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Chris sent me three CoilPack4U [CP4U] devices to work with, as he reported he was not able to get functionality in his pickup truck with the units.
I studied the videos of the units made by James Robert Clark [see URL's below].
I was very impressed with the results they were demonstrating.
Here is my report on my own experience with these units. This effect is directly related to Joe Cell research.

Crystals- CoilPack4U

I worked with the CoilPack4U systems for a couple weeks, and was able to connect with them on a vibrational level, where they actually imparted information to me that was very enlightening. I was impressed with the sheer vibration power of these crystals.

The following are my scans and comments on the devices, attempting to put these in reference, for someone who is not yet sensitive to directly manipulating the fields consciously.  I have to comment, they do work for me, but for that to happen, I have to be present to couple them through myself to the vehicle.

For this now, I would site that Walter Russell was a university professor, whom had intimate knowledge of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance techniques, although the metrics of his work were never released publicly. There is no record of the data, or the actual dimensions he used to accomplish either "free energy" or "manifesting of elements," both of which he claimed to have success with.  Both of which sensitives like Joe of Joe Cell have done using intuitions and feel felt practices, totally without the math or science background.

I have now found that if both are used, science combined with feel felt intuition and sensations of the body, one can come to a result that will stand up as "self evident" consistently.

I sincerely desire this information below will bring together the two communities of people, to a harmony state, where the sensitive can confirm for themselves the data of the scientist is applicable, and can be used to amplify the intuitive process. We should not be arguing over vocabulary, but instead looking for the commonality of the experience. This technology is real and it works.

2-15-2016 Dave L  [Caliper resonance scans]
3 units were received
Unit 1 - SN - 92313V558RP  [Coil is wrapped from center of mass towards one end]
Unit 2 - SN - 92313V555RP  [Coil is off center, different number of turns then the others]
Unit 3 - SN - 92313V547RP  [Coil off center, different number of turns then the others]

Coilpack unit 1 photo

Unit 1  [There is a fractal energy every 7 wraps] detectable on these immediate distances
1x = 12.5 mm
41 inches
7 feet

The field will spread out from the center of mass to specific fractal distances.
12.5 mm =  7 turns
21.51 =  12 turns  [center of mass fractal]
73.28 mm =  correct end of coil resonance ?
77.57 mm end of coil resonance - actual for coil pack Unit 1 - [ouch headache effect]

Crystal lengths unit 1
207.38 mm  [They are not all this nice harmonic length]
205.22 mm
206.73 mm

Crystal ends are not aligned evenly, every crystal has a slightly different length. Each unit has a different number of turns on the coil. Crystals are off  centered at center of mass.
The only thing I can observe here  - Unit 1 Coil is wrapped perfectly from center of mass towards one end, the other two are not and overshoot the center.
This one has a unique feel to it, exposing some NMR resonance lengths that are present on it already... this was a very striking sensation of balance noted right off.

~ 1.718  mm  [approximate wire diameter with insulation]

Elements NMR scan - Unit 1:

24.064 mm [nitrogen NMR resonance present at 14 turns]

45.143 mm [oxygen resonance present at 26 turns]
66.158 mm [ Silicon resonance at 38.5 turns - not present on crystal until I inject it]
66.6 mm [33.3 mm hydrogen resonance is unbalanced from center of mass, and this 2x length  will balance from center of mass - not present on coil]
69.666 mm [lead resonance at 40.5 turns - strong resonance on crystal even without using calipers]
79.01 mm [cobalt - not present on crystal until injected]
83.73 mm [carbon resonance present on crystal but off end of coil]

I did not try them all, but the ones highlighted above may allow an identification of the crystals element structure.

This URL article shows they do make some electrical crystals with lead.
This is my best guess from the vibration scans for these lab grown crystals.

Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–PbTiO3–Pb(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O3 (PMN–PT–PFN) from the melt by the simple slow cooling process.

Lead Weight Test

Further now I obtained a spherical lead weight made for fishing. Position the weight near the center of the crystals in the CoilPack4U. This point will be about 1/2 way down one side. When I hit the center position the entire crystal pack vibrated up. The spherical lead weight is perfect for expressing the conical energy vibration that the crystals express, when it is positioned at the center of mass.  I used a number 12 lead weight about 1 " in diameter.  The lead also has a very high mass, and you will feel this energy move into the crystals and be converted to motion as vibration, this is mass into energy. These crystals are extremely effective for this conversion.

Lead Weight Test Photo 2

I would now site David Hammels description of the operation of his cone stack as " weight into energy" with the balance observed of a feather effecting a granite ball, and Walter Russell's descriptive drawings of how mass at the center of two cones will couple energy into the electron field of an AC sine wave. Do this test and you may feel this effect for yourself. These crystals are designed to generate small EM fields from vibration, and that vibration will flare up from a mass of lead placed at the center location. This is an important observation, because when the sensitive can learn to feel and recognize it, they can then create it on the car without using the crystals at all, and do this from the center of mass of the car, or the engine, as they drive it.

I believe this effect creates the "slip stream" that Jim describes. It is a lot of fun to play with consciously while driving. It creates an extremely balanced field on the car, that reduces inertial drag in the forwards line of motion.

Here are my thoughts.

Jim stated he is sensitive to the energy and was able to master the "conscious connection" with the device. He can feel it. He can direct it. I was able to duplicate this as well, I believe, and to learn from it.
There are two ways to couple energy from a vibration device into an engine.

1 - Distance tuning between the objects center of mass.

2- Tuning your mind to each of the objects and coupling them through yourself consciously.

Jim may be using the second method and has mastered this conscious technique, as the crystal coil devices are not each specifically tunned with any accuracy I can measure physically.
Coils are all placed differently on the crystals, crystals are all different lengths and not set up with center of mass in alignment.

Jim reports, when he ran two cars, one with a device and one without, the one without worked just as good if not better, and this surprised them at first. This indicates the human host was setting up the field once they learned how it feels. This is the art of the sensitive person who can feel and channel vibration fields through the body. Joe of Joe cell reported this ability early on as well to eventually get the effects without using the Joe Cell anymore. The cell in this way is a tool of learning.

For these units to work for a person, who is not sensitive, "distance tuning" may be more accurate to use as it can be measured physically.
This explains why Jim is not making any claims that it will always work. It will always work for him, and for others that are trained to feel it by him. It worked for me.

The units however have not been designed using fractal geometry or math concepts of obtaining "perfect distances" that I can locate in the builds as we would expect of someone like Walter Russell or Keeley.  The crystal lattices, do produce matrix type of fields that are very strong, but the individual crystals, must be linked mentally together, and into the vehicle mentally, or by direct feel. First you pull the energy into your body, and then you couple your feelings into the car and the energy then moves through you and the effect just happens.

Some of the distances I have recorded above might assist a better design, along with understanding how to link them geometrically using fractal concepts to adjust the space between them, as well as alignment of the coils on them and correct number of turns to produce consistent NMR geometry fields, that will always work for anyone. If the device is coupled to vibrate up the car directly without the person doing it, then they should  continue to work for anyone who drives the car.

A study of the NMR fractals will show the sensitive person how these fields work to create a larger balanced field with controlled spin angles parallel to motion.
When an NMR resonant tube is aligned 90 degrees to the path of motion, the inertial release effect will take place during acceleration. The tube must be oriented at the center of mass of the car. Either its "center of length" or "center of width,"  and the same on the engine. Vibration devices couple energy from the center of gravity position, and the distance between two objects center of gravity. If the distance is correct, no human intervention is necessary to maintain the coupling. See the drawing of Walter Russell and the NMR tables with the 333 reference. And now this photo of me doing it with a lead weight at specific distance.

Lead Weight positioning photo

If the device is set off centered, then the human must couple in mentally by feel, and shift the field to couple with gravity centers of the car through his own body or "auric field."
There is also the possibility of connecting a wire to do this as we did with Joe Cells. Racing drivers develop this feel of the cars center of gravity and are likely natural at this.

This device then will not likely work for anyone who cannot feel it, unless I have missed the directions on how to connect it to the car to achieve center of gravity balance coupling.

Jim has made a great contribution in this construction to our greater knowledge.
I have learned from it, as the [unit 1] piece just happens to hit several of the NMR fractals and I noticed that sensation right off, but only from that one unit.  I could then cause it to happen in the other units.
The fact that he can make it work, and shows that with a video, is a tremendous achievement, in proof of the power these fields can release.

To improve Jim's crystal system for beginners, I would wind a bunch more coils, with correct length down the crystals targeting specific elements, and test them one at a time from a center of gravity position in the car. Coils must start at the very center of gravity position and run towards one end, with very specific lengths.  Device must be coupled to center of gravity of engine or piston or crank or entire car frame and weight, perpendicular to motion, to work without operator involvement. This is called "distance tuning". Technique is shown in the last photo above.

Further I would cut every crystal to a fractal length of the lead fractal, that is so dominant in them, 69.666 mm times a prime number, then align them all in perfect sync at center of gravity so they all form a coherent field as "one" without mental adjustment. etc... This would eliminate the headache problem. As well the coil that is 77.57 mm in length is causing a headache problem for sensitives and does not match any of the natural NMR fractals directly. [It is dissonant.]

For the "Hull effect" you might want to explore the Nitrogen resonance recorded above as well that is also present in these crystals, as the plasma effect was thought to come from that gas in the atmosphere. That one actually pops up every 14 turns down the coil that starts it's wind at the center of mass of the crystal. Stop the coil at a prime number multiple of 14 turns to amplify this effect more.

Lead Weight and Caliper Photo

Can you feel this fractal from the photo?  The resonant caliper gap distance causes the weight to spread out to the sides with a totally balanced feeling from center of mass.
The NMR tables totally bring this stuff to life!

Would I try to use these in a car where the driver is not yet sensitive to the field? Probably not without some changes or some personal training, or some kind of training with someone who it will work for.

Instead for now go back to the basics for fractal geometry and design your own stuff using the NMR tables set to 333MHz. The 66.6 cm Aluminum tube looks to be something to investigate for you to learn to observe this kind of conical mass resonance field.  I have already tried the carbon fractal and gotten some good results from it in an Aluminum tube of 1" diameter setting it centered in the back seat of my RAV. You may need to work on your sensitivity training before trying to get the crystals functional. When that opens then you will know what to do from intuition as your whole body will become the meter for adjustments of the field. This is the part that will take some time, and then suddenly it will start to work. With distance tuning it will work instantly, as the mass of the car connects with the mass of the device.

Also now the use of scalar coils made to NMR lengths may be another path to investigate. Make the coils length match the NMR fractal distance, not the wires length unless you can get both to match at different octaves.
Place them on the fuel lines but try to also get them to the center line of the car if possible and aligned horizontally to motion of the car. Everything in a car is a compromise, until you can do it mentally by feel felt means, unless you are a very accurate machinist.

The use of this CoilPack4U device is very advanced "consciously." It does work in that way, and I can get it to work with a little "feel felt" effort as well. From this approach it is a very powerful unit to play with. At higher cruising speeds with foot almost off the pedal the car wants to move, really move. It is hard to hold it to the speed limits here in a town with only 14 miles of highway.

When using the effect without the device, you can change the angle of it mentally on the turns and improve the response. Another device for first sensing this effect might be a disc with conical rise to the center that would work better in all horizontal directions of motion.

Thank you Chris for letting me study it. Thank you Jim for creating it!
The learning process must continue for mankind to take the next steps.
Weight into energy!

Dave L


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