Working With Isotope Vibration Fields

An introductory Document to familiarize one with the two types of Isotope access.

Isotope Vibration Fields

The Isotope of any atom lies inside the Strong Force Field Bubble, it is 137 times more powerful then Electric field. This is not a secret, it is well known in physics today.
The Isotope consists of Protons and Neutrons. If we have an odd number of either one inside the nucleus of the atom we can hook onto it using an EM wave resonant with it.
This is called NMR technology. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

We can also hook onto it using a scalar canceling coil that produces only a vibration field, which sensitives can feel as what they might call Chi.
Thus a person with a "feel felt" sense of vibration can manipulate these fields, if they learn how to, through experiment with the various elements.
The atoms with even numbers of both Protons and Neutrons can only be manipulated using vibration fields, and not with EM fields.

In working with quartz crystals a sensitive person can raise up fields around the crystals that become very large, and even very warm, mainly using intuition.
These fields do not normally self sustain very long after the sensitive person stops being connected to them consciously.

When we work a Joe Cell on a large steel table, the cell will come up instantly if we know what we are doing.
The steel table however will take longer to come up, as the radiant field from the cell begins to align the spin in all it's atoms using only vibration and no electric field.
The steel then may develop large magnetic fields through it's mass, over time. Iron has even numbers for the most part, and does not respond well to NMR frequencies using EM to align them.

When all the atoms of a mass come into the same resonance alignment, a Strong Force field bubble may increase in dimensions and create spheres or rings around a device in the space around it.
These are referred to as coherent fields, or coherent mass vibration fields. Copper medium already has a conical one on it, as is shown when dropping a magnet through a copper pipe and sensing what happens to the energy node off the ends of the pipe.  Spinning Cylinder Experiments    Close to the bottom of this document.

Two Methods of Access

It is very important when calculating fractals or harmonics of frequencies to raise up these fields to larger sizes, that we understand we can do this to create some that will immediately self sustain at larger size, or we can do it such that when we remove the caliper or Function Generator signal they drop back away and do not self sustain.

In the documents showing these, we must differentiate between the safe ones for testing to detect the presence of an element, or the dangerous ones that actually will not stop working and have to be taken down using TDF techniques.
TDF = Take Down Field. For these we have to calculate another frequency to cause the fields to drop. They will not drop using magnets or electrical method, or when the stimulating energy is removed.

TDF for a spherical or linear form can usually be taken down using 1/9 of the frequency that was used to set it up.
TDF for conical fields use a 1/3 frequency of the height of the cone that is often used to set it up, but cones can also manifest from application of the base diameter of the cones wide end. You still have to calculate the height of the cone to take it down at 1/3 of that frequency. Isotope cones in general will manifest at 30 degree tip angles, with two more inside them at 15 degrees and at 7.5 degrees. 1/3 the height frequency will cause all three to drop simultaneously.

As Isotopes themselves do self sustain, if we use 8x octave techniques to expand them geometrically, the result will also be self sustaining, and may be very hard to take down if you do not understand how this is done.
The safe method of access is to use 10x harmonics, that is an outflow kind of energy added to the field, and when the stimulating energy is removed they will normally crash and go away.

8x Fractal Octaves derived using geometric expansion from the Isotope data, will self sustain and stay present self powering when the stimulating devices energy is removed.
10x harmonics can be used for measurement and identification of what elements are in a particular sample, say a tube with a complex alloy, or a crystal with specific elements added to it when it was formed.
10x Harmonics can self sustain if you combine the AW fractal at 90 degrees to the NVR fractal.

If either the AW [atomic weight] or the NVR [Nuclear Vibration Resonance] fractal is calculated using 8x geometric expansion, as Walter Russell Indicates, neither will come down when you remove the energy that set it up.
So we need to clearly understand the two method of extracting mm or cm length to bring up these fields, and the difference in taking them back down.

The Law of Geometric Expansion

The 10x are the safe charts
The 8x are the dangerous charts

A basic Fractal Chart for Isotope Expansion using 10x Fractal Expansion  [Safe Access]

NMR Chart 333mHz

NMR Calculator

In following documents under this section you will find some charts that are derived from 8x geometric expansion functions, proceed with caution, and be responsible for what can happen with them.
They can self replicate into other metal tubes of the same element on a touch to them. Think before you start moving them around once they are energized with the NVR fields. [Dangerous Access]

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