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This is the summary of how to extract conical form tensor energy from the field fabric.
2021 - 4 - 27
 Dave L

Newer Development Evolution:

Correction Factor, and Reverse Calculation for H1 Generating accurate NVR values.

Top Secret

Electrical Fields From the Quantum Field Fabric Are Dangerous.
Control must be added using mediator field technique for take down, not shown in this advanced document.
One must ensure they can take down a field, before it is activated.

2021 - 11 - 17   Dave L

Older Development Documents

Working Isotope Fields

Ethics of a Self Sustaining Civilization

Deriving NVR Nuclear Vibration Resonance from the NMR calculator

Gauging Dimensions

Vibration to EM section

V2EM - Power

 Note this is the dangerous experiment that took weeks to cipher how to shut back down.