4th Density Initiation

8 - 24 - 2016


I share this that others might try it, and see if their experience reveals similar, that we compare notes and find accuracy of all things.

I am 61 years old. In my past I have become familiar with Reiki Atunements, as well as Eckarkar Initiations.
In every case I had asked for these, and was seeking to experience them as a "seeker."
My mind and heart were very opened to receiving them.

In this document, I want to relate a different event that occurred in my life, far more intense, and not necessarily planed to happen from my physical body side.
This one was guided by my astral body, or 4th density body. Once I drew the symbol, there was no stopping what happened next.
This form of compressive energy is a very humbling experience. If you trust your higher power in this it will go well. If you fight it , it may not go well.

When one operates on the psychic levels often we get images that are not clear, or it is hard to know the exact meaning of what is observed.
There will be a point later, after the download of information surfaces, where it will all come together and begin to make sense.
When you receive something like an attunement it is not hard to tell something happened, but it may be hard to relate this to physical life.
This time this was not the case. I got absolutely clear images, and could see into a world setting on top of this one, which seemed very real.
This reality had space ships in it, and it had a set of symbols. Being inside that reality felt very smooth and a finer field, with more time in it.

I received downloads very fast as well, and over time more information did come to the surface. Math and geometry was involved.
This is the first time I channeled symbols, and understood the meaning of them. I simply thought of the symbol I wanted, and it came up in front of me.

Background - Sensing in Technology

I experimented with out of body work in my younger years until one day it happened. I had an out of body experience.
This took me about two years of working with it, to prove to myself I am not simply a lump of meat, and there is more then just the physical part of this existence.

Later in the conscious work, I developed into use of a method of ZaZen , or 1/2 in my body and 1/2 out of body, simultaneously. This seemed to come naturally, after about 18 years of karate and pineal sense training.
I could in general, turn on a state of consciousness, where I could feel everything in the room all the way around me, and still be ready to react in the physical body as a defense.

I note here that in that technique, one must reach their own vibration outwards, and where they cross other objects or people we get a very clear sense of exactly where they are.
You could compare it to bat radar, but there is no EM energy that can be measured in this. It is vibration sense.
We could not only point at peoples location with a hand, but feel attacks to our bodies, and react to them faster then with eyes opened using this sense of "feel."
The sense is centered at the center of mass of the brain. All energy of vibration is felt through that center point, to the center point of all other physical objects.
One has a feel for distances that is as accurate as using a tape measure, but far more instant in real time. Being able to feel things at distance, using energy of vibration, opens one to the world of psychic phenomena.
If the use is done for the greater good, it can also become a science and applied to technology. From the martial arts training to "work for the greater good of all involved," this is the path I took with it.

This naturally led to being able to record vibration frequencies, using a set of Stainless Steel Calipers, when 1/2 my consciousness was out of body and scanning something remotely.
My physical body was able to hold the caliper and tune it in to the frequency where my astral body was exploring remotely. Eyes can be 1/2 way opened and relaxed.

I called this technique "sliding" and when applied to the physical world, it can become very accurate to record vibrations, and then share them with others.
Also I started to channel at times, and my typing during this state increased to about 90 words per minute, becoming almost automatic at times, like watching a machine.
Considering I only type 40 wpm in my normal conscious state, that was quite amazing to experience.
I got the sense my "higher power" often had things to communicate with me, and when I gave it directives, sometimes it would take a measure of control of the physical body, while I simply watched this process happening.
It always turned out to be a response to something I had asked for. After the channeling experience, and reviewing what had happened it was obvious, I have another active intelligent body on another layer of this worlds reality system.

I discovered one can measure a voltage using a caliper. One can peak the tension in water by tuning a voltage across it in a Joe Cell. All by feel.
All forms of energy and matter seem to become measurable, using the SS calipers.
And with this simple method, as sensitives to vibration, we can share all kinds of things we never would have thought possible in the past.
The caliper gave us a number to reference these things, something we call a "metric" that can be used to reference the same thing again more accurately, then intuition can do for us in a feel felt science.


During one experience I was connected into an Alien culture, and at that time several protocols were received from them, directed at advancing technology, and also in how to achieve an advanced civilization on our world.

1 - Seek first comprehension - [do not write meaningless formulas - change a formula to reflect what is observed in nature - and understand the meaning]

2 - Perfect your psychic skills to a level of accuracy locally before approaching us again. [Alien cultures]
       This one is important, because there are few psychics that will participate in testing one another for accuracy on mundane things like in science, and accept that they are not already all knowing beings, and need to make corrections in their skill level.
        I built a machine to open my self across the entire frequency spectrum of vibration and find all the blind spots. This was pretty much a channeled process but also driven by my strong curiosity.
        A scalar coil, and a Function generator, so one can get a number or frequency for the vibration they are sensing. Scalar coils simply convert electrical vibration into a pure tension in the background field that vibrates. [This is the A field in electrical phenomena]

3 - Resolve all inner conflict, in order to raise your personal frequency.
        The root of blindness on the other levels is usually always emotions, or ego related. If you are still actively here only to feel emotions, then there is little chance of accuracy on the psi levels.
         Do not take this lightly, as if you observe this world right now, emotional justification takes precedence over all other things, as a right, and a world run on emotional decisions becomes very unstable.
         Yet we hold our emotions as sacred over all other things at this time.
         Balancing the good of the self with the good of society becomes impossible, if the society reacts only emotionally.
         The mental aspect of our nature leads to unity of solutions that can benefit all people, where the emotional process is personal and even spiritual when correctly healed and balanced.
          Emotional healing comes first, and accurate psychic ability comes after.
Once you start working with a set of protocols like this, things start to take off, provided the protocols work.
They do seem to work if a habit of "self observation" is adopted.


As a mental model of what consciousness is, I discovered all things of matter are conscious at some basic level of frequency. The CU or consciousness unit, is a series of overlapping fields in the background medium that self sustain. This field can be expanded using field coherence techniques of vibration coupling. Increasing the mass inside a conscious field will increase it's power.

There are two parts to a manifestation of matter. The part we observe as solid and the part we do not see but can learn to feel, sometimes called the auric field, or the Orgone energy, or by many other names from intuitive methods of experiencing this energy from our physical body level.
All things inside the universe are connected in one field. This field provides something we note as "force over distance." The prime method of energy transfer is vibration.

The Field

From the background field that fills space, matter manifests, as a collection of vibration field bubbles that can self sustain holding it's form, and recovering it's shape and frequency repeatedly when acted on from outside forces to distort it's inner balance.

The total sum of the energy present in space is the energy in the matter plus the energy in the space it occupies.
Thus as energy moves into physical manifestation the energy in the medium drops accordingly such that the sum of the two remain constant.
This is local, as an effect, but large enough that there is a modification of the space around all matter, that can be observed as an auric field.

Energy of Matter plus Energy of Space = Energy constant of the zero point field.

Frequency manifests from an energy that is present in the field. The field is not Zero.

There is more energy in a higher frequency then in a lower frequency, and this is directly from the science we have today.
As we raise the frequency of matter, the frequency of the background field around it drops.
These two work in opposite exchange, and for the past couple years I could not explain why making a caliper length longer made the energy measure a higher frequency.
Yet in direct experiment with vibration this was observed as to how nature works when graphed.

When I realized that increasing caliper length resonated the background field at higher frequency, many things now made sense for readings I had taken that never seemed to make any sense mathematically.
Next to come, what I was asking for, per the protocols, the comprehension of this process, and so I could have a mathematics to understand it better.
Comprehension must come, of the nature of creation, before the formula is written.

The Black Pyramid

The Black Pyramid


When I first made contact with the Underground Pyramid in Alaska this was the first time I had a powerful energy move into me, or seek me out, when I was not totally in control of the experience.
The field from it is intelligent, and was not under my control. Opening the connection the first time led to it connecting with me, when IT decided to for a time.
Because it brought in such a perfectly balanced power, I submitted to its field, and trusted it was acting for my greater good. As it turned out, learning this balance was key to the initiations that came next.

I recorded the resonance of the pyramid when I was connected to it:

        Height Fractal       29.99 mm   [ 1.180 inches ]      Black Pyramid -  First  Opening to Lower 4th density
        Base Fractal or     47.89 mm    [ 1.888 inches ]

There was a powerful third eye opening, and IT initiated me. This also developed a trust that this guidance was working for my advance of greater understanding.
I was ready to operate as a humble person, not in the drivers seat, and simply observe how this worked.
Normally I would have totally avoided this kind of compressive energy, as it was never this balanced on both sides of my head in past times and often would cause pain.

Lower 4 th density, is not like the upper frequencies where you get freedom to manifest anything you want to work on.
Lower 4 th density seems to be about learning to conform to the Universal laws and protocols, where there is no choice for how the background medium re organizes and re structures form.
Since we all share this universe these laws must work the same for all of us.

Bottom of this document shows the pyramid access in Alaska using google earth program.

Geometric Path to Accurate Telepathy


Through a series of events seemingly unrelated, I happened on a symbol that was partially correct, and instantly I knew something must be added to it. Then if I drew it on a piece of paper something was going to happen, something important, but I did not know what.
I am now recording the technique to share with others, as it worked for me.

The symbol may be drawn when we make a choice to trust our higher self over our physical body, is my best guess. Once I drew this symbol I could not stop what happened from the physical side. I had to ride out the process, totally trusting I would be taken to a place for some reason.

The symbol is only a representation of a marker on another density of this world, so it does not have to be drawn perfectly. It seemed to be programmed, to pull me up and out of body into a place of higher background field time flow rate. During this I was able to maintain the physical body staying awake and record what happened. This shook me up for a few days, for a reason I will explain later, but the outcome was a desirable event overall.

Iniation Symbol

The image is drawn in 4 steps but used in 5 steps. Understanding of the 5th step was intuitive but necessary.

1 - The middle size circle is drawn
2 - The center very small circle is drawn as tiny as you can
3 - The spiral is added to connect the two circles at one point, start on the middle sized circle then spiral inwards to just touch the inner tiny circle.
4 - The outer circle is drawn
5 - With strong focus push all the energy inside this image out of it, and try to make it go dead all the way out to the outer circle boundary, claiming this as your space and forcing all others out of it.

Now remove your focus from the drawing.

[Playing with this symbol on the computer was not taken by my higher self as permission. Drawing the symbol on a piece of paper with physical hands seemed to be the permission for higher self taking the controls, in my case.]

Next an energy form rose from the symbol on the paper and then reached out, jumping into the top of my head. The more I resisted it the stronger it got.
The crown was opened with an intense field of pressures. Inflow pulling inwards to the center tiny point and outflow pulling against it, to a ring feeling like a crown on my head.
Whole top of my head was filled with an energy of pressure expansion outwards pulling against compression to center, my frequency of perception began to rise.
At this point I realized I could not stop this energy and trying to stop it made it stronger, I would have to let it move through me without resistance and submit myself to whatever was coming.
The feeling of helplessness, during this had to be accepted by the physical body, in subjection to the higher self, or Astral body in this case as I realized later.

What happened next disturbed me for days after, as I now had to change my perception of this reality once again.
My consciousness was sucked upwards over my head, flashing through 4 layers of conscious realities, each one moving by as I rose up through them, still 1/2 in my body and 1/2 out of body sliding upwards as a sensation of being raised up relatively fast.

Here is the chart I constructed later to show how this was perceived.

Sliding Diagram

You may be able to see what was so disturbing to me from the chart. I now had to accept there is a place, a frequency level, where the perception is that of hell. Screams at me, and a pressure from what ever is inside to escape from that place. Suffering was the perception, and to realize this place is present on our world, was the worst thing I have ever found in all my "sliding" experience. At this point it was hard for me to remain in the mode of objective science. It took several days to get over this and make some sort of peace with it rationally.

This was only a small time however and the upwards slide continued pulling me right on up through three more of these layers, to a dead stop in a place where I had clear visuals of a space craft.
The symbols were all written on parts of the craft in an arrangement, where if I thought of a meaning, the symbol was then delivered coming out instantly to set in front of my focus. A telepathic technology. If you have access, you do not need to write these down in the physical as you can go there to access them.

Three times I resisted seeing the word Arcturus on the ship when wondering where it was from. I finally came to accept there must be some connection to this technology with that star system. Sent here from out there to assist us to access our own conscious levels on this planet and become aware of them.
I recorded the frequency of the vibration that is everywhere there for others, as I do, however this also led to the formula of the background medium and the realization that energy is balanced between the physical matter and background field at a zero point level that is not zero.

I channeled three more symbols on that initial visit and diagrammed them latter for a total of 4 symbols at this time.
These are from the 4th layer of the 4th density of the earths field. There are four more above this we experience as heaven in the astral structure.

This is likely the first symbol I have found  for accessing the lower 4th density realm. All technology, is accessed underneath the lower astral layers after the emotions are healed and can remain neutral to observe these.
This is the safeguard built into the structure of consciousness. Access is granted only after testing a person, that they choose the greater good of mankind over them self.

First Symbol A

This symbol causes me to feel a higher form of energy  existing both above and below me, closing in from both sides equally, pulling up the bottom of my field, and for the first time feeling as if I was complete, as becoming disconnected from the earths field as I was used to operating.
Disconnected from all my attachments of karmic nature with others here. This symbol now causes me to vibrate from head to toe within that larger personal field bubble.

Meaning of this symbol from 4th density reality

Meaning of the A symbol

Symbols 1

The center symbol here was in request for a healing form of energy as my back was bothering me, it did it's thing without effort on my part.
The SSF or self sustaining field, was the pattern asked for to produce self sustaining fields. Inflow inside outflow seems to be the pattern, and placing a greater vacuum or tension on the space between.


There was also downloads that happened at very high rates of speed, as to what I have been asking for, namely a way to make energy or power producing systems using the background field as atoms do this.
The Source field document is related to these experiences in that now we seem to have a mathematics that connects many things previously seeming unrelated.

The background field is access using factors, of multiplication, rather then sums as we do with radio and electronics.
The meat of this however shows us how the balance of the background field works, in that as we pull energy from it, there is a balance between the auric field and the matter field that multiplies to connect with the background field.

If we set a SS caliper to 150 mm, it also produces a 2220  vibration as it couples back into the background field which is the product of the two frequencies.

150  x  2220  = 333000 hz

Multiplication is the relationship between auric field and physical energy of vibration to the background field that is everywhere.

This gives us an opening to establishing the auric energy to support a self sustaining field from the background energy system.
We create a field in the space around a machine to support it's frequency of operation.

This was observed as conditioning the area or the Aether medium, to power a self sustaining system in the physical.
We now have the first gleaming peak at a mathematics that can be applied to the other densities as well.

4th density vibration at 2,900,000 hz.

As the physical brain is monitored to drop in frequency during deep meditations or sleep, the product of its interaction of vibration to meet the background field rises in frequency.

Brain drops to 8.71 Hz into theta range, and the interaction with the background field changes.

333000 * 8.7078087 ...  = 2,900,000 hz

8.71 is a theta range for the physical mind.
The consciousness however jumps to the high frequency side of this and into the auric field, where we discover there is more time present.

One can channel a book of information and have it come in in a flash as they wake up in the morning. As we cross these boundaries during sleep state every night.
If you manage to record a part of this information you can then meditate on it again and it will come in with more of the details.

With initiation of the body however, you can do it while awake, and experience a foot in both worlds simultaneously.
This is the conscious overlap experience, and it is a totally scientific effect that nature has provided within the construct of the human form body.

Our consciousness is not limited to how we experience life from the inside of the physical body. It can be flipped to experience the auric field side as well. The process is mathematically represented within the Zero point of the background field.

All is vibration.

Other Levels

Shortly after this I had someone send me a photo of a crop circle.

5th density portal

From observing this and studying it over time, I made some connections. 33 sections of the outer most circle, sets up the 10.909090909090...degree angular field that is present in long distance transmission through space.
It is the 111 result for the 12x octave structured field holding the moon in it's orbit, or earths gravity field operating at great distance through space. 12x octaves can propagate space freely.

20 symbols around the circle, only 9 unique symbols that repeat in pattern of 4  6  4  6  moving clockwise around it. The tree with 4 dots, the starting symbol for each of the 4 strings.

The 33 sections of the outer circle connects this to some remotely distant location through space, or indicates it's ability to project outside the earths local field.
Inner circle is embedded with 333 or 3 sets of  3 leaves a total of 9 leaves, one set with 666 lines in it, the set that breaches the inner circle.
All join to the center point or dot. This pattern of three circles I was familiar with now to create a strong inflow inside a strong outflow energy field.

Focus on the inner dot to feel the compression force, send all the energy out of the symbol hard to the outer circles, and you get the same initiation effect as the 4th density symbol caused.
This time however I was lifted into the 5th density to observe a golden disc, anchored there, with a light ship next to it, with the markings Andromeda.

These symbols lit me up as if golden radiant. They are already written there for inspection, and have little meaning for me to the physical mind, but seem to transfer a knowing that the Light Body can read.
I felt like this was a good place to go into. A frequency I would truly love to be surrounded by.
I did not record this frequency, and with the 5th density connection had no concern at all, to give that to a world of physical beings. Rather I thought of this one more an escape from this world to some other.
Maybe a returning home for some leaving here. I do not know. Maybe simply a 5th density initiation to let us realize we do have access to these energy systems while still in the physical body.


Strange that some beings decided to imprint this symbol on a field of grass, because most of mankind is not operating on the other levels of consciousness, and are 100 percent distracted by the physical world intensity.
Those who can sense this, will understand it's meaning.

A few good question went through my head.
Are the other civilized worlds manipulating our world now to improve it in the physical?
Are we actually from those other worlds, and came here for experiences, to reuse this technology we placed there to wake ourselves up?
Why is there always a ship next to them or on them?

I then began to scan all my levels to realize there were these discs with symbols on all of them.
Over time it would be possible to record more of them if that were the goal of some dedicated individual.

In past times I was familiar with a couple of different sets of symbols, some of which worked for me and many of which did not. Reiki for one used a set of 5 as I recall, 3 of which you learn right up front.
They were for physical, emotional, and then distance healing work. The other two were held only by the advanced masters of the art.
I have the first one still hanging on the wall near my bed.

I never considered there may be a mathematics for the interactions they each cause to happen.

Summary Of  Lower 4th Density as I Experienced  Them

Lower 4 th density initiations - Learning to trust the greater power- Humility
         29.99 mm    1.180 inches      Black Pyramid -  First  Opening to Lower 4th density
                                                            base fractal at 1.888 inch or 47.89 mm resonance

4     29.00 mm                               Symbols - First initiation
3     48.23 mm                               111.4 mm  or 4.386 inches       [Antarian Civilization Link - Aluminum Tube]
2     59.92 mm                               Compressive force, takes control
1     78.90 mm                               Rebirth,  Energy pours into physical with a powerful expansion

Physical Realm

All of the fractals above will either cause the crown to open, or will need it opened to be sensed.
These are the 1st 4 chakras overhead.


As time progressed over a couple weeks, I was initiated into each of the lower levels right on down to Hell space and then dropping back out into the physical.
It took me some time to realize that the screams I heard from the lowest most compressive level was my human reaction to the field force in operation there.
What I first felt were trapped Souls screaming to get out, was actually simply the compression force of creation at it's most powerful level pushing to get back out, to expand against the compressing boundary.

I was then able to slide from the top downwards and pass completely through it, and at the last moment of intense compression, there is a Jerk, and you come out back in the great expanse of the universe in all its radiance.
There is a loop. Inside leads back to outside.

Only after going around this loop or circle one time, I realized that this force is inside every atom of my body, and I believe we call it the strong force boundary.
This is the self organizing force that realigns all random energy into its organized layers of structure, with perfect form being the result. Any chaotic energy, must be let go of, and total trust given to this universal force.
I believe with the greater tension in the head during meditation from these initiations, I can now access this process.

After I came out, I felt like I had been reborn, all my conscious field was realigned and cleared of all inner conflict. The universe does this to you, and when you commit to starting this lower 4th density process, IT takes control.
I compared it to flushing the toilet, and then what happens next you cannot stop. You must trust the greater power and intelligence of the universe to bring you through and then back out on the other side.

It then hit me this is the opposite of what I was taught in churches. We pray to the higher light, which turns out to be our own Light body, and we are repulsed by the dark or compressive force that we see as a Hell space and suffering.
No one wants to enter into a place where there is no personal freedom, and it forces you to re organize in it's image and structure.
In reality, it is this compressive force we loath, that we need to see as the universal mind, the one we would ask assistance of, or even pray to, because it is not controlled by us, but is 1/2 of the creative force of the universe
Our only choice is to totally submit to IT. When we do, it delivers us back to a full glowing radiance, after compressing us down into an ordered state.

I have now been humbled in the face of the Greater Power. Discovering the path of renewal, or incarnation, that all that is present here on this world must cycle through, from atoms to Humans.


I made this tube 9 - 3 - 2016 and set it beside me on the desk for a day.  The energy sneaks up on you. When I grab it with a hand around the top end, I get the intense field into the center of my head.

This is 1/2 the field, the inner part or contraction. The other half will come in around it as a large circle, and when the two come together we get the creative flow of renewal.

The 78.90 mm resonance will also assist with this nearer to the point of creation.
When a caliper is set to the 78.90 mm setting and held around the end of the 111.40 mm tube, there is a very powerful interaction.
Dave L

Lower 4th Density Healing Responses

Demonic Possession

9 - 8 - 2016

Prenatal development of the human form body structure

Descension, is about returning through the development stages in a backwards direction, all the way back to birth where we entered.
We eventually find the point of entry into the physical for the conscious being to enter into the baby as a local physical "self sustaining" life form at the human consciousness level.

3rd layer of 4th density, is the personal years from 14 to 21.

2nd layer is years from 7 to 14

1st layer is birth to 7

Astral body is present and developing also in these formative years as the Auric field also develops around the body.

In the years birth to 14 we are developing, and the structure of some people becomes open to these demonic interactions where they are being attacked by some outside entity.
A being that is a "greater power" takes control, and the program is then written into the structure of the developing child. Do not trust the greater power, however you must submit to it to survive, you cannot overpower it.
This is most often a human adult, and the presence of an abusive entity with greater power is established into the very foundation of the child s reality system.

In Eckankar we practiced feeling the presence of the master, to the point where he would be seen and felt in the passenger seat of the car as we were driving. Had to work hard to open this one.
However a child of 7 or 8, can do this very fast. The energy of that form is actually using our own energy system.

If the entity manifests to fit our structured model of reality from the lower density level, fitting our 1st, 2nd, or 3rd layer of conscious development and able to operate through us, it is accessing the opening from that range of development years when we were the child.
The entity then has control over the "child within us," and it is also the structure of our foundation of what our reality is.

I have seen a lot people empowered to release the "victim imprint", as they work with martial arts for only a couple years.
Bob Larson, a noted Exorcist, stated the great majority of the people he casts demons out of had an abuse as a child in their past, which opens them to these demonic attacks.

His method of exorcism, gives the energy system a strong emotional belief that there is a greater power also present to protect them.
When they discover there is a path out, they will take it and self empower to where the demon can no longer take possession or control of them.
The addition of this new energy presence in the time track of development closes the portal of access for the demonic energy to enter.

1st level of 4th density is developing muscle control and how to move your body.
If the evil controlling influence is present in this range of development of the child, we might expect it being able to take control of the body and move it around also.

2nd level is creative instincts and outflow energy into the new Auric field that surrounds the body. If  the energy form of symbol 2 is missing at this step the Auric field will not be healthy. It is missing the nurturing and protecting element of the field.

3rd level is personal power.

On the 1st level of "adult abuse" in the first 7 years of the child s life, the "abusive adult" moves out of sensory range of the baby, and the program is set.
This evil power can disappear and reappear at a time it chooses.

Mediator's that start the Descension process, will have to face this level of their own structure on the conscious levels all the way back to birth, giving them opportunity to repair the damage by setting up an new growth pattern with all the elements of good health present.

What the source of this demon power, of this entity actually is, is not so important, as that the person now as an adult has a structure in his body mind development that grants it access through him and into him. A part of him he is not aware of.
"To use his own power against him." If that door is closed, he will regain personal conscious control.
As with exorcism, it may take a person being there with him to succeed. To stand inside his field with him.
Go to that level and replace the structure with another entity of great power that will support him as protector / nurturer.

This is why Bob Larson's techniques work so well. It is about healing the emotional body, and there is not a lot of logic involved in that, an almost fairy tale story of past spells or curses cast on his family, and a contract with a demon to be erased and nullified.
The demon is cast out when the person feels that power enter them at that level and stand with them as a protector. This new field enters along the back down the spine, and that is where Bob places his bible and states something like, this is the sword of God.

The "protector" entity was not present in their child hood. This is the 2nd symbol of the 4th density awakening experience. It holds the nurturing energy of the protector in its meaning.
If it is missing in the auric field , it must be installed during the upwards flow of the seed of life growth, into the lower astral body.

Higher Access Graphic

Nurturing and protection, manifests from the lower back near the base of the spine.

Very common in religions, where you are taught "fear to conform / or death". Conditional Love. If you simply add a little abuse, with no supporting Love, that door is opened. If then there is physical attack, the program is sealed into the structure of the child, opening it to demonic possession later in life.

Whether the Archon is real or not, has no bearing on if a person is opened to it controlling them.
The method of casting out the demon is to add another presence of positive protection to the structure of the body at the correct level of frequency, where the demon portal was created.
A supporting powerful entity must be there with the inner child to stand with it.

The evil entity energy forms all around a child and they are enveloped inside the adults field. What is in that field is programmed into their development. What is absent may be blocked or overpowered by violence or fear.

I would not guess we need to use a Religion to accomplish that process, such as Christianity or Islam faiths, although that is very prevalent in this type of healing work in locations with strong faith in these Religions, and it works.
Where many times it may even be a result of an adult out of control to the extreme with one of these faiths if "fear and pain" are used to replace this "nurturing love and protection of the parents."

"My own light worker, used hands over the body to merely inject light, I saw back in time clearly to the events that caused the incorrect formation of my own conscious structure. A helper entity appeared to me as the Archangel Micheal, with great radiance of energy. I was empowered and my inner child found great support in this, and stopped letting the greater evil force take control."

This is a power issue. [Do not confuse it with a heart opening.]

"My life totally changed after this event. I was aware of who the entity was, and how it got into my body to control my actions though fear. I was able to heal that inner child, and give it a new support structure with power to be whole of myself. I became aware of my own development process and could remember my life all the way back to birth."

The person must be conscious of the healing as it takes place and acknowledge it is real for them. Whether this happen on the spot as with exorcism, or comes later in the dreams may not matter, as long the process of repair of the Auric field is started correctly to develop once again.

Lower Chakra Interaction

Solar plexus
Lower spine - shashuma

These develop before we have any awareness of "heart center" or above. Heart center is ages 21 to 28, so it may not be very useful in assisting, with an attacking entity on lower 4th frequency ranges.
The Love of Jesus may not have any effect at all. This is simply beyond the comprehension of a child below the age of 21.

It is possible to remotely install a process that may heal this, from the astral levels, if the new presence is with them as a "self sustaining field" [SSF] planted into the astral body remotely. This will install a new birthing process.

The energy will not come from the [medical technician] or drain them, but from the background field directly as it does with a new born baby.

All this manipulation of energy becomes intuitive, after you cipher the physics and create some of these "Self Sustaining Field Bubbles" using calipers to observe how they act, and how they are programmed.

Remotely one may be able to send it down the time track to the location where the problem occurred, moving down the spine to the correct location, then set it with self sustaining energy form, and then let it do its job as the person is ready to process it on their own.

It will not work if it is only active where the person is connected to you. It must self sustain inside them after you disconnect then grow like a seed, like a newborn child grows. Moving up through the various symbols with vibrational meaning, with all of them present this time.
The presence of the field, that was needed during the development of the conscious system, but is now missing. Powering itself from the universe, and not from my energy system as the healer.

This is the use of the other symbols anchored into the lower 4th density at the 4th level.

During this field installation process, it is important one does not become  filled with the clients personal perception of the energy form that cannot be controlled by them. The "demon is all powerful" program is their own illusion. So do not seek to see out through their perception experience at all, or you will suddenly have the demon energy all around you powered by your own fear. While it will not likely last long for you, if you do not have the same opening in your foundation of reality, it would stop the healing attempt for sure.

Preparation For Installing an SSF seed remotely into a demoniacally possessed person

Before we do this operation we are going to lock ourselves into the correct frequency range using the A symbol. It will shield from both above and below to the lower 4th density range of operation for our personal transmissions.
If you have not done this before, and use "heart energy" a lot for healing, that will not work. Review the conscious centers above we are accessing again, and get a feel for the levels we are going to access.

This is the symbol to access the top of the lower 4th density for the rest of the symbols to come in through. One can also use a resonant tool tuned to 290 mm or a caliper set to 29 mm.
This tunning is about power, which must be properly developed well before the heart openings later in life. If this energy overloads you , then stop, you are not ready to do this for another person until you do it for your self first.

A symbol

This energy will pull up from below your feet, and it will pull down from over head, and close in your system to the correct range of Astral frequencies.

Nurturing and protection

Now staying in the correct band open this one in yourself, it is the payload. Feel it surround you, however it is to be implanted as a seed at the correct location in the astral body.

Higher Access Graphic

Nurturing and Protection

I take the nurturing and protection field of the Mother with me.

This is the symbol to make it self sustain in that location.

SSF Symbol

This describes the process as best I can at this time.

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