Electron / Proton Gyromagnetic Ratio and Fractal Extraction

[ Awaken to Vibration Group  8 - 8 - 2020 ]

"The outstanding idea here is that only when the harmony of exchange is derived from within itself can oscillatory activity continue perpetually."

Secret Of Sankhya: Acme Of Scientific Unification
By G. Srinivasan 

The universe has the job of powering all things, it is only for us to use it in balance.
To recognize this, is a major shift towards inner calm.

The Yin the Yang and the One, is IT's job.
We only need learn IT's ways.
IT will power us.

This is the understanding we need to build self powering machines.
Also being around them should aid health.
Electron / Proton Ratio is the foundation of all matter, and then all life forms.

It is the "wheel work of nature" that Tesla was searching for.
This is only the beginning...  [ Dave L ]


I am going to offer first the Science of this , given us by modern technology,
for all the scientists out there who want to believe self powering devices are possible but cannot overcome the mental blocks,
not understanding where the energy comes from. And why a "tweaker" can hit on things that science has deemed impossible, and I managed to do this on my first try.

This is the Source of the atoms power to recover repeatedly, it's frequency and it's shape from the background field, the Dirac sea, that powers all things.

It is the construction of the first atom on our table of the elements. Hydrogen.
If you have no attachment to the science, skip down to using the ratio in devices, for both conscious healing, and self powering machines.

From Current Science

We are examining what is known about the first two particles that combine to form all matter.
In all atoms that are not ionized there is an equal number of [E] Electrons and [P] Protons.

The Neutron is a combination of both in overlapping form and will divide into E and P within 10 to 15 minutes of being removed from an atom.

1 - Proton Particle Spin             [42.5781 Mhz / Tesla] NMR

2 - Proton Orbital Spin              [around 2 Mhz / Tesla] NMR

3 - Electron Particle Spin           [28.025 Ghz / Tesla] ESR       [Reversed component from Proton] 

4 - Electron Orbital Spin            [around 12 Ghz / Tesla] ESR

Reference: Magnetism

We have discovered phenomena from quantifying "vibration" using fractal methods,
and referring to Walter Russell and Wilbert Smith as to "geometric calculations" of these phenomena.
Namely Electric Magnetic and Tempic fields.
Reference: The Law of Geometric Expansion for the Field Forces

AC Voltage can be cross coupled using the law of the squares, and vibration will pass between two different voltages at correct ratio.
Voltage is a surface area function, a 2 dimensional field force, dropping off as the distance squared, and can be calculated as a frequency inside an equivalent area of space.

The measurements above give us a ratio we can apply to voltages to create a cross coupling between Electron and Proton that will self sustain once set up.
These measurements were taken with devices that read EM, but they carry the time domain as [ frequency.] And [ frequency ratio ] is the coupling method of vibration links.
It has been indicated by Tesla as well as Joe of Joe cell work "all is vibration." It can also be demonstrated with very simple techniques which will self sustain.
 Mass Vibration Machines

A square has the frequency of the area inside it, as does a circle. The coil was first developed using the Area of the space inside the wire loop which was termed the A field and was the first one to be defined. It was later dropped in current electronics at great loss to our science of energy transfer in electronics. Few understand the derivation of the resonance formulas, they merely memorize them and then use them without comprehension. They are based on the rotation of the field on a sphere, the atom. Pi/2 ratios are all over in them as the ratio between 1/2 a rotation of the circumference the Electron surface path, and the diameter which is a straight line through the copper atoms nuclear center, Proton mass vibration path.

The A field is a nuclear hook into the Isotope level of the atoms of copper wire. It is calculated by science as having 137 times the power of the Electron shell to hold together and to recover the atom, the "nuclear strong force." It takes a power greater then electricity to control electron orbits.
The Proton is the major factor of "mass vibration" having a vibration frequency of
[42.5781 Mhz / Tesla] NMR science.
When we loop a piece of copper wire and bring the ends close together, the nuclear power from the Isotope vibration fills the area inside the loop creating a coherent Isotope field of larger dimension, an A field. This field also extends to 3 times the diameter, 1 diameter out in all directions from the wire loop.
These coherent Isotope fields can be palmed, shown in the document Spinning Cylinder Experiments near the bottom of the page, where they were first discovered.
This becomes obvious in that an electric field will short out and travel around the iron core of a coil on it's surface, yet the entire mass of the iron can be charged to saturation all the way through it, without any electric field short. This is the way [ Tempic field vibration ] works, and it is not EM. It is the underlying vibration frequency force that powers the atom.

When the first Electron and Proton meet, the Electron goes flying around the Proton, and we have the first atom of creation. The wheel work of nature.
We examine the frequency ratio that causes this effect, in order to extract a value that will imitate this self sustaining field function of vibration.

(Electron Particle Spin  [28.025 Ghz / Tesla] ESR) divided by (
Proton Particle Spin  [42.5781 Mhz / Tesla] NMR) =   658.20222132974463397850068462426...
For every time the Proton completes 1 cycle of vibration, the Electron completes 658.20222... cycles of vibration.

This is the first Primal Ratio on our table of the elements that sustains our entire world, and as the magnetic field changes per Tesla, the ratio between the two does not change.
This is a metric of our world, a constant in science, never really applied directly as of yet that I am aware.

E/P Vibration Ratio =  658.20222...

Note: In Copper wire Electric circuits, all power of motion is transferred though Tempic field vibration. Electric and Magnetic fields lie at 90 degrees to it.
Wilbert Smith [The New Science.]
This is why an internal combustion engine can be run directly on vibration from a mono-atomic Hydrogen atom [M-State H1] through vibration coupling effects.
[ Early Joe Cell work the Third Gas, Browns Gas ]   Joe Cell Menu

Application to Health Benefit and Meditation

Photo Setup

Awaken to Vibration discussion group came up with a way to use this ratio against our local background field frequency and set up a self sustaining energy field on a Stainless Steel salad bowl. This is combining the science of nuclear physics, with Bashars 333000 Hz background field on earth. While science can be cold and detached, the spirituality of Yin and Yang are the reason for mastering it. The reward is to feel these energies in their original balanced state. This had profound effects on me. This is but one extraction method to produce a self sustaining field where we can actually feel this deep balance of nature.

When we find a resonance accurately, sine waves are a more natural way to bring the energy up. The universe will then continue to power it for you, using IT's laws.

658.20222 / 33.3 = 19.765832 mm or Khz    [On the F gen 19.760 00 Khz hits this resonance just fine and pulls up the field on the SS bowl using the scalar bismuth coil shown.]
Take Down Frequency = 19.765832 / 9 =  2.19620 mm or Khz

The scalar canceling coil, gives access directly to vibration, with digital accuracy function generators we can target very specific Isotope frequencies and bring up coherent fields.
Reference: http://www.resonantfractals.org/Scalar_Coil/Scalar_Coil_Construction_Reference_Listing.html

One can also use Stainless Steel calipers with mm settings, but the take down is very small to set accurately.
This connection between khz frequency and mm was verified using the Experimental Platform1a in the URL menu above.     

Set the coil in the center of the stainless steel bowl.
Energize the coil with the F gen , pull the coil out and use the take down frequency on the coil before setting it down.
The bowl will be energize with a field that self sustains.
When you are done set the coil back in the center and take the field down using the TDF frequency at 1/9x.
Ensure the field imprint is completely down before turning off the F gen.
I do not recommend moving the bowl when it is energized as it may leave a space imprint where it was activated.

An Aluminum Sensing Tube

To increase ones awareness of this frequency ratio, this tube vibrates up with a power grid frequency in the US, then adds an end section to vibrate against it.

Aluminum Sensing Tube

The tube is cut to 219.45 mm.
There is a score made in the tube at 200 mm, which will vibrate up when pointed at a power panel drawing a load.

Hold a hand on the long end, then touch the short section with the fingers of the other hand, you should get the sensation strongly.

Powering Devices Applications

Deriving fractal coupling methods, for self powering devices, let the universe do the work.
IT has kept planets moving around suns, and Electrons moving around Protons for eons.
Reference:   Vibration to EM Menu

Early on, many years ago, I experienced a self sustaining electrical field powering a 100 watt light bulb. This was accomplished while meditating on the copper atoms known physics, and tweaking and tunning the dials on the experimental platform. I was using feel felt intuition at the time and was not using meters or scopes. The platform was designed from tidbits of information from Wilbert Smith and Floyd Sweet.

It was now only recently I found the first resonance explaining technically how the unit could self power when it was unplugged from the wall.
This application needs to be shared publicly. Reference:

The ratio can be calculated to many different sizes of coupling for any size project one would care to build, as Electrons and Protons are not limited in size of coherent vibration field.
We know that E will couple to P at a ratio of  658.20222 x and we can use that directly to set up fields of vibration that will self sustain until we take them back down with a 1/9 value.
We can now also apply the geometric reduction equation to the Voltage and come up with values of smaller range that will also couple. A 658 turns ratio is not practical unless we are constructing a giant Tesla coil system.

Area type fields will couple on octaves of 4x step or 1/4x step. Reference:
The Law of Geometric Expansion for the Field Forces
We can directly reduce this ratio by factors of 4, and the smaller ranges will still couple vibration energy between them and go into the self sustaining mode of E/P resonance.

658.20222 Ratio  V Electron  / V Proton
/4  =  164.550555  E/P
/4  =   41.137638  E/P  [Floyd Sweet VTA Turns Ratio]
/4  =   10.284409  E/P  [100 watt experiment Turns Ratio]

This is far enough to now use this in a project with electric coils. If one coil of a transformer produces a voltage 10.2844 times the next coil, it should produce an Electron Proton vibration coupling effect in copper attaching them together. We should be able to feel this field come up when activated with AC current, as a coherent vibration bubble around the transformer.
This will then change all the known parameters of electronics calculations, based on Electron / Proton resonance power to self sustain an electric field, versus the resistor losses being used now.

This energy coupling will run down the entire circuit through all the wire setting up a resonance fractal between the Electron and Proton shells of all the atoms.
All the copper in the powering circuit may now become a Source of energy.

The ratio was applied to the Autotransformer after calibration of the Dial to set up the field and it worked!
Primary 120 vac, secondary extension of the coil 11.668 vac, setting of the sum 131.688, it worked when I hit 131.7 vac output on the dial using a digital volt meter RMS readings.
Now if the input voltage varies, the ratio will still remain constant, as an AC voltage is in a state of constant rotation.

You can find this progression near the bottom of the 100 watt document listed above. It was added in 2020.
Granted this is only step one of the 100 watt project, but it is now quantified so others can reach this level of comprehension also and know exactly where this energy is coming from.
This is the demand of science, to quantify and repeat. We are one step closer to comprehension.

After removing the AC plug from the wall socket, the vibration stayed present until the Autotransformer dial was moved. Then the vibration field came down.
I did not have a load on the circuit to sustain the EM field at that time. Much more experiment is in order using this newly discovered fractal method.
If one can feel these vibration fields, that was how I got it to work years back, but had no knowledge of why it was working at that time.

Circuit Diagram

Voltage will be a function of the turns ratio, and Electron / Proton vibration resonance will be a function of Area inside each wire loop summed between each section of the coil.
Basically the volume ratio between each coil winding. This has only been tested on this coil with an inductance of 108 mH and 1.7 ohm dc resistance at present. It is a very consistent toroidal wind.

The rest of the circuit is to allow one to tune the actual frequency balance between Electron and Proton, with the feel felt ratio now present in the copper to mark the fractal.
Be sure to either use Triacs that are "snubber less," or use a frequency pulsing scheme on both sides with a ratio of frequencies 60 hz x 658.20222 =  39,492.1332 hz.
With this Self Sustaining ratio installed into the circuit, it should go into self powering mode if there is a load of at least 100 watts on the circuit.
Both Wilbert Smith and Floyd Sweet found this 100 watt threshold.

Since E and P go into a 90 degree relationship in a powering circuit, one can wind the E coil, then set up the P coil at 90 degrees as Floyd Sweet did, and the two should couple in correct phase.

This has not yet been applied in experiment but it might explain some of the past devices that did work which were likely wound by feel, where hitting this resonance the vibration field can be sensed.

Note we can also do calculations to couple the copper atoms orbital frequency, to the free electrons in a circuit, and these will bring up fields that are real.
Here is the calculation for the 2 copper isotopes to electron ratio:

Reference: Bruker2012 pdf

7.04925 Tesla 
Copper 63   79.581 mhz 
Copper 65   85.284 mhz
Copper  79.581 mhz / 7.04925 T = 11.2899286  Mhz / Tesla
Copper  85.284 mhz / 7.04925 T = 12.0983083  Mhz / Tesla
Free Electron   28.025 Ghz / Tesla
Ratio Cu 63 Electron to Isotope
28025000000 hz / 11289928.6 hz = 2,482.30 x
Ratio Cu 65 Electron to Isotope
28025000000 hz / 12098308.8 hz = 2,316.439 x
A free electron in a circuit will be resonant at either 2.316 k to 2.482 k ratio with the isotopes in the copper at the proton orbital level.
This is a bit higher then the E/P ratio.
Testing August 13 2020:
Copper tube - caliper setting 2.32 mm - creates resonance effect
                                              2.48 mm - creates resonance effect

These two bring up a field, but they do not self sustain when the caliper is removed.
It proves the frequencies exist in the copper medium, and ratio is a valid way to couple them.
It also shows that this "orbital ratio" may not likely cause a circuit to self sustain a powering system from the vibration alone.
They will have to be tested in an active EM circuit to see what happens.

Awaken to Vibration Participating Members - August of 2020

Many others,
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
We move forwards together.

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