people on the planet who tune into this as a world wide transmission, causing a "brain freeze" situation, disorienting them from the earths time flow rate synchronization. In the future, we may be able to maintain "thinking ability from a higher consciousness level" during this kind of intensity, but right now it does not seem possible for most people.

Our goal in awakening however is for both of these bodies to meet and communicate freely, removing the veil from between them.

In order to balance this energy as it hits our astral and physical body systems, to wake people up gently, we can slowly tune between these two points of high astral frequency and lower physical frequency for a "balance point". Now the energy from our tube will split and give us a balance from two levels of our "conscious being" linking them and allowing for a better merging of the two levels of awareness.

In this case I found at 151.13 cm a very nice notch that seems to do the job nicely for the crown opening to be accomplished in a more gentle manner with a balanced field that is not polarized, or too energetic to handle.

[The peak Source field spreadsheet can be found here, and has now been marked with the first primes up to 1000.]

187 Source Field Spreadsheet "Right click and Save To" your local computer files.

Warning:  Do not craft these tubes of any iron medium, as it can cause electronic devices to malfunction. This disruption could cause serious consequence to emergency communication systems anywhere near an earth node.

Heal The World Co Ordination Group

When accessing this field, it is discovered that activity creates a world wide vibration effect.
The tubes may be thus handled with care over earth nodes that the world be hit with balanced and gentle effects for times limited by intention of purpose.

A world wide effect is also realized when accessing the Crown by one person attuned to this wavelength, who is coupled into the core by sliding into it consciously, without using the tubes at all.
When not in use, the tubes can be stored at a steep angle in a corner and away from earth grid nodes, to keep them decoupled.


Platonic Form operations

Where ever there is great power there must be clear intention of a harmony result from all present.

In group operations, everyone present must be working in "service to mankind" mode.
If you need some personal healing work, do it before or after a world wide transmission, that none are distracted from the immediate task.

Clear intention should be created before a transmission to the world is done by a group that meets for that purpose.
It can be as simple as peace, truth, honesty, understanding, harmony, justice, comprehension, or ascension.
All would agree on the same focus and become positively oriented to uplifting mankind for the greatest good of all involved.

This preparation will place the light body, the astral body, and the physical body, of each person into one alignment.
Divine alignment, with all levels of your consciousness in agreement, all pulling the same direction, and remove or resolve any conflict or doubts present.
If you do not choose to honor this step, there is no telling where your consciousness will end up exploring.

One of the main problems with sending a world wide conscious message in world wide efforts is that the people doing the work usually all operate independently, each one at their highest conscious vibration level, and the transmission is fragmented all across the world specific to each personal ability to meditate or to send in Reiki level two format.

The tubes offer a way to synchronize all members to one level of consciousness, to join together as one conscious entity, with one purpose, then to transmit "comprehensions" across the planet to everyone.
If successful there would be clear feedback noted by monitoring world conditions addressed, as the energy settles into each person on the planet from their higher power direction.

It is not recommended to attempt to process others emotions on a planetary scale, simply bring them the higher vibrations and let them do their own healing work with that energy as it enters them and they become conscious of it. Operators should monitor the time they are active, and seek outside feedback of their work. In particular choose ones who do not meditate to observe reactions.

Coordinated Operations

In all coordinated operations one person will tune the height off the floor for peak resonance at the crown of the head, and everyone else will set the height to match. Each will then tune into their assigned angle for a perfect balanced spread of the resulting energy from the ground everywhere. It helps to have an on line group up to then share observations earth wide. When balanced the field will not cause disorientation.

A single tube operator can also hold the tube vertically over the center of an earth node, move it up then down to hit a peak resonance, but try to limit this practice as it may be felt earth wide.

Two Operators

0   - 180 degrees
90 - 270 degrees


45   - 225 degrees
135 - 315 degrees

Three Operators

0     degrees - 180 degrees
60   degrees - 240 degrees
120 degrees - 300 degrees

This will likely produce a crystalline HEX form radiance.

Five Operators

0   degrees by   180 degrees
36 degrees by   216 degrees
72 degrees by   252 degrees
108 degrees by 288 degrees
144 degrees by 324 degrees

10 Sided Polygon

Six Operators

0    -   180
30  -   210
60  -   240
90  -   270
120 -  300
150 -  330

Twelve Sided Polygon - Universal Space Propagation

Eight Operators

0       -  180
22.5  -  202.5
45     -  225
67.5  -  247.5
90      - 270
112.5 - 292.5
135    - 315
157.5 - 337.5

Sweet 16 polygon

Alignment Method

36 degree alignment

Showing a 36 degree alignment position for the tube, with the jaws that will hold the center of mass of the tube directly over the earth node position.

Outline of Background Information and Ethics of Vibrating up the Earths Core

Assisting on the Group Level

The Source Field - Working for mankind as one

Initiation and Attunement

Become aware of transmission times world wide and tap in during these times, or contribute and become an operator.

The 1:11 Phenomena

Making use of a world wide phenomena 11:11.  55:55   etc.

The Social Consciousness

Sending out a world wide transmission of Love with machines to synchronize the frequency marker.
Honesty - Truth - Love - Harmony - Balance _ Integration

Trust and Responsibility with the Knowledge

The Crown chakra is coupled to the earths central core intelligence mass vibration.
The knowledge is for anyone of those who are ready to become responsible with it, and show they can respect it's purpose.
The vibrations must be used by a word wide group, for best desired results.
The Knowledge of the Earth Core Frequency Marker is 59.5 inches, with a background fractal powering system at 1.87 mm segment length.

Those who Gain the Accurate Knowledge to Use the Power Of Love world wide, will use it, because they can

These have already experienced the healing qualities of the higher vibrations personally, and had connection with the intelligence that results from tapping in.
These will learn to send out transmissions from their bodies into the core resonance that can go out world wide, after they learn to couple.
Sliding and Auric Field Awareness from the center point of balance.

This Is Physical

We all exist within the field bubble of the Earths vibrations.
The Core vibration is everywhere.
Raising the vibration on the core of the planet is Technical, while the Result is also Spiritual.

Tuning Reference

Wavelength Data - Scans Initially Performed From the 595 on a Tape Measure, then tunned to balance.

Here is the tuning I am using at present for a gentle awakening experience showing the last segment of the Tube is fractured between two frequency paths

Tuning range 1x    0 - 0.187 cm [ +0.187 total light energy to physical on prime numbered fractal of .187 cm segments]
Balance point     +0.034 cm       [Increased light energy to physical over even fractal towards prime fractal] ***** [ 1 / 5.5 ratio =  .181818181...]
Difference          - 0.153 cm      [Diminished light energy to physical under .187 moving away from prime] 

Tuning Method Diagram

A successful tuning will allow a measure of light to be seen at the pineal, without overpowering the physical body at the conscious center.
I have settled on a ratio of 1 / 5.5 of the available light energy down shifting into the physical off the Prime Source field fractal. 
I did this first with direct tuning by feel and then located the math to fit it and applied it to the others.

 Human Interactive

                     Solar Plexus        
211x Prime x .187 cm    =    39.457 cm  = 15.534 inches     100 percent down shift - overpowering the physical body
210x Even  x .187 cm    =    39.27 cm    =  15.461 inches     0 percent down shift of light to the physical
                 + 0.034 cm  =    39.304 cm  =  15.474 inches     18.18 percent down shift to the physical = [1 / 5.5 ratio]
Balance Point    =    39.304 cm  = 15.474 inches

                Heart Center
251 Prime x .187 cm =   46.937 cm
250 Even x  .187 cm =   46.75 cm
              + 0.034 cm  =  46.784 cm  =  18.419 inches         18.18 percent down shift to the physical = [1 / 5.5 ratio]
Balance Point   =  46.784 cm = 18.419 inches

                Throat Center
479 Prime x .187 cm =   89.537 cm
478 Even x  .187 cm =    89.386 cm
              + 0.034 cm  =  89.42  cm  =  35.2047 inches       18.18 percent down shift to the physical = [1 / 5.5 ratio]
Balance Point   = 89.42 cm = 35.2047 inches

Misc - [Yet to be calculated]
107.315 cm   42.25 inches                         Jade Pillow
114.935 cm   45.25 inches                         Pineal
125.095 cm   49.25 in                                3rd eye

132.4 cm       52.126 in                              Crown level 1
146.6 cm       57.717 in                              Crown level 2

              Crown Level 3
809x Prime x .187 cm =   151.283 cm
808x Even  x .187 cm =    151.096 cm
              + 0.034 cm  =     151.13 cm   =  59.5 inches       18.18 percent down shift to the physical = [1 / 5.5 ratio]
Balance Point     =   151.13 cm = 59.5 inches

Field Interactive

Electrical Effect
455 x .187 cm =    85.272 cm  =  33.498 in
Electrical effect is not a prime.
455 =  5 x 7 x 13 primes

Weather Tube
666 x .187 cm = 124.542 cm   49.032 in
Weather tube is not a prime.
666 = 2 x 3 x 3 x 37 primes

187 Source Field Spreadsheet "Right click and Save To" your local computer files.

Here is a prime number chart for calculating factors of the longer lengths.

Prime number chart

Example Bashar Dual Cone Tetrahedron form:

44" side length star tetrahedron
36" height of one tetrahedron

From the Source field chart
1.87 mm x 489 = 914.43 mm  = 36.001 inches        This is a background coupling length at 489 times the fractal resonance of the space field.
1.87 mm x 598 = 1118.26 mm = 44.026 inches       This is another background coupling at 598 times the fractal resonance of the space field.

Calculating the primes for the 1.87 mm segment size using the chart above:
489 = 163 x 3 both prime numbers. The 36 inch length will fracture into 3 lengths of exactly 1 foot in oscillation at the vibration level.
598 = 2 x 13 x 23  The 44 inch length fracturing is more complex with 3 different lengths of harmonic vibration present in the vibration field.

This shows that the dimensions Bashar gave us for the smallest working dual cone system, are definitely related to the background Source field resonance.
If the wire lengths of the dual cones at correct dimension are resonant also at 333 kHz, the cones should self sustain an oscillation at the electromagnetic level.
The construction of the cones however must be EM resonant with no external components for this to manifest.


Service to mankind from an individual location

If rings are constructed, one location on the planet is enough to vibrate up the world with a full platonic form on the core of the earth. You do not need any others to do this work with you.
The danger is that if you cause the energy to stick at the emotional centers of power or love, they will not create a smooth ascension path, instead more of the same at the lower centers can manifest.


A Ring is constructed, so the center of the hollow of the tubing, holds a diameter of the Fractal resonance.
Rings are then placed over an earth node as shown above and adjusted to various heights for tuning by formula for smooth ascension purposes.
Energy should come into balance at the lower centers, and move into the mental ascension path, [upper three chakras].

There is a difference between shutting off your lower centers and accelerating them into a fine balanced state. You will notice your time flow rate will change giving ability to operate with mental clarity at higher velocity.
If you find you are muddled with emotions and not able to verbalize your experiences, you should move out of this "world tunning system" and back to "local fractal work" for emotional healing first. A successful tuning will do the opposite and accelerate your mental facilities by balancing the lower emotions first. If you do not know what a balanced emotional center is, then do not play with the solar plexus and heart rings as of yet without assistance.

Geometric Coupling

For a geometric coupling between all the chakras, two methods were suggested.
Conical coupling, and concentric coupling.

Here is a diagram of the 45 degree angle method of coupling all the conscious centers together.
The formula for heights is found below.

Vertical Stack Diagram

A calculation for a 90 degree angle.

90 degree vertex

The goal is to lift the awareness of the body into the "mental stream of consciousness," where solutions will be found for our planet, to benefit all mankind.
While slow energy cycles exit the lower emotions of "service to self," and accelerate to smaller faster swings, self needs are turned inwards and handled personally.
You may notice less time needed to process your emotions, although they are not blocked from operation at all, they are not the main focus.
Awareness moves upwards with greater mental clarity.

Conical Formula:

Height = (Ring Diameter / 2) / Tangent ( 1/2 the base angle)

45 degree base angle:

Height = (Ring Diameter/2) / tan (22.5 deg)

90 degree base angle:

Height = (Ring Diameter/2) / Tan (45 deg)

Concentric Coupling

All the rings lay flat to one another and the unit is set up over head, directly over an Earth Node.
In this way all the chakras of the body resonate with one of the elements, and all the elements can cross couple to one another, setting up a merging of communication across all of them.
This should also create an instant divine alignment, with clear channel upwards into the Astral body and access to the higher light of the 5th density.

Any angle in the 15 degree steps of the wheel of 24 can be used at the base of the cone, however 30 and 60 degrees may produce electrical phasing effects between the conscious centers.

Personal tunning of the lower centers

If you attempt a personal preference tunning of the lower center rings heights, keep in mind you will be sending this out to the entire world. Try not to polarize the transmission towards trapping the low frequency end from ascension.

Some may not have the same polarity capacity as you at these lower centers. From a technical standpoint, it may be a problematic solution to world consciousness effects, as every system will then be different. If you seek this path, then it would be wise to observe others carefully that are not familiar with meditation for your feedback system.

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