Heal The World  363

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Arranged 3 - 1 - 2015 
Modified 5 - 19 - 2015

Level One - The Local Field

Service To Self - The Personal Awakening

Heal The World 363 

Nasa Photo of Earth

Nasa Photo of Earth


The Earth Outflow Wave - Level one Training

To bring awareness of the local vibration field into your personal area of the world
As Keshe described to us, the manifesting of the earths elements are done from energy that is radiant from the planetary core.
While doing vibration scans of the earths core I found this to be a very accurate representation of how vibration also works on the planet.
The earth receives energy from the background field converging on it's center of mass, breaks this field downwards in frequency and then sends the lower frequencies back outwards to create and then sustain all the elements, including the bioform layer we live inside. Level one training is to learn to resonate with this energy and establish local field bubbles with it for direct experiment and meditation purposes. To become sensitive to vibration tuning, and to use it to open the human Chakras of the vertical alignment, as well as the palms for sensing, and the pineal area of the brain for receiving. This is a technical and spiritual merging, where the body becomes the meter for receiving and peaking vibrational resonance in a technical device to assist this opening in us.

The Source Field Wave - Level Two Training

To bring awareness of how to succeed at raising the worlds consciousness for mankind as one, on a planetary scale.
The Source field originates on the outer boundary of the universe, and permeates all space with "the field fabric" containing all vibration forms that are possible to resonate up from the Aetheric medium.
I have referred to this energy filled field as the Matrix, as we have been recording wavelength for some years as to what can be vibrated up directly from it, using SS caliper techniques.
Since the Source field moves from the outer boundary to the core of the earth we can also intercept it and work with it in its prime form before it hits the planetary core.
In this way, when attuned, one can learn to send vibration into the earths core and have a field rise up to envelope the entire planet, similar to working with crystal spheres, to clean and clear our planets layers.

This document is for level one training. It is a prerequisite for the level two training, where one must be sure of what they are doing before applying it to the Source Field.

"We must all learn to walk before we can run."

Reversing Our Belief Systems

The Greatest Deception - The Teachings which dominate our culture at this time and disconnect us from our Planetary Home

How many today are afraid to look downwards into the earths depths? What were we taught as children? How do we treat the earth today as adults?
I was taught that Satan is the ruler of this world, and my hope was above this world in heaven. My focus turned upwards to the sky, to meet the God that was the Source of all creation.
My fear of hell below, the dark entities were given possession of these lower realms. I was taught in healing, arts at one point, to send all the bad energy downwards into the earth, that the earth would just take care of this for us.

It was while experimenting with large crystal spheres I realized the fallacy of these teachings and why the Earth keeps manifesting bad things for mankind at the surface.
The Mother, Earth herself, is the largest manifesting sphere we have access to, from the core outwards, exactly like a quartz crystal sphere!
It is already right under our feet, the largest mass of creative vibrational energy we have access to.
What you send into it, is what it will reflect back outwards with an amplification to the whole of the sphere, if you learn to resonate with her.
I have decided to stop giving a place for the Dark ones to keep their presence inside this world below me.
To "reclaim our space", to "clean and clear" it, that it begin manifesting the qualities of an advanced civilization.

Honesty - Truth - Love - Harmony - Balance
That the humans living on the surface come into a state of Integration on all the conscious levels we have access to from Mother Earth, our home.
That we reconnect with her as she actually is, in field resonance, that is accurately observed.
That we remove the presence of fear, hate, war, control over others, as dominate players in world affairs which they are today.
That we then raise the consciousness of mankind as one, and not repeat the fall of our civilization as we have so many times before in our history to date.

The Native American Wisdom

The loudest message I heard from the Native American Elders "The ones who now have occupied America, will soon die off and be gone as they came, because they do not know how to live on Mother Earth" "When they came you could drink from every stream, you could plant in any field."  "They have not learned how to live on the Earth."

Mother Earths Consciousness is Real

Experiment with the resonant tubes and rods, has proved to me, the earth grid is very real.
At the various depths into the planet are located different levels of our consciousness as well.
These are the fields we live inside of and generally do not notice because they are so constant.
This document is intended to give some of the tools that you can also prove this to yourself.
We begin right at the surface layer with the 135 mm resonance, and then drop down deeper to the GL fractal resonance of Joy and Love, giving also the RA fractal of personal energy.
We show ways to tune these vibrations in using the earth grid, and how to feel them peak in power levels with distance over an earth node position.

The Earth will manifest what we send into it

Once you have discovered the earth grids and begin to work with them in full personal "awareness" the level two training is pointed at a world wide opening towards manifesting what is sane, good, and self sustaining for mankind as one.

The first goal however is to connect you with the Mother at the surface and create local field bubbles around yourself and your personal space. To "claim your local space" and send out any invaders like ghosts or depressing presences. To learn a bit about adjusting these fields yourself, and to master something called tuning resonance, using your own body to locate the peak intensity of the vibration fields.
I hope you enjoy this interactive learning experiences as much as I have.

Level One Training

Starting at the Surface

This is the starting point of all future work. Crystals, resonant tubes, many other devices, as well as conscious work can be done after the Surface Grid becomes familiar territory.

The Grid System of Vibration

Earth Grid Patterns

The Surface Grid is basically square. The blow up at the top gives a general dimension to the pattern to expect when searching them out.
These points on the earth, were often referred to as power spots by Shaman. They vary in strength depending on other geometric factors, but are relatively consistent everywhere on the planet as far as I know.
The lines may bend a bit when "sensed for" and plotted for any specific location.
Because they can access any of the inner earth vibration levels, where the lines cross at the node points, they are not good for children to sleep over, but they are excellent for conscious vibrational work and to amplify vibrational resonant tubes.

Meter and Ground Rods

If one uses ground rods on these points they will have a small positive charge with negative voltage all the way around the point, about 1 foot away or more.
The voltage on these nodes increases in positive charge to the West from the last one measured. A digital volt meter and two ground rods can be used to confirm exact center of position until vibration sensitivity is mastered. The major ones can be radiant up to a couple feet across. Reference Document:  Earth Nodes

A Healing Rod

One of the first personal healing applicationsis to take a copper clad iron ground rod and pound it into a major node outside the home, at a height you can stand by it and hold it comfortably like a cane, without having to bend over. This can become addictive and very nice, to go out and use for clearing your personal energy field once a day, using the earths surface grid vibration.
The ground rod will not radiate this energy outwards at all, you will have to touch the rod to receive the vibration from this field, the copper surface on the rod gives a very nice access to this field for meditations.
I have used 5 foot telephone type ground rods for this, and had very pleasing results. Be sure to mark them well that no one run into them unexpectedly and get hurt.
Spending some quality time with this, will pay off big time with vibration sensing. This application is hard to miss.

Locating an Earth node - 135 mm resonance

While this may seem like child's play at first and far too simple, it can also pay off big time when you begin to actually feel and tune into the earths surface layer of vibration.
It may be the first time you realize there is a science to vibration energy, and it also has a healing conscious aspect within it as you feel it directly.
I can offer two very good methods I have developed over time, that have worked well for others, to sense where these are, without using the meter and ground rods described above.

The Pyramid Sensing Technique


A tetrahedron is made from cutting 4 triangles out of some heavy craft paper, then taped together. The sides of the tetrahedrons are all accurately cut to 13.5 cm.
That is 135 mm. When you find an earth node, the pyramid will produce a field that can be felt using palms to about 1 foot out off the sides and top.
Just holding the pyramid with hands and keeping the bottom relatively flat to the ground one can walk around with meditative mind turned on, and feel these point,
then make judgment of which is the major node, as it will be much stronger and wider on the earth.
This is really fun group activity as well, with two or three people, and maybe one who we know is sensitive already.
The sensitive person may get a surprise!

The Two Resonant Wires Technique

Wires of soft iron [re bar tie wire] and bare copper [can be stripped off some old house wiring] are each cut to 13.5 cm.
They are then held together vertically to the ground in one of the hands, I use my left, and then we begin walking around feeling for the electrical shock type energy over the grid points.

This will create an electrical sensation on the hand at the palm grasping the two wires as they touch parallel to one another, and can cause a numbness for a time in the palm.
Electric energy is not hard to detect at all touching the hand, and feels like a 9 volt battery on the tongue. It will seem to flow between the iron and copper wires, so keep them both in the same hand while you do this.

As an alternate a larger copper pipe can be cut to 135 mm and used as well, many can feel that also as an electrical charging numbness.

A Stand for Tuning Tubes to the Earth Grid

In these experiments we demonstrate how using an earth node can power up vibration on a tunned element, such as a rod or a tube.
The vibration tunned in may be any of the earth grids all the way down to the core of  Mother earth.
With each layer we access one of our own conscious vibrations, that the human body is sourcing energy from.
Source energy lies below our feet.


36" High Stand  Amazon com Stand

Tube Clamp  Amazon com Clamp

Horizontal Tuning

Showing a stand with two clamps available for horizontal tunning in the above photo and vertical tunning in the lower photo.

Vertical Tuning

The earth node was located previously, and now the apparatus for creating fields that expand outwards and radiate into the room.
In this shot a true North degree disc is positioned to show the directions of the earth. East West is a very strong line for vibration work, and so is true North South [earths spin axis.]

Granted, this same technique can be used in many ways with Crystal spheres, ordinary crystals, even Rocks. Any mass is vibrated up from the center of balance, the center of gravity.
This is called distance tuning. You will raise and lower the resonant tubes center position, over the earth node until the vibration is maximum on the mass of the tube.

The GL in the lower picture can be felt to many feet out with the palms when you get the height of the 8x tube perfectly tunned in over the earth node.

Arranging Rocks and Crystals

If you are getting familiar with the Earth Grid Nodal points, this next step will offer a new concept for making larger fields of vibration, using  multiple numbers of objects circled around one of them.
These can be made large enough to set inside.


Distance tuning with quartz crystals, demonstrated in the photo above.

This technique goes back in time a long way. While probably developed as a working system for vibrational portals by some with awareness, these are still used today in ceremony, possibly with little knowledge how truly powerful they can become if tunned in to a resonant wavelength correctly. The crystal ball is correctly positioned over an earth grid node point, the secondary quartz crystal to the left is moved towards then away to locate a point where the two create a coupled field between them. They both then vibrate up.

This particular one creates a pretty strong field  in the photo above, as an example of what arranging rocks and crystals is all about. I tuned it for the quartz resonance, however one could also use a different distances to bring up the GL or the RA fractals.
Placing a hand between the two reveals a line path of very intense vibration energy running between them.

A circle of rocks around a major node position can be set up to generate a platonic form vibration at any resonant wavelength you would choose to open a large bubble of energy around. The center rock on the node can then be removed, and the vibration will sustain from the earth grid energy system. You can set one up on the GL wavelength using a GL cut tube to eye ball the center of gravity of each rock, from center of earth grid node. After you get them close, each can be tweaked while holding the GL tube to match the vibration rate. When all in the circle are accurate remove the center rock and the field bubble will stay present with a 2x diameter distance between all the remaining rocks. This works best with even number of rocks in the circle, like 6 , 8, or 10.

If you do not have accurate spheres like my crystal balls, you can use a circle of rocks to create a field bubble off the earth grid and even make it much larger. Center of gravity of each rock must be accurately positioned.
This was how ancient people could develop large fields of vibration without access to anything like quartz or accurately made spheres we have today.

Practice With Distance Tuning

If you want to practice with two crystals, use the quartz wavelengths found here, and a local earth grid node.
Quartz Wavelengths

Add up as many of the segments as you would like for a longer distance of separation.
I make up a wire to the exact length I want , and then use it to set the distance close to begin with.
See if you can feel the link in between them when you get the distance correct, as you move them closer and then further through this distance.
Greater mass will produce stronger fields.

GL Fractal - A Deeper Earth Grid

15.1769 inches - The central sun chakra of the human body - resonates up one half way between heart and throat chakras.
Here is a nice photo of  one setup done by Arno, showing Attunement of the GL using platonic form layout around a center point, while holding a GL tube in the hands.
Thank you Conchita for sharing this photo with us.

Attunement to the GL Using a platonic form layout

Arno's data 2 - 28 - 2015

gl 111 alu 10mm rod in the middle
48.195*pi/2 outside can injected caliper
white sand in the can, 5 cans

After I found this wavelength and was attuned to it, I noticed one day as if it were coming down from the sky crossing through me at an angle and then into the earth.
I moved to another location across town and notice the same, only the position in the sky had moved to the other side of the mountain in between the two positions.
I then triangulated from both locations to discover the only direction this energy could be coming from was where they crossed, deep inside the earth.
There is major GL node under the mountain we call Arrowhead. [I have misplaced the data on the depth I calculated.] Suffice to say the node system is inside the earth as another grid much deeper.

If you are attuned to the vibration you can zero in on a node under the earth, and the rod used will be at some angle pointing directly at it.
Otherwise you can access this vibration also from any surface node as well, on the Surface grid system either vertically or horizontally with a tube, or even using two rocks at correct distance etc....

You could use a circle of rocks to attune someone to this frequency, and actually place the person on the earth node with the rocks around them, Shaman style.
This demonstrates how the surface grid can become so useful in accessing all the grids down deeper, why a Shaman would use those points to slide down to access any of them, and why we do not want young children sleeping over these.
If I had not been aware of the geometry, from two location, I would still probably believe these energies were coming down from the sky.

Using Stainless Steel Bowls

Something you may have already in your kitchen, as opposed to arranging rocks, or cutting tubes.
These SS salad bowls can be set up concentrically, using sand to keep them even on the top edge, bottoms will be separated.

Stainless Steel Bowles

3 - 4 - 2015  Photo by Arno, setup by Ella

They are programmed to vibrate up using two SS calipers simultaneously, and many different resonant fractal frequencies can be injected on them.
Alternately they can be started up using two resonant rods or tubes with a self sustaining ratio between them.
By placing a pi / 2 separation off the desired fractal, they will then vibrate up with a self sustaining field.
To take the field down you simply separate them, and remove them from over the earth node.
They are available from IKEA on line, or www.amazon.com.  They have no lip at  the top and are perfect for programming with calipers.

Also see the section on vibrating up concentric SS tubes for more ideas on this:

Vibration Machines

Experiencing Balanced Intensity

The 36.3 mm  Gold Element Light Fractal

Gold Element Fractal

This is the ultimate end to experience of the Local field, and teaches what is necessary to move into the Source field awareness where balanced operation is the only choice for sanity experience.
Shown in the photo above, a 3/4 inch diameter Aluminum tube cut to 43.56 cm  and adjusted in height over an earth node to vibrate up the entire garage area.
You can feel it from both doors into the area and all through the garage.
3.63 cm - gold element vibration
Touch it against any quantity of gold, it will vibrate up the gold.

1x        3.63 cm
12x    43.56 cm
24x    87.12 cm
36 x  130.68 cm

This is the element with a 50 / 50 balance between light and dark of the vibration system. 
It is the most balanced element yet located, with an intense light of radiance.
Perfect Balance of Yin and Yang

While the energy of vibration from this element is rather intense, it has not ever produced a torsion field headache.

One of the qualities of a perfectly balanced vibration is that it will begin to brings up memories of the past, and other information through the mind for access. As if the flood gates on all you experience has been totally opened.

Gravity Fractal - Torsion Fractals of the core

There are many other fractals to work with in this opening to feel felt reality, using these same tuning techniques, and other techniques. I hope that now, with a firm base on how to use them they will be more comprehensible.
The local field can be used for anything from running a car engine, to shifting a nasty earth node into a wonderful energy of healing joy and love, to reducing the pain of a cramping muscle in the back. Let the energy itself guide you to the correct path.

Gravity Fractal on Concentric Tubes
Used for bending light and creating spacial warps.

Mass Vibration Introduction

The Matrix Storage Data
See this document for the RA fractal to increase physical body energy levels.
It can be used in the same ways shown above, also made longer in tubes by segment addition, or implanted on concentric SS tubes using calipers to program it onto them, as shown in the Introduction URL just above this one.

Tools For Crafting Tubes


My measuring tape has both metric centimeters and inches on opposite sides.
Sheet rock razor knife is used to scribe a line on the tube, and feel the vibration when it is held snugly on the correct spot.
Tube cutter is then used to cut on the line.

Degree Wheel Template for Printing

Right click and then download target, to print this wheel. It may be resized using the paint program in windows.
The wheel shown below, with a 135 mm caliper gap held over it to verify the earth node is centered under it.

Degree Wheel

My wheel shown above is marked for a true north setting which is 5 degrees off the line of my wall and desk.

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