The Geometric Path to Accurate Telepathy

[An organized system of telepathy - the universal source field]

[Psychokinesis, or telekinesis, is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction.]
This is the current perception of the social consciousness. It is time to change it.

I personally believe that vibration technique should be taught as a science of consciousness that encompasses spirituality, which will naturally follow. Telepathy, then telekinesis, or Reiki Level 2.
Herein is a method to demonstrate repeatable telekinesis, or the transfer of a vibration power from one resonant element system to another of the same dimensional resonance across distance.
When the technology is understood, there should be no fear of such natural abilities.

Concentric Spheres

Moe Joe Cell - one half of the hemispheres. [See the experiment half way down the page using both halves of a Moe Joe cell.]


We have Chinese masters, who have shown ability to touch and lift iron bars heated to thousands of degrees, glowing yellow and red without receiving a burn to the hands.
They have incredible ability to energize the organizational field and keep their electron shells dancing smoothly and in control, without coming apart or burning up as is a normal response to skin on hot iron.
These abilities are possible, because the field we are raising is also interactive with our consciousness and our intention or will. We can change frequency of our mind and of other objects we tune into.

When you learn to scan frequency from the center of mass of your head or brain, you can quickly scan the skin of your hands and find where they will resonate up.
You find the first resonance point of the skin and then jump upwards to higher octaves until there is a plasma field around the hands.
You can do this also with the bones, a scan to find the coherent frequency, and then the higher octave jumps.

In Karate practice, this is experienced, as iron fist, or iron shirt principle. You must find this by intuition or from a current master at this time.
However now we can show ways to not only measure it but to assist this with tools of resonant design.

It can be mastered through practice of "The Geometric Path to Accurate Telepathy." Ancients used different terms, "The Dynamic Spheres."


The basic concepts and principles, are first placed into the mind, so that it can learn the process of spherical scanning of vibration, and to shift itself to other frequencies using distance tuning of the radius of the spherical conscious field. Here is where many people may get sidetracked and try to instead leave the body to escape it, or begin to imagine a pretend world to slide into. To find the answers somewhere out there. To find beauty in other things. To put the mind on external objects, while ignoring the physical part of what we are inside.

In advanced practice a field can be set up around the body at auric distances that will self sustain, and draw it's energy from the universe, exactly as atoms do.
This requires one learn to first build and then hold two fields at harmony ratio around their full body resonant with the background field.
A spherical field can be created that will then power itself in place, and can be used for travel or communication.

There is ample evidence, to show that some on this world have mastered these techniques, and are no longer hiding them from the public.
They are being done now mostly by intuitive method, and the technology is yet to be given in one place as a technical teaching.
Right now it will seem as magical to those without the knowledge or training to do it, but the human body is well equipped to master these things.

There are methods, that can be faster, that will hit only the necessary tools, to reach the goal, and will also have technical application, because it will be definable by formula as well as in practice.
In this process, one cannot avoid personal emotional work.

6x GL Set up

Where the resonant tools are designed to teach this without a master, science will be forced to accept it as real. Where telepathy becomes accurate and repeatable in practice, it will also become accepted.
The term "mumbo jumbo" will no longer be applied to ones with Accurate Telepathic Ability. This leads into so many other parts of our physical life, it is beyond describing.
It will effect everything about how we live in our world and how we perceive it.

Telepathy Supersedes Language

A word like "intention" has different meaning to different perceptual experiences. If your life is experienced serially, in one sliding dimension, then I think intention has very little power.
Since we do not yet have a "telepathic alphabet" it is very hard to quantify meanings of what is a telepathic system of knowing, asking, or manifesting. Such an alphabet may someday exist, that defines every atom on our table of elements in a 3D experience from the inside perception. The true ABC's of nature.

When I come to a resonant vibration field, touch it, and then scan up and down my frequencies until the center of my head synchronizes with what I am touching, when these vibrations join into a oneness field, there is always a sense of another life form present there. I have seen this as all atoms are self sustaining forms of energy, and thus each one is conscious, and very active in feeling it's existence. The universal CU [Consciousness Unit] is the basic building block of all matter and energy form which is self sustaining.

Telepathic Overlap

Every Telepathic Link is a two way connection. No matter who or what establishes it, both are merged in the vibration field of the other and can read one another if aware of the interaction.

This is beyond words, as language is serial and not platonic in form.
A platonic form intention, has practical power in a 3D universe. A set of words can only manifest if it creates a 3D image in the response from the center of your brain mass.
When you are inside a vibration field bubble, where every part is joined to every other part, this is so different from language as we know it, it usually cannot be fathomed with language.
Language can be used to slowly set a mental image up that may approach a construct of 3D around the head, but it is the person reading the words, that actually sets up the field around the head that shifts the awareness to "be here now" inside a vibration field, where all is shared as one.

Every atom, is such a field of conscious energy knowing it exists and being totally in awe of existing.
You cannot know this until you join with an atom and share it's single point existence from it's center of perception. To look out through it's field of vibration, to feel what it feels.

When an experience, causes one to come back and sound totally crazy, like my writing above, with a presence of intelligence and love, you know the person is touching this for real. It is the beginning point of pure telepathy.
A 3D communication system that supersedes language. It is much faster to use then language.
A curiosity is answered as it arises, without any words spoken. This is the overlap of two conscious fields in communications.

My point here is showing how I might now approach an "intention" without using any words at all to craft it.
When you open the 3D perception from the center of mass of your own head, it will superseded language. It will outperform language.
Things will come in instantly as you ask, and the word "ask" does not even come close to describe this response of the universe.

Until we learn to see from the center of mass looking outwards, and then to couple to see outwards from the center of mass of any other conscious field, we are mostly blind to how the universe operates.
Telepathy is the natural side effect of geometrically existing.  Source powering is the next natural effect of becoming telepathic.

Physical Death and Telepathy

The dead, hard to fathom, but the conscious field they are, can look out from inside anything. There are no boundaries that cannot be crossed in the conscious field. However in physical life the limits are from the physical bodies bandwidth, and dimension. An auric dimension of 7 feet 7.08 inches, spherical field bubble, will give your head access to a world that is not commonly known to most people. A world that all astral beings use and know of.
[The long tube pictured a couple paragraphs above over the table on an earth node.]

A communication that begins with two persons overlapping their centers of vibration, seems like a violation to most humans with any kind of secrets they care to hold.
So the Ego that is concerned with how it looks from the outside to others, cannot use telepathy at all. It is a violation of their space, which they are in control of.
There is great fear of sacrificing the personal intimacy of this space to another conscious being.

Telepathy is an invitation that another conscious being, slide into your center, and instantly read everything you are.
There is no way to lie about yourself, in this form of communication, so to most of us it seems to be either spiritual, or demonic, depending on if we accept it or not.

It will either be taken as an attack of evil falling on us, or as an experience with our angels, but there is no way to hide anything during the overlap.
The coherent vibration field bubble, can be read by anyone with the 3D perceptions turned on accurately from the center of mass of their own mind.

The Practice

Reach out from the center of mass of your own brain. Reach out in all directions, one at a time, until you can feel all the way around you without moving your head.
When the 3D field is opened, a new form of communication is possible. From this center, intentions can flow, without a word.
Curiosities can stimulate responses from the universe, or from any other conscious field you merge and synchronize with.
Energies will come in from different directions, and you will see them all at once in 3D, with incredible depth, on any vector angle outwards from your own center.


You can be taught the techniques of this, however you have to open the 3D spherical perception field for yourself, no one else can do it for you.
When you open it, a new set of inputs of information will be available.


As you change the diameter of your screen that is a sphere around the center of your mind, the frequency will change. You can record this frequency, using a length that will vibrate up your head.
Talk about multitasking!

You will be able to operate on multiple levels simultaneously, because there is no longer a limit from serial language.
You can set up two concentric spherical fields around yourself, that become self powering, by learning how a pi/2 ratio feels.

You can set up a self sustaining field around any one of your chakras, by remembering how a pi/2 ratio feels.
Set them up and lock them together so they will self sustain. Take them back down, then do it again on another dimension or resonant length.
Center them on different chakras, but the pineal area or center of gravity of the brain is the first and most important one to develop.

Awakening the auric field around the body and setting up a self sustaining bubble on the body, now the intentions can work to self heal, as they do with the Joe Cells. The tubes can be healed of scratches, and chips. The auric field can be manipulated in the same way.

There is so much more to learn in this new conscious energy exploration.

It's Not Microwaves,

Microwave Oven

The electron shell of every atom is a standing microwave field. These are measured in ESR technology at GHz frequencies.

In electricity, as electrons jump off atoms to move between them, they normally drop in frequency.
With electricity, the electrons are violently torn off the atoms generating heat and microwave energy spikes that will radiate heat.

As an electric field resonance increases in dimension the frequency drops.

In a mass vibration field, the protons and neutrons do not exit the atom at all. The vibration they generate is what can reach outside the atom to couple with more atoms that are alike in weight, or octave.
The mass vibration field is sourced in power from the inside of the atoms, and the more atoms in a row that hit an octave that will couple the vibration out, the stronger the field will become and the higher the frequency will go.
This response is not destructive to the atoms as it does not tear away any of the protons or neutrons at all.
The main difference to note from electricity is that the longer you make the mass resonant element, the higher the frequency will go.

As we make resonant tubes, we have people claim these lengths will produce microwave energy, because they are thinking  in EM technology theory concepts.
Microwave energy however is causes by a disturbance of the geometric form of the electron orbitals.
Where in fact as we build mass vibration energy fields they do the exact opposite and cancel out the spurious EM fields.
They reduce the background noise floor of the EM static in the space around the device because the Electron shells are more tightly held in their orbitals. They "eat EM for lunch."

The inclination to attempt to measure these tubes and label them as microwave sources of energy is incorrect. Meters will verify this.
Mass vibration fields have the capability to organize and loop electric fields around them as layers or shells, in organized and contained ways. See the section below.

When someones analysis of our resonant tubes, says it is a microwave radiator of 2.4 Ghz or some such thing, they have it backwards.  It is a microwave absorber.
That is why we can cool off cell phone energy to some degree with small wires, and why we can set inside these fields and feel the quiet stillness of harmony states.

The water charger, that Sel built based on the resonant fractals, does not fill the water with EM microwaves and cause it to boil up. It does not rip electron off the atoms in the water.
[See the unit described below]

Electron and Proton Interaction

To understand the electron part better, there were experiments done with high voltages on water.
When a positive charge is placed inside water on a large magnet, as the other wire, which is negative charged, is brought near the surface, there is a beautiful dance of electrons in various spinning patterns that will dance on the surface in very organized ways. These patterns are very much contained in organized ways as the electrons move towards the positive charged field in the water. There is organization and control.

Electrons Flowing Onto Positive Charged Water

If we instead place the negative charge inside the water, and then bring the positive near to the surface, we get violent explosions on the surface that result in chaos. There is no beautiful dance, and no organization to this configuration.

In matter the positive charge lies inside, and it is connected to the mass or weight of the atom and bound there by the strong force.
The negative electron shell dances around this in an orbital that is very organized and beautiful.
The electron shell is organized and contained by the positive mass at the center of the atoms extending a vibration bubble outwards for it to dance inside.

When we raise up a mass vibration field, we are playing with the self organizing energy that is atomic. It starts out underneath the strong force energy that binds the atoms together as one.
As we make a field bubble larger around us, all that comes into our space is organized and oriented, to assist.
It is a different kind of energy then electricity. It is an energy that can contain and harness electric fields to become self sustaining in a loop around it.

Quiet of a Deeper Nature


The Harmonizer, built by Sel of the experimental yahoo group awaken_to_vibration. The aluminum tubes are in a platonic form hex pattern and each is vibrating at 90.36 mm. 10 mm diameter.
This is 12 times a water energizing vibration fractal at 7.53 mm.
The height of the Stainless Steel colander is also 150 mm, which is the Ra fractal, very energizing for humans, and also charges water very naturally.

The harmonizer, along with many Joe Cell imprints, reduces electron transient noise, and organizes it into a smoother flow on all the atoms inside the field bubble.
This effects even light velocity moving through the field bubble and can alter inertial responses, dropping the drag of motion and acceleration.
It will reduce transients, and lower microwave radiations.

Everything works more smoothly with less resistance.

The stronger the vibration field becomes in an atom the more EM disturbance it can resist. Microwave ovens can scramble your atoms to some degree, as when you shake up the microwave envelopes of your atoms, this energy can penetrate and confuse a weak center of mass, which must react to compensate for the disturbance to the electron shells. The stronger the vibration field is, the faster it can reorganize the electron shells back to a harmony state.

The chi kung master lifts a red hot iron bar and his hands are not burned. This has little to do with mussel power. The electron shells in his skin are being held with such a force, they cannot oxidize.
This is not magic it is a demonstration how powerful the tunned mind can become in using conscious vibration techniques on the body. This was referred to as life force or chi in past era's.
There will be a new vocabulary for this as we begin to experience it more. One that includes science, geometry, math, and technical terms.
Even the words however with time will become unnecessary, as the 3D images we can exchange personally will deliver far more information much more rapidly.

In all my work in this lifetime, it always comes back to the one truth that is universal. The pattern of the conscious field in the physical universe is multi layered spheres of vibration energy around one center of mass. 
Begin to build your awareness of these spheres or field bubbles around your own physical consciousness, to play with them, and finally to see how they can be used to change our world to one that uses Source energy, to express itself.

This is The Geometric Path to Accurate Telepathy, from which all other types of conscious technology will advance forth from.

I do not use the word imagination, or imagine. I do not imagine a sphere around me, instead I feel it there.
Any feeling you can remember can be recreated using intention, if the intention is 3 dimensional and the vibration is real.

If you cannot feel it, then play with resonant vibration devices until you can feel it.
We now have a large variety of devices to play with. When you are ready to feel and create spheres around yourself, there will be no guess work as to if they are real, or if they are present.

Moe Joe Cell - The Dynamic Spheres - ESP - Telekinesis - Reiki Level 2

Moe Joe Cell Kit

The Moe Joe Cell kit could be purchased by anyone, shown on the bench here the kit I obtained some years ago.
Since it uses spheres, it is the best example of a vibrational device that mirrors the human chakra system or the pineal area of the brain.
Concepts are identical, and many different vibration patterns can be programmed onto it using the Stainless steel caliper technique.

Caliper Injection

Two of the calipers must be used simultaneously, and then one each can be added as you proceed. When you get all 4 of the hemispheres humming, you have a similar vibration system to a human form chakra.

These resonant lengths were engineered to create a life form platonic vibration around the equator of the hemispheres based on powers of pi/2.
The following spread sheet was used to get very accurate lengths, to .001 inch accuracy, so the hemispheres will couple to one another and self power.
The coupling linking numbers are marked in a light colored violet. Slide the spreadsheet below out to the right to see them all.

Moe Joe Calculation Spreadsheet

The spread sheet is OpenOfficeOrg, and gives only one very basic imprint that is possible. It calculates the center of mass [of the metal thickness] of each sphere, and then divides it into resonant polygons with equal length sides.
The distance of one side times 5x is used on the calipers to inject the vibration onto the hemispheres by touching the tip of it on the edge of each hemisphere. Move the point of contact of the caliper tip around the ring to find the strongest location that resonates with the other spheres. Remove the calipers and the spheres will continue to vibrate in self sustaining mode until they are either separated physically or a small electric current is sent through them.

[When a calculation is done to produce a dodecahedron vibration field on the assembled spheres with water inside, the energy becomes extremely good. Happy energy is my best description. This form will naturally appear if the water has been previously charged using a water charging system as used in Joe Cell work.]

Remote Sending Practice - Telekinesis

Many interesting experiments can be taught including sending energy at distance, across a room using your own linking and scanning skill.

[Psychokinesis, or telekinesis, is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction.]

The halves of the hemispheres are set up in the same way and separated onto two units, mounted on a small wooden stand for convenience.
All the plastic insulators are used to secure them in the normal way.

When one set is vibrated up using the caliper method, and has self sustaining vibration on it, the second set can be brought very near, and it will begin to vibrate up also, showing that the energy type will propagate into it because it is physically tuned to the same frequency set by accuracy of it's dimensions. The second set is set over the first so as to almost form a spherical system, and the vibration will jump into it, When separated now both sets will have the same self sustaining field on them, making twice the power of the field present. Now both sets can be discharged or cleared by sending a small current through each of them from one side to the other of each hemisphere. The hemispheres are now again dead and still.

Remote Sending

For the remote sending practice, one set is vibrated up using the 4 calipers. The sender holds their left hand over it to receive, and merges with it's center of gravity over their own center of brain mass consciously, and just feels the pleasant vibration energy of the pi/2 harmonies on all the hemispheres.
The sender then raises the right hand for sending and reaches out to the other set across the room held by a second person and connects the two with a conscious overlap.
The second set will vibrate up with the same power as the first, because both are exactly the same in dimensions.
The second person will feel the energy vibrate up on his set of hemispheres and be very amazed at how easy this is to do at distance.

When the vibration bubble is felt and sensed, it becomes very easy to direct it like this between resonant elements, using your own center of gravity as the coupling element.
The second set will now also become self sustaining. If the first set is killed with a small current, the second set can be used to reactivate it.

The ease and naturalness of doing this will amaze the first time sender and receiver, but also the device gives an instant feed back and verification from the receiver, that it does work every time.
The complexity of this field mathematically is not simple, as if you look over the spreadsheet to create it you will realize. It is filled with pi/2 ratio calculations and many sided polygon calculations.
However if you feel it, you can project it, in all it's complexity across the room, consistently.

It is not imagination, and it does not rely on any external beings from the other side to assist you to accomplish it.
You are learning to use your own astral body as it was intended to be used by you while alive in the physical body.
This practice will completely remove all the mystery and fear of remotely sending energy.

The techniques described above, are very powerful, when mastered consciously. They are very simple to practice, and very technical in dimension and in feel felt sensing.
The energy itself will imprint a higher moral ethic, to support all life forms which have similar vibration patterns, and the consciousness field is recognizable to all other life forms.

The point of this type of practice is to demonstrate to the seeker of both science and consciousness that the vibration bubble we call the CU [Consciousness Unit],  is in fact a spherical set of overlapping vibration fields.

These experiments will speak for themselves, and no argument or defense is necessary to prove them to anyone.
Anyone can do them for a first hand experience with vibration and conscious energy  linking or coupling.
It is in fact better to do it first with devices like these, using math and geometry for accuracy, rather then go directly to attempting to do it on other people, especially if they are not aware of these techniques, and you have never worked with vibration that you can feel.

Remember that the only difference between white and black operation, often perceived as good or evil, is having the permission of the other person to proceed.
Not everyone is ready to realize that another soul can peer into theirs, through the use of technical means.

Person to Person Overlap - Machine Assisted

If you are bold enough at this point and two are ready, you can now use one of the hemispheres above, in full vibrational mode, to jump instead to another persons center of gravity of the head [pineal area], and share an overlap with them. The sender is already connected into the overlap with the hemispheres, the receiver will thus become the second person rather then the second set of hemispheres. The hemispheres will provide the vibration power to accomplish this, without you having to remember the field on your own, or to create the field yourself around your own head first. The machine will provide the energy of vibration for free, and the people will steer then use the communication link telepathically to the best of their ability in this regard. This will give a preview of what is possible when the field is expanded to much greater size.


Extra Sensory Perception - Paranormal - was defined as an unknown way to deliver or derive information or power of motion to a remote location or to or from another person, or even a person who is now deceased.
My own view now from these type of experiments, showing that with correct knowledge or training many people can naturally do these things once they are comprehended from first hand experiment.
It is not unknown, at all, once it has been accepted then mastered by a society. This energy has not only been charted and measured, the math of how octaves and ratios couple to form self sustaining fields has been ciphered.
Below are some ways to develop these techniques if there is desire to learn them.

It is more aptly expressed as Natural Sensory Perception, or even Normal Geometric Vibration Sensing.
Telepathy is a natural part of the human form experience. [It is not paranormal for a society that accepts then masters it.]

Personal Development of the Vibration Sense

In some of our group meditations it was commented on how fast I was able to generate some fields, and how fast I could shift the frequency of these fields.
I want to share, that this is not by accident.

If you have used some of the devices, and began to feel the vibration experience, you are more ready to actually use your own brain mass and the energy of the background field as a tuner for this perception.
This technique is very easy to play with, if you have cut a few of the resonant tubes and spent time feeling them along their lengths, on the ends and in the center.
If you are opening the spherical sense of feeling to all direction at once around your body, from the center of mass of your head, then it will be a natural progression to learn to tune and measure frequencies using the diameter or radius expansion technique.

Set with head still, and reach outwards on both sides of the head simultaneously at same exact distance to feel a resonant tube vibration with your head at the center.  
This sort of a vibration should now feel very familiar, and one will recognize at once it is very real.

Later this is a moving expanding outwards flow like a spherical wave, and can be done very quickly as a scan, but for now do it very slowly more like a probe, or a tube that is slowly growing longer then shorter to locate resonance positions that vibrate things up.


In the beginning it is alright to use the hands at distance away from the ear to eye height, but after practice you will discover the arms are not long enough, as you expand your consciousness to higher frequencies, at longer distance.

When you get the reach distance correct, your head will vibrate up inside the center of a spherical field. You should feel a balance as both hemispheres of the brain come up equally and centered. This is why we begin with a side to side expansion first, to balance the hemispheres of the brain.
You have created your first spherical field bubble around yourself.
Keep your focus on this energy vibration and it will remain present with you. Remove your focus from it and it should reduce and then stop, provided you have not activated two fields that interact to self sustain.
It will likely feel much better then a resonant tube device, and can even be better then a water device, as this is the pure and natural way to do this progression, using only the universal field that is everywhere, all around us, all the time, and the natural brain tissues designed to manipulate vibrational energy.

You can also do this for the other two dimensions of 3D if you like, and have not yet felt or seen the complete sphere around you, but it is not necessary for most measuring work. Front to back and top to bottom intersecting the center of gravity of the head.

If you have done your homework, put in the time to feel, to measure, to understand the platonic patterns of vibration on devices, this step will come natural, working directly with your body and the universal field.
It is the step where you will begin to realize that all the devices you have trying to make perfect, was the training, for the real life you can now begin to live, in a body you had all along.

You are now ready to begin developing conscious devices that are practical, and powering devices from the Source field, as now you can feel them as an extension of yourself, measure them as a resonance distance, and record them  to share with others...

Hand Technique - Palm Amplification

Energy will flow towards the smaller volume field, from the larger volume field, and in the process self organize.
The chi master does not expend personal energy , but instead uses the universes abundance.

Palm Amplification

Many people do hand warming meditation, to prepare for healing as well as martial arts practices such as hand strengthening and conditioning.
Normally you would focus on the hands and building a field of warmth between them, maybe a ball of energy you can then send into any part of the body.

In this new meditation we now add the pineal expansion to several octaves of frequency higher. For those trained in the technical art of distance tuning, this will become second nature.
The new spheres of energy will appear at greater distances around the head, on each octave that we increase the resonance by. Another person will be able to palm them and verify the distances, or measure a smaller fractal of them on a SS caliper and record them.

One must hold contact with both the hand field bubble, and the Pineal field bubble. Through the center of mass of the head the conversion happens, to raise the field bubble on the hands to a super high level of energy.
The pineal will connect the two field bubbles together as a conscious overlap, and transfer the higher frequency energy into the very much smaller hands when the two field are in resonance.

No physical force is used in this coupling other then to connect the larger field to the smaller one and play with what type of energy will manifest there.
The space inside the large field will power the increase in energy of the small field on the hands, when the two share a conscious overlap.
We can now get thousands of times more energy into the hands, from the increased energy of the background field over larger volume.

The dimension of the field expanding from the center of the head can be felt when resonance on the hands happens, and each time stopped at that size to maintain the higher energy state on the hands.
It can get really fun when you start playing with two large fields simultaneously, and then start pulling the outer one inside the inner one. Play with this practice, use intention, use curiosity, and have fun.

Pyramid Sliding

Pyramid Slide

One can hold a Ra tube in the hand to assist with this coupling method. The larger the pyramid, the higher the frequencies you can access by sliding down further.
The third eye couples into the very top at a point of personal resonance.Holding that coupling one then slides down creating a base using psi abilities at points of resonance.
The energy flows back down into the smaller elements, and into the person accessing it remotely.
The multiple frequencies accessed are mixed at the receiving location and may or may not set up self resonance depending on ratio between them.

Experimenters at HTW group discovered a strong pyramid energy system on the earth at [Latitude 63 deg 51'58.19" N  Longitude 153 deg 0'47.83" W] This location vibrates up a RA tube strongly [149.95 mm].
Rumor has it there is a Pyramid there underground buried at 700 feet down. Sliding into the area, the above technique appears to work.



Telepathic Technique and Telepathic Technology - Taught directly by the background vibration field of the universe. Once the student or seeker obtains understanding of how to tap in to a coherent field using spherical 3D communication, the flow of information is telepathic. The Universal field contains a complete instruction set of how to use it. It is intelligent, and will respond to pure curiosity.

Moe Joe Cell - Engineered and manufactured by Moshe Daniels, practitioner in healing work and Dr.of Chiropractic.

Harmonizer Project - Sel of Holland, experimenter with the universal field, freely sharing what we find of value for mankind at this time, through personal testing and application.

David Lowrance - Documents and data base , new vocabulary, measurement of vibration wavelength, fractal calculations and ratios, preserve the knowledge and disseminate to the public mental models to assist comprehension.


Replacing the word God with the word Source was something that came to me naturally many years ago, after realizing the nature of the universe was a spherical system of vibration being transferred inwards from the outer boundary layer in a relatively impersonal way. While the universe has the capacity to give us amazing levels of Love, it is up to us to foster that flow and make a choice to work for the betterment of all involved. In this choice we become co creators with the background field, and of our society. We can set it up however we choose as a culture. This resembles the concept of Karma, also an impersonal force, in that what we choose to send out, will come back to us often amplified by others.

More recently David Wilcock coined the term "The Source Field" in a publication title, which I have not read.
I have been using that term much longer, however will give credit here to David Wilcock for distributing it to the public so effectively.

Often multiple people will make discoveries simultaneously all over the planet, in a very related way, shifting how we perceive the world or the universe.
New vocabulary is often the result.
I believe this is a normal function of the "Source Field" energy system, and the way mankind's consciousness interacts with it as a collective field.
Each experimenter and researcher adds to the comprehension of the collective knowledge of mankind as one.

It is the job of the teacher to connect the student with the universal vibration, and the student becomes an equal, able to organize his own comprehension experience.
The job of the healer is to raise up the unhealthy to a state of health equal to his own, bless and then release them.
The end all of these teachings is to preserve the knowledge and techniques that work, rather then to elevate any one person over others.

5 - 28 - 2016
Dave L

Introduction to Mass Vibration Science

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