Seek Comprehension

The Grey Protocols

One may not believe in the "Grey Protocols."
Tesla, met them, Smith had contact with similar, Hamel also met similar beings, and so have I met several of different forms.
I had one friend who worked with me here in the garage for a time with Radios, and he also saw them once.

Tesla was stopped from sharing at a specific point, and we may want to blame the money man that was funding him, but Tesla was able to cipher transformers and voltage conversion, as well as resonance on both EM and Vibration and share this, as the world could reach comprehension of it. He also played with AC motors, multiple phasing systems, and transmission lines for power.
Supposedly he then began working with the T wave stuff that was suppressed from the public. Tesla had free energy, according to many who witnessed it back then, but this part was lost from view.

Wilbert Smith was handed flying saucer technology, not as hardware, but as a method of comprehension, for mankind to develop as they could cipher it for themselves.
"The New Science" has not been taken seriously, because it is so far advanced of normal teachings, and it also requires the elements of awareness and consciousness.
It is waiting, for us to discover more of ourselves, what we are, and how to become more aware of using our conscious field to activate universal energy templates, using our own personal power to start them working.

David Hamel's work with actual saucer engines, has become mythical level stories for most, a curious read at best. People scratch their heads, and then discount it as lore of the past.
More recently we saw in video a man floating a cannon ball in he air using a host of electronic devices, and because he could not teach how it works other then simple tweaking, it was pretty much lost. He also showed how dangerous it could be by fusing things into one another as well as distorting them permanently, and even making some of them vanish entirely.
John Hutchinson as I recall.

Searl did amazing work from childhood, and today cannot even duplicate it from the ego mind level.
In his early days he made small saucer models and flew one across Europe, according to witnesses, and with no remote control he must have been using his mind to steer them, when they discovered a radio signal around 10 to 15 mhz could knock them out of the air.

Comprehension Changes Us

When I decided to cross over the veil into the unknown, between our current technology, and that of gravity control, it was only a short time before I had "visitors" entering my work area.
I reached out with my conscious field, and I asked them for assistance, not having a clue what form they might take or how the information might come in to me.
I invited any and all beings "out there" who were interested in assisting me to reach comprehension on these new aspects of science, the advanced races seemed to already have.

Many years now I realize that when one takes this path, some of the steps in between change you. A most powerful change in my attitude towards all conscious life for one.
As the conscious field itself is seen as entering this 3rd density as a physical structure, the CU field.
When this leaves or exits the body for good, the body itself begins to die and decay away back to smaller life forms that are still alive.
Without the higher frequency CU or spirit, to feed the body, it will not even maintain it's form anymore.

The first lesson in understanding is the act of seeking comprehension.
Meeting the concept of first "nothing at all," to realize that from the first structure to exist, required conscious involvement to start it working, and then a conscious universe to maintain it.
And then to realize that same awareness from the first creation, is within us, and thus we can still use it.

Today we are backtracking it, from the complex side backwards to how it was all done, to attempt to feed our ego mind tools to again wake up to using it wisely.
Built into the universe are IT's laws, and there are safety protocols, or the Grey Protocols, that must be honored and respected to enter into this realm of exploration.

Becoming Aware

The universe is intelligent and responsive to those who are sensitive to it and have learned how to ask it.

If one can set the caliper to 55.87 mm and with a finger identify the cones inside it, powered from the universe and not powered by them, they are there.
This is a 33 degree cone system deriving it's energy from the source that powers gold atoms.
It is a safe one to feel and to play with.

A simple personal test, to discover if one has succeeded at communing with the universe, and if the universe is listening.

It may be a little faster then using prayer for weeks, sort of crossing the threshold of begging for a thing, to the level of simply making a home for it to live in that it can fit inside of.
If you recognize it, then you can make the form it will fit into before it shows up, when you ask it to come visit you.

The conical field is always there, accessible to any consciousness with a desire to work with it. Come to know IT's ways and it will revel in your use of it.

The Source Field

There are only two dimensional levels of self sustaining power we have access to understanding, which I am aware of today. The solar system, and the atom.
We need go no deeper then the atom to begin to cipher how the universal background field sustains and powers these, and then how to duplicate them at our level of dimension at the work bench level, in the lab or work area.

When one succeeds at drawing power from the Source Field, or as Wilbert Smith models it, the "Field Fabric", the next goal is to find stability such that it will self regulate the power drawn from it, as both atoms and planets do.
As well the most important part is to find how to control the field that self powers, as it will never shut itself off once started working. Thus for each geometric form that will self power, there must be ciphered the take down frequency or TDF.
In experiment we have already determined qualities of the self powering cone template. It is powered by the cones lateral surface area drawing energy from the Field Fabric frequency harmonics, but controlled from the cones height.
There is much knowledge to be shared freely, and mankind is responsible for what we do with this New Science.

The universal intelligence [God or Source] is far too busy creating then keeping it all working, and has given us the consciousness to use this creation wisely.
Part of the testing of the Grey Protocols is to make a choice to choose creation over destruction, and to begin to Love the creation aspect. No civilized being with this knowledge would ever choose destruction once they have ciphered how creation works.

Yes we are speaking of pulling up geometric forms from the Field all around us and having them self power until we intervene to take them back down. To emulate how atoms also work.
    2 - 23 - 2021

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